Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ontario Feels 'Dirty' Post McGuinty

Ontario Feels The Need For a Hot Shower, Post McGuinty

Catholics, Christians, taxpayers.... feel like they've been Jodi Fostered down the aisle of the liberal establishment general population typical of  any big city politically imprisoned voters.

It seems that pope hating 'Canadian-Catholic' McGuinty's biggest agenda was to destroy (what was left of) Ontario Catholic education and thanks to the Ontario Bishops limp wrists, he accomplished that in spades. 

But, is it not the height of arrogance of the liberal establishment, that Toronto bullied on all Ontario, and beyond, that even sets the perimeters of conservative parties, and conservative (business before opinion) talk shows, and their extreme left guests, that says McGuinty can make all the rules even in his disgrace and twenty six mile plunge to a CN Tower deep pile of establishment political hay?

McGiddy manages to leave with a sideways smirk and a political ball-spike to his detractors (tax payers), that he can avoid all his scandals, enter the federal ring of weak party liberals, attempt to save his own Provincial party from scandal and embarrassment and circumvent the legislature with no deadline, other than when the liberal party is 'good and ready' to let democracy resume.

Ontario, you deserve all you get for all the cowardly 'leaders' you embrace from religion, to culture, to the one media, to soup lines, to lots and lots of nuts you let push you, your children and your families around.

'You', deserve it in all your narcissism, but your children don't!

McGuinty was a world 'recognized' leader in unmandated, non-platformed politically correct progressive agenda dictatorship, and their wasn't enough of a real 'conservative' check as mush as a  bitch-slap, to even slow him down.

(...And a true contender to Justin Trudeau if there ever was one having kept the masses seemingly, in straight shivering lines of awe!)

The one opposition leader, Tim Hudak, is already 'arrogantly' frothing at the mouth at the prospect of taking over and doing much of the same within the perimeters of the one liberal establishment wherein he won't be 'undoing' anything you let McGuinty get 'clean' away with.

And much of this I lay squarely on the Toronto Archdiocese, which had nothing to lose, but couldn't muster a whisper of a serious challenge to the liberal steam-roller McGuinty brought to Ontario.

Christians, hold your vote or you just embolden the liberal establishment to holding all party's feet to the liberal fire.

There are no caveats you can attach with your mark (vote) that says you are giving something else, other than your full unqualified support to the liberal establishment.

South of the border, Chris Matthews, America's own biggest liberal establishment buffoon, comes off last night's Obama/Romney proclaiming a vote for the GOP is a vote for Christian 'theocracy' of sharia law proportion..

Hey, we wish!.... Muppet- man, Matthews, separated at birth with Muppet-man Michael Moore.

We wish the GOP would do 'anything' other than 'talk' about social conservative issues that are the only ones that are pro-life pro-baby pro- child pro- senior and pro- family and only talk if and when they feel their poll numbers dropping.

Paul Gordon

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  1. Well, one thing's for sure. Unless the Ontario Liberals rebound before the next general election, they will be relegated to a tertiary role. In other words, Ontario will go through the exact same electoral scenario that befell the rest of the nation in 2011 when the New Dems displaced the Liberals for second place (although much of this was due to their strong showing in Quebec).

    On another note, you've inspired me to write my next piece on my blog about Canadian politics.