Sunday, December 29, 2013

Does Your Wife Know You Don't Share Phil's View of Preference?

How absurd can political correctness be when a man who says he prefers woman to male anus's is made fun of and punished?? Duck's sponsors, A&E and legions of liberals don't share this 'view' of Phil Robinson's of not equating a woman with a same sex practice and therefore,with little wiggle room on 'it was what it was'...(Phil only stating his personal preference} must prefer male anus's tipped and dipped,in feces themselves. Yeah! That's the enlightened way!. No mental illness there. I must be odd because I don't prefer anyone's anus for anything thank you very much! Proud Natural Normal and Definitely Not Politically Correct Paul Gordon. P.S. With wife George Smitherman's (Diaper Man's) 'husband's complete mental breakdown that the Toronto Star didn't want to hear any part of... will Children's Services be offering any 'help' with the children they granted the 'couple' to adopt .. After all George did say his husband was going to require a lot of rehabilitation in the hospital.

Friday, December 20, 2013

My F.O.& D. List for 2014

My F.O.&D F.O. 2014 Short List Being pro-life I’ve revised my F.O.&D list to just my F.O. list for 20014 though I am ecstatic to see Canada’s Order of Canada abortionist go the extra mile for me this year. Happy returns I’m sure. In the spirit of kid’s first, Miley Cyrus tops my 2014 list for letting her Disney sized pea brain be manipulated by her trainers no doubt male money makers. Just ‘leave the kids alone’ on your new ventures into the porn industry, a trip not lost on the public school boards chained to the Ontario Government and its pedophile arrested sex education number one advisor. I doubt the unions would even take all the credit for the elected liberals on this stinker. Next is GLADD the misnomered organization in history second to Planned Parenthood. Why is GLADD the only one allowed an exclusive finger on the censorship button of modern broadly perverted nations?? Corporate businesses and A&E. Just like the times when GPS’s sometimes lead mindless followers off harbor docks or in the path of speeding trains… as A&E just found out, so where GLADD can lead them. Boy did GLADD pick the wrong time and place to flex their muscle this time! Robbie Ford.. for being such a good conservative practical politician, and non homo capitulator, yet such a F up of a publicity craving individual who doesn’t no the meaning of quit that is…. On his personhood. He needs to take in some Duck Dynasty on his downer time over crack. Huffington Post, for its obvious fictional accounts attributed to real ‘hurting’ homosexuals… chicken shit..anonymously sent, yet for such celebrated causes, du jour? Hard copy Marxist journalism for captive readers is becoming a tougher sell every passing day… eh Huff&Puff. Toronto Star… New York Times and a host of others…..dittos Prime Minister Harper… whose poker face has cracked and shelf life expired… Who else can be against sex selective abortions but for tax funded abortions on demand? Unelected hanger on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and her lesbian and pervert education advisor extended family. Is there no provincial impeachment laws when the judicial rolls over and farts. Speaking of farts and those richer thn the Queen’s…… Pierce Morgan, who was dropped kicked from England to the U.S. tabloid air waves. Every freaking Muslim nation leadership and their terrorists in waiting! Next in line B.M. fellow ‘liberal minded’ P.M. Turdeau who actually makes Harper look like Saint Stephen. Obama What’s to say that people didn’t already find out the hard way! Paul Gordon

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It's the American Way!

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It’s The American Way So the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty stated his honest opinion and one shared by millions who don’t even have time for A&E programing or any TV like the homo activists do. Boo freaking hoo! TV needs Duck Dynasty more then the other way around I’m sure. Liberals like to dress up the disgusting unhealthy practice of male buggery with the lipstick of male on male ‘love’. Except, that the male homosexual ‘lifestyle’ has little to do with love outside of mental illness. The history and present of homosexual lifestyle of buggery is such that it is mostly anonymous, and devoid of emotion or attachment, not to mention too commonly brutal as in boy rape. ‘As in’, pedophilia as in by and large owned by homosexuality in percentages compared to normal individuals (not different) individuals. Everything else is populist and celebrity liberal fantasy. If Duck Dynasty is to be punished for the Truth, however they want to phrase it, so need millions of us. Paul Gordon

Present GOP Fierce Infighting 'Necessitates' Splitsville

Present GOP Fierce Infighting ‘Perfect’ Time For Split It is inevitable that the GOP party and Tea movement split and strictly for the good of the Tea movement. Fact: The Tea Party could never have greater mass media campaign support than it has now with all the Reaganite talk show hosts. Fact: The Republican Elite will never let the Tea movement usurp their strangle hold on the party as some talk show hosts claim. They are too rich, and too liberal (politically correct). They also manipulate presidential nominee run-ups for populist candidates for power’s sake alone. This is made clear to all insiders and even nervous Reaganites fall in line to their RINO Republican candidate early in the primaries. Witness the falsification of Romney’s first win in the first primary actually won by Santorum. Fact: Tea movement candidates are all Socon Judeo-Christians can in good conscience vote for hence Democratic wins in absence of grass root Judeo-Christians President votes for GOP shallow liberals. Fact: Infighting is at such an all-time high and brought to the public forefront that elitists like Boehner could never save face and give in to Tea movement (and not.. that they ever would). Fact: Polarization (or the moral not caving in to the immoral) a good and righteous thing…… is only going to intensify in the long run up to the next election. The ‘Split’ is not only inevitable… it is already done. Fact: After all their attacks (stroke inducing screaming attacks in Mark Levin’s case) on the GOP leadership how could the Reaganites possibly support the GOP elite pick of a Romney or McCain in the next election? Fact: The earlier the new Tea official Party gets started the better. The GOP elite will have to join the Tea Party or the Democrat party wherever they think they have the best chance of being re-elected….. and that you can count on by their past records. Levin keeps talking about thinking ‘outside’ the box, yet how does that jive staying inside the thoroughly modern GOP party? Fact: The Democrat fears the Tea movement, not the GOP… and with good reason but not as long as they don’t form their own party which would be the only conservative party in the running even if the ensuing remnant GOP continued on its own sans conservatives. The original Tea Party didn’t gain instant fame by not taking bold leadership and trying to change the King of England from within.... Mark! You’re very knowledgeable on the Constitution and its context in American history and future, but its about time Reaganites took some real action on political strategy with real political results. You owe that much to your listeners, not just talk. Leave that for Humpty Dumpty, Michael Savage. Paul Gordon

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lib. Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped by Reality

Lib Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped By Reality The other day, radio show talking head, Bill Carroll was filling the airwaves castigating any, and all who would dare to speak publicly or privately believe that unnecessary vaccinations are not good for the community kids at large. He went on obnoxiously (the only way libs can) lecturing his audience on how scientific community (drug companies for extreme profit) can be trusted with your children’s health. Except, that no less than a day later the same vaunted medical/scientific community goes public that they’re suddenly not sure whether vitamins can help you at all or even whether they contribute to an early death! I wonder how Bill ‘feels’ about the consensus of the world scientific liberal branch of community in how they ‘feel’ about global warming (invented by award winning Al Gore). Carroll, without the use and benefit of a liberal safety net of (liberal) ‘studies show’… walks his own plank as self-righteous village crier and protector claiming that the sudden mass influx of autistic children just coincidently raises its head at the same time inoculations are administered by order of the state! Well Bill, by our own anecdotal experience is such that we had two autistic children one who also had grand mal siezures right after her shot, and a third, whose own immune system attacked her own blood platelets after her immune system went berserk from her inoculation for relative rare diseases. And it was the Drs. at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children that suggested that her inoculation was the very culprit that caused it and that came very very, close to claiming her life! It takes village idiots to destroy children and babies. Paul Gordon

Monday, December 9, 2013

One Line Says It All ABout Obama

Says it All Obama knows ‘selective’ socialist healthcare like the Bohemian Corporal knew selective military strategy! ( The Bohemian Corporal was the term Germany's top generals referred to Hitler as whenever he stepped in, overruled them and took over the particular battle plan of the day... only to lose quite badly.) Paul Gordon

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Want Christian Votes? Here’s the Logical Christian Recipe Listen up, GOP U.S. and the Progressive Conservatives of Canada and Ontario. In a liberal dominate established continent where every aspect of law, order, education, entertainment and politics is so totally screwed up, that end of the world predictions seem more and more ‘logically’ forthcoming as in ‘is there any possible place morally worse that we could seek out?’, is it any wonder that official conservative parties are what they are, liberal shadows of populist climbers? Generations have been dumbed down and zombizied ever-so progressively, by self-destructing Marxism. Each generation is taught to celebrate their independence of family values and wisdom, in that their parents don’t know or appreciate victimization, the high priority of changing what can’t be changed, or their university ‘earned’ renewing class privilege over stymied class ignorance or in the know university trained/ over university taught, proletariat superior wide ranging sensitivities down to the urgent micro management of behavior, and thought towards community do-good unification. Yet, what can you base community worth on, if its modern liberal decided premise is that immoral individuality is a ‘public’ expressional right, earned through community sympathy, or community self-guilt for ‘appropriately’ not acting on one’s own narcissistic immoral thoughts. Of course, logically, there is one scary alternative to the unintended society-destructing of this explanation. That being, that society is now officially okay with evil and there is no bar where morality ends and immorality begins. And even more scary.. that on the surface at least, this does seem to be intentionally the case… Which, for only one aspect, (probably the least disconcerting, as far as humanity is concerned) does rather destroy the credibility of all current elected politicians in their sincerest of speeches to work for their communities and constituents. Current politicians and parties didn’t get where they are by not tapping into the political life sustaining blood of populism.. a ‘blood’ currently evolved through, by, and for liberalism.. again over generations by all the societal pillars of establishments. Currently, there is only one viable political party that has a glimmer of hope in all of North America not only for socons and Christians, but solidly for the good of all citizenry, and they are not even an independent party from the liberal governing wing of the GOP. That would be the group currently vaguely entertained by the GOP…. (like Canadian political parties vaguely entertain pro-life elements within themselves) and that is the Tea movement which needs to become an official party in its own right. What elective alternative could even matter to a Christian seemingly with national, if not the societal nigh is at hand regardless. It is of no matter to Christians if the communists, the Nazis, the fascists, the imperialists, the dictator or even the capitalists win over the nations… if there is no distinguishable morality concern between them all and they care not a wit about the innocence of children and their souls, or the very lives of the most vulnerable! This is fundamentally what was/is important to Christ! Not how many denari is in everyone's robe... with no apologies to the Jesuits or the Vatican! And to the modern political parties of the liberal establishment… indeed what have you won…except the sickest immoral societies your ilk has created unmatched in history. You surf your success under the fictional name of freedom on the worst of what man wishes on himself that destroys every man around him. No Christian should put his mark of acceptance or mandate claim proclamation on a political party that has already welcomed the Mark of the Beast! Real political leadership is faint hope you can aspire to this Christmas Paul Gordon

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Governments

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Government Far abroad, and in the neighborhood the vast majority of people which would also be the vast majority of (at least} eligible voters look to governments for the most critical of life (and death) aspects of society. People look to government for legality.. which apparently most perilously (for all concerned), equate with universal morality. And also apparently, to Cardinals and Popes alike, that’s a big Dangerfield OK, as far as the modern Catholic Church abdicates.. that, as long it passes the ‘personal’ conscience stink test… How sweet and socially non-abrasive pabulum. Yes! that’s what I remember most about the Gospels, do it if it feels right and better, to someone else…. if it’s also ‘good’ for you. Sadly, the ‘one’ anecdote en mass to government and Marxist control because it was not born of the world, the Catholic Church, has itself only modernly evolved into the stilled tail clenched in the jaws of the chasing dog, evil populist world. The people also look to governments for national and ‘future’ bankrupting economic ‘universal’ safety nets far above the ground …. not far from the tight rope… that cannot possibly go the socialist distance or breadth of the continents, let alone the world. When government gives to the poor it takes it back from the poor through enticement of easy money in numerous lottery numbers scam games and sport and casino betting and through heavy taxation in the billions, on products typically more abused by the poor such as drinking, smoking, so called medicinal pot use…etc. But governments most damage to society could arguably be in the morality or rather immorality it legalizes, it indoctrinates youth with and now ‘enforced’ through reasonably unconstitutional quasi- judicial boards if and when, the official judicial branch rarely disappoints them. Governments, directed by politicians, especially like Obama, promote and encourage abortion and advises that, “No young couple should be punished (socially or financially) with a pregnancy”. Canada’s Stephen Harper and his equally politically correct party is of the mind that sex selection abortion is abhorrent but not enough to go against the modern status quo of tax payer funded abortion on demand anywhere in Canada. British rulers are worse. Germany’s leader refuses to strike a Nazi initiated law that youth must be taught by State or heavy state control and homeschooled detractors are to have their families torn apart and parents imprisoned. Divorces are legally expedited quicker than a honeymoon and homosexuals are allowed marriages and adoption rights. Everyone has a government unmistakable immoral law that has worked for, or against, them up to and including murder by state order, and it is because of the populism required by immoral political leaders to win and because of (now) generations of taught and instilled narcissism, celebrity worship, and immorality, by Marxists that agents like Obama have the ‘fors’ they need to win elections. Between populism, and celebrity worship it is adults who will vote Obama’s and Obama like governments no matter what their instincts or intelligence tell them and no matter what government immorality is established or further extrapolated towards enshrinement. Paul Gordon

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Is The Tea Party Not Leaving the GOP!

Why Is The Tea Party Not Leaving GOP? For all the deserving condemnation media conservatives are heaping on the GOP ‘controlling elite’ why in earth are they not starting a third, and real conservative party over their liberal coveting key holders? Look at the ‘Great One’, Mark Levin for example. He shouts long and loud with such stroke bursting intensity against the McCains and Christies of the MSM loving party dominators, that his membership only becomes a greater credibility killer with each passing day. Of course, Mark, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham and the rest are right about it, but in Levin fashion, WHAT THE Hell ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!, or are they just individual brilliant one-off renascence men and entertainers as Savage pitifully believes he is. Does it go something like the myth (or fact) about cancer and diseases that ‘geniuses’ only have jobs and billions are made only as long as cures are not found? But ‘membership’ must still have its privileges for people to be so despising of organizations they belong too and no one is forcing them to like a unionized shop. Then there’s that old standard excuse across the U.S. and Canada of, “Well who else is there? Who has a chance to beat the liberals? Except, that the Tea Party exists and it’s not likely anything better is going to be started from scratch before North America is destroyed. And the Tea Party has proven they can’t defeat GOP and elite GOP money. Nor can they change that dog by wagging its tail as a part of. Pro-lifers have been barking up that tree in Canadian conservative parties since Brian Mulroney was there first GOP like liberal while giving the party the mandate the progressive party wanted and incredulously even publicly proclaimed so. If there was only a liberal party and a communist party running and how far from that is the truth? Would these conservative celebrities feel compelled to belong to the liberal party to change it from ‘within’? The Tea Party needs to pick up the conservative flag and fly it alone. Oh the vote will be split, but that split will be between the two liberal parties of the Democrats and the new progressive GOP. There is clear polarization and real conservatives thank God and Christ for that. Paul Gordon From Conservative Extinct Canada Where conservative political genius is considered to be… to adopt a party policy of being against sex selective abortions …… but being for paid abortion on demand? The new progressive conservatism of no balls and no principles, no brains, no heart, no soul.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rush, What Goes Around.......

Rush Betrayed? So Rush never felt so betrayed by the Republicans than he has now in the election Cuccinelli lost in Virginia. Apparently, the GOP elite didn’t want a tea partier to win and wanted to use him as a lesson to all tea partiers that they want purged from their new purist politically correct party. I might remind Rush that Obama wouldn’t be in power today had the Reaganites and the GOP not had stars in their eyes when they wanted their man Romney in as they saw him as the best moderate of the time to put the party back in power. As if the MSM wasn’t enough of a foe for Santorum the Reaganites did as much to support Santorum as the GOP did for Cuccinelli. Drudge carried water for the GOP united team back then and even Rush’s stand in Mark Steyn claimed that a vote for Santorum was a vote for theocracy (oh pleeze). Anytime Santorum gained a little traction, the GOP tag team snuffed him out beginning with the first primary that he won and where the GOP for a while was won by Romney. Then, there was the attacks on Santorum’s family repeated by ‘conservative’ talk show Reaganites and Drudge. Well, what goes around comes around and the GOP and the Reaganites got what they deserved and will continue to face disasters with little support from principled Judeo-Christians who don’t cancel or waylay basic beliefs for compromised ‘power’ of any party including the GOP. The Reaganites need to find a new party because it is obvious the GOP has dumped them like they did Judeo-Christians…. in a heartbeat. They need to walk the walk everyday of every 4 years. Paul Gordon

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

:Logic Takes No Credit in Political/Legal Homosexual..Pass

Logic Takes No Credit In Political/Legal Homosexual Pass All of the advances made in homosexual activism have only been achieved in modern history and only through leftist establishment sympathies. Starting with AIDS, and afternoon tv talk show sensationalism and up to most recently, with Huffington Post anonymous, yet perfectly worded and ostensibly actual letters written within families of ‘bully’ or tough love parents and poor hurting soul homosexual offspring whose emotional ‘feelings’ make up, goes.. you have to love my behavioral perversions to really love me. Whereas, most of the adult general population would at least feel mutually uncomfortable sharing their sexual proclivities with their parents, activists have it that homosexuals need affirmation and shoulders to cry on for obsessed perversions. More over now we are to take it that homosexuality is even superior in the situation of child rearing.. pun intended. But,let’s take the AIDS sexually transmitted disease for an example of exactly how the homosexual perversion skews judgment. All homosexuals had to do during the AIDS epidemic was to abstain from sex acts with strangers, not their regulars… but with strangers. So,they would knowingly risk their lives for one particular aspect of their sexual escapades… ‘stranger sex encounters’. This is not the actions of anyone in control of their perverse activities never mind just not exercising good judgment. In fact, near the end of the era just before drugs were discovered that could treat AIDS, there were media reports of young homosexual men actually seeking the added thrill of a perverse kind Russian Roulette game of stranger homosexual encounters at homosexual meeting places. Now even in the face of abuse horror stories popping up around the world with male homosexuals abusing young males given to them by the state for adoption the illogical politicization of personal choices of homosexual sex acts are still granted societal equality more said, preference for very ‘unnatural families’. And if homosexuals would risk their lives just to have homosexual acts with strangers why would they not more easily cave to their urges and impulses of risking homosexuality abuse on children as by far, most re-offenders do? If they have evolved so far off the normalcy curve of natural pro-creation sexuality to unhealthy disgusting acts of buggery how is a second perversion of abusing children so unfathomable? And if homosexuals are allowed marriage rights, why shouldn’t bisexual threesomes be allowed to marry. Are their feelings not hurt as well when people don’t praise their sexual choices. The modern cultural praise of the homosexual ‘lifestyles’ took decades to come about because so many millions of people had to be bombarded on so many fronts of the liberal establishment; journalism, entertainment, political, judicial and academic cultural socialism, in order to go against their own instincts, and sensibilities, naturally prone to logic. And they could only accomplish it over decades with the one tool that would work… ‘sympathy’ and a slow water torture drip of being constantly in the headlines and performers of entertainment shows and Hollywood ‘Oscar’ award winning movies that old actors even gravitated to,like Michael Douglass and Christopher Plummer in hopes of getting their due Hollywood recognition before checking out through the short cut of liberal ultra- populism. Absolute narcissistic choice has nothing to do with responsibility in fact, lies in defiance of responsibility. God save the children of the world. Paul Gordon

Friday, October 4, 2013

More Huffington Post Homo B.S. Sympathy and Bill Carroll

As in the last viro homo-sympathy letter from Huffington Post  ostensibly about a father writing his son and disapproving of his lifestyle in a 'heartless' fashion, the B.S. meter is off the scale,with this year's Jerry Springer or Opray- like HP entry of a grandfather disowning his daughter for disowning her homosexual son.

Of course, both letters were anonymous though their cause has been the populist cream of wheat for establishment, academic, entertainment, MSM editorials sprayed over low information masses of mushrooms that folklore and epic heroes are made of, for a generation now.

But no matter, these are the 'brave' souls, last out of the closet and so blinded by their world small t humanist truths they can't see their own stretched sphincters are squarely planted among friends in all but Russia and all official Islamic nations.  Don't buy any of the reasons for such heart-string 'anonymous' posts except for the one that these incidents never happened in any sense that the participants  provided H.P. with a copy whether hand written or accompanied with a photo of the backs of the participants.

No, the b.s. needle points to the fact that these people and this letter never existed but it appears we can expect them on at least an annual basis or whenever an up and coming journalist or his publishers need a boost in ratings from a viral post. Every word is obviously contrived from what Christian hating gays like to paint as the stereotypes of Christians. Like homo activists would never attempt to play on the emotions of others?

They have to be anonymous and will forever remain anonymous like a comment on a a common news blog because the last thing that they can do is to be called up on .......duhhh.

No one is dying of AIDS anymore so the tried and true populist sympathy strategy has to look for a new venue and it's now all they have to 'continue to move forward' when there  is nothing else to support and greatly elevate the mere sex act of male buggery of a 'lifesyle' that owns pedophilia like no other yet be elevated to the high society heights they have attained including adoption rights to male babies and children.

Where's the logic and truth in any of this perverse new populist paradigm that came to attrition with the AIDS epidemic in itself an STD of immoral humanist choice.

I have eight children and if any of them 'came out' of the populist closet neither would they be welcome in my house especially when I still have boys at home.

Question... if all homosexuals are born to bugger, (there's a tee shirt for this proud lifestyle no one should be afraid to wear) are all bisexuals born that way too, is all the modern populist population explosion of  transsexuals and cross-dressers born that way too?

So I can thank big liberal talk radio Toronto station 640 and the Bill Carroll liberal stooge show for bringing all this to my attention.

Last week like a run of the mill liberal talk show host,  Bill topped a show with bull shit comments about a discussion we should be having about assisted suicide a cause long taken care of by government (only too happy to) run... palliative care that needs little and often no incentive or permission to assist in murder never mind wanted suicide.

Whenever a liberal says we need a mature discussion about anything, he means all dissension is immature and you will listen, agree, and do as I say and we will make it law so all resistance is futile.

For this homo piece Bill Carroll told his listeners that as longer as daughters like the one in this 'story'
'ARE ALIVE' ( in other same words, allowed to live)  .homos will have never find happiness.  It would seem odd to me that one would ever find happiness so steeped in evil perversions like buggery and pedophilia and why are they looking down there and in there for happiness in the first place?

How tribal narcissistic and populist humanist  Not to mention why does their happiness depend on costing the rest of society vast sums of money now apparently including socialist government affirmative action and special interest?

Paul Gordon.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blast From 1960 Past And Right Up Mark Levin's Alley

Blast From the ‘60s’ Past & Right Up Mark Levin’s Alley Jack Benny, William Holden and Bob Hope Aid Priest and His Movement In Defending Declaration of Independence I was given a DVD of 39 episodes of the Jack Benny Show and one filmed around 1960 I found quite interesting. If you are a controlling liberal freak or a communist (many would argue what’s the difference?) you would probably categorize it as a contrived political propaganda show.. and there is no doubt it was contrived. But, if you are a normal freedom loving Judeo-Christian you would see it as a WTF just happened to normalcy, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and to the greatest free world nation defender of Christianity, the greatest free religion of the world? You are still swearing it, but you may be surprised that it was being said in 1960 and surprised by whom was saying it then. The show was called, You Can Change The World, and it was centered around Father Keller, founder of the Christopher Movement and the film piece primarily dealt with the Declaration of Independence and how it had been trampled on so far (up to1960, that is) It featured Hollywood entertainers, Jack Benny, William Holden, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby who sung a song just written for the movement, Loretta Young, Paul Douglass, Ann Blyth and Irene Dunne, along with the most somber, Rochester you’ll ever see on the reading of a letter from Abraham Lincoln referring to the Declaration of Independence. The main thrust of the show was how God was so intrinsically melded to the civilized founding of a Christian Nation Republic and how the nation was really under attack at the time. Around the same time, the Communists of America’s ‘agenda’ was being presented to a State Committee on the other coast, Florida.. wherein there agenda wanted to, and did, infiltrate the exact same institutions the Christopher movement wanted to win back.. most notably, education and the teaching profession, of which Marxists had taken control during World War II, and more so, after World War II. Specific comment is made of the same Karl Marx liberals were whorshipping. You can view or purchase (11 bucks I believe) the show on line. Or, buy the Jack Benny 39 episode DVD which probably wouldn’t cost much more and view it on that. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin (not to mention the Catholic Church), and others wouldn’t do themselves any harm in playing snip- bits on their shows. It does show that some famous liberals at the time even had a ‘line in the sand’ they wouldn’t cross. I wonder how the three Stooges felt? “Now cut that out!” Paul Gordon

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hudak! Quit Counting on Protest Vote Alone!

Hey Hudak Quit Counting Only On Protest Vote (can't get compose section to work only stupid HTML... wish google would screwing around with things... fire some people if they can't find any work to do)) A number of liberal financial blunders may win some protest votes in the popular vote over to the progressives, but ‘it’s the policies stupid’! Policies of which Canadian conservative parties have none, nada zippo. Preferring that Mac’s Milk could carry booze is not much of a policy and it’s all you got…at least that you would like to share with anyone including voters! In such absence it can only be assumed that the Ontario conservative party is happy to assume and move forward with liberal policies. .. or where the most damage was accomplished on Canadian citizens living in Toronto owned Ontario. (pretty sad when citizens wary of their home provinces tramping on their rights through un-mandated legislation and decree, have to look to the feds for a sliver of security) Protest votes are not enough to shake the apathy out of voters when you ‘promise’ to do… absolutely nothing different. Yes!... Continue, and add to the political correctness tool the liberals really and proudly transformed the whole province with, under, liberal establishment fan- out, stigmatization, decree, order, lawyer and force of law. That’s the way to this voter’s heart. But here’s the real funny thing. Except for the downtown core of Toronto or the ‘gay village’ in the world of it is, what it is…. Rob Ford rules. Did you get that Conservatives, Rob Ford rules and where it counts…in the polls. Look slightly to the west and and thoroughly non-PC Hazel rules…even did, before Harris came along and well out lived is two faced political career. No bells being rung yet? … thought so! That’s the way it is with politicians who run just for the sake of position and longevity and not on principles. McGuinty had more principles than any modern conservatives if certainly the wrong ones… as do the NDP. Conservatives don’t even have a rotten platform to fall through never mind a good one. As it is, I would never ever vote liberal, but neither would I vote for any modern day conservative such as they have been for a number of elections now. If you want to start and make a difference somewhere, start with the sweetheart deal the liberals have with the teacher’s unions where they co-conspire to misappropriate tax payer’s money today and worse on tomorrow’s credit. It never did Harris any harm and it was the one promise he kept. What most people remember conservative guru Reagan for is taking on a public union. Paul Gordon

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Big No To Assisted Sucide 'Dignified' Dr. Low.Video.

A Big No To Dr. Low Of The Culture of ‘Narcissistic’ Death So Donald made a ‘brave’ ‘video’ a few days before died in favor of assisted suicide… and not because of his present condition which didn’t show much suffering in his video, but because of what he expected to happen in his future when he might not have the ‘presence of mind’, to kill himself. Horse shit. I guess he never heard of palliative care a whole field of government medicine meant to assist with killing using morphine and no particular script or indication for use and certainly without participation from the patient if even one relative is in agreement. First off, he was hardly a ‘brave’ man for swimming downstream with his fellow liberal establishment. Secondly, his viral video was conspicuously generated at the same time another viral self-made video made grand publicity for it’s faux hero, an attention grabbing drunk driver for his same cause…. himself. Boo hoo to Dr. Low… Millions…. billions of the world’s loved ones went to the graves bravely without bitching about their so called dignity being stripped. Look how Pope John Paul smiled in his pain under the world’s media microscope every second right to the last breath. But, Mr. Low and his Western death obsessed activists are special. It doesn’t matter that assisted suicide would always be abused like it is in the Netherlands where there is no choice for the elderly and record numbers of seniors are ‘assisted’ all the way to the grave every year in the name of socialist and civic duty. What counts is there poor narcissistic asses and all their statements begin with I. Yeah self- suffocation through increased morphine hits.. that’s the ticket to painless dignity! One doesn’t panic or lose control of one’s bodily functions when suffocating to death? Dementia and Alzheimer’s are probably a good way to face death not an undignified way to go as a ‘burden’. According to popular giddy liberal talk radio show hose, Bill Carroll. It’s time we got mature enough to have the discussion about assisted suicide. Well, with Al Gore, not agreeing with him means you are a racist denier. With economy terrorist, David Suzuki (recently fried in Australia) you belong in jail for not agreeing with him and his ‘science of talking points’ with no debate allowed or science of reality as a starting point. With pro-abortionists… choice means murder within the culture of death, or pro-death… period, but if you disagree you are anti-choice. You are saving a baby, but you are restricting a woman’s choice in a world where freedom means nothing to anyone anymore anyway.. except for freedom to ‘every’ perversion imaginable… with granted marriage and adoption rights to boot. With homosexual activists… agree or be persecuted in every social setting imaginable if not prosecuted in human rights Kangaroo courts.. With Islam the culture of pedophilia, murder and abuse... if you don't agree you are an Islamaphobe and certainly you had better be one if you are living in an official Islamic nation especially if you are Christian or a Jewish media person. And with Bill Carroll (with 2 count em 2 talk shows) and the rest of the liberal establishment ‘mature’ means any disagreement is immature and ‘discussion’ means complete and utter capitulation just as it means for any liberal cause d’celeb du jour. And if there is one thing liberals and their atheist humanist religion have, it’s odd celebs for every one of their godless perverted causes. So Leslie nobody the Ted Knight brain anchor from Global News piles on in conversation with Bill and adds… Low blow was a doctor of micro-biology… what better person to have, to comment on death and dying….. Huh?? Explain… please, Leslie. According to Bill, Low was available any time, night or day to come on the air during the SARS (phony outbreak). ‘Phony’ because only 44 people out of millions died during the SARS ‘epidemic’ overwhelmingly the elderly with weakened immune systems. More, of which die from other contracted respiratory illness every year. Not that we would ever have to be skeptical of Health Department’s Public Announcement’s going by their record to date. You couldn’t fill the stands in a neighborhood ball park bleacher with the dead of all of Ontario attributed directly to their emergency outbreaks and demands for public mobilaztion Maybe Low was an attention getter and this was his last kick at the can. There is no one more shallow, but who acts more self-righteous and 'socialist caring' than a liberal. After all, liberals believe they only live eternally through their mark and their hero’s marks in society. Your first clue to how wrong all this is when the lesbian Premier and her Cabinet makes a big deal of it and how brave Low was. Yeah, Low is dead. So what. So are we all in this culture of death. Where is the sympathy for people killed merely on the say so of others who just can’t stand to see weak people being undignified? Where is the sympathy for all the murdered babies? F. Off liberals… the internet is here and the Truth will be passed along. You cost us nothing but money, pain, souls and innocence of children. Nothing personal Low but your cause was, and is evil, and sadly you took that to the grave. Paul Gordon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Please!.. Priest Offers Papal Apologist Homily

Oh Please.. Priest Offers Francis Apologist Homily The United States has it’s Obama. Though it is early, it is increasingly becoming apparent that the Church has it’s own populist eager ‘Obama’ in Pope Francis who along with his soon to be right-hand man (cool with married priests) will complete the ‘Boys from South America’ destroy the Church, routine. Could there be worse mix than a couple of modern Jesuits from South America in control of the Roman Catholic Church? At the Mass I attended on Sunday the priest didn’t have to say anything, but like Francis he felt obligated to defend the loosest cannon the Vatican has seen in life times. How he defended the Pope was incredulous. He brought up the latest statements the Pope said about homosexuality and abortion and how the Church was obsessed with these evils. Gee, I wish they were, but I never hear sermons about the perversion of homosexuality, and the perversion of pedophilia (owned by homosexuality) or the perversion of abortion or contraception. And if they’re not talking about evil in Canada they’re certainly not talking about evil in Europe, so I have no idea what the Pope refers to as ‘obsessions’ of the Catholic Church. So the priest lectured, let’s put the ‘sins’ (you say tomato, I say evil) of abortion and homosexuality aside for a minute and talk about the sin of Sunday shopping. ‘Not that long ago, there was no way that Catholics would shop on Sunday. But, now with the passing of time it’s not a considered a big deal anymore.’ ‘All I’m saying is that we’re all sinners and we all deserve to be forgiven for those sins and be welcomed into the Church’ Okay, so the priest attached the same gravity of sin to Sunday shopping to abortion and homosexuality, Why stop at murdering babies or pedophilia in your logic, not to make Sunday shopping a serious sin obviously, but absolutely and solely to down play ‘evil’ into merely a sin… of what… a moment’s ‘weakness’? Pedophilia and murder are two hell of morality bars to equate with venial sins. Christ did make clear distinctions between what was sin and was pure evil. He drove evil men into swine and had them leap from a cliff. He chased the money changers out of the Temple and He told of a special place in Hell for pedophiles and those who would destroy the innocence and souls of children. Christ never ate with evil and even tossed Judas out from His last supper whom was neither an abortionist or a pedophile. The Vatican is to ‘lead’… to deliver… people from evil as in the prayer… not to preach that it’s ever ‘okay’ to not only be a sinner, but to be intrinsically evil in obvious communion with the nature of the World. What this comes across as is that it’s okay whatever you do, whoever you are it’s really okay. The priest then credited Pope Francis with a caveat, but something Francis never said in his love me, small talk meet and greets, or to his journalist Jesuit ‘friends’, that a sinner has to have it genuinely in his head to not be okay in his sin and to sin anymore. Sorry, but it is exactly the modern political correctness and other politics of the Church and infiltration of socialist homosexuals and pedophiles and the non- distinguishing between real ‘evil’ and moral sin that has brought the world to where it is today, just one big playground for evil. It is also this Church and this Pope that tells us to embrace Islam. These are unrepentant murderers who murder again and again, especially Christians and absolutely with no conscience to even follow. For someone who knows so much about sin and the evil of money this Pope seems to know little of the 'evil' men also do. I don’t buy that it’s ‘ok to sin, now’ (and why push confession)… so I hardly believe it’s okay to be evil now, as well. The Word has been around for 2ooo years… how can we be forgiven for ‘not knowing what we do', now... And we don’t just Crucify men in Satanic populism embracing pride of men and women. Hold off on the ‘field hospital’ dying last rites rounds… just yet. Go back to ‘leading’ and ‘preventative’ soul salvation…before the battlefield is littered with the lost. Leave the dead to bury the dead…embrace life and love… Don’t obscure the one Truth of the one Christ of the One God.. for the sake of pure political expediency.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pope Francis Didn't Get The Job Descrip.

Francis Didn’t Get The Papal Job Description Very few 'modern' Jesuits even get the priest job description. They're like the perpetual students who see themselves as brilliant in their own worlds who do no work unless the 'spirit' moves them. To cut to the chaste the Chair of St Peter is quite different from the back of the bus priest in Argentina. His most disturbing self- image is one that he arrives on the battlefield to love and administer to the dying after the battle. The love of Christ is only half of the utterly no nonsense Christ of the Gospels, the only Christ any Christian has record of. Hence, He was hated by the world and Crucified by the world He certainly was not a cuddly old teddy bear man or modern Jesuit liberal cult, looking to be personally loved or admired by the world. As Francis’s two recent predecessors demonstrated, Christ came to show the light, the way, the good news (the Truth) to the world for the salvation of man not just to pick up the pieces as the World spit them out. In a world increasingly being dominated by out of control spiraling evil, now is not the time to be the spiritual hippie of live and let live unless you’re shilling for the United Church or ‘Church’ of the World. To say the Catholic Church is too obsessive about abortion, and homosexuality (which by the way owns pedophilia by anyone’s stats and studies) and the Church should put it on the back burner because we already know of it…. can also be said of the fact that we also already know to judge the sin not the sinner. It’s sounds like a ‘strategy’ for the one Truth ( that everyone can only count on) that has no use for the World’s ‘strategies’. Intended or not, it also nefariously adds yet another sympathetic add-on to the activist World cause when the emphasis strictly being on forgiveness, but no mention of leaving the sin behind… not remaining in it, and ‘proud’ of it. Do the millions of homosexual’s who partake in the ‘pride’ parades even desire forgiveness? On the other hand, wouldn’t they just love the Churches blessings anyway? Christ came with a message of prevention if you will with the tool of Truth. Not as clean-up person directed by crisis management because he didn’t want to offend populism. Until now, never in history has there been a Pope to say.. Sin is Okay and never could there be a worse time than to have one to say it now! One thing is for sure Francis will never have to worry about being martyred… one would have to a have a stand first to be martyred for. It’s 2013 not 1960 of the revolutions That Catholics should hug their deadly enemies, Marxists and Muslims is shaking hand I don’t for a second believe that the kind of social enemies Christ told us to forgive and turn the other cheek to, were the kind of World evil embracing enemies who would take our lives and the lives and souls of our children for merely entertainment. Again this would be Catholic spiritual hippy-ism embraced by the Jesuits at large. Finally, considering the state of the souls of many of the modern politically- appointed (don’t kid yourselves) Cardinals it’s no wonder the Holy Ghost had no influence on their pick. Pray for the Pope and weep for the Church no less, mankind. Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why The West Doesn't Care About Gassed Children

Why the West Doesn’t Care About Gassed Islamic Children? This is only my sincere best guess of course, as it all seems a lot crazy. First off, I don’t see it that few in the west actually disbelieve that innocent children and babies were among those killed by sarin gas shells. However, one problem is being certain of who actually launched the limited and isolated gas attack.. and certain of which evil is more deserving of allied military punishment. Would western societies be anymore gung- ho about a military response were the true gassing culprits be absolutely proven? I doubt it. The real problem lies with the modern history and modern baggage Islamic nations bear themselves out to be every passing day. There is really nothing complicated about this Muslim can of worms. In the east, the birth and home of Islam, Muslims take pride in what their stringent manic culture is all about, including their hatred and desire if not haste to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The West never gave Islam a serious thought and never cared much to learn about them. Yes, Islamists had running battles with Israel and sent suicide bombers and rockets onto their soil, and yes the Western MSM was particularity fond of Palestine and no evil Islamists could perpetrate on their victims could sway the MSM’s sympathies towards them. But then 9-11 happened and though the MSM girded their loins and doubled down on their Islamic sympathies for fear of domestic ‘back lash’ more eyes were opened to the truth, than closed by political correctness and the political elite right up to Presidents and Prime Ministers. The same Presidents and Prime Ministers who jumped on the world wide modern Christian pile-on while embracing and eschewing the faus ‘religion’ of love and peace. Coptic Christians and Catholic priests and martyrs died only for their Savior as the world turned its back on them, like the Vatican turns its back on free world modern soldiers who ‘have’ to physically combat evil, laying down their lives for the love of another, and for God’s children. The Western unwashed were led to believe of only one aspect of Islam while all Eastern violent turmoil bashing Muslim against Muslim in old tribal war conquests and in the patriarchy of the Islamic culture where fathers and brothers employed honor killings and mutilations on females and children…. was suppressed by the MSM and politically correct masters. But, what would turn the West’s back on babies and children being gassed by their own people, simply to make an insane point to the equally violent or as Satanic inspired strategic ‘brilliant’ chess move to accomplish the end game. Of course, you can never rule out the majority, apathetic narcissist Godless preferred leaders and their millions of followers of the day.. (and think about the reasons Brittan never gave for their thumbs down) but what about those who you would think…would care? Well for myself, a firm pro-life Christian I can only offer this. This whole region is not only more evil than any free nation, well beyond the pale, but there is absolutely no light on the horizon for those living, not born and born innocent for the months they have. ‘Young’ boys no matter whose tribal sect they’re in are taught to be evil, to play with real guns… to hate and kill anyone they are trained to. We all know what happens to Islamic girls of the ‘home lands’, young women and wives. Yet, many of these same women will stand by their males until death which can come early and often in the Islamic world for females good for only one thing. It is really tragic when children are murdered, even when they have no future but what can anyone do when evil has such a strong grip and gains its strength only in new blood. But, to whip up any sympathies even from the normally caring enough to risk their lives or their son’s or daughter’s life, for evil rĂ©gime change is becoming a harder and harder politically correct value to sell especially accentuated by Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s gratitude for overly discerning if not impossible rules of engagement.. to date The Islamic women must take the first step to save their babies, their children… themselves. There has to be someone who ‘desires’ to be liberated from evil.. not just to be aided and elevated to become the reigning evil regime. Someone who desires to embrace love and life and leave that truly Satanic culture behind not just weep and wale for revenge… like a Russian communist on a German Nazi, but for rescue and peace. How can you have clear rules of engagement when mission question marks are more common than roadside IEDs. What future Arab generation would even be alive to thank their mothers for the right choice? Without women and children being used simply for gratification and human shields or human bombs by ‘brilliant strategic cowards’ for when the time comes…… the free world would have zero compunction to bomb that cultural patriarchy to Hell with the whole free world’s blessings. As it is, the whole Islamic culture does nothing to endear itself to the West…. and they have predictably ‘used’ their last ace… their own children. God, protect the innocent from the evil… no one else will, and pretends to not know how. Paul Gordon

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling As Cheeky and as Caring as a Pregnant Feminazi

Feeling Cheeky And As Fuzzy and Caring As a Pregnant Feminazi So a seventy something lady in Toronto gets her nose cut off over the wknd in a parking garage loaded with public cameras and yet the press give no suspect description beyond scantily clad political correctness. Maybe it was the ghost of ‘Sammy’ ( thought- to- be) put down two fisted knife and schlong wielding Syrian- born staple homeland of Muslim mental sanity. Or, nine bullets with a Taser topper turned out to actually not put down this one- off Friday night, streetcar stalker and his offspring, a level visual challenge, like a midget…Toronto deserving, ‘Son of Sammy’. There is a silver lining to the lady’s misfortunate, however, that could only happen in Canada, in that short of a state (it’s all a boot the kids) school teacher. Grandma is one of the few Ontarian citizens who can have OHIP pull back the curtain of the rich and famous government tier and golden world of highly paid medical workers, and allow for long but by no means last… delisted ‘free’ service of a nose job on the liberal Ponzi house of cards. Or in her case benefitting socialism at its Marxist bumble beginnings and on the way out, (the public health scheme.. not her) Item 2 Annette Funicello (and Walt) mercifully checked out before the teen boy rise of X (XX) Disney child star, bow legged Miley used Cyphilis who can now boast that the mere invocation of her name would land a sex harassment in any kindergarten like monitored work- place in liberal skitzo- established Ontario whose only Value, purchased on clearance at a village Value Mart is that 'no' values are to be publicly defended…. that'valueless' parades are to be paid for, and to be celebrated by all taxpayers.. are always welcome. For those talk show call in parents who claim their kids didn’t watch the latest pop idol slut masturbate on stage with a giant foam finger. .. just hold that thought until the next free ‘socialization’ moment at school, on the team or on face book and twitter. Is there any place an army of lawyers could get any richer, than a liberal three generation narcissist valueless nation? Ecstasy raved out and loaded male producers and shareholders of MTV use Smiley like a used condom as much as any feminist should be free to do. .. as whatever abuse or self abuse fancy’s them for the moment.. up to and including hooking up with Islamist boy friends. Boy.. they’re sure showing us how growed up they are. Item 3 Obama and his Democrat buds who criticized an, at least.. well meaning, George W for sending a slow aircraft carrier of bottled water to Katrina (God and Democrat -made victims) are okay if it is alleged saran gassed, dead kids (and only in an Islamic nation could ‘alleged’ use of sarin gas be staged or cause du tribe, self- inflicted). I mean isn't less than a week to dissipate gas or bury the dead or bring in the Islamic ‘men in white’ with the memory blocker incentives. Item 4 I ‘ve come to the conclusion that the best approach to take to Islamic nations is the applied WW II Japanese philosophy that more dead now saves more dead later. Only no one has to drop at atomic bomb on an Islamic nation…yet. Just don’t help the blood thirsty bastards in whatever size and form they take. It’s not like these Arab Christian killing tribal nomadic gypsies appreciate Western aid…even when they demand it. Or that American liberals would demand or gain cheaper oil in exchange for being Mo- to family black sheep despots and desert raised royalty hit men Item 5 Ever the clever complicated Quebec fresh French.. they are now using the ‘Christian heritage factor’ to back their equally contorted racist natural inclinations of protecting old Quebec ‘values’ and snow creature as only politicians, university profs, and collaborators could spin. Only problem is that the current Quebec government is in competition to be the most narcissistic faggot loving ‘secular’ free loading society in the world, and no chip off the (just now promising) French homeland ‘getting it’ in terms of decades wasted on liberal social experimentation Paul Gordon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hu Da heckK Cares About 3rd Liberal Party

Hu da hecK Cares About 3rd Lib Party

It's been fun to see red progressive conservatives like Bill Carroll having nowhere to progress while caught in the headlights of voters....can't go forward..can't go backward!

For the many who don't know the old or 'new' Bill Carroll, picture Robin Williams on politics when he was never good at humour for those older than twelve best titillated by fart humor.. and girls locker room movies. 

Yes, Carroll, who tells his audience on the hour that he has two, count em... two talk shows... one State side and the other gracing the entire sooo fortunate GTA and to infinity, has duo idiocy papers. Ontario needed another liberal talk show host like another Star owned 'Community This Week newspaper' or Ryerson journalism brat grad. 

However, he is awfully disappointed he has yet to make the Scarborough mall Walk of Fame.. that no one new or cared that Scarborough had. Most citizens of  diversely criminal Scarborough couldn't pronounce, Bill Carroll at least in a way that anyone could understand. 

The latest 649 like quick pick of talk radio,  640 Corus network won another blank in it's attempt to capture the present entirety of Ontario's political spectrum... of liberal and liberal light listeners.

Carroll needs to 'take calls' again because liberal talk show hosts run out of things to say about themselves quicker than a political party being honest about its own and getting tragically repetitive of what no one ever believed, or wanted to hear in the first place.

From cheerleader back to Hudak... the only 'promise' Timmy could come up with during the whole too sad too bland story of his reign was to government bootleg beer to future Grey Cups and every Mac's Milk in Ontario, but like beer and milk... Toronto's new demographics don't mix with progressive conservatism.

Hudak couldn't win the greatest protest vote against a sitting party in a general election or 4 of 5 by-elections. It's like he was the midget voters couldn't see when they looked around for any alternative. 

(The only thing that could possibly save Harper's equally bland liberal-lite ass is the total ineptitude of another poor party pick, Justin Trudeau. I'm giving odds Justin promises free university dorms and education for the next election)  

But if you really 'asked for' and want the whole enchilada that likes the full Monty parading down main street and on into elementary classrooms, why vote for the pretenders?

Mike Harris, the last Premier to win on a real conservative platform, that eventually caved in when he took his eye off the ball and family and onto cigars and blond bomb shells transitioned the Ontario conservatives into reds like Mulroney did to the federal conservative party.

Unlike Reagan, on air traffic controllers.. Harris balked on teacher unions and made them even stronger and then started the homosexual activist ball rolling on a number of fronts including heading up the (first I believe) HRC with a homosexual on the advice of party homosexual advisers.

Harris started strong particularly on social conservative 'promises' that brought Christian churches on board but went out ignominiously not liked or trusted by anyone and self destructing the whole party.... just like he did his family.

And so, no one to date trusts the Ontario conservative party or appreciates them...even liberals as Harris's predecessors found out when they went morally slumming for liberal votes in subsequent years. Aside from political principles, is there any greater oxymoron in North American politics than moral politicians? 

The end product of this transitioned red Tory party is liberal morals with fiscal beer tears. Whatever leader the party could pick would still be a John Tory or Tim Hudak frozen in time and place and in the headlights of voters.

And if social conservatives have to see Ontario go down the toilet who better not to vote for as good as anyone else as their former courter and political murderer.

At least watching the constipated conservative rodeo clowns of a whole party system of politically correct Obama's ... can still give us a smile while the end is nigh for all.

Have a great day!  

This is not news talk radio. 

Paul Gordon

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Allah, Great Satan, Marxist Allie Don't Pee On My Leg

Allah, Great Satan, Don’t Dare Pee On Me and Tell Me Its Raining (I'm no great scholar...don't even have an official grade 12 of the education of the day.. but I still like to think about how everything in the world should be... comparing sacrifice to real oppression without any consideration for personal narcissism.. and sleep well at tell me where I'm wrong..) So In the official nations of Islam, as opposed to the peaceful CBC and PBS Muslim infiltrated liberal nations of mush, what do they have over the Nazis wherein there were also large numbers of citizenry (German in this case) who didn’t buy into, or idolize Hitler, especially Catholics, yet the western world had no problem with indiscriminate carpet bombing them into total submission… particularly, after Hitler bombed London residential areas? Both Islamic, and Nazis believe(d) in an Aryan-like dogmatic supremacy, only Islam believes all non-members or ‘infidels’ need to be executed while the Nazis would at least, settle for non- Aryan slaves. Both Islam and Nazis would have members of the Jewish faith attend the same fate and as slowly and painfully as possible when speed wasn’t a consideration in dealing with larger volumes of victims. But official Islam of the official Quran of the official Prophet (the kind terrorists dutifully adhere to… and ‘moderates’ ignore) also exceeds Nazism in evil and propaganda! Take Iran, Afghanistan, and both sides of the Syrian and Egyptian deadly disputes for just a ‘few’ common examples that Islamic nations have in common. Even the ‘good’ terrorists (good and not evil by anyone’s political standards I don’t get). Equal to Nazism Islamists have executed children on more than one occasion as witnessed on Blazingcatfur’s blog when two early teens boys were shot after a propaganda speech was read out over their heads and kneeling bodies by a masked Islamist. Of course, above and beyond Nazism, loyal and factually ‘true’ to the culture, Islamists mutilate their own female children, abuse their spouses and families and off-handedly murder their non adult males for so called honor killings. Above and beyond Nazism Islamists in the homelands also target and murder Christians and burn Christian churches whereas Nazis confined such behavior principally to Jews and Catholic Priests over the laity except when the laity was found to be aiding and hiding Jewish citizens. So in the name of all things Holy, why on earth is Canada and the United States picking, choosing and aiding terrorists by any national name, simply on the basis of political causes within these Islamic Nations all the while these loosey goosey ever unappreciative ‘allies’ are behaving worse than Nazis… before there very eyes. Why is the very morality of such ‘aid’ to terror up for any impossible bullshit excuse of evil validation? Oil..? I don’t believe it, but were it just oil, of course North America can easily be independent from increasingly evil Arab oil, but for what… domestic Marxist anarchists who believe the environment should be pristine and utopian preserved even from geography proportioned miniscule X millions , pipelines at the expense of the poor and middle income citizenry at home and at the expense of depending on evil foreign nations who don’t give a damn about the environment in their piece of the earth…. any more than the daily morning beheadings? And at the demand of the same Marxist anarchist idiots who maxed out on racism, unions, garbage recycling, fish, trees and now looking for innocent useful idiot animals like caribou and people eating grizzlies. No... more than oil, which the west is never going to be ‘given’ from nations of Islam.. its about illogical political correctness that panders to political and mob populism of the day counting on dumbed down Marxist taught and inspired new generations and to include the modern murdering of Christians and their faith! Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Open Letter To Pope Francis

Open Letter To Pope Francis Assessing the Church By The One Earthly Entity Greater Than Itself. There is one thing greater than the Catholic Church (at least the Catholic Church as it was instructed to continue on in good faith) and any Pope, by which to truly assess its value and diligence of stewardship by… that being, how it defends, protects and nurtures Catholic youth… entrusted, children of Christ It is a legitimate simple truth or short cut open to any and all who may not be skilled and trained in the art and interpretation of theology or on the other side, embracing of the philosophies of the World for that matter. Check the mushy, (rotten from within), ‘fruits’ of the modern Church and what is it doing for children in 2013.. or for those most ‘innocent’, and most precious of human entities to Him! ‘Bring the children onto me and woe to those who would cause harm to them’ When the Church ceases to talk or care about abortion… when the Church abdicates education, or schools of its children to the State complete with the names of historic Martyred Saints (those who would have their blood shed rather than deny Christ His domain), and blessings of the Bishops, therefore seal of the Roman Catholic Church…When the Church sacrifices children’s minds, souls and in some cases lives at the politically correct shrine and perverted narcissistic lusts of adult homosexuals.. It has separated itself from Jesus Christ and holds or speaks of nothing of value, but for a ‘performance’ of ‘nice’ for the World. The last two Popes, though far from perfect in the universal scope of their duty at least never succumbed to the rules of a game the World wants to play. Assessment of the new Pope and Church over… both failing badly. Yes the children of Christ are greater than the Church… entrusted to look after those same children. Paul Gordon

Rip Van Pope: Most Unholy Mush

Rip Van Pope Most Unholy crap! So the faithful are not to judge a homo and of course extrapolated a fag pedophile, but are to hug a Muslim. Pope Francis takes us back to the sixties or the last time he must have received a real newspaper in the slums of Argentina as a priest to his true, but fatally uncapped vocation. Gee, I wonder if the Coptic Christians or the martyred priests of the Middle East felt/feel all as warm and fuzzy about the evil of Islam. Born in evil…aged in evil…split in evil. Hugs and kisses conquer sinners at the dining table, but not evil Your, Holiness! Think World War II evil where hugs and kisses did nothing…but make link ups easier killing by evil. Chewing the fat with reporters ‘of the World’ on a plane like a giggling sleep-over with the boys…… not a good thing….. We get the idea… simple humble priest from Argentine… simple love of Christ, but does the Pope get the idea that we are not at the time of the first coming of Christ…we are on the verge of the second. Where homosexuality was not an issue at the dramatic beginnings of the Church it is certainly a curse to Church and youth now. Even Putin gets that! And too, perhaps the Holy Father could give us one official Islamic State and by example leave his security detail behind and wade into the adoring crowds ahead of us… to start the inter-morality heal- over for us….. where goodness will trump evil…apparently the easy way. The Church needs strong leaders, commitment, and sacrifice… ‘ultimate’ if necessary, from those called for the sake of the Church and Catholic youth not beauty queen contestant style wishful platitudes that mean nothing, other than to signal a rudderless ship open to all who wish to continue to destroy her. Is a Pope a mere figure head a la Queen, a benevolent ‘Santa Claus” loved by 3 million attending a South American beach Mass talking like a socialist politician, or a Shepherd of action descended from Peter sent by Christ? I truly am becoming to question if the Holy Ghost had any influence on this Papal pick… arrived at by the more typical, worldly politically selected current Cardinals not carrying the day. Tenets of the faith and morality (Christ owned Truth) are eternal but did not arise or were born from the sinning sixties ‘Love and Peace’…… are not achieved by, or open to… the ever encroaching and politically smothering evils of the World! ‘Holier than the Pope’ should not be set at a simple politically correct low bar forgiving of not only the sinner, but the sin too as it has come to be… or the World beloved easy way. Paul Gordon

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Hon. Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him..

My Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him We Won!! Yes.. We Will Represent All Voters....No F That Too.. We Won!! Those Losers Can Conform to Our Ways and 'Values' or Suck Eggs and Empty Their Pockets! Up here in the true north, where immigrants get everything free including jobs on a platter, there is no greater example of the party system ensuring the leftist establishment reigns like a Queen. Like a two term leader gone bad.. from becoming to used to his perqs and too familiar with his lobbyists the party system with essentially the same players since the birth of this nation has learned all the political nefarious ins and outs over the decades of two 'serious'party sole ruling. Like a retired leader accepting honorary drug company board memberships after extending patents on cancer drugs while in power... parties enact laws and government union politically influenced labor settlements, that both increase their quaffers and guarantee huge voting blocks. Weak kneed, with eyes a glaze they all adopt to the political correctness or populism only as it applies to the day whether that be killing babies, sprouting giant useless windmills all over the land like milkweeds, signing or canceling billion dollar contracts where 'brown envelopes' by some manner or definition, of equal value are sure to be passed to leaders and/or parties.. Or forcing p.c. social engineered whims of minorities, but loud and powerful activist groups onto their victims like homosexuality onto Catholic schools or dogs on delicious bones. However, the most egregious face tap dance to tax payers is the performed in the ritual 'humble' disingenuous acceptance 'rally'/speech ritual hot off the MSM broadcast right off from the last vote required. The on site banner and poster wavers are the cue to how disingenuously democracy played out. Everyone on the election floor is cheering at every sentence because they have something directly they are going to gain and because they did 'fight hard'... like in the cases of the teacher's unions, force membership automatic pay stub deductions for the liberal parties that put the taxpayer on the hook for future credit card payments that will have a payback to make their deductions be pennies on the dollar returned in contracts. Contracts paid more to the point 'owed' by the children now of real middle class that pays to put government workers in an exclusive government union class. Teachers are right.. It is about the kids! The kids not born yet that are paying their salaries now! Question.. What the Hell can subvert 'democracy' more than political parties being allowed to exceed money coming in from taxpayers by ever much they care to promise any particular special interest group and to keep piling on the debt.. like drunken perverts?? Your average hard working stiff may or may not have had time and energy to vote but he is certainly not on the acceptance speech floor waving and cheering on Mr. Or Mrs. Immoral sick ego maniac jackass at the podium. I can't see where desire to be a political leader would not be a mental illness going by the same game plan they all now have. Screw the party system over... even partly by electing as many independents as possible. Get true representation and true democracy where every vote is a 'free' vote and political correctness is viewed with a shrewder eye. Get your representative off the rubber stamp back bench and be courted by minority parties on close decisions for his views and your riding's needs. Democracy good... long in the tooth degenerating vote buying party 'experts' .. bad!

Democratic Representation Thy ONLY Name is Independent!!

 Paul Gordon .

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Piers Morgan Richer Than A Queen's Fart

Piers Morgan.. Richer Than A Queen’s Fart Irish born British journalist, Piers Morgan (if that’s even his real name) has some nerve lecturing American black conservatives on black America. In particular, on raising the intellectual halos of black- trash teen mob- mentality, individuals used by the leftist American elite to then be left on the curb with a bow, as the only party that lets itself be kept down and stupider than a liberal. Druggie, bad-ass Martin Travyon, and his 3.nothing three street- languages ass cracker girlfriend are commended into the leftist world as activist heroes, along with all the useful idiot abortionists, feminists, male pedophile owners, homosexuals and Marxist teachers and politicians. The Smithsonian wants Martin’s ‘hoodie’ ( and his girlfriend’s Piers’ worshipped brain I suppose) for notoriety display of cool of 2013. Look for schools, streets, ballads, and hooch causes put forward, in their names and in memory of. But, back to the British land of banal where leftists took a European lead in many aspects of European socialist idiocies and intricacies turning out the likes of journalists like Piers, and let’s just look at one shining star of Britannica older than the Union Jack itself…. Inbred Royalty. Her Majesty, herself has only two reasons to keep on living. One, to outlive her idiot son, and two.. thereafter, to pray for the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. We all unfortunately found out and never will forget where the bonnie Prince’s mind has been all these years even during his marriage to the Princess of drama… and no let’s not have any new activist groups for menstruation perverse sexual lifestyles, nouveau raison du marriages, and adoptions. We know where Charles mind has been, but his head as been firmly planted an inch or so, to the north in his long term matronly mistress. So the Queen gets 50 mil of taxpayer’s money per annum, but she does need it for (new) Royal head shrinks, good British dentists, and Crown & Castle polish. Can you imagine the royal holiday meal reunions of this bunch.. pool room peelers, to toe suckers, homo tell- all butlers, to throne in waiting human tampon wannabes. Even the newest, prince George… like if he wasn’t going to be a sore thumb in class to begin with, they name him ‘George’.. not exactly your top ten popular names of this decade. Anyone named George is only named so after some crazy uncle or great grandfather. Georgy Porgy is going to come out as about as normal as Elton John and his Canadian pool boy’s state awarded baby boys. It’s bad enough to think about these royal perverse figureheads, but Canada has official figureheads as representatives to these royal figureheads who like to kick up shit all by themselves. The last two of these governa generals were former leftist CBC reporters/news casters appointed by liberal Prime Ministers in payment for being kind to their parties and leaders on the tax payer ‘all the news you’re going to get’, front. The first one attended Canada’s first illegal homosexual wedding giving it some kind of back door government credence. The second was to take part in the awarding of Canada’s ‘high society’ civil medal to a thankfully now dead populist abortionist. Kind of makes an Anglais want to go French who at least know to trash a homo marriage when they see one. The sad thing about modern England is that the royal family is their highlight especially in comparison to their parliament.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis Needs To Pick a Lock

Pope Needs To Pick a Lock The Holy Father needs to learn that although a priest can live inside his own world inside a slum in Argentina and be as humble and do things the way he sees fit… without detriment to anyone, in fact exactly what a parish of that nature might need assuming a papal role in the Roman Catholic Church is another matter. His off the cuff, ‘one of the boys’ comments to the press of the world….helloo ‘of the world’ was hardly a mature way to look at the papal role. The Pope is not in Argentina where only Argentinians are likely to tread, anymore. Pope Francis undid much of the good the last two Popes accomplished with comments that had to have been premeditated in that, he could not assume that he would not have been asked these exact kind of questions. The last time a Pope wanted to come across as just one of the people, was with John 23 and while he was busy trying to ‘come across as simple’ Vatican II… or major poop happened. Yes, what the Pope said was not out of line with modern Catholic doctrine but it was who he said it to that makes all the difference in the ‘World’. The American press favorite homosexual priest favored commentators are having orgasms over the airwaves with this one…and why wouldn’t they? If he thought that by mentioning that he didn’t approve of homosexual activists was going to separate homosexual activists from homosexuals, or homosexuals from homosexual activists… it had the exact opposite effect in giving politically correct legitimacy to both. While the last two Popes were rightfully tried to purge homosexual priests.. from the pulpit, who caused the present day church irreparable harm because guess what…in truth… disordered homosexuality still owns male pedophilia by anyone’s ‘study’, homosexual activists took and used his irresponsible comments to a group who would use any comment against the Church let alone such a gift as he handed them. I’m sure all the future abused young boys will be appreciative this Pope wanted to come 'clean' with ‘the World’ press. Or that western dioecses will be appreciative of being continually sued with this new revolving door of priestly homo hugging. There’s a good reason why past Popes would only take written questions from the World Press. They didn’t seem themselves as individuals as ‘clever’ as Christ to be dining or dealing, not just with the sinners but with the Devil. If the Holy Father has nothing bad to say about ‘judging evil’, particularly about the evil that homosexuality spawns… and havoc it racks on children, physically, mentally and spiritually…. he need say nothing at all. He is the ‘Shepherd’ of the Roman Catholic Church not a person looking to be loved by everyone… a feat our Lord could not achieve in the battle of ultimate good against ultimate evil. Paul Gordon

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saint Trayvon Martin Day

ST. Trayvon Martin Day

What better tribute, other than a government encouraged Zimmerman Sharia- style lynching, could there be to 17 year old, ( that's 40 in street wise years) Trayvon Martin's bad-ass stoned hoodie legacy than a national black day and black pride week of anarchy and shoplifting.

The Grand Marshall of this perversely bizarre dream, not without believability or media and government supported precedence, could be Piers Moron, England's re-gifted Americana expert

Sharing the front seat of the front convertible could be Martin's 'brilliant' girlfriend and celebrity Obama I-pad graduate of Louisiana style education for 3 point nutin honey (of any worth, any more) backwoods University of Flying Catfish...

..Or Democrat joke of a wasted 'pork barrel' tax theft for union votes, and small idea of advanced union education.... for blacks especially, and poor whites by collateral damage.

The same school of lowest learning, where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharky bought their Masters of Divinity 'Cash for Anger' Diplomas.... in exchange for helping the ass-cracker Democrats and MSM 'keep- down- the- blacks', movement.

And, the location of the low bar where the Black Panther lawyer 'leader' (are any of these black leaders and spokesmen elected, or are they just destined for their victim fame and fortune lotteries?) who can neither spell or be bothered with spell check, was issued a license to kick whitey ass and be hero to the truly miserable like-reprobates for it.

Trayvon's main celebrity squeeze could bellow out, 'Ass-cracker!', in three languages or at least three different Mediterranean bastardized accents on the megaphone.

Stores along the parade route could kiss their windows goodbye and keep their best- before stamps dry, but at least, experience a lesser 'druther' over a forced bystander viewing of a gay pride parade down main street.

Cops could be forced to take part, and forced to dance with a smile, to kill- the- pig, and rape their daughters, rap all down the Macy's route, complete with floating dirigibles of Oprah, numerous felony charged black mayors and sports stars, the Obamas and Sista Clinton power Cling-ons, bad... (before they hit the shelf) dates political tramp- stamped on their ass cracks.

Ahh, it's so liberating, to be able to lift ourselves from the taboo yoke of the new political Marxist establishment of victim-hood, and political correctness, and make fun of the totally asinine, now that real blacks of goodness and civility (MLK and prior|) have come to detest and rightfully be embarrassed about..... the antics of their children, as now made actually blatantly and patently just 'silly' by the very white Democrat and liberal establishment 'justice system' morons and self-proclaimed, 'champions of caring' and failures of 'social peace', that desire to keep blacks still slaves and still niggers of a different kind..... and handed off to the master of the World, Satan of a once Christian nation...

Criminal and immoral narcissistic family-abdicating cultures, ('worse' than historic preying gypsy cultures), only to eager to be taken advantage of by those who make a business of keeping victims down in the anti-Christ liberal culture of pretending to help blacks, just to keep the status quo alive, are to be made fun of ala 'smile when you feel like crying' for the never- to- be 'RIGHT' of a period of child innocence, and assured direction of many souls of the many new innocents born into that fatherless rewarded drug and party, culture.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Larry Elder One of My Many Plain Thinking Heros


Larry Elder sure represented real black America (not the left wing bizzare fantasy black America), well and subsequently WND's support for real black America when he took on Piers Morgan at high noon.

Young blacks play perfectly into left wing (white) establishment hands by relishing in the punk/hoodie, culture ostensibly giving it to the Man but only hurting themselves.

In fact, being used and certainly abused by the teachers union preferred p.c. centred State education, as Larry, and other sensible black leaders try desperately to point out to them.

On Morgan's one 'stuck on stupid' pony trick:

It doesn't matter if the young lady graduated from Yale

All that says these days, is volumes about left wing establishment academia that can push along populist enamored intellectual follow the crowd zombies, such as Obama.

I really wish Larry or Allan Keyes would take a run at the GOP leadership or if given the bums rush like Santorum, be part of a third party... even Reaganite Celebrities are speaking of these days.

WND is no peepsqueak media player to have in your corner, to take such a leap.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Could Black Judgement Have Become So Skewed

How Could Black Judgement Possibly Have Become So Skewed Modern Decade after Decade

Short Answer.... Through white liberal culture...end of story

Longer Version as follows

So big city blacks mostly affected by big city MSM, big city entertainment, and big city revolutionary and anarchist Universities in full communion with their white liberal, democrat party, socialist masters arise and form mobs itching for an white ass-kicking from “pent-up” frustration injected by the the predominately white Democrat MSM and the first black President increasingly acting more bizarre as he blunders and plunders through his second term.. with the politically correct, Republicans showing nothing different than they did last election.

So what are some of the root causes for this ostensibly 'championing' and more important 'revenging' the now dead, inglorious street punk and thug, by any color shot in self defence during a brutal head thumping, face punching ambush of an armed less physically endowed security person whose fire arm would have otherwise been up for grabs by the reigning stoned survivor.

1) They can't believe that Mandela was a communist revolutionary, who embraced being used by communists and who blew up things above all his revisionist angelic attributions, or that his wife liked to 'necklace' disagreeable black kids with burning tires.

2) They believe Islam is actually a 'religion' of 'cool' not derived from the 'prophet' bully-lord of death and perversion no matter how you slice it today or retroactively. The reality of the whole history of Islam especially of official Islamic nations is not what is freshly presented and protected as Islam by Western world liberals..... and as has now come back to bite them all.

3) They believe they should have the right to murder any of their babies not convenient at the time as well as any bitter white (childless) feminist who tells them so, and uses them to promote their perverse narcissistic lifestyles.

4) Many (the only ones shown on entertainment and MSM social network talk-shows) believe that if one father of their children is good, multiple absentee immigrant fathers of their children must be better especially if you don't want a man in the house getting in the way of their rightful extended sex-life.

5) Or, getting in the way of their entitled extra government benefits and perqs that can keep them firmly planted in front of Oprah, Ellen, Rosie, Roseanne, Springer, or their spin-offs, or the latest homo family-hour 'sit-com' etc. etc. to get the education they never had, while checking out twitter and face book on their free Obama 'keep-em- occupied' I-Pads to compare notes of a similar lifestyle that would make gypsies envious, the only difference being that in America you have to sit your fat ass down in one place to get free money and benefits.

6) Though not directly guilty, and with their liberal union teacher masters laughing at them, and poor inner city whites, they're happy to have their children (equal to the best of any white child) go to schools perpetually keeping a foot on their black children's throats as to farm them out for future generations of inferior taught democrat trained voters... while their parents are forever happy to act the indignant proud 'part' of a chosen societal lifestyle, happy just for the government bones tossed their way.

They are indirectly guilty because they don't demand free choice in education and redirection of public education money to parental control or the rightful administrators of their child's education, 'to vote for' ....over States and their official's obvious married political relationship to inferior Marxist secular militant million man teacher unions.

7) Many, by their actions and ranting, especially, the black celebrity leaders, certainly not based in aesthetic intellectualism, like Jackson,Sharpton, Lee and the Black Panther leader or 'lawyer' by trade who amazingly not only can't spell but can't figure out how to use spell-check...while in the public eye.. (thanks to his move-along democrat socialist affirmative action.. education 'journey') are the perfect puppets for their white master immoral Democrats who put the value of civilized society down to the meaningless win of a basket ball game... “We won!”....but won what!... how to act like animals in the streets, how to reject and mock the Saviour of their enslaved forefathers for all manner of readily available narcissistic pleasure and respect from the mob mentality of populism, over their own family.

Of course, blacks have the right to embrace an evil they want to celebrate and take 'pride' follow a Black Panther styled master black race approach in evil. They can do whatever they want. They can also not allowed their spirit and intellect to ever be imprisoned by Democrat whitey whose idea of polarization only demonstrates the Truth of good and evil.

And so far North American society has clearly embraced evil, family destruction, along with destruction of new life, the infirm and the innocence of children no matter what color your skin is.

The blacks of North America do sway the balance of power through white 'polarized' elections of what kind of society they want for their children and families and the same as anyone would want.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Top Ten Signs Your Embassy is in Trouble

Top Ten Signs Your Embassy’s In Trouble
10)The camels and livestock have left the street like women and kids in an old western.
9)A dump truck drops a crap load of palm sized stones on the pavement      where you just had them picked up yesterday
8)Afternoon prayers for peace and love are over and it’s Kick-Christian/Jewish and all Unbeliever Ass.. time.
7)The locals are smiling today, and they’re changing their sandals for steel -toed running shoes.
6)Two guys named Mo-Mo are toting pole- sized, pointed spits and there are    no BBQs in sight.
5)A dozen beat up pick-up trucks with AK47s mounted in the rear windows are given free parking next door at the Russian and Chinese Embassies.
4) Forty year-old men suddenly have baby bumps and barrel length stiff                    snakes silhouetted down their pajama pants.
3) The Secretary for Foreign Affairs swaps out your Army Seals security for 
3 oblivious grinning Walmart  greeters  in order to not raise suspicion the White House has been using your Embassy letterhead to channel arms to the brotherhood.
2) You think you’re the second last link on the last to know communication chain until you try the White House Hotline.
1) You get CNN to finally track down the President and he says, “Wow!, We have an Embassy in some place called Benghazi?

Ever wonder, how is it, there is always an ample supply of stones right at the feet of Islamic protestors no matter where they are protesting?
I mean you couldn’t find a pebble at the parliament buildings or 24 Sussex. You would need an excavator at Queens Park to find one.  
Yet anywhere, anytime.. in an Islamic Nation there they are… “Oh look, Mo!
Here’s ensome stones we can warm up with before the AK47s and over the shoulder missle launchers".
I mean don’t they have public works to clean them up. They must play havoc on barrier running 80’s vehicles and camel hoofs.
Now pre- oil discovery I know they were standard weapons, but you would think they would be a tradition only brought out for national stoning and caning day.   
But, these guys have got to be good baseball pitcher and quarterback material for pro. scouting. Look at 7 footer, lanky Obama…oops.. Osama.
Oops, pardon my drunken ‘Ted Kennedy’, who probably both get together with Osama at the Kennedy family tub reunions in Hell.
Paul Gordon