Wednesday, October 23, 2013

:Logic Takes No Credit in Political/Legal Homosexual..Pass

Logic Takes No Credit In Political/Legal Homosexual Pass All of the advances made in homosexual activism have only been achieved in modern history and only through leftist establishment sympathies. Starting with AIDS, and afternoon tv talk show sensationalism and up to most recently, with Huffington Post anonymous, yet perfectly worded and ostensibly actual letters written within families of ‘bully’ or tough love parents and poor hurting soul homosexual offspring whose emotional ‘feelings’ make up, goes.. you have to love my behavioral perversions to really love me. Whereas, most of the adult general population would at least feel mutually uncomfortable sharing their sexual proclivities with their parents, activists have it that homosexuals need affirmation and shoulders to cry on for obsessed perversions. More over now we are to take it that homosexuality is even superior in the situation of child rearing.. pun intended. But,let’s take the AIDS sexually transmitted disease for an example of exactly how the homosexual perversion skews judgment. All homosexuals had to do during the AIDS epidemic was to abstain from sex acts with strangers, not their regulars… but with strangers. So,they would knowingly risk their lives for one particular aspect of their sexual escapades… ‘stranger sex encounters’. This is not the actions of anyone in control of their perverse activities never mind just not exercising good judgment. In fact, near the end of the era just before drugs were discovered that could treat AIDS, there were media reports of young homosexual men actually seeking the added thrill of a perverse kind Russian Roulette game of stranger homosexual encounters at homosexual meeting places. Now even in the face of abuse horror stories popping up around the world with male homosexuals abusing young males given to them by the state for adoption the illogical politicization of personal choices of homosexual sex acts are still granted societal equality more said, preference for very ‘unnatural families’. And if homosexuals would risk their lives just to have homosexual acts with strangers why would they not more easily cave to their urges and impulses of risking homosexuality abuse on children as by far, most re-offenders do? If they have evolved so far off the normalcy curve of natural pro-creation sexuality to unhealthy disgusting acts of buggery how is a second perversion of abusing children so unfathomable? And if homosexuals are allowed marriage rights, why shouldn’t bisexual threesomes be allowed to marry. Are their feelings not hurt as well when people don’t praise their sexual choices. The modern cultural praise of the homosexual ‘lifestyles’ took decades to come about because so many millions of people had to be bombarded on so many fronts of the liberal establishment; journalism, entertainment, political, judicial and academic cultural socialism, in order to go against their own instincts, and sensibilities, naturally prone to logic. And they could only accomplish it over decades with the one tool that would work… ‘sympathy’ and a slow water torture drip of being constantly in the headlines and performers of entertainment shows and Hollywood ‘Oscar’ award winning movies that old actors even gravitated to,like Michael Douglass and Christopher Plummer in hopes of getting their due Hollywood recognition before checking out through the short cut of liberal ultra- populism. Absolute narcissistic choice has nothing to do with responsibility in fact, lies in defiance of responsibility. God save the children of the world. Paul Gordon

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