Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cardinal Thomas Collins: Get Off Your Ass Now!

Open Letter to Cardinal Thomas Collins Of The Canadian and Ontario Bishops.... Who Don't Do Anythin!

First off, Collins,

Just like politicians who say they 'personally' believe in Christ, God, fighting abortion, we don't give at rat's ass about your 'opinion'. Your 'job' is not to be a secular politician though it would certainly appear being Bishop of a large Diocese is the only thing that got you politically appointed, Cardinal!

You are the only one who has any power to change things in Canada's largest diocese..Toronto..

especially, considering that the Canadian Catholic Church has been ignoring the Holy See and the Roman Catholic Church since the Winnipeg Statement and beyond.

Who else do you believe has the power...the authority... to change 'anything' that's been neglected in the last twenty years?.... your anti-Catholic/Catholic teachers union who fly 'your' flag..your anti-Catholic/Catholic administrations who fly 'your' flag.. 'your' anti-Catholic politically elected Catholic Trustees who fly 'your' flag.. or maybe Dalton McGuinty, the pope hating Catholic Ontario Premiere whose number one alright and who with his anti-Catholic Marxist teacher's union controls the whole freakin Toronto 'Canadian, establishmentized' Catholic school board.

You're the 'Man', Collins...own up to it... because of that, you, and you alone! are also 'ultimately' and truly responsible for the souls of Catholic parent's children, your diocese washed its hands like Pilate and sold to Judas and Caesar for thirty pieces of 'full-ffing-funding' and more important for all intent abdication of any responsibility to the little one's of Christ.

Of course, you are so politically tied to the Marxist won establishment and nation of Canada you even now go against the Truth, itself!

How dare you even hold your mitred head up?

As a shepherd you lead your lambs to the slaughter of hearts, minds and souls!

...never mind make speeches and offer 'opinions', while cloaking yourself as just another Catholic who enjoys his position and banquet circuit.

Your flagship, Canadian Catholic (whatever that's trading for on the market of souls today) Diocese, is the entry and attack portal the Canadian Marxist Liberal establishment chose to destroy children...head on!...and again, you, are the only who 'can' do anything, seeing as most Catholic Canadians do vote liberal, including under the liberal establishment sub-servant conservative party name.

'Your' diocese greatest 'sins' no confession can help' only retribution in action going forward can, are (for just a few instances), in allowing a Marxist liberal union to be the front line educators of Roman Catholic children in the first place... for doing what amounted to absolutely nothing in allowing a teenage boy, be accompanied by a homosexual adult male to a Catholic School prom, under order of a last second 'temporary' injunction (what options do you think the government could have carried to 'enforce' that temporary injunction).

....the whole full funding fiascoes, your Diocese, was warned and knew would end like this

.... the marginalization of your own priests in how they would be welcomed and taken into the schools 'seriously' by young and old Marxist union teachers

.... the un-Cardinal like limp-wristed opinion on McGuinty's non-mandate orders to force homosexual clubs on 'your' schools
.... and the next promised Marxist liberal shot over the bow, the non-  teaching in 'your' schools, that abortion is wrong.

Lawsuits' with far-off endings in the courts of liberal establishment and 'party' appointed justices are not going to help... (about as much as the 'temporary' injunction on homosexual man dates attending teen Catholic proms, or the 'temporary' injunction, that kept Canada's only political prisoner a prolife harmless praying grandmother in an Ontario prison for decades).

And even if such unconstitutional laws were spent tied up in the perpetual surreal legal world which may as well be in an alternate universe, while the enforcement law 'stands' during the same eternity....what of the next all party liberal establishment attack, and the next...and then the next!

Do the 'Only' right thing Collins!

Strip the unions of the Father's House seal. Strip the Boards of the Father's House seal.

Strip any post secondary Catholic institution that rely on government monies in any form.

Bring back, and have the priests that are serving half- empty churches run private Roman Catholic schools no matter how small or where they need be located! Use collection monies to help partly support these classrooms even if they are one-room schools.

And to McGuinty, his followers, and his predecessors, just say No... Under Separation of State and Religion!... Causing a quick step to the Supreme Courts... then civil disobedience if necessary, to defend Christ and His loved ones against the very 'governments' of the Canadian occupying establishment.

When Canada's Bishops and Cardinals start 'earning' the slightest bit of respect they deserve, even if that means standing aside in their cowardice for younger energetic men to take over...only then....will they get it from me... because right now that think they act like ordinary Joes who lucked out in appointments and certainly did not entertain their vows...seriously!

Catholics need to take no prisoners when it comes to baby's lives and Christ's children..'especially' those entrusted with being 'in charge', 'in command' and in custodial 'stewardship' who have the 'only' authority and corresponding duty and responsibilty to change anything and protect against all, evils.

Paul Gordon


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