Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey, Drudge! Romney Is No Social Conservative!

(look, I know Christians are as fed up with Obama as I am, BUT, to be  intellectually honest at the least, it is arguably an excellent point as to which evil is truly the 'lesser' when one of them claims to be your friend, to speak for you, ........ to represent you!  (as does the GOP for Judeo-Christians)

....all but 'Enshrining' the status quo!! ...

Not to mention, eliminating discussion in claim of the official and only legitimate opposition to the Democrats..with the talking point of 'What choice do you have?'

If Romney and the stuck- on dead guy Reagan GOP all with closet pro abortion first ladies was ever to do anything for Christians who are for children babies and families not themselves as the GOP libertarians, I would be the first to crawl on my knees through Washington to beg their forgiveness, and there is nothing that would make me so happy to do so. But based on the GOP actual history, or nothing of all the good talk their Reaganite celebrities espouse between elections... I won't be applying for a passport any time soon!!

The Truth is very simple and doesn't need modern footnote theologians from the MSM, or any 'academia', theories or strategies, and it is rewarded in faith... 'In God We Trust'... not humans, even our own judgment at unguarded times, so hardly, have 'faith' in politicians their parties or their political dead heroes)

Dear Matt Drudge,

You're wearing your fashionable, but empty hat too tight!

Matt Drudge ran a purposeful, deceiving link to a Green Bay Catholic Bishop article for a number of days, (much longer than his usual link runs) during the past number of days starting.. only two weeks before this 2012 election.

The article is about the Catholic Bishop communicating to his diocese that voting for a pro-abortion party or candidate could put one's soul in jeopardy. No shit, Bishop.. I mean we'd hate for you (about the only Bishop, give him that) to what(?) 'step out on a limb!', in totally corrupt and evil North America, 2012....to state anything, that even means anything, to anyone.... never mind, the logical humble Truth.

But, the real problem with this Drudge manipulated link, 'warning' is that the anonymous writer of the actual article (no doubt a GOP last minute strategist) then writes that Romney is known for being a pro-life social conservative.... Yeah, and my real name is Rush Limbaugh..

Well, to the mystery reporter, all social conservatives are prolife...duh, the first flag about this b.s. article, and the 'obvious' of course, is that, not only is Romney not pro-life or a social conservative, neither, has the GOP ever made a modern historic 'step' in that direction, even under Reagan.

And that's that, for all the good 'talk', for the good 'fight', of all the radio Reaganites put together! I mean look out U.S. military... after how quick they turn their backs exclusively for the GOP leadership!

In fact, the homosexual agenda activists have garnered more GOP and Reaganite, attention than Judeo-Christians.

Certainly by example, in choosing an all Reaganite celebrity, loved V.P. Cheney with a publicity hound, family... loaded with homosexual activists under Bush as a second 'trial' after the Dole trial balloon was shot down in flames.

There is no move, or surprise, including those nefarious clandestine ones, like when the GOP and their Reaganite media water boys, 'fix' who is going to be 'elected' their candidate before the campaigns even begin.

Though not as liked as the Democrats, and proven, to be no more inspired to do the good of the people, the GOP are by far, smarter, and nothing they do, is not painfully thought out and scripted, short term and... fourth and long, or for two minute warnings.

Reagan's only Supreme Court pick and the Cheney family should have been a harbinger for the great switch they have been working on for years, to go from Judeo-Christians... to the more leftist established politically- correct arena, in reality.

Ask yourself, why did the GOP, the Reaganites and Drudge go to great lengths to destroy a social conservative in the campaign and his family to boot, if Romney was a social conservative, himself, something he would deny if if asked this very minute on a public stage.. quicker than B.M. Stephen Harper.

But, will not deny, one week before the election as post- linked by Matt Drudge, that this was a mistake on Drudge's part, and that he is not a social conservative!

On a side note, at least, on the Canadian Talk Show beat, I can't get over the pure hatred callers have for Christians these days, that they have never harbored during my youthful years, but when you look at the likes of the 'entertainment' the post war spoiled generation was raised on like acid trance-beat, Satanic Rock, to Gangstra, and look at the teachers and egocentric, professors, who taught them including the anti-only Catholicism there is, 'Catholic' Teacher's unions, who certainly do not attend weekend Mass in any kind of numbers, and even less, do go their students....why would I be surprised.

I was listening to a Simon and Garfunkel C.D. today and these guys were number one, with everyone at the time, in folk and pop, and I was thinking could you see today's dark youth and certainly these dark Christian hater fanatics whistling, Slow Down You Move Too Fast down main street or 'any' of their songs for that matter?

So who turned off all the lights on smiling faces, darkened all the souls of today, and put the rush-on, to turn 8 year olds into 18 teen year olds? It certainly was not Christ, or a Judeo Christian Father... whose Gospel has had to defend itself a lot longer than any new ideology or fad of these more common spiteful Canadians developed only over the last few decades.

Don't encourage old evil. Start up a new party with a new life and a new cultural change from 'mostly' the enchanted evil jaws of, 'entertainment'

..music and modern television shows, that have no envelopes left to push over innocence... but in 'obvious' reality, has the market cornered on our children's attention.

Turn off their electronics and pull them out of union shop schools... and perverted notions of socialization, including government mandated(?) idea... of ordered socialization.

The Christian hater (now) majority atheists, deserve no say in how your children should be raised, though they believe themselves to be, as one, with some kind of perverse State truth, and legitimate authority...that politically correct politicians like Romney, Obama, Harper and McGuinty empower themselves with, only to 'serve' a relative few years in office! And only on the latest wave of populism, no matter how they only modernly trespass into God's domain pass Caesar's.

It would be nice to see some 'Christian courage' just for once, and some of that Holy anger, even Christ, Himself, had to use, on more than one occasion for that matter, and for 'less', if you are being honest with yourself.

Like rebuilding 'better' after hurricane Sandy maybe the constantly disappointing GOP needs to rebuild after losing again.

It has no credibility left the way it stands!

Paul Gordon


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Newest Liberal Fad Sung To Wooly Bully...

Newest Liberal Fad, Every Thing's Coming Up 'Bully'

Bully Bully Sung to Wooly Bully

Uno, dos,
one, two, tres, quatro,

Batty told Tatty no Lord's Prayer allowed,
We hate Christians, shout it out loud
Bully bully, bully bully
Bully bully, bully bully

Tatty told Batty well let's take no chance
We'll call them the bullies, that's the new rant
They didn't agree with us, so we called them hateful
Now, we have something else they can mull

We'll call them bullies, I can see it now,
No phobes allowed! Christ a bully, Christ a bully...
Bully bully, bully bully.

Batty told Tatty, that's the thing to do
Report their activities, watch their homilies too
Bully bully, bully bully,
Bully bully, bully bully, bully bully.

It's only free speech when the all party Marxist liberal Marxist establishment says it is.

Liberals should try Truth for a change, they wouldn't have to re- justify themselves every year or lately every month... with the newest fad and talking point.

Their latest ploy is no bullying aloud. And gosh darn, wasn't Jesus just the biggest bully around.

Yes, He trashed 'evil' every chance he got not 'celebrate' it with the likes of the puke young children look up to in the entertainment and sports fields of 2012.

Or, the evil in all the main stream party political leaders of the one liberal establishment who continue on as if nothing happened when they are totally exposed for the immoral liars and cheaters they are.

And their sordid personal lives of course have no bearing on their moral and ethical leadership in fact it makes them kind of cool, like Clinton, leader of the whole pack.

Christ said there was no greater love than to lay one's life down for another presumably against it (evil)... the bully!

He said there was no greater punishment than that which awaits those who harm the little ones.. What a bully against the immoral, to dare have such strong morals not to fold like a deck of cards before and in awe of the sheer power of the liberal establishment.

And if there is one thing Christ would have especially chased out of His Father's House, it's the modern money changers of the day, those politically correct atheists and pretend Christians who permeate every where and destroy the Church and Catholic education from within.

Which reminds me I was shocked to see Drudge Report link an item to a Green Bay Bishop communicating to his laity that to vote for an abortion party could be putting their soul in order.

Then I read on why Drudge linked this particular item which would automatically exclude the GOP along with the Democrats.

Who ever wrote the article, labeled Romney a pro-life social conservative, ha ha ha ha good one Drudge..

How much has Romney and the Reaganites paid you since your link crusade to destroy Christian politicians and pump up Romney.

As rich as all these Reganite celebrities are, who all talk like they're just as common a folk as the Marxists do, there has to be some great pot of gold that awaits them all.. at the end of the GOP rainbow...such that it is worth selling their souls on all the moral issues the GOP has never addressed and totally ignored..... but that's okay now.... Romney is a social conservative according to Drudge Report the GOP propaganda website.

Paul Gordon


Friday, October 26, 2012

Sixteen Tons of Government & Teacher Unionism B.S.

Sixteen Tons of Government And Teacher Unionism B.S.

Most teachers believe a parent's head is a dud

Parent's kid's souls are to be nipped in the bud

Tussle and strike, work to rule all day long

A mind that's weak and a soul that's gone

Seventeen years of school, what have you left to show

A kid that hates you, and no job, for him to go

Stick it to their union where the sun don't shine

St. atheist don't you call me cuz, Christ, I can't fool

I owe my family's souls to the government school

I was born one morning... in debt at the time

I've worked ever since... can't say any thing's mine

Politicians.. unions, tons of steaming bull

Atheists straw gods...don't know spirit or soul

After schoolin's done, all your taxes have bought

A kid that hates you, but wants all that you've got

Political 'leaders', where'd you go, you big A-holes,

A pox on our families.... for the votes, that you stole

They were born one morning it was drizzling rain

Extortion with your kids is their middle name

They embraced Marxism and did more than fine

Learned all the tricks, “For the Kids”, was their line

If you see them coming, better step aside

All that keeps them shouting, is un-earned self- pride

One hand in your pocket, the other a- knifin your back

Political correctness is all kids, have in their pack


Unfortunately, like the laity has to be the courage for the Ontario Catholic Bishops of no vocation who don't do anything, but say, “Yes, Caesar, how high do you want us to jump this time?” in exchange for you to have the headache to 'educate' Catholic children ... it is also up to parents to pick up the fumbled ball between the liberal Marxist government and the Marxist teachers union, that supposedly 'good' teachers.... refuse to kick out or replace.

Whereas the government won't 'lock- out' teachers who are now even refusing to do their complete 'union-job' in regards to report cards, because McGuinty didn't give them 'enough' money (all on the backs of future generations.. anyway) parents should lock the greedy bastards out, by pulling their kids out of a sick education system that's in obvious need of huge reform, and that now has little to offer students in the way of ohh... 'anything', except a place to waste the day away while parents work to pay for all the taxes to keep the kids wasting the day away...but away from home.

Adding, the fact, there isn't a work force that awaits grads. anyway, due to government and union job destroying efforts, there couldn't be a better time for educational 'real' reform.

Whereas, the liberal atheists continually lessen parental choices, as seen lately in the form of again attempting to remove public funding for Catholic schools through the courts (which I actually agree with, but for the totally different reason, that Catholic Bishops let the same atheists and Marxists and government now 'run' the Catholic schools the same as public schools, while retaining the Catholic letter-head, but that aside...)

Whereas, the liberal atheists were eventually successful in Newfoundland and Quebec of lessening school choice... by less than a choice of 'two', of taxpayer funded education systems and whereas the 'minority' of taxpayer liberal atheists' demand that religious families taxes are not allowed to go to religious based schools... I say, who died and let atheists force their atheist 'religion', on all.

What all Christian and other religious parents ought to do, but of course, won't.... is pull their kids out, of the politically correct, atheist propaganda schools, and miss a year of school....(like it would be a big deal to lose 'one' year, in the 'rat- race of youthful education' (?), just to get to no where first, in one's 'only' life-time, except maybe their parent's basement,) of this, self-entrapment new Frankenstein, establishment, SNAFU of an education system, locked up tighter than the oil industry, but only on the betting assurance, parents will never, ever take it upon themselves, do a damn thing about it.

But if parents, and high school students, did surprise everyone and, 'logically' in a 'free' country, helloooo.....did take it upon themselves, they could 'easily' demand and be 'returned' nothing less, than, 'more choice', through equally alloted government education VOUCHERS, that each child or teen would carry with them, to go to the public, or private school of their's, or their parents choosing!

How do you think these, all- talk, Marxist liberals ever became the establishment, but through civil disobedience in the work place and hallowed halls of academia, and often, not by any peaceful Christian means, but, like good Marxists, by 'any' means to meet their end of owning the establishment and controlling 'all' aspects of society...where the only true freedom for the masses is the right to kill their own.

This would have nothing but positive and progressive benefits such as breaking up quite a few 'teacher union joint ventures'....boo- freaking- hoo... less expensive bomb- shelter grade marble and glass brick lined block, new school construction, whose mechanical systems alone, dip into the millions, one could buy a thousand used portables with... and competition of good schools for those vouchers based on what that school and it's teachers stand for.

But, of course best of all, politicians and unions could not bully their social agendas put forth as truth in 'education' onto all children, none of which, are theirs, for a few votes from special interest groups all vying for the minds, hearts and souls of 'our' children.... Forget that!

Paul Gordon


Monday, October 22, 2012

When Unbridled Capitalism Meets Unfettered Unions

But, We Don't Need No Stinkin Christianity... As Both Would Have It

Just using 2012 (as in, liberal establishment, 'C'mon, get with it! We're not in the dark ages anymore, 2012) as an objective indicator, and historical 'fact check'....one can see why Christ told an otherwise, moral, rich man, why he would be denying himself from entering heaven, for cherishing his earthly riches.

Or, on the flip-side, as to why Christ never told anyone to form unions, especially for simply being slothful, or to demand, or financially, or violently, or to use children to extort 'more' from the rich or from governments already imposing debts on those not even born, yet.

Yes, socialism is the worse of both worlds, but can unbridled capitalism that far behind when it actually comes to the one evil against the one Truth?

Both sides, have tied themselves into one tight knot that only Truth could unravel and we are all reminded constantly by the media as to what the liberal establishment thinks of Christ.

Here are the factors that have contributed to this modern mess.

1) unions out-priced their labour through steroid leaps of extortion, that industry could no longer afford to pass those labour costs, onto consumers of the private sector or consumers of government services, particularly, teaching, law enforcement, and medical sectors.

2) the government cowered to Marxist unions since their bully encroachment onto the free world market and political system, ( in democracies where the 'worker' electorate always had the power in sheer numbers to elect sensible and fair labour laws over attacking the richest industries alone) and gave them the 'edge up' on any past present and future dealings with the private sector or government itself.

For instance strict stacked rules against employers running 'any' interference in unions coming in or going out for that matter who could do basically what ever they felt a ways to an end to get their way.

3) Godless fiscal conservatives looked for any allies they could and 'used' them to shore up their only true base and only friend, wealthy business people, and money traders to bring in 'Free Trade' in North America under President Ronald Reagan for the GOP and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for the Canadian Conservative party.

Free Trade, was good for both domestic consumers, stock traders, investors and fiscal conservative party donors, but it was a terrible blow to unions meaning 'jobs' of any sort, to those who let/voted in unions to worm their way into representing their highly localized best interests.

Without, these domestic jobs, the government was forced to raise taxes on the remaining private sector economy pie, or in the case of Ontario, or California for instance, tag team higher taxes and user fees and borrow money on future generations, primarily to.....well... as with any political party, primarily simply to stay 'in power' ...... while making the biggest voting blocks the least angry as long as they can, or until they make their leader resign and their party is thrown out to make room for the same politics with a different name.

4) Throw in a complete communist slave labour, born- again- capitalist thousand mile- an -hour 'curve ball' no consumer, (nationalist, patriot unionist or otherwise) can ever resist from the same human condition that brings the greed of unions to power and taketh away again to the indifferent but worshiped dollar and the disaster is doubled.

5) The governments are forced to become spend- thrift for the first time since world war II and start looking for pimp labour, the same as the private sector at Ontario minimum wage, or $10.50/ hour,.. most often at part-time hours only with no benefits and no holidays, but two jobs required to reach poverty.

6) The private sector jumps on the same austerity wagon and presto no more middle- class paid jobs never mind high union paying jobs ... and the private sector waits on the government unions to soon jump in the same pool whose new waters are not so fine.

7) The politically motivated push to bring in more immigrants to do the minimum paying jobs is now more of a must than it ever was, as a liberal establishment vote election strategy.

I worked for a high-end American owned stock- listed retirement home, Sunrise Senior Living in Markham Toronto, Ontario, whose fees started at 5K and could easily go to 10 or 12 per month per single. The American international service union SEIU represented the minimum paid labour, (actually less, when they paid out their dues) of mostly third world immigrants (as the only ones who could live in Toronto on those wages by taking part-time jobs on top of their full-time jobs and other mystery means known only to themselves).

The union was so pumped with the power of the expensive petty grievance, and the corporation so consumed with avoiding the costs of those petty grievances in the shape of hits on their share-holder dividend bottom- line that the unions in effect did 'run' the mult- million dollar corporation 'branch shop' ostensibly, put forth as a modest mom and pop retirement/nursing home with a 'caring' home- like atmosphere that a enjoyed a coincidental security savings cost (as in what 'home' would have cameras, though a nanny- camera in one of their American branches led to an epic Drudgreport link) to the corporation............ but was a 'factor' that contributed to two residents being all but frozen to death just outside the home's doors with no one the wiser for night hours on end that came inches from being a MSM headline with a government inquiry!

So seniors, many with Alzheimers and dementia, and their wealthy families were paying over a 100k a year, in some cases for a building with a front facade nice enough, but whose many direct care givers were mostly recent immigrants, from foreign cultures, backed by an American based international union owned by American stock-holders, in an Ontario union favoured government and earning less money than the housekeepers, because there were only three of them, and about as much as McDonald's workers who I'm sure would be more energetic and care more.

(Last year, I did report it to both the Ontario government long term health care minister and the official opposition critic, with no response as of yet, 'who take 'every' LTHC complaint seriously” But, this is a perfect example of godless capitalism and godless socialism get along in the same building never mind the nation, where the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Unions, the capitalists and the Marxist union meet...about as well in general hospitals that have those special rooms for killing babies and seniors)

But we don't need no stinkin Christianity

8) So with the downward world, and American stock market economic trends, (like they're going to go up when only governments, and government jobs are expanding with taxes going up and wages going down?) investors have turned to the 'family home' and real estate agents for financial gain and to trade through buying and selling like stocks.

This ought to end up being the big disaster it was in the States, when the average family home costs 400k in Canada and the private sector greater worker population wages, are now 10.50 per hour, (going by the government's own 'jobbank' that so helped create this situation). And those investors who know that day of reckoning is coming bring the price of gold ever closer towards 2k and ounce.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity and there is no Truth except what the capitalists hold and the Marxists hold dear and have to 'shout- out' as the only way to further on lies.

And this is the North American base that the Canadian conservatives and the American GOP embrace and neither have a clear path to correct that they can't take a chance off the politically correct path because they have that same greed and lust for power as parties that human nature trumps in consumers.

And they will sacrifice babies lives, children's innocence and now family jobs and homes for.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christians Lost It...But Not Completely Out

Which Is Truth.. Competing Billions of World Challengers or Christ?

Pope John Paul II was right. It is up to the laity to step up and save the Church as the secular world only understands numbers and populism. They work to destroy all others.

The laity may not be 'experts' on ancient Judeo-Christian times but they know the same Christ the Truth and tired cowardice when they see it.

Back in the late 50's, when I was around five years old, my brothers and sisters walked me through an evening snowfall to a Christian Christmas service or concert. It was a hefty walk for a five year old but all walks were in those days.

I'm not sure which it was, service, or concert or maybe even both, for I had never been in a Church up to that point (and not again, until my mother passed away at the young age of thirty two).

For me, up until that tender age Christmas was just about the colorful lights, Christmas trees, presents, treats and the mysterious jolly bearded St. Nick, and I wouldn't know what the Saint part of him was all about.

There were even few, if any, Christmas cartoon or animated specials and even fewer television channels so there wasn't a lot of 'artificial' excitement through the entertainment media either.

So maybe that, along with the fact, that it was not that long after world war II, and so people were still in celebratory semi- peace time mode with such a great victory over the very real Axis of Evil...the economy was rolling along, it was totally, a slower pace...most moms were stay at home moms, 'all' kids in the neighborhood had a mom and a dad and no doubt among other things at the time..

...But all probably contributed to the mood in this Christian Church, which I would liken to what would be a proud joyous black Gospel celebration, and it made my first impression of the only important aspect of Christmas quite a special one, that it is one of those few comfort memories one never forgets and most from his tender age. My first understanding of the Holy Family was quite a robust joyous one and a wondrous one no doubt with Silent Night, or Away In A Manger.

My next fascination with the Christ was more distinct as I was a little older, and sick, at home from school one day, snuggled up on the couch with my mom, watching a black and white afternoon beautiful fiction movie, called the Miracle of Marcellino about a young boy abandoned at a Franciscan Monastery who encounters Christ in a most unusual and loving way... no doubt, ( though literally impossible for a public school boy these days) much like, in the dreams of all innocent young Christian boys, that they could be so dearly loved by a man-God pounded to a pulp, nailed on a cross and crowned humbly with a glorious ring of thorns.

As an adult the most important aspects of my life didn't go by without the humble Man on the Cross close at hand...my marriage... the baptisms of all my children, my father's funeral a lost sheep who three priests took time to bring back home.

There were other special moments I privately enjoyed such as John Paul II's moving Toronto World Youth Day which is the only event that ever kept the Toronto liberal establishment media..speechless.

And who could listen to Andrea Bocelli's tribute album to the Blessed Virgin and possibly still have a hate for her, her Son or anyone?

But, every practicing Christian and some who are not all have their special memories and own little miracles that revolved around Christ and their faith at the time whether they continued or expanded the relationship or not.

Yet, today, it's as if we fell into some black hole of atheist secularism that falls all over itself to outdo it's disdain and marginalization for Christianity that has actually recently evolved into 'celebrated hate' for Christianity.

It wasn't  that surprising to have Canada's number one talk show host, Mike Stafford, of the most spoiled generation in Canadian history on AM 640 complaing of his hate in his best grown-up  whiny voice for all religion, particualarily Christianity, by name, but it was surprising to have his producer or station marketer use that sound bite as a pitch to listen to tune in to his show.

I see Stafford has learned well of the propaganda of the secualar liberal establishment's no longer couched.... particular hate for Christianity.

So what did the humble loving Christ...the only truly logical and only defendable Truth that has ever existed who shows a clear path as He possible can in logic, Divine granted choice, and faith for all, to come to His loving arms do, that He is held in such contempt by the secular liberal establishment to marginalize Him to the bottom of all World religions?

As historically usual, and leading to His Crucifixion, He did nothing, but Be the Truth that stands in the way of their secular hedonist and narcissistic desires. The socialists can't have a Truth that says they can't take what they want and through extortion or violence if necessary for the 'right end'.

The capitalists can't have a Truth that says they 'should give' or that they should have any morals when it comes to business, politics, or law for that matter.

Neither, can they stand the glare of the mirror of Truth that shows their ugliness for what it truly is and that they know can not stand for being kind and true to only their exclusive benefit and to the detriment of all others.

They don't want to sacrifice for good, they want to control the world, whose in it, even what they are to think and believe, to make their World right to make their World...legitimate.

And they all do from the most ignorant, to the most intelligent. They all have the same story that clashes with everyone else and makes allotment for none. And as they trash and marginalize Christ and our belief and faith in Him, they elevate their mindless entertainment and heroes to God-like status.

Look at their teen absolutely 'worshiped' pagan anti-Christian gods in acid rock, rap, gangstra, Louise Ciccone, on and on and on alone, never mind, the firmly entrenched liberal establishment of blind death-cultured politics, activist law, media, and broad Marxist- cancer-ed academia, with no freedoms beyond all of the one liberal establishment company line.

Only liberals in the their constant battle with good can elevate evil to good, ugly to beautiful, garbage to art, propaganda to literature, idiocy to logic, surreal to reality, and be so intent and determined to destroy innocence that the young may never experience or know anything but the World they try so emphatically to control while, claiming any morality as the 'theocracy' they are in atheistism that has no answers to anything, let alone answers to the results, they have accomplished and leave hemorrhaging around the world.

Little Mother Theresa told the whole western 'morally free' world where their true poverty lied and they all applauded because I believe they truly did understand, but they also knew they could just not help themselves like an alcoholic knows he is going to drink again, much sooner than later, and damn 'everyone' else who suffers, because that's just the way it is.

The only trouble is that these alcoholics are getting more self-destructive and abusive, with every single envelope pushing, daring day, especially, to Christians and true Christians from any Church need to show their presence and especially their numbers because that is all that counts to establishments...luke warm....or evil. Let's not ingratiate Karl Marx any longer as a profit of Satan when he proclaimed Christianity courage is like spit-little. As hard as it is to call good Christian doctrine sterile... without mention of this blatant Christian hatred acceleration of the day, modern Catholic homilies can often become lullabies which may be part of the whole reason attendance has decreased over the years.

All aspects of western society in this liberal establishment are against us.

If you require examples just listen to our nouveau 'conservative' friends in number one national talk-shows and only then consider what our enemies think of us, or read the newspapers where all Canadian commentator roads lead back to Ryerson School of Journalism of proud and popular male prostitute professors championing man/boy relationships....

And how can we possibly ignore anti-Catholic Marxist Union teachers who lay authoritative claim to the very title, 'Catholic' as with the Catholic administrations and elected Catholic Trustees who don't attend weekend Mass and not so mysteriously neither do their students.

And I don't care if the Vatican allows for unionized garbage collectors, or if South America celebrates it's revolutionary Catholics. Christ was no revolutionary, except of Truth, nor, would he be found on any picket line anywhere... He is the Truth hardly of any world ideology who only love Him as long as they can use Him and even the capitalists in the GOP have dumped him for greener fields in the homosexual activist circus.

People will flock to the House of Truth, however it is put forth, (and certainly it cannot be put forth with any Marxist socialist undertones), and only dribble in to the House of Mush and the Catholic Church of Canada for one really has me shaking my head as well as some Vatican officials who also seem to tired or too busy to care about young children, highly impressionable teens, or anyone else.

It is time for someone whose actual vocation, or job it is to set a D day for Christians to go on the peaceful but very powerful march for their love, faith and trust for Christ.

I believe the States are having a public Christian witness before their election day, but it should hardly be just about throwing out Obama,

It should be about, we take all your abuse, and lies every year and that's just our friends, No one gets our mark, (heart mind and soul that thousands were martyred for less) but Christ anymore.

The martyred, such as in For Greater Glory did not give their lives only in faith, but for the Christ they truly 'knew' that we know of, and who can be sought through pure logic, as the Truth that owns 'logic' and aside from seeking His love.

And they won't get our vote, until they can satisfy us that they are with us, or against us.

Caesar has entered and attacked God's very domain not satisfied with just taxes.

The separation of state and religion is only true now, in that they are enemies, there is no fence in logic or Truth. And what has any government possibly have to offer for four years or a thousand years, that ever trumps Truth whose cloak opens to the lives of babies, children's innocence, and the lives of the infirmed and elderly?

If you have no fire for love, you have no fire for anything..you are the dead who continually bury the dead.

Do we not owe Christ anything for all He has done for us? Are we just too bad of a sinner to feel worthy or worse, to not want to 'feel' embarrassed?

We're of course, all equal in sin, but none of us were born activists and celebrities publicly proselytizing for evil under any freedom that at the same time diminishes Truth, and that is getting alarmingly closer to giving no one else a chance for a humble relationship with Christ the Truth, in their most loving precious gift of Divine granted choice, the state can never allot, forgive, or control.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Logic and Truth Go Where Free Speech Fears To Tread

Re   Western Canadian Young Girl's Suicide

So the libertarian atheist media celebrities are having a hard time wrapping their heads around free speech and the fall-out from the poor young girl who tragically committed suicide in Western Canada.

Rightfully...thankfully.... the media doesn't usually go into great details about individual teen suicides, but this poor troubled girl was considered a special case, because there was an element of 'bullying', and bullying- talk is all the politically- correct rage these days, in that it can encompass all kinds of left wing causes and cures. Bullying is even used as an excuse to stop bullying in political correct corners of deep feelings, burning desires.... and really shallow thinking.

There also happened to be an element of sex in the story, but we all know talk radio and tabloid newspapers are above that...Okay.. they actually love it and the more perverse, the more normal to make it sound...like everyone's into anal stretching, probing, and wistful exploration with vegetable experiments, oh sorry...my mistake... that was the Toronto school boards.... but that's another writing.

The twists and turns that this teen suicide story evolved into, were such that a Canadian stay-at -home

(yes, they had to make sure everyone understood that she was one of 'those'.. 'stay-at-home' housewives) housewife who 'outed' a trolling social media creep who dropped a stink bomb on her memorial social media page, with some very nasty comments about how he was glad the teen died, even though it could be safely assumed, he didn't even know her, but rather, just wanted to pounce on the attention the MSM media, created.

It was probably the kind of attitude- talk spoiled 'cool' teenagers do these days (when their parents aren't around) to get attention.... hey look at the kind of 'entertainment' they absolutely worship... sewage mouth rappers, gangstras, strutting sluts, vampires and zombies...oh my.

And maybe he was one of those psychos who secretly want to get caught for their greater glory perversion in that he was easy to catch and it was even easier to find out where he worked.

Turns out, he worked in a men's fashion store clear across the country..when he wasn't getting his jollies being the anonymous Satan boy-out, on the social media, as many others who post in comments do just to see if they will be ignored or get a rise out of other commentators.

When he was publicly outed, his former employer, the fashion store had some kind of press release, of the effect that they immediately fired him as he didn't represent the store's 'values' or some gobbledygook, That any business 'these days' would have any 'values' beyond being popular with what, and whoever happens to be 'popular', and there enclosed, a value of not dissing the union zombies to incite expensive grievances, thanks to the Ministry for Unions... that cut into the bottom line....especially, in the rising 'market- listed', elderly service- sector forced to use SEIU international workers.

Trust me, it's a game.. they (business owners and unions) both play, and screw any third party bystander, particularly, those being served and the people paying for the service to begin with.

I digress....

It was the fact, the stated 'busybody' stay- at- home housewife would actually inform his employer, of the nefarious comments of one of its salesmen and the fact, that the fashion store would actually have the it takes a village, audacity, to fire the creep, who will now have to officially change his name and move to some island nation if he ever wants to earn enough money for a cup of Timmy's.. that has all of Canada's Ryerson channeled media celebrities cut loose from their liberal libertarian political correct roots and untethered them from even their reality.

They are really coming apart at the seams in this new intellectual insecurity, because well... they never were intellectuals to begin with, when they were content to be spoon fed all their new age Canadian values, as opposed to forming them along with opinions, themselves.

Their biggest quandary was how could they reconcile that

a) How could this creep be 'fired' for simply exercising his free speech?

b) Yet, how could the store be left 'holding the bag' and risk a huge financial hit, for his free speech rights?

c)Yet, how could someone else (and justly thought of self... by only 'their baseless values' and only 'their way of thinking' trumping others free speech in definite common practice if not official policy) be fired, as they have been........ for simply stating they disagree with homosexual marriages, never mind their repulsive sexual practices as a unique stand-alone, cause and case, for marriage and child entrustment?

Logic is, you can never reconcile the three with each other because 'rights' fear to go where logic treads in Truth.
The Truth is

a) the 'stay at home' mom was right in following this creep right to wear he works. What free speech made this young girl's memorial this little shit's public spittoon. Give me a break...free freaking speech with halos...good luck with rainbows.

Is punk graffiti considered free speech... if not our greatest examples of modern art?

b) free speech shouldn't even be considered, unless it actually belongs to a real name

c) free speech may be legally excused but not legally protected against anyone else's legal repercussions and their legal free speech..in fact, how can one facilitate any free speech that infringes on someone else's free right to anything..... To follow that logic...obviously, there are no 'absolutes' in this World or artificial nationalist granted 'freedoms' are there?

Only God's absolute Truth is the 'absolute' to keep you free from all captors, even when wrongly imprisoned as in the case of praying prolife grandmother, and Ontario political prisoner, Linda Gibbons, or those enslaved in physical chains, or 'forcefully' political-correctly ruled, or otherwise.

d) there are repercussions and responsibility everyone has to face on their own for their actions, brave, cowardly, or in mindless conformity to swiftly changing stormy populism, alarmingly becoming more and more infatuated with the cultures of death.

e) homosexuality and all gender deviances are disorders that can't even be reconciled within there own 'lifestyles' especially the extreme high rate of pedophilia, among such a small minority...through the priesthood, all sports teams, schools, boyscouts, wherever young boys are to be found.

f) And oh yes, maybe sometimes we have to actually be judgmental of the 'evil', (no one would say doesn't exist), and even not be fooled by it, or 'tolerant' of 'it'....

If you (MSM including politically correct talk shows), can't extrapolate or logically weave your 'truth' (yet, strangely you say Truth doesn't exist, anyway) through all comers, maybe, you should look elsewhere than to atheists, Marxists, libertarians, feminists, nationalism, the courts, politically- correct academia, liberal and conservative politics, environmentalism, unfettered capitalism, socialism etc. etc. maybe you should look elsewhere, and maybe you shouldn't be so smug on your own blatant intellectual weak knees.

Maybe you live in a world of atheist boastful 'theocracy' that can't possibly have its cake and eat it too as it is finding out the hard way that it certainly can't even come close to being all things for all people unless it forces people on what things they should, say, think, like, want, do, and need.

And whoever let the minority atheists assume complete control through the liberal establishment... who consider themselves the earth almighty default to truth..... needs to give their head a shake!

They got enough mileage out of that bogus media created 'separation of State and religion' canard to do a Ted Kennedy ride, right off the dock.

Paul Gordon


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ontario Feels 'Dirty' Post McGuinty

Ontario Feels The Need For a Hot Shower, Post McGuinty

Catholics, Christians, taxpayers.... feel like they've been Jodi Fostered down the aisle of the liberal establishment general population typical of  any big city politically imprisoned voters.

It seems that pope hating 'Canadian-Catholic' McGuinty's biggest agenda was to destroy (what was left of) Ontario Catholic education and thanks to the Ontario Bishops limp wrists, he accomplished that in spades. 

But, is it not the height of arrogance of the liberal establishment, that Toronto bullied on all Ontario, and beyond, that even sets the perimeters of conservative parties, and conservative (business before opinion) talk shows, and their extreme left guests, that says McGuinty can make all the rules even in his disgrace and twenty six mile plunge to a CN Tower deep pile of establishment political hay?

McGiddy manages to leave with a sideways smirk and a political ball-spike to his detractors (tax payers), that he can avoid all his scandals, enter the federal ring of weak party liberals, attempt to save his own Provincial party from scandal and embarrassment and circumvent the legislature with no deadline, other than when the liberal party is 'good and ready' to let democracy resume.

Ontario, you deserve all you get for all the cowardly 'leaders' you embrace from religion, to culture, to the one media, to soup lines, to lots and lots of nuts you let push you, your children and your families around.

'You', deserve it in all your narcissism, but your children don't!

McGuinty was a world 'recognized' leader in unmandated, non-platformed politically correct progressive agenda dictatorship, and their wasn't enough of a real 'conservative' check as mush as a  bitch-slap, to even slow him down.

(...And a true contender to Justin Trudeau if there ever was one having kept the masses seemingly, in straight shivering lines of awe!)

The one opposition leader, Tim Hudak, is already 'arrogantly' frothing at the mouth at the prospect of taking over and doing much of the same within the perimeters of the one liberal establishment wherein he won't be 'undoing' anything you let McGuinty get 'clean' away with.

And much of this I lay squarely on the Toronto Archdiocese, which had nothing to lose, but couldn't muster a whisper of a serious challenge to the liberal steam-roller McGuinty brought to Ontario.

Christians, hold your vote or you just embolden the liberal establishment to holding all party's feet to the liberal fire.

There are no caveats you can attach with your mark (vote) that says you are giving something else, other than your full unqualified support to the liberal establishment.

South of the border, Chris Matthews, America's own biggest liberal establishment buffoon, comes off last night's Obama/Romney proclaiming a vote for the GOP is a vote for Christian 'theocracy' of sharia law proportion..

Hey, we wish!.... Muppet- man, Matthews, separated at birth with Muppet-man Michael Moore.

We wish the GOP would do 'anything' other than 'talk' about social conservative issues that are the only ones that are pro-life pro-baby pro- child pro- senior and pro- family and only talk if and when they feel their poll numbers dropping.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nothing Says Can. Church a Fraud Like Own Catechism

Nothing Says Canadian Church a Fraud Like It's Own Catechism

We may as well be in post revolution France when the 'peoples' populist government took over their Church at the time the Patron Saint of Priests was a boy and the real Church loyal to the Holy See had to go into hiding.

When I became a Catholic in adulthood they must have given me the totally wrong book of Catechism because not a week goes by where I don't see the Canadian Catholic Church at odds with the Roman Catholic faith, and to be brutally honest, I don't see the Vatican lighting any fires under them to try and reel them back in.. like St. Peter the fisherman would.

None of this is 'minor stuff', that Bishops should enjoy some kind of safe executive privilege of obedience on. An obedience chain cut at the shores and borders of Canada.

The reality 'in practice' of the Canadian Catholic Church is in direct opposition to the Catechism akin to the Hippocratic oath practice of killing actually killing people..(Okay, bad 'modern' example of an evil world)

In honest retrospect, if Canada has started its own new Church it would have been nice if they made it 'official' at some point.

In the 'short' list where in the Roman Catholic Catechism does it read that the Canadian Catholic Bishops have special 'administrator' privileges to:

1) Defy direction and orders from the Holy See?

2) Hand over Catholic children's souls, and minds to secular politically correct 'leaders' in government?

3) Within the above 'handover', in the same Catholic name, allow a bold anti-Catholic Marxist union of thousands of 'teachers' that attack the very foundations of Catholicism to teach Catholic children anything?

4) Allow governments to close down or control Catholic medical facilities without a whimper?

5) to stand in 'solidarity' on physical picket lines with well paid unions?

6) to write weekly columns in an anti-Catholic 'Sun-shine girl' national tabloid while engaging in a national public pissing contest with the nation's number one successful capitalist?

7) stand down to a rogue provincial government's orders to allow a) homosexual man boy dates at Catholic secondary schools b) allow for homosexual clubs in Catholic schools and homosexual propaganda and proselytizing c) (newest proclamation) allow the government such control as to teach being anti-death culture will not be allowed in the same Catholic schools?

8) Most neutering, Catechism scoffing, World embracing, proclamation to the laity, as in the Winnipeg Statement (that has never ever been publicly refuted in any manner) that all moral issues of the world are a matter of 'personal' conscience of 'subjective' choice, including abortion and contraception. Like duhhhhhhhhhhhh!

9) As strongly rumored and of this particular group 'no doubt'.... 'fire' where there is smoke, that laity donations for priests retirement fund was used in payouts to abuse victims?

10) Standing down to gov. Public Health Dept's. in ordering the laity to not take Holy Communion on the tongue during, principally faux contagious 'outbreaks' that absolutely deny the presence of Christ in the Host... if one can 'catch' diseases from Christ?

11) To donate money to South American socialist peace and justice groups who support abortions and groups who try to endear Christ to their violent revolutionary actions..just like other world groups like the Republicans and the Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives that pan out to be just other kinds of evil dictatorships.

12) To not give a damn or a dime to 'private' Catholic schools true to the Catechism, the Holy See, and to the Christ?

Canada, these are the life tenured cowardly or just plain stupid and naive leaders with their idea of a Canadian Church, that can hardly call itself 'Catholic' anymore than the Catholic School Boards of the Province of Ontario.

If you want to proof read or fact check any of this just look at the numbers of Catholic teachers around you at Sunday Mass or 'their' pupils for that matter. Then look at the overnight advancement of political correctness on the nation and it's control on the Church specifically. Then look at the destruction of the family and new popularity of single mothers including Catholics by all means.

Let your own eyes be witness of what I am writing here.

Look at all the Toronto news on criminal behavior specific to Catholic secondary schools in the GTA, alone.

Now tell me I'm wrong about this dying Church in Canada that's taking the souls of its only future... the children... with it.....truly nothing, anymore, than a Church whose only interest seems to be scrounging a few bucks out of the dead burying the dead. And no wonder.. who can look at the Canadian Church and enthusiastically believe this Church could have anything to offer them, if it has not one Catholic principle to stand on of it's own.

Could Satan have destroyed the Church any more successfully in blatancy than it's own Bishops did through cowardly luke- warm attrition, and not without mention of the 'full bloody knowledge'  modern Bishops had of the homosexual pedophile scandals..of which no greater harm could have been done to children and God's House, in one 'co-operative' strike!

If the Church, itself, is allowed to 'sin' like it's one year before it's inception, what Church is that to be the Shepherd 'leading' away from the slaughter, or to have been entrusted... or even have the legitimacy still to forgive sinners? If the Church refuses to help us through God who will?

The Vatican needs to quit 'playing' by Canadian and European wayward Church's own rules like they did for the second half of the last century and show them the Truth to set them free and about as subtly as Christ showed the money changers only worse....those who act like politicians and behave as politicians.... as cowards.

The Vatican also should cease and never again give individual  'Bishops Conferences' effectivly... carte blanche.... on whether and where they need to follow the Roman Catholic Catechism. Most apparently, they have proven they can't be trusted to be independent of Rome... or the Gospels for that matter and sorting out what's Caesar's and what's not!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cardinal Thomas Collins: Get Off Your Ass Now!

Open Letter to Cardinal Thomas Collins Of The Canadian and Ontario Bishops.... Who Don't Do Anythin!

First off, Collins,

Just like politicians who say they 'personally' believe in Christ, God, fighting abortion, we don't give at rat's ass about your 'opinion'. Your 'job' is not to be a secular politician though it would certainly appear being Bishop of a large Diocese is the only thing that got you politically appointed, Cardinal!

You are the only one who has any power to change things in Canada's largest diocese..Toronto..

especially, considering that the Canadian Catholic Church has been ignoring the Holy See and the Roman Catholic Church since the Winnipeg Statement and beyond.

Who else do you believe has the power...the authority... to change 'anything' that's been neglected in the last twenty years?.... your anti-Catholic/Catholic teachers union who fly 'your' flag..your anti-Catholic/Catholic administrations who fly 'your' flag.. 'your' anti-Catholic politically elected Catholic Trustees who fly 'your' flag.. or maybe Dalton McGuinty, the pope hating Catholic Ontario Premiere whose number one alright and who with his anti-Catholic Marxist teacher's union controls the whole freakin Toronto 'Canadian, establishmentized' Catholic school board.

You're the 'Man', Collins...own up to it... because of that, you, and you alone! are also 'ultimately' and truly responsible for the souls of Catholic parent's children, your diocese washed its hands like Pilate and sold to Judas and Caesar for thirty pieces of 'full-ffing-funding' and more important for all intent abdication of any responsibility to the little one's of Christ.

Of course, you are so politically tied to the Marxist won establishment and nation of Canada you even now go against the Truth, itself!

How dare you even hold your mitred head up?

As a shepherd you lead your lambs to the slaughter of hearts, minds and souls!

...never mind make speeches and offer 'opinions', while cloaking yourself as just another Catholic who enjoys his position and banquet circuit.

Your flagship, Canadian Catholic (whatever that's trading for on the market of souls today) Diocese, is the entry and attack portal the Canadian Marxist Liberal establishment chose to destroy children...head on!...and again, you, are the only who 'can' do anything, seeing as most Catholic Canadians do vote liberal, including under the liberal establishment sub-servant conservative party name.

'Your' diocese greatest 'sins' no confession can help' only retribution in action going forward can, are (for just a few instances), in allowing a Marxist liberal union to be the front line educators of Roman Catholic children in the first place... for doing what amounted to absolutely nothing in allowing a teenage boy, be accompanied by a homosexual adult male to a Catholic School prom, under order of a last second 'temporary' injunction (what options do you think the government could have carried to 'enforce' that temporary injunction).

....the whole full funding fiascoes, your Diocese, was warned and knew would end like this

.... the marginalization of your own priests in how they would be welcomed and taken into the schools 'seriously' by young and old Marxist union teachers

.... the un-Cardinal like limp-wristed opinion on McGuinty's non-mandate orders to force homosexual clubs on 'your' schools
.... and the next promised Marxist liberal shot over the bow, the non-  teaching in 'your' schools, that abortion is wrong.

Lawsuits' with far-off endings in the courts of liberal establishment and 'party' appointed justices are not going to help... (about as much as the 'temporary' injunction on homosexual man dates attending teen Catholic proms, or the 'temporary' injunction, that kept Canada's only political prisoner a prolife harmless praying grandmother in an Ontario prison for decades).

And even if such unconstitutional laws were spent tied up in the perpetual surreal legal world which may as well be in an alternate universe, while the enforcement law 'stands' during the same eternity....what of the next all party liberal establishment attack, and the next...and then the next!

Do the 'Only' right thing Collins!

Strip the unions of the Father's House seal. Strip the Boards of the Father's House seal.

Strip any post secondary Catholic institution that rely on government monies in any form.

Bring back, and have the priests that are serving half- empty churches run private Roman Catholic schools no matter how small or where they need be located! Use collection monies to help partly support these classrooms even if they are one-room schools.

And to McGuinty, his followers, and his predecessors, just say No... Under Separation of State and Religion!... Causing a quick step to the Supreme Courts... then civil disobedience if necessary, to defend Christ and His loved ones against the very 'governments' of the Canadian occupying establishment.

When Canada's Bishops and Cardinals start 'earning' the slightest bit of respect they deserve, even if that means standing aside in their cowardice for younger energetic men to take over...only then....will they get it from me... because right now that think they act like ordinary Joes who lucked out in appointments and certainly did not entertain their vows...seriously!

Catholics need to take no prisoners when it comes to baby's lives and Christ's children..'especially' those entrusted with being 'in charge', 'in command' and in custodial 'stewardship' who have the 'only' authority and corresponding duty and responsibilty to change anything and protect against all, evils.

Paul Gordon


Friday, October 12, 2012

Turning Out The Lights on Canadian Free Speech

Turning Out The Lights on Canadian Free Speech even 'Intellectuals' can Now Appreciate

Or Nothing, But 'Hatred' for Those Whose Speech is Not P.C. Establishment Speak

Or Boarder Agents Wanted: Must Speak French/ English and Be P.C. so University Required

Pastor, Terry Jones was denied entry into Canada today.

It was worth it, if for nothing else, but for the intellectually blessed to finally get the unspoken, and certainly unwritten message that the Canadian (if not North American) establishment including the Marxist educators who raised them do not, and never did, believe in free speech.

Liberals do not get to be the establishment by allowing themselves to be intellectually or logically challenged, hence the term 'political correctness', that must be adhered to in all four corners of the ruling establishment, the political, the academic, the judicial, and the media and never has there been such unquestioning cooperation amongst the four.

To listen to Canada's number one talk show, AM 640, which on most working days is typically politically-correct along the thin gray line, of open office 'AutoCorrect' or Premier McGuinty's heavy handed childproof 'right' values leanings, even some of their hosts were taken aback by shocking calls from proud, albethem blissfully ignorant conforming Canadians who like Obama and Clinton wrongly equated Jones's Koran burning with hate speech.

And even in the throes of being 'taken aback' they still had to sympathize with the outraged callers to the extent of countless caveats of 'hating' Jones, themselves, (well, business is business, especially in the paid opinion business)

One young lady put great honour of intentions to the politically correct line as having saved the lives of Canadian troops in various mid-east posts, while fighting for the freedom of Canada (huh?) for not having let Jones cross the border.

Sorry, Ms., but the exact cause of death of Canadian and American soldiers that will go down in history, however long that could possibly be, will not even be because of the entry of the soldiers into the Mid-Eastm but the politically correct nature of control and care of our soldiers...including rules of engagement and ignoring other Islam Nation's IED gifts...especially Iran...while engaged without straight sights of clear objectives. Yes, that same kind of political correctness you now so staunchly defend.

Vietnam had the right objectives and terms, but did not have the domestic Marxist liberal newly attained establishment will power to win that war... 'Marxist-liberalism' being the self evident reason for that military doomed outcome.

You can 'only' learn the Truth without the shackles, the majority of potty trained Canadian minds place on free speech with a heavy dose of mind altering MSG politically- correct flavoring of the day.....the ever- changing envelope pushing fads the liberals claim to be truth to live, obey, think and die by.

Jones is provocative, of course. What else hasn't been peacefully attempted (?) to wake up the North American sheeple whose highly favored populations do not hold anywhere near a billion Muslims that make up the world of Islam. A world, whose only 'official' nations of Islam do follow the Koran in various and sundry stringent ways in how they are to view and treat Jews, Christians, and even females and children of their own.

I don't know what Jones motives are, but even at worst, he still has logical intellectualism going for him if he is offensive to liberal tolerances that always bottom out at free speech and questions.

Islam has a deadly political correctness of its own, and a group of Muslims in total denial, in North America can't put lipstick on that gigantic hog in the same room under the exact same Koran, under the exact same prophet that Jones told the truth about, whether considered crudely or not

Nor, is it a lipstick that can un-seal the lips from the Western world's Mosques, as Muslims seemingly slaughter innocents everyday somewhere in official Islamic nations.

If the non- inquiring politically correct minds were to take the time of looking at Islamic atrocity news site aggregates like Canada's non- politically correct, Blazingcatfur.blogspot.com.

Jones did not ask anyone to hurt any Muslim. He simply emphatically states the truth about Islam.

And oddly enough, Muslims, themselves appeared to be the most outraged that he wasn't allowed into Canada, over the politically correct guilt ridden masses who assume responsibility, care, and feelings for all minorities especially when they are unconscious or unsuspectingly simply waiting to be born.

The atheist bounding Marxist-liberal West equates any dissenting opinion with 'hate' and 'tolerance' with proselytizing all manner of special interest causes unless it is Christianity, their only enemy and the only thing they are right about.

The Marxist establishment trashes the Truth in the same bin because it can't possibly 'rule', while not strictly controlling all speech, and education, in hopes of controlling all thought and setting hard rules, of their new and evolving envelope pushing values, guided by secular ever expanding special interest groups who know how to twist the political arm of the establishment.

For one talking point the atheists claim religion to be the single most cause for war and suffering and on the other embrace Islam (?) as a stellar example of love and peace.

In fact, the last century saw more people killed than the history of mankind, not in the name of religion, but quite the contrary, in the name and pride of the atheist Nazis, Communists, Fascists, and Imperialists.

And that evil goal is surpassed without taking into account, all the hundreds of thousands, more likely millions of senseless narcissistic feminist championed, 'mothers' killing their own babies (and being ultimately responsible themselves). An evil, that has to be so grossly miscomprehended and mentally blocked, as for Canada to be the only nation to give its highest award to its own butcher of babes.

Pope John Paul II was a young man in arguably the strongest Catholic nation of the world that is a good physical analogy of the way modern atheist established official Canada and Ontario treats its Christians, as 'free' citizenry with freedom of religion.

Miles of documentary footage taken by the Godless Nazis, themselves, shows exactly what they did to the Polish on the western front while Stalin of the one Marxist tree, was enjoying his blood lust on the eastern side of the nation. Included, for example in the modern French made three disk documentary, Apocalypse is occupation footage of Nazi soldiers chasing and beating half- naked Jewish women surreal amongst their fellow Jews on what would otherwise seem to be busy typical shopping/business day in the bricked in ghetto. One particular disturbing scene is a young half naked female being roughly and quickly dragged across the road by her long hair.

What the Godless also did for national pride during the second world war is shown in first what the Nazis did to the Russian women when both devils took each on, and then being reciprocated by what the communists did in return to the German women.

Like our Canadian Christian leaders, especially, our Canadian Catholic Bishops of 2012 of year of our Lord do, for Christ and for His children in this modern atheist establishment of self-thought- of superiority, is exactly what the British under Churchill did for Poland out of wanton political expediency, during the war, and after visible hostilities ended................nothing.

But, possibly, at least the intellectuals are now starting to 'get it'. They are no longer the lukewarm but those who are actually capable of seeing the light.

For what is logical honest intellectualism if not in pursuit of the Truth?

And what Truth in the entire breath and scope of the world, and its history is more defensible and freeing than the Truth of the Christ?

....The cold winds of atheism, capitalism, that now ingratiates itself with 'legitimizing' the immoral fad of the day... unionism whose own fantasies legitimized 'Santa' in a fictional Hollywood movie, while engaging the indifferent dollar to free trade, and destroying economies and jobs, putting domestic consumer afford ability at the indifferent dollar.....world sea level.

Can liberal or conservative governments be defended as the truth they are often idolized as?

Can the modern judiciary no longer with even moral points of reference be defended as the truth?

How about the really politically- correct 'sheltered' world of academia, entrusted with the youth of tomorrow, with its tenured professors of Marxist under achievement on all levels from philosophy to art and culture, who never step a foot (of responsibility) outside of a classroom or lecture hall, that the same world accuses home schooled Christians of.

They are the most un-defensible as the respected source of truth and the same who incrediously espouse, that there is not only no Truth, but then with the self- tied follow up, 'have' to espouse that there is no evil or good.

How about individual politicians, and news commentators, about as gifted and intellectually deep thinking, as modern entertainers and comedians? Could 'freedom'... never mind objective truth, be possibly found in mindless fawning hero worship, or fad conformity?

Christ's dying words were, 'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do'. What person from any of the above 'tolerant' groups would ever die tortuously at the hands of his enemies with those as his final words? Especially, those who now do know..... exactly what they do.

Goodness cannot live in a vacuum, for among other things (like meaning to life and love and beauty of Divine choice where love can only be demonstrated ) or God's will would already be done on earth and logically as Truth does exist, evil is logically equally abundant, and in reality also obviously and apparently so, in all 'aspects' and in all places of the World, and logically especially infiltrated in His Own House. Being 'intellectually' open to all... Truth is most apparent in its simplicity.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, October 7, 2012

U.S. Pastors 'Get' Defying IRS: What's Canada's Excuse?

U.S. Pastors 'Get' Defying IRS: What's Holding Back Canada?

Apparently, the liberal establishment's p.c. Royal Decree of telling bishops to tell their priests to STFU about Christian concerns in reality of the present, in the evil obviously owned political forum, that is destroying North America goes back to LBJ, (Texas Traitor) of a democrat party that actually parted ways with Christianity under J.F.Ked everyone of “We don't need no stinking Holy Father” fame to cramp my style politically or personally “North America has the Kennedy's now”

Lyndon, whose favorite past- time like Hitler was usurping military leaders in playing Battleship and G.I. Joe to his personal amusement on the oval desk and over the wire enacted the rule under a useful idiot IRS law, (nefariously, intended and in result) that no Christian church could recommend anyone not within the newly created liberal establishment for political office at election time. Nien, could they wish, or pray for ill-will upon liberals.

Of course, all the marbles are on the table now with the world half in the (toilet) tank, just waiting for the logical flush it has pretty much cornered itself into, American pastors see the need to actually do something, the Canadian Church has long been adverse to... in their case, anything that might hurt Church revenues, including political threats or taking back Catholic education and Catholic medical care.

Of course, what might help Church revenues is the Truth, and dealing with reality and the present... maybe even amongst themselves first if it doesn't hurt the chain of obedience snipped at Canadian borders and shore lines.

In the States, I hope their next step is to actually be a source if not a place of fund raising for a new party that actually works for, and adheres to Christ.

Paul Gordon


Friday, October 5, 2012

Really, Romney...Twelve Million Jobs? Tell Us More!

Really, Romney...Twelve Million Jobs? Tell Us More!

Now I empathize with Christians who smell Obama blood, but we must really keep our eyes on the big picture and baby's lives. A democrat win is always going to put back the pro-life movement four years but a modern GOP win is always going to put back the pro-life movement eight years, in futures... of having to first get to the GOP,  the message that we are not going to support them anymore and we don't buy, that they are speaking for us, while doing absolutely nothing.

As in, why would they reform and risk big tent votes when they believe they have Judeo-Christian support anyway?

And if the GOP wasn't comfortable enough in its own shoes for a supposed easy win over the starkly contrasting Marxists that they would still not front a socialist coservative other than the token V.P. they sure aint never going to do so, baby!

Christians shouldn't sell their souls to either pro-abortion party, especially those, whose leaders 'only' say, that they 'personally' believe in God, or are 'personally' pro-life, which may as well be a big 'but' as in 'but, I'm not going to do a Damn thing about Judeo-Christian issues (as the only one who can effect legislative and judicial change) because once I'm elected, my party, and I, want to stay elected.... therefore adding crucial legitimacy and support to the leftist establishment, by not challenging it.

So Romney flatly states he is going to create twelve million new jobs, when he is elected.

Like the skeptical kid in the 'Reluctant Astronaut', people need to ask Romney exactly...precisely... how he is going to do that? Hey, if they would B.s. about moral issues... like, they wouldn't B.s. about the economy?

I highly doubt, Romney could do even one of the following...never mind multi-points, necessary to turn the failed economy around (as a result of both pro-abortion party's actions) ...though open season on oil, requiring open season on the native mafia and environmentalist mafia, would be a good start.

1) Romney would have to be a miracle worker to weld the lid back on Free Trade.. which benefited middle class consumers as long as they even have money for those cheap imports and benefited industry owners and investors, the primary source of political contributions to fiscal conservatives.... but swept away thousands of domestic jobs like an outgoing tsunami in the night.

2) Romney would be hard pressed to create any new jobs paying more than the new expectation of no more than minimum wage (equal to government hand-outs paid single mothers...etc. anyway)

3) Romney would have to be a better B.s.er to encourage any new domestic manufacturing creation free from unions, where even new products would soon be torpedoed with Asian knock-offs... legal, and illegal and your on your own businesses, requiring personal funds over mere votes.

4) Creating new service- industry jobs, that require the chicken of a healthy economy, before the egg... other than minimum- wage rates, and requiring a domestic physical presence over tech service industry.

5) In the free world's current economic conditions, Romney would now have to take on all government unions, a la Spain austerity demands, over Reagan's one-off hissy fit with the air traffic controllers(?), just to survive, never mind create jobs...and certainly no new government jobs are viable from government coffers.

6) Romney would have to incite a worker revolution in China a communist govermnent 'for the worker'.

The Marxist establishment of politics, unions and economical control, partnered with the international patriotic- curbed 'World', human- condition of a need for a cheap deal, placing the above in mutual head-locks has closed all the doors necessary to create these 'new jobs' Romney would have in-the-bank.

Like rock paper scissors (which is why both capitalists and Marxists sound great to their base..because they invariably cancel or negate each other) 1) Cheap labour door closes market for available domestic consumers (unless that labour is in a communist or third world exporting nation) 2) High union costing door closes or moves existing jobs and future job doors 3) Political correctness closes all doors in all areas but mostly under the environment and union flag in relation to jobs 4) High union paying manufacturing business doors requiring government bail-outs, but added stress on general tax-payer base, in a coin flip of pay the government now or worse, pay them later on just the interest. But Romney has investors just waiting to jump in and create 12 million jobs under the suffocation of these conditions?

Maybe, Romney, and the Reaganites (of Benny and the Jets fantasy) will put up their own money and invest in their own mouths.

The solution?... Start with the Truth..where sacrifice is mandatory, the narcissistic 'human condition' isn't celebrated or counted on for Marxist power, and a Truth that can't move anywhere but backwards into immorality, without morality

You are only going to get the political parties you ask for, especially, if you don't demand better, and extort, (no less, the 'required' tool of the leftist establishment) them with your mark, now Worldly- stapled to your soul, as Caesar has transgressed into God's domain, and show them you are much more intelligent than elected lawyers, and business men, give you credit for.

Paul Gordon


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

P.M. Stephen Harper Happier Than a Politician In Conservative Pig-Slop

P.M. Stephen Harper Happier than a Politician in Conservative Pig-Slop

No one in Canada should believe that Harper a master-politician isn't happy with the private member's motion to study where life begins. (Actually feminists have long freely admitted now that the pre-born are babies...but that they have the choice to kill them as their mothers).

Nor, should they believe Harper didn't expect the result that came out. He new how it would come out and he wouldn't have allowed it, if he didn't want to come out as it did.

His party has the 'exclusive' benefit of 'using' both sides to the abortion issue to retain power, considering the historically phony liberal pro-life caucus has shrunk to one or two.

Harper already says he doesn't give a rat's ass about abortion. Does anyone believe such a cold-hearted bastard with all the warts of feminist childless witches, gives an equal rat's ass about women's choice?

His pro abortion party, can now continue to claim the Christian vote which will no doubt continue to not disappoint, voting for them, as they do 'so now'... cheering the party on and writing petitions (looking for heroes) of support, for conservatives, of an 'official' pro- innocent  -death party.

While Harper is the bad cop.....of the bad cop/ good cop political 'party' game and as leader he makes the conservative party attractive to a 'big tent' of fiscal liberals, and conservatives who are solidly pro-abortion.

As Prime Minister, Harper's public views now have not even a fine distinction from anonymous, pro-death comment supporters, that only emphasises to who it is intended, how broad this net is cast... for conservative votes.

(It's exactly like the good cop bad cop, bait and switch conservatives in the States, Romney and Ryan. Or, the thing to do for the nouveau conservatives)

If you could corner them, however, they would say “the Hell with the Judeo-Christians” the establishment and majority of the electorate, has now evolved from a few generations of Marxist public education indoctrination, solidly to the far left and are the ones we must draw the most from.

Harper. is way to smart for the pro-life movement.. and I wouldn't trust one main stream party member who always land on their feet managing a win/win for themselves no matter who they're facing or back they're stabbing.

Plain truth of Christ doesn't need 'strategies', or 'strategic voting' and playing with party fractions of the pro-abortion whole.

Meanwhile, no one even has their eye on the ball anymore. Pro-life organizations need to stop depending on donations from people of broad political persuasions so they don't have to worry about alienating their benefactors.

Those benefactors need to choose what is most important and go with the clean truth.. Because right now it's still the 1960's (actually it is much worse than the  60's) as far as political or judicial progress on baby killing has moved.

A hell of a lot of self thought of, intelligent if not logical people with good intentions are dead wrong on the political front which has some control over the Judiciary. And the Truth hasn't been tried.

And if the flag is 'all' about what it represents in reality over fantasy, the leaf is a good innocuous representation of the leftist establishment, scruples and morals that only illogically apply to the lies of political correctness... A 'strategy' consideration not lost on either of the two mainstream political 'parties' of the same establishment, and a red colour representative in reality of the government and private clinic killing rooms of the innocents.

Any, conservative, or pro-lifer up for that discussion?

Of course, the 'Show The 'Truth' campaign is all I need on my side over your own Christ concealing, Caesar patriotic sentimental fantasies, narcissistic trumping issues that  the Marxist moral illiterate establishment 'counts' on in their strategy that hasn't failed in sixty years.

I also contend that many of the Christian boys who gave up their lives in the past would not have done so given the Christ ridiculed present.

When in the Hell did Canada get a pass over all its moral anarchy and Christian bashing from patriots over their Christianity?

And 'run' by a Caesar that can't mind its own business never mind 'World' recognized and praised attempts to take over God's Domain, that Christ granted to no Caesar, let alone, organized Marxist Caesars of the World leftist establishment who couldn't present a Truth no matter how loud they screamed or cried, and sulked for sympathy.

In 2012 there's nothing to be thankful for at the Canadian Thanksgiving Table to our own shame!

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Truth in Christ About Harmful/Killer Animals and Insects

The Truth in Christ (As All Owned Creation) About Harmful/Killer Animals and Insects

First, a few basics.

Logic is definitive 1+1 =2 so 2-1=1 and can't be disproved, as opposed to subjective 'common sense' which, political correctness can (and does) even surreptitiously claim to own

Of course, God created animals and insects...He created 'everything'...the angels, the solar system, our sun, planet, man, weather, logic, properties of science, all chemical and atmospheric, make-up, physics, and physical properties, gravity, mathematics... and all working in concert for the benefit of man and the existence of life.

If it exists, He created it, and His Truth, the only Truth, that logically exists there can only be one. All the lies in the world can't be mustered to make another 'Truth'.

All things in reality, from physical existence, including existence of life, to human characteristics 'specific' to humans.. of heart, mind, and soul, the natural and supernatural.... not only stem from this Truth, (that scientists would consider relegated strictly to the abstract beyond the scope of their physical senses) for one aspect, actually exists 'over their heads' to spite human senses to allow for perfect (partially) blind faith also in the only realm of Truth.

'Everything' is not only from Truth.... its total composition, constitutes Truth. Nothing in existence is innate, even science which claims independence and moral neutrality, logically meets faith in Truth.

Goodness does not, because it cannot, exist in a vacuum, otherwise 'thy will' would already be done on earth meaning anyone existing on earth would be in heaven.

Evil is an 'evil necessity', as it were, not only for goodness to be seen, appreciated, and distinguished through the prism of what is bad and wrong, but for the true love and beauty, ( no less cherished as 'liberty' on earth) of Divine granted... no greater gift... of 'choice' and free will to possibly be exercised.

And required... in order to prepare oneself a place in Heaven, not necessarily accountable in actions where ultimately 'genuine humbleness' for forgiveness is sought in having seen the 'light' and actions tempted by sin..... but at minimum a real belief and faith in Christ the Truth.

Logically, what could be greater, than a love and faith tested in fire, actually 'earning' God's love, no less, than the one led astray who finds his own way back home in this choice or liberty.

How can goodness be forced on people anymore than politically-correct, or socialist 'right-think?

Only Divine given choice within peoples true hearts, (not the heart the world pushes on them) and souls leads them where they go, that they have true control, and that man can never take them prisoner or as a

'slave', the Truth patiently protects them from, but also holds them ultimately accountable within the bad that all the more glorifies God and the good through its defeats.

God never lost to evil, and there was never any battle. God, in fact, uses evil in every one of its defeats to gird and glorify goodness...and until man through his choice, and sincere call for God's assistance, has defeated evil or totally succumbed to it (the danger we really face) bringing on the logical return of Christ.

So every sane individual would doubtless agree that there is an abundance of good, equally challenged by an abundance possibly even equal amount of evil, in all segments and units of society, including the linked masses of Marxist liberals, feminists, atheists, etc. who can even be joined with terrorists in the confines of transposing Judeo-Christianity as 'evil'........ and their various evil and innate 'philosophies'....... as good.

In logical Truth, Judeo-Christianity is the one 'evil' seen and espoused by them, even above terrorist Islam, violent socialism, and murderous communism, exactly because it is shielded in logic and a Truth they can't simply ignore, brush off, scream or now 'cry' away in protection of their own positions and personal desires. They cannot as (Marx plainly told them) exist in co-existence in every passing year, day or hour with Judeo-Christianity.

Karl Marx exemplified and promoted an evil in men that they incredibly did not need God, or have God to answer to, and therefore... they owned Truth... (no less than socialists, atheists and scientists of the day claim) of course, impossibly so, with all their faults and evil deeds done in reality.

In pretending he was a purist truth, and that He was common man's unequaled savior, he was 'logically' the greatest Anti-Christ, unmatched to this day, in the power his various off shoots attained and ruled and extorted over others with.

As the world logically exists with all things good and bad, as in Truth, only with evil controllable and held in eternal check, with free choice, why would the animal kingdom not be so equally disposed in creation, (and no less, as a tool to help prompt a 'faith' only required when the supernatural is obviously- not exposed, i.e. heaven and hell before all).

Especially, for those who believe there should be, (and that they, themselves, can make way for) no need for, suffering, or sacrifice for that matter in life.... the presence of say, annoying at best, deadly disease carrier at worst.... mosquitoes... for one of many examples, a queer thing for God to create.

Yet, why not?

Then why did he create annoying men who created annoying professions, especially lawyers, tax collectors and real estate family-home pimps etc.? Conversely, why did he create good men, the innocent He starts everyone off as, the hopelessly cute etc.

Like bears, in the animal kingdom men may start out cute and cuddly as baby boys, but may attack even in non-defense of close at hand young and for no reason but uncontrolled mood or mental state.

Plants have no nervous system or even instincts yet are alive, and where there are plants that can save man's life, there are some for no reason, that can harm man simply by brushing up against them, yet both are created by the same and logical one God.

The only thing surprising is not in the parallels of man, beast and plants, but in man's interactions with them. If man would allow for no continuance, if not excuse, for deadly actions of men (maybe a poor example given modern man's poor analytical thought processes) why would he allow for continuance of animals deadly recreations or repetitions?

How many bears, tigers, crocodiles, wolves, even worse, giant 'fish', but still 'fish' such as sharks, etc. in the wild have crippled or killed innocent adults, or children?

Yet, there is an illogical 'cult' of idol nature worshipers, that says the animals lives are paramount to any humans, that humans are expected to now, neither defend themselves, or failing that illogic law, just not enter the wild domains or greatest land and sea percentages of the earth, granted for man's survival, disposal and use, because it is the deadly animal's 'kingdom' or 'ocean'.

This illogic that harmful animals own their habitants and exceed the rights of man can be extrapolated into, why not release a thousand tigers into the Ontario wild, and piranha into lake Ontario...Bears into India...Crocodiles into Lake Erie? Or against another McGuinty law,  pitbulls into Toronto.. Deadly animals are 'precious' and essential to the environment, afterall. Animals 'deserve' the Earth over man.

If we end up wild animal food..just suck it up..it was no doubt our fault for trespassing on them.

The animals are literally running the zoo of the world.

(A same kind of an ecliptic National Geographic sense of superior aesthetics that says natives should be kept in the dark, as natives, as should they be sterilized, because they are what, no better than animals, enforced in their 'innocent' scientific societal minds, no doubt, because they are not lily- white ignorant, 'savages' who are barking at the moon and smoking real weeds, because they are a fish bowl upper society attraction.)

There are over 1,500 zoos with over 6,000 hardly extinct, tigers alone, that can safely preserve the more dangerous animals, for those who want to meet and greet them on less dangerous or 'sudden' and unplanned circumstances.

Logically, in dealing with animals, marine and plant life, God would have man to prudently use, and be good stewards of the earth and respectful of the harmless and innocent of wild life, while prioritizing and not denying food for human life, over idol worshiping in awe of the most deadly of species.

Bears and such, are not necessary for the whole 'sensitive environment of the natural forest to not crumble into desert dust' or however, they continually massage the old 'Save that Tiger' cult mentality, no different from modern outer space fiction, cults.

And otherwise, ( less harmless to humans) birds of prey cleanup the dead and dying animals were told only wolves can carry out.

By the way, if you've ever wondered why man was not created with wings...(or as evolved 'theory' would have it, that we should have evolved to the 'ultimate'... to be able to freely, fly or swim for that matter) well, plain logic would have it, that the world would not survive very long with evil individuals or groups, having the ability to fly without any hindrance, to any home or nation, or swim across oceans like sharks to invade any coastline in mass.

Everything, and that encompasses a lot.... is in logical order and balanced with checks and abilities to discern (as they say, healthy) spiritual choices, and the good thing about logic, is that it is there for anyone.

The mainstream world does not invoke logic or recognize the existence of Truth They just 'insist' in political correctness obediance and that you as the unenlightened take their word that they are the truth they claim not to exist, and true enough, if you want to be liked by the 'World', ascribe to think, write and talk just like them.

Well... life is short (and seemingly accerelates with age) and you owe them nothing. Seek Truth found, easy enough with logic alone.... blazened with the light of faith, and free yourself with your own thoughts and beliefs.

Paul Gordon