Monday, May 28, 2012

Avengers of Rights.. No Thanks, We're Good.

As delicious as it would be to go one way with the parallels of this title, I'm not going there. The 'hammer' of quasi-judicial university kid- staffed human rights commissions over matters the Supreme Court could barely be trusted with.

The bully Hulk... smash up people, ask questions later tactics of politically correct politics,

...Captain America who adds a little too much pseudo divinity to patriotism that one day will be demanded by the United Nations from its servants. A nation is not divine by its assumed preferred status with God, but is great in its appreciation and respect of God's domain and love.

Plainly, the total make up of the nation of the day, responsible for the state of the nation, can not keep voting in anti-christs and blatant moral evil and expect the colors a lone to catch the eye and winds of God's righteousness.

The Black Widow? c'mon ......way too easy...Are women ever going to be brave enough to pick up the boot straps they claim to be so equal with men to do.... to seek Truth.

Women, your life is harder, your work more nobler but your maturity... as being spoken for by minorities no better than man, and less so.... to listen to these feminists you submit yourself to. They tell us, like Avengers of other groups, that you are all ignorant non- academic graduates, and victims who know no better lives, for yourselves.

Iron man with sardonic laced narcissism overload of today's metro-man the know-it-all smart-ass who even knows the beauty secrets and their application that no woman (or man) can resist.

Did I not read somewhere that Marvel comic superheros are going to be outing themselves as homosexuals. Total world perfection...and why not? Apparently, every famous (infamous...being more believable) person in history was homosexual. Didn't you read that faded sun bleached memo in the union for all seasons, work-place bulletin board. There goes the Tony Stark persona.

Also, as tempting as it would be to write that we need World Wars to knock collective heads together to get people off self-absorption, self-analysis, and off really really goofy tangent tantrums, like being offended in Saskatchewan (the province of small thinkers and Nazi-Native like burdensome harsh name to keep it that Manitoba, ...native for man fell out's Canadian founding Marxist Mecca twin) in the public square at the mention of Jesus (swearing lower case,... still acceptable..I'm sure) or outlawing Dickie Dee in B.C. neighborhoods, because he is just too noisy for the chattering class neighborhoods.

At least that's their story they're sticking with...freaking food bastards!

Hell, in Markham, and appropriately named, Unionville, the local constabulary 'highest' blitzkrieg priority is to ticket motorists who transgress the wrong turns, in the marked turning lanes, at the appointed wrong times of the day, in the jaded neighborhoods of the rich and privileged.

Who could be more deserving of the priorities self- correction value, of World Wars than, United (in P.C.) Nations.... free trusting citizenships, of Canada?

No, Hollywood de-sensitizing aside, real Wars are real Hell and though absolutely necessary, (to keep goodness in the big game of the only two driving forces in the natural history of man) not necessarily glorified.

While the free world was kept busy with one-offs of the no less dangerous, Axis of Nazism, Imperialism, and Fascism of social mental illness of a master race incredible birthright belief to world rule... Patton and McCarthy (from the home front) had it so right that the free world was infected with the freedom flesh eating disease of Karl Marx that single sex birthed his whole family of evil isms...all who declared Christianity like spit-little, believing boisterously that nervousness is a better allie than fear.

No, this article is about the Avengers of Rights mentality that turned great free nations into themselves, sucking the fresh air of the only real freedom as free as it can possibly get (without taking your neighbor's share too.. and embarrassing yourself in the process) to giant puckering moons of self-imploding rosebuds..if you get my drift.

How can everyone possibly have 'absolute' freedom and remain in the 'logical' comfortable realm of Truth, without screwing the whole neighborhood up with an open ended invitation, and humanist granted citizenship... to evil. Evil has never been shy about speaking ( screaming or whistling now) up for itself without, in effect... giving it equal credence and equal time, with goodness.,, aka, relativism, of humanist worship!

Freedom of speech and thought...yes!...(God gave that...people! and without 'chaining' people to goodness contrary to 'freedom claustrophobia'.. humanist muck like talk of theocracies.. slimed His way). One can leave goodness anytime one 'tires' of truth easier than one can leave evil where the goopy slime of Satan worked self- pride remains the only self... hold-back.

Laws 'legitimizing' evils formerly embraced by pagans in uncivilized societies are a new dimension to the accelerated destruction of humanity.

Since the World Wars when the free world should have really accentuated, girding it's loins, as the aforementioned tried to warn us of, instead of 'totally' letting its 'hair down' in all manner in a false sense of superiority, or false sense of allotted carte blanche as in with 'God's favour' the free world adopted a new aspect to the religion of humanism, that sucked up membership by the millions, including drawing them away from main stream Judeo-Christianity.

There was in fact a multi-Marxist-attack going against civilized society, but this writing is concerned with the one 'not' so easily recognized as others. It was foisted upon us in a number of venues, from entertainment, politics, academia etc., all the establishment hardening corner-stones in this 'need for heroes' in 'social justice'.

Pick any day from 1945 until now and we have a time, 'apparently', that the whole world was stupefied and ignorant of the pressing need of this, and that cause du jour, until we were all so enlightened, the issue was only just brought to our attention and in many cases... to the hereto rather ambivalent victims, themselves.

Everyone is a hero for a cause, a group, a minority, a Marx-ism, a whole race, a whole gender, a whole non-gender, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. The universities created more 'heroes' than victims themselves that one would expect the hallowed exit doors to be at least a mile wild.

(Listen kids, though your 'professors' would never have you believe it, your parents have more real life experience than totally sheltered mutual admiration society, paper academia could teach you.....ever.)

Not only a hero, but worse, an 'Avenger', as in to avenge all past injustices, felt, perceived, regressed memory, etc. etc. etc. and to make sure we will never ever forget 'what we never actually personally felt or inflicted on anyone in our own lives'

This by in large, manufactured and unneeded humanist bred and led, heroism turned into a religion, rewarded with earthly applause by the walking dead who would drink to anything that kept them laughing, and spiritually, intellectually, and apparently sensually numbed and hazingly satiated.

To wit, there's not enough unchained wrong 'humanist Avenger heroes' could do in the world that wouldn't be struck off the books if they just care about the environment, world poverty, the sexually oppressed..(oh really now), attack on the mutual enemy of Judeo-Christianity etc. etc.,...Go in peace the world has forgiven you, for all your transgressions on the bystanders, just don't let your suppressed guilt push you off a bridge ... we (the world ignited in you).

Today, Pentecost Sunday, the Toronto MSM broadcast Orwellian news, triumphantly proclaims ( trumpets on the hour) that a legion of eight thousand... many who will forgo church on one of its important feast days, will meet to self congratulate each other along their leisurely walk, against world opposed to the rest of us...supposedly, 'for' world poverty.....

I don't know why?.. for all the real effect it will have on those it purports to be helping.

Instead of sending their money, (their own governments haven't absconded for their own myriad of failed socialist ponzi and politically correct schemes), to responsible reputable charities (if there still are any).... the mob is going for heroes to march the guilt right out of themselves and pin medals on their spiritual psyches like a minority, in the name of the majority, pinned a now meaningless de-valued snow flake on the face of death itself...Dr. Morgentaler

Who needs religion...the world has thought of everything now, even lots to ingratiate itself with in tribute to the humanist libertarians on those Sundays than just shopping and menial labour... truly there is no rest for the wicked when you toss in Sunday sexual deviancy parades in the town squares attended and celebrated by mayors and police chiefs.

Eras of long gone oppression have been dragged on for decades, like the constant picking of scabs to keep wounds fresh for the stinking old rotting reasons of profit and self promotion.

Liberals haven't even been born yet who will continue to profit on holding hooded heads down in the shadows.

'Uncle Toms' are the new talking point and dismissing civilized euphemism for, we can attain anything we want through sheer 'cool' evil of hate, fear and pride. There's nothing more in life to aspire to...simply because we don't have to.

The evil we embrace trumps all good intentions of others and the Truth of Christ our tortured ancestors, embraced themselves, merely, while licking their own real mentally and physically inflicted wounds. (None of this was missed during the time of Christ all the way back to St. Paul who freed the slaves in his letter to Philemon under the direct influence of Christ.)

Today, their promised land consists of hedonistic escapism, and ultra realism tucked in the warming oven, (over the lasting fire of Truth), of self-generating fatalism of the second path Martin Luther King avoided, but other Avengers 'discovered' for the oldest most successful trick in the world... and Islamic perfected, limited physical and temporal freedoms accepted, in exchange for intellectual and spiritual submission to bullying and control... hardly the meek acceptance of the powerful Truth including the love and mercy, that sets one free. Like Islam, (actually the adopted brother of convenience of many of this group) doesn't the very public self promoting Spike Lees, Farrakhans, 'Rev.s' Sharptons, and Jacksons just ooze peace and love.

To this group the stage has long been set and we need only to keep the act on-going...happiness can only be attained and enjoyed under the seductive evil satiation of vengeance.

These Marx isms instill the lie that there is no truth! because there is no truth with all it implies they could ever lift their faces to, far far be it in their niches of anger, hate, fear, condescension, and violence they choose to dwell in.

As seen at the beginning of this piece it is easy to make what is (presumed at least as) good..appear to be evil, but evil can never be made to appear to be good if you know of the minimum of Truth, they staunchly nefariously claim as non-existent.

So well over and beyond, the legions of Avengers, (who think so little of everyone else, for what would be a cause to show the intelligent or previously enlightened) ... what we need.... is legions of seekers of Truth.

My talk to student graduates would include that seekers of Truth can fill in the voids, and answer all their questions, your professors simply can't..else they would unless they are truly evil, not just ignorant and would have you raise them up, and remain within the compound of all their marked and posted territories of tightly defined and imprisoning ideologies, and enshrined Marxist dogmas of back to the prisons.

They are giving you old wine skins of leftist harming dogma and having you believe you are entrusted and launched into the world with something new, exciting, even redeeming.

We can change some things for future generations like bringing back innocence, but we are never going back in history and we have to deal with the moral and spiritual world we screwed up worse than we ever could 'the environment'..

One thing we need to do in this real world, is to trust in God while dismantling the world chained measly two main stream political parties run by the same public relations firm from Hell, by... not voting, by voting for independents, or by voting for official Judeo-Christian parties.

( Strictly, as an aside, in all of this, I don't know what role the 'modern' Catholic Church 'sees itself' in, but whatever it is, even they must agree... that they have been failing at it...miserably. They never got back up after being kicked in the teeth, some would suggest deservingly so, for letting itself get to where it was, for the critically important role, it is ultimately entrusted with.)

It was reality when Jesus Christ stood beaten and bloodied before Pilate who told Him there was no Truth. Pilate represented Caesar and his vast and mighty Roman Empire still affectionately thought of by many. The Roman Empire was even more vaunted and revered than the United States of today...Nothing could touch her.

Yet, today the great roman empire is closer to a third world nation on the precipice of bankruptcy while Christ is more relevant and attacked by the world than ever.

So what have you got that's working so terribly well for you, or the rest of us, so far, or that you see as leading us out of this current black quagmire?

My blog is yours.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Tale of Two Worlds Souls Apart

A Tale of Two Worlds Souls Apart

It Was the Best of Innocence..It Was.. Another Political Travesty

He was a little short for his age, curse of the Irish.. though angelic compliment for all seven year old boys of the ancestry, and he was as Irish appearing, as Danny Boy the sacred Irish lament.

The lad was at his peak with a littered trail of swooning sighs, weeping eyes,, and broken hearts of the gentle sex behind him....those daily fixtures of the church pews... primarily over sixty

However, in truth few were resistant to his cherub-like qualities as an altar boy, and with a nudge from the priest, the Sunday regulars and Easter occasional(s) unanimously concurred, and welcomed the opportunity for communal appreciative release, in recognizing such a fresh innocence, uncommon even among seven year olds.

His over concentration in a personal yearning for perfection in solemn honor of spiritual communal celebration for love of Christ made him all the more Marcelino-ish adorable. He perfectly represented the youth Christ claimed so dear to His heart, that no one would begrudgingly sacrifice him up to Christ, had He taken him to His arms so early.

Concentrating so seriously during Mass...eyes constantly darting side to side, gaging his proper distances, pace and making sure that the priest was still behind him, the shy youngster would be mortified if he knew so many eyes were on him, that he may be the centre of attention over his beloved Jesus at any time in the Mass.

At times, his official capacity not being directly called upon..and thinking he was somehow also out of sight, he would take the opportunity if not for a relaxing sigh of relief, than so, to hitch up his short drawers through his brilliant white gown. From the main body of the parish Church, His whole face disappeared behind the chalice he carried to the back of the Altar, and only tiny-ish hands in thin air seemed to land the chalice beside the celebrating pastor.

Today was his day off, and he asked of nothing more than for dad to take him on the paddle-boat on the private beaver pond. Like Andy and Opie they made the slow lazy way up a path on the Canadian Shield aesthetically worn with just enough flat bedrock of long-cooled waves of stone and an equal amount of green breaks lined with every manner of Ontario natural tree, shrub, and wild flower... the poplar leaves dancing pleasingly to breezes.. maples could not catch.

It wasn't a time for Michael (alias) to shed his worries, concerns, fears, or apprehension.. he hadn't any.

It was a time for dad to drop kick any he may have had within a opaque haze of modern societal disturbance.... hardly forefront but all the same, resting at the back of one's mind like annoying swarms of black or deer flies.... over the high horizon of majestic pines lining the whole giant pond shoreline for a couple of hours.

They raced to the sounds of a small flurry of paddled water, to the gray turtle who glittered only in the sunlight making him unwittingly shine apart from the toppled log he chose to dry on... and they came close enough to a young beaver that he had no time to slap the water in his quick dive for home. The kingfisher family nest on a half exposed grayish white, sun bleached branchless pole of a tree trunk in the middle of the pond was gone this year, perhaps, just relocated but hopefully, in the same beautified neighborhood.

The jagged edged pole seemed to point like an arrow.... from this... massive only original in existence, gift... only conceptionalized by the master artist, for someone able to appreciate the natural perfumes and sharp sculptured borders of millions of leaves and billions of needles, and thousands of wild blooms in brilliant color of an Eden reflected in the calming still surface of the cool water, splendid in the simplicity, man will never understand in its greatest efforts, never mind supplant... beckoning one to the greater appreciation of the heaven above.

There is no need or beauty of art that can be found in ones mind, or that can supplant Gods art, when so much abounds in various mediums of the reality of art around us. The world is surely a contrast of Eden and Hell.

Neither, knew what really made these trips special...they didn't have to. That's the beauty of gifts and the mystery of God. Son didn't know why, that it struck him as the kind of occasion to sing aloud, but only, as a duet and he coaxed dad gently to accompany him, in celebration of happiness or in thanks to God, in once and at one in the same.

They both met on this same plain of happiness, but only one had to move..and move far, from the purity of innocence long lost, but not forgotten and truly of the fondest of memories..the innocence society so now despises... a more skeptical person might be forgiven for giving reason of such... as jealousy.

There was nothing on Michael's mind that society would now have him concerned with, outside of dad or mom's knowledge, had they had their way, at a tender age of seven and why should there be? Is it to the young Michaels now to solve the world's problems adults can't or to them to placate the hurting or satiate guilty consciences of others? Were we not allowed our turn and time of innocence? Like third world concerns have we so designated our concern with our own flesh and blood?

Have we substituted our 'hurry-up' academic learning with populist social justice and community faux-guilt? Is this the cost to be exacted and worthy of the destruction of tender and most beautiful innocence? Everyone is either standing still, or in a rush, but  only to to see who gets to hell first.

My God... my God...this is where we are now!

It is no coincidence that in the year of our Lord 2012, that innocence is being tramped and piled upon, as equal as Jesus is in formally 'free' Christian nations because Jesus and innocence are the same, Lambs of God as sure as Jesus is the Truth that can set us all free again... and again if necessary.

In headlines typical, over exceptional... of this very day and of ironic place of Los Angeles, local police forces are going to be speaking to third graders in an effort to curb gang membership. Authorities said the program was prompted by a trend of children as young as five years old getting involved in gangs. They attribute that to a lack of family structure and, in some cases, hereditary gang membership where a child's father or brother are involved in gang activity.

This is hardly the totality of all destruction of families and innocence of youth but it is a stark snapshot of the perversion of the free world's priorities and of all its levels of government, or the judicial, or the Catholic and Christian Churches in its complete and utter failure in leading, guiding and inability to even merely in keep up with societal accelerated decay.

It is no longer enough to sympathize for others who may have had their innocence with natural carefree happiness within its unique domain alone, raped from their spirit, through no fault of their own...and those who were enticed into webs at others pleasure, at the blackened hands of third parties... Christ the Truth, spared no condemnation for.

Most despicable of all, the one time that one- off temporary resident politicians, decide to 'lead' it is to ensure destruction of child innocence is complete and spear-headed by 'officials', with nothing more to their natural narcissistic end, than simply to be re-elected for a comparable eternal nothingness, worldly term or two. The grandest attribute of politics should be its recognition of its smallest needed place, and least intrusiveness, into society, except to minimally serve. Unfortunately, its mistakes well outlast its good and far out last its heroes in times measured in generations.

Politicians in these desperate times have absolutely nothing to offer...ask them. Like lemmings to a cliff all they know is that their cliff is power in the hierarchy of political position. Once they arrive at their cliff they know not what to do, nor did they ever have a plan. Their reason for being is now only in the game up to elections and whatever rewards they can pocket once they get there. They tell us nothing, mostly because they have nothing and we sit in the back of the station wagon seeing only where we've been, not realizing our parental leaders have no idea where they are going or when they are going to crash. Thats politicians seeking merit badges for small and big politically correct favours, not leaders with a plan let alone desire to implement one.

They do know that they reached the top through strict adhering to political correctness and the way to stay on the top is through strict political correctness. Some even spearhead the causes of politically causes lobbiest groups push on to them.

Regardless, of being humanist god, and godless- made, the likes of Kennedy, Hitler, Churchill or Einstein are soon to be forgotten... as indicative of today's youthful knowledge or care of such.

(Alas, the lesson most not learned in history is that heroes and political power are way over-rated and like man heroes political and celebrity start dying as soon as they are born.)

But, ask them who Jesus is, whose church will survive the very gates of Hell (if not most of the membership and hierarchy) and even with the wildest of world effort sometimes within churches themselves enamored with socialism.... or idealism of the kind sent from Hell with love to the human condition, youth will still know of Him, who for over two thousand years is still a household much more occasional thought.... if not name.

Long live God given freedom of the word...spoken and written in sincere belief (two of socialism's most dreaded enemies) praised, faulted or deferred.

Despite, all the love songs and poetry ever written innocence is the most beautiful thing we ever could cherish, the best times in our memory, and it is the last gift to go.

Paul Gordon

Monday, May 21, 2012

You Can Never Get There From Here (Unified Conservatism)

You Can't Get There From Here... (Unified Conservatism)

In all sincerity, (I got nothing) it wouldn't 'hurt' to read an (edited) version of this piece in every synagogue and from every Catholic and Christian pulpit in North America

Look conservatives, (outside of excellent, 'print the truth', Judeo- Christian blogs like, Blazing Cat Fur and World Net Daily) if you don't want ugly divided elections come election day and all term ...maybe you should get some things straight from the beginning. The days of putting Christian support on the never never plan are coming to an end... not proliferating.

Judeo-Christians were conservative long before modern gum flapping all compass direction conservatism became...make that.. 'took over' and was 'allowed', under the now leftest establishment, yes, even b R...before Rush. In fact, one was Rush's 'rabbi', and initial inspiration (by Rush's own words) William F. Buckley.

Judeo-Christians never courted any fiscal or libertarian conservatives, (else they would be weakening their own positions). They're not perfect, nor certainly do they claim to be, but they know to never lose sight of where they came from, where they are, or where they truly 'desire to be'. They know perfection does exist and they know prosperity, goodness, morality and happiness are sought in the attraction and yearning, to perfection not in the repulsion of it.

There is going to be some suffering no matter what, which is not always a bad thing, Judeo-Christians contend.

A great deal more suffering and depression are acquired in the repulsion to Judeo-Christianity especially, in immorality and Marxism brought in as the humanist god, riding the nefarious evil expert horse on the human and humanist condition of individual narcissism. Narcissism, is such a strong addiction like pornography to a teen boy, that the paths Marxism takes is of no consequence... mob violence, murder, extortion nothing evil, is off the table or too bad for Marxism!

Immorality, and ignorance 'enforcement' is their vehicle, and power concentration to a 'relative' few, (how many are in the Chinese or Russian armies and how many are the 'leaders'.. kind of proportion world-wide Marxist comfortable) who claim right to rule, and condescend over the rest is their goal (quite successful, amazingly over the most basic of logic... to date).

Admittedly, this societal proletariat from the 'new academia', unionism, feminism and entertainment buffoonery, farm teams, does contain its true impassioned believers, for those who give merit to 'any' impassioned participation as a sign of at least thoughtfulness, however they atrophied quickly into misspent youth looking for God in all the wrong places, in search of something better for all, in good- intentioned society betterment for all, in a world full of unfairness and immorality, disturbing the inner- conscience, ( I contend the objective 'loving' participation of the Holy Ghost, of inner thought, over 'little voices' in everyone) enough to mental illness, depression and misery.

Obama may be one of these true impassioned believers...only he and God knows...but that's the best I can (anyone can) logically ever say of him..still no less than the traitor at one's side.

In the last few decades the world attributed this uncomfortableness, to not enough 'navel gazing' parental misguidance, poor choices, and restriction... and so individuals must go on a world whirlwind inner and outer tour of 'experimenting' to find oneself or one's 'social justice' cause.

The more than a flashing orgasm of substitute for 'happiness'.. has a morning after, and lifetime if not eternal 'after', however where the 'not so' miracle of happiness can come about in the greater twenty four hours in a day. Judeo-Christians are hardly looking to form 'theocracies' as by in large libertarian and fiscal conservatives suddenly contend at 'crunch time' on the electoral whistle-stop and train transfer, in their never satiating insecurity of claustrophobic 'imaginations'.

No one grants more freedom than the one God, through practicality or divine justice. People can and will do whatever, they choose through a way, as a means to an end, somehow. legally or illegally.

Legality, however, is the key Marxist or humanist 'proselytizer' to immorality, not to mention great societal 'expense' on so many levels. The kind of absolute freedom libertarians espouse is not the Truth that will set you truly free and hardly a boring never-ending search, which btw, would not even be found in Hell, if you get my drift.

As usual I digress.

So what has been the plotted course for 'conservatism' in reality for a number of decades?

Well fiscal and libertarian conservatives have courted the hand of the 'real deal' conservatives, financially and morally, 24/7 before elections and intensified in early stages of an election.

They chastise the establishment tenants in 'broad casted nets', including loud insincere (apparently) indignation, on political correctness, immorality including 50 year unsuccessful attempted 'dents' on the abortion and homosexual activist industries, Marxist socialist entitlements, etc.

The treatment of Rick Santorum, his wife and his children, is a perfect example of how the humanist end goal of humanist kind of conservatism would sacrifice its head to embarrassingly dive its dead body across the vaunted goal line of ' power holding 'party politics' and be all but totally non-nondescript, ...from..... and actually within... the long in the tooth 'establishment' of destruction.

On his own without the contrived and overly massaged aid of the Republican 'Party', Santorum's message resonated well with the silent majority not the minority of the establishment and he could have done well on his own, even without major party water carrier celebrities and Drudge... no friend to Judeo-Christians.

Judeo-Christians have been bamboozled by the very best in Canada, on the provincial, and federal conservative party level, and of course, by the Republicans in America. The most effective deception has been from their own. Last minute Judases, traitors, wolves in sheep's clothing, Trojan Horses whatever, you want to call them have won out.

Most distressing however, is what have they won?!

Considering 'sixty years' of waiting... with nothing but one way dissension into Hell, and all baby step initiatives erased, the relative moment they arise in bloody sacrifice of party politic vote 'assurance' we can wait four more years, in order to do some 'courting' of our own, under our conditions with no last minute collapse, or capitulation to what is so blatantly just so wrong in so many ways... for the sake of the sorrowful fucking Party!

Their name like so many names means nothing anymore just like their 'word'.

Judeo-Christians keep your powder dry just a little longer with so much at stake and so much to gain ,

for the eternal and universal good, if not good sleeping and don't vote until you see a true conservative conversion.

Paul Gordon

Friday, May 18, 2012

No Conservative Heroes Just Liars And Fat Liars (Weighed Weekly)

Listening to a snip bit of talk radio today a fill-in host for someone was disappointed Mayor Ford of Toronto (his first problem is the city he wants to be Mayor of) showed up for the homo flag raising.

Yes, apparently they have a flag for guys who anus_ _ _ _ each other crazy.. how 2012ish. That is what it comes down to isn't? And a special connection it is, that makes them great parent material too.

What other difference is there between homosexual and normal couples (mental illness aside) that makes them a special political group of interest. Well, that distinguishing difference is their odd sexual preference. There's nothing else behind the curtain or up the societal sleeve, and certainly nothing to be proud enough, as to have parades show casing various homosexual acts down main street Canada.

Imagined historical mistreatment doesn't cut it especially if this 'mistreatment' was to stop them from having public sex that normal couples, or that other 'party group hedonists couldn't'. What a giant honking crock!

The innocent child and public eye is hardly the 'bedrooms' the government had no business in.

Though the Ontario Government under Dalton McGuinty has brought the pervert bedrooms to children in the schools and Ottawa Science Museum in a big way..with no election disclosure, no voter mandate and without a parental referendum. Does electing a premier give him parental rights over all Ontario children, now?

Back to Ford..So this talk show host is ticked that he defended Ford's right to not attend the 'flag' 'show and brag' and Ford turns around and sheepishly shows up. So talk guy offers his listeners the only two reasons possible as to why Ford made his splash..1) That Ford was bullied into showing which the talk show host quickly discounted himself “Who could bully Ford into anything” or 2) Ford actually supports the homosexual

Let me offer a third reason for Ford showing up..for a little politically correct tune and jig. What if now that Ford is elected, just like Harper, Mulroney, Mike Harris, and the Bush(s) were, to name a few, (granted Bush-2 gave Americans two genuine Supreme Court picks, actually out of three) that he likes it so much, he's got to get to work on his next term! Maybe, he's not getting great publicity anymore and his advisors, or his own brain, is telling him he'd better start hauling some politically correct ass like every liberal politician before him and to come after him, and forget about the past.

This is why social conservatives don't like 'conservative' celebrities and especially don't like main stream conservative politicians. They all end up playing the politically correct fiddle at some point to varying degrees for themselves or to the only party they see as a viable representative of some of their beliefs. These 'wishes' don't come true mind you anymore than they do for social conservatives.. and that's the funny..'what comes around' bite, in all of this.

Look at Obama in the United States. The only mainstream conservative Judeo-Christian news aggregate web group, World Net Daily, who stuck to its guns of the fact that Obama wasn't born in the United States, throughout ridicule day in and day out from faddish conservatives like Beck, O'Reilly, Drudge, Coulter for just a few, not to mention from Mr. president of B.S. himself, Obama has surely been vindicated now that a former publisher has been found to write about the birth place of Kenya, Obama at the time.. bragged about and let stand on a publication about him.

But still don't hold your breath for anyone to jump on Kenya baby bummer wagon, yet.

Look we all know why popular conservatives will not embrace the Obama fraud. The United States would face unprecedented upheaval and civil unrest if their Constitution was held up and Obama was turfed. Not for the fact he's a brown Muslim, Christian hating socialist, but that he has been embraced as a black American, thanks to just a few of his too common deceptions and support of Hollywood who sees the whole world as a bad movie they star in.

There is two reasons conservative celebrities won't budge. They would lose popularity to even suggest Obama should be turfed or impeached for not being born an American citizen, especially, now that he is a President near the end of his first term, and too, they know there is not a judge in the U.S. who would go down in infamy for having pulled the trigger on the first 'black' president.

More than bad karma, it would be bad business for anyone to actually be the cause of Obama's down fall at any time in the game...never mind now.

Now could any conservative celebrity just say that, “We know Obama wasn't born in the United States or raised in the U.S but that fight isn't going to be won anywhere or if it is, not without a lot of ugliness and a good chance of permanent damage in social unrest, unleashed”?

Well apparently they couldn't because they didn't. Rather they found it more politically shrewd to just ridicule WND as a common conspiracy theorist.

Breitbart was well liked, I know. He at was certainly a step up from Drudge And I'm sorry, but he was with the rest of the celebrity conservatives, insisting that Obama was born in the U.S. (despite all evidence to the contrary,, including not one person, friend teacher any person with official or casual contact throughout his childhood coming forth) on the worst kept secret in the nation's history.

Like if he wasn't from a far foreign nation like one of Islam, than he must have been from another planet.

Breitbart, and Ann Coulter both also saw no problem with 'conservative homosexuals' anymore because, they knew that was the direction of the Republican party slow strip tease, and certainly of Romney, Coulter' s and Drudge's own hero...all along.

Rush was the only cagey enough conservative celebrity to not to be totally committed to anything or anyone. Politicians want positions of leadership because in part they love power and they are ego maniacs. Ego maniacs cannot be trusted for anything except that they will succumb to populism and political correctness no matter what the costs are to others.

Pro-life, pro-child innocence, and pro-family causes sadly have not been populist causes for sometime now though there are great rumblings in the youth as seen in marches on Washington and Ottawa.

Too bad politicians for all their many faults also can't have vision instead of clinging to past ideologies narcissistic and evil. For all those who demand absolute freedom.. you won't even find that in Hell... There's no shame in free speech, academia or otherwise, in settling for what is good and just making life easy and good for all...not just yourself.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mixed Feelings Over Flaherty's E.I. Proposed Changes

Full disclosure, I've never liked Flarerty going back to his days when he over-ruled Ernie Eves on tax cuts for alternative non- government schooling which would have greatly reduced the government costs of education in the short and long run. Every child leaving the public system would save a heck of a lot more money than costs for tax cuts for parents.....duh!

Yes, he did overrule weak Ernie Eves who was the party leader in Ontario, and I'm sure Harper is often his new hand puppet now on the federal level. If Flaherty wants the power, why doesn't he run for the leadership?

According to Daryl Kramp the Quinte federal conservative rep. the recession is over (?) and there is no better time for E. I.changes. This is what you get for electing backbenchers to big main stream political parties, party parrots, over independent thinking and independent representing.

Back to Flaherty.. you know, I can't listen or read about this guy without at least a hint of bourgeois anger for those less fortunate than him. Even Mulroney's Wilson had more class than Flaherty who gets his back up at the slightest criticism.

The fact that he has no estimated dollar amount of savings for E.I. indicates a political motivation over an economic one, or pure mainstream party ideology over substance.

The reality of the economic situation is capitalism at its highest costs primarily because of years of extortive union demands can't compete with communist controlled 'free market' dealings from Asia.

It's simply high-end labour at its highest met low-end labour at its lowest (near slavery).

What's really resentful is government leads and empowers all shit to happen, than turns on the citizens as if it's their fault as in pay back the debt charges for Ontario hydro, because the two main stream political parties failed to actually charge the actual costs of electricity back to the users, and didn't plan for future usage because start-up costs of say a new nuclear plant would cut into their bribery vote social entitlement tax paid piggy banks and slush funds.

There are only two (serious) main stream parties in Canada (both considerably long in the tooth) who over the years..set the pension payments, set the salary premiums for socialist programs like E.I. and Health care while excluding the private sector.

It is only the government not E.I. recipients who empowered unions through Ministries of Labour which were nothing more than Ministries for populist unions. It was political parties that ultimately decided to pay the exorbitant salaries to productive and unproductive government worker unions through election strategies and pure cowardliness, pass the buck along.

It is governments who impose heavy fees and rules on businesses non- conducive to capitalism or entrepreneurship.

It is government who sucked up to communist China to be Canada's main supplier of goods.

It is the government and their militant union spouse and environmental mistress, that sent businesses off to far far away places.

It is the government that is supposed to fucking lead, not talk down to those who elected them. We the people are not here at the pleasure of the political party.

The mixed blessing was hearing Sid Ryan complain that welders and whoever, high paying dues workers might have to settle for the thousands of ten dollar an hour non union jobs on the government job bank... Thank you government for the heads up on those jobs you and your decades of union sponsorship created.

Don't be condescending for being so blatantly culpable yourselves.. if you really want to help.

Paul Gordon

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ottawa 'Pro-Life' Witness..The Heart (less) and Truth of the Matter

Ottawa Pro-Life Witness...The Heart (less) and Truth of the Matter

A one paragraph article the Ottawa Sun 'first posts at 10:30 am' when protesters were actually at Mass in Ottawa's largest Churches, suggests that the numbers of protesters 'appeared to be around 4,000' according to their ace reporter, down from last year's estimated 15,000. 680 news among other MSMs are now finding it too hard to post lie after lie when Ottawa business's are 'feeling' the real numbers.

This Ottawa Sun reporter and editor would be fired in other publications for their blatant misrepresentation of news in other places, especially south of the border, the nation are MSM loves to hate.

With show the truth 4x8 sign in hand, I was standing along the north side of Bank street under the view of Morgue en Pallor's prosperous tax paid, no debit card required franchise clinic I could have swore that there was at minimum an increase of 3-4 thousand over last year from the same spot..

Just a little under and over to the west in the same building is a McDonald's franchise, both can boast thousands 'served' but only one can say, have it your way and get paid by Mcguinty's OHIP, aka your money. McGuinty even changed the tax form for your easy payments to be directed to the universal free health care plan.

Below Canada's, Order of Canada award winning Dr. Death ( truckloads of money were not enough to speak- for- us- all. public homage to this weasel, taught his craft in a Nazi camp himself) is a 'Curves' franchise. Now, there's a perfect small mall match.

Harper missed 20,000 Canadians of all those he supposedly serves, while picking up tabs and lending his ear to much much smaller groups. Thanks Steve...(most of these kids can vote now, or soon, and they were all armed with I pods and boy do they know how to use 'em)

I do see how Harper feared for his life from these mostly hateful Catholic protesters, with his one cruiser parked at the gate of 24 Sussex. (He was probably another radar trap dispatched by Mcguinty's armed tax collector branch.)

The Mounted Police set up barricades, Show- the -Truth picketers and the dozen counter protesters both ignored.

Mounted Police paid little heed to harmless free speech-ers who actually pay taxes over the university student small band of protesters, as they should.

RCMP joked with both sides at times including the short plump black janitor who serves the whole building like a cock protecting his roost. Strong rumor has it that he has threatened death on pro-life demonstrators before. I guess he's toothless in addition to being plump as no one's gone missing, yet.

He will have to at least lose weight to keep up that animitity now.

Sticks and stones will break our bones but signs of truth are beginning to get-to many.

Speaking of signs, the Bishops did not join the 20,000 protesters of the most immoral of laws, this year.

Bishop Cardinal..whatever, Thomas Collins couldn't find young women to make cry, while holding the signs' of Truth that contrary to his orations have done more than the cowardly Catholic Church has ever done since day one of the legalization of abortions. (I have honestly come to believe that priests and bishops not being natural fathers do not respect life as much as fathers and mothers of babies do other wise they wouldn't put the half hearted effort into it that they do).

What was so pressing that hundreds and hundreds of priests could not make it to the one freakin day March for Life, (initiated by Father Alphonse DeValk) protest?? Thousands of the youth that can't get back into their Churches were there. This is just so absurd.

Bishop Pendergrast's homily at Notre Dame was given humbly and quietly, but spoke volumes.

He declared that women ( referring to pro abortion feminists in fact if not name) had a distorted view of person hood being in the singular. It takes three (without the aid of artificial parenthesis) to make person hood and no person can be born or survive with out the aid of others.

He quoted Jesus.. As I have loved you should love others. And I would have made it a little more planer for really dumbed down Canadians. As your mother has gave you life, love and support, how can you not offer the same to your baby...did your baby deserve the 'right' of your love?

Or are you so cold 'bloody hearted' you would use any excuse, Harper, McGuinty, activist created law and the whole faddish leftist establishment lie of victim mentality 'gift' to you, just to make 'your' life, 'seemingly' more convenient as they assuredly have you now believe! Political correctness has in fact snookered you right- out-of a life of happiness and your non involvement makes the same for other mothers and would be children.

Canada's new way of life, is as Pope John Paul II, and Mother Teresa, both, who aided real victims of brutality, murder and human rights abuses, is truly a 'culture' of Death!

Paul Gordon

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liz Lez whatever Cheney To Enter Politics

Too many women in the Republican party suffer from Father/Husband envy.

Acording to Drudge, the tabloid nerd who also posts yet another end of the world scenario this time with solar flares, that are no doubt going to be blamed on human behaviour by Gore and Suzuki, Cheney's wife now considering to enter politics.

The Republican party who used to suck up to Christians and Catholics now sucks up to the more populist homo activist culture. 'Populist' means more votes to the fallen.

Look it, the homosexual cult, is homos making a lifestyle mountain out of homo sexual acts. There are no redeeming qualities born out of perverse sexual acts.

The majority of homo perverts want as many partners as they can get away with and the far miniority who desire marriage to help legitimize their 'culture' in lies are the mentally ill who simply need someone to cling to in their mental illness.

You can't help but feel sorry for them just to look at them, but when they go after our kids to help further legitmize their cult based on homosexual activity, they go too far. Many of them in their mental illness often distort their physical appearance in addtion to disturbing their emotional capacities and they wear their illness on their sleeve. So that sub group of their cult could be considered a visible minority in that sense but also a testiment to how, their minority has no higher societal attributes othe4rs shoud subscribe to on the merits of their activities, themselves.

If one proposes that everything and anything has great intellectual, moral, merit and academic freedom and human rights is the Truth of all existence in its humanism.

Then why not have at it and free all the societal and inner demons in the world.

The Replicans put in the fix to make sure Christians was to vote for them in the bones they tossed their way and short safety chains they put on Santorum but in no way are they moving themselves to the betterment of the United States, nor will they until they are the ones reigned in, not the Christians.

The Holy Family is the model for the natural family. Not the perfect model of destruction the free world demands to satisfy the needs of godless socialism.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Unapologetic Jesus-Christing

Recipe For But a Few Doable & Exceptional Christian Government Policies

Or, My Unapologetic Jesus Christ-ing (bbtnoG)

Because of modern Christian hating broad media these days when secularists hear the word Christian they quite often think of wide eyed street corner prophets of doom
or professional Knights of Columbus on the golf course being indignant of not being said Merry Christmas to at Wal-Mart. Bispops have been astoundingly private, on spreading the good news or anything else for a number of years and we now have legions of churches devoid of professional 'Catholics' in name i.e. teachers and more importantly devoid of youth.

I 'try' to present Chrisitianity in a relevant way,  secularists can understand if not
agree with. You can only lead a horse to water.

For sometime, for those who follow my blog, I have put across the reality that liberalism is intellectual and moral waste and that mainstream conservatism has sadly evolved to refuse the Truth, because they simply can't use it on their 'what-ever-it-takes, to win what's left, philosophy.

The mistake Judeo- Christians made in hitching their wagon to 'safe', if never totally trusted (with good reason, apparently) conservative horses over the years is the miss-directing, the wagon train took in slow incremental turns, until modern history when they have now been bold enough to make their leap from faith to the 'other side' in the rationalism at the mere hope of electability.

Rather than stewarding by diligently explaining the importance of retaining values of substance in logical order, and truth... weak conservatives adapted to the liberal easy passage of following, instead of leading...conservative parties have now lowered themselves to the common practice of main stream media, in seeking out the small group of counter protesters (to life and work) in a manner male dogs seek out, a natural sexual orientation of the one other kind, for greeting and possible any light rendezvous I

It is not enough for conservatives to face book liberals as friends, no they must hug and hire them as their closet aids...see Romney.

This easy route is simply the appealing to the human nature of common man in narcissistic greed with no vision beyond immediate desire, kind of like the length and desires in Hollywood marriages or in Hollywood heart rendering, proclamations, “I don't care how many babies it takes, my disease will be cured” or from Florida, “No husband (okay former husband), with a second wife, should have to endure his mental suffering of his, bed ridden otherwise, physically healthy and emotionally... okay, first wife”, or from Saskatchewan, the ooh ooh ooh! Horshack, Province of pretty much flat-lined ideas, “No father should have to endure his mental suffering and personal hardship, of his joyful happy handicapped daughter or withhold his rightful 'power' over life and death and oh yes, merely, allowing someone else to 'gladly care' for his daughter”.

(Of course, Christians are forbidden to even be present for their children's innocent medical appointments, in case government schools were successful in raising little brown shirts who might have something they would like to secretly share with the state, oh ooh, Is it sexual?, rather than their parents, (you know those idiots...or one of two of the only government approved.. stereotypes) through their trusted doctors of medicine who promise to do no harm to anyone, except maybe a million babies per, and a good chunk of that number, in seniors.

But, hey, surviving relatives and celebrities have a right to happiness, too, you know. Let's not forget to think about ourselves, when were ....pretty much... thinking of ourselves.

Liberalism and mainstream conservatives (now with fiscal libertarians solely at the helm) offer intellectual and moral candy to the self absorbed diabetic greater unwashed, not so much as they are ignorant, as self-preserving territorial, in times of no method, no rhyme, or logic, in justice.... order or peace who don't want to miss any hand-outs tossed their way, like the millionaire's joy at being re-united with the lost dime, or someone else's chance quarter, left in a shopping cart. Or, this year's SUV model owner at the 'sympathetic' cry of a penny increase in gas. Cry me a river, yuppie.

Blinkered backward cultural enclaves add further self- absorption. Add misplaced sympathy- created politically correct precious pets, and precious places of celebrities and liberal bastions in the media establishment, and a populist (read Marxist) championed and imprisoned academia, and there is too much real and costly naval gazing.. at the expense of all society.

The notion that all sacrifice and minor hardship is all 'bad' for one and a flailing drop into the abyss of 'deep suffering', (i.e., to the absurd, being politically, or manically, offended at hearing the name Jesus uttered at a municipal funded banquet) is quite distracting, and worse redirection, of important societal ills, not to mention trivialization of real abuse and suffering at the hands of many societies.

Is this the Canadian values liberals claim for all Canadians?

Judeo-Christians who immersed and baptized themselves in the unholy water the conservative mainstream became... to the point of winning elections at 'all' costs, believing evil is okay for a cool behind -the back- pass on down the line.. Like there's no financial interest in evil, anymore, so political parties, can't be bothered anymore, in less there is feigned concern of what is happening in the Islamic tribal nations, where one bully is welcomed after the last.

And too, it's quite alright, because after all these two aspects of enacting countless new laws, not even thought of last year, and financial management on a local or national level that affects all pillars of society three ways from Sunday, and there included, 'joining' humanism's, accelerating de-legalization of Judeo-Christianity, itself, is of no moral, ethical, or practical concern in reality.

Dumbfounded Christian leaders, themselves... (guess they must have been caught 'off guard' asleep under those comfy bushels)... must be drawing up battle hymns for the next republic and otherwise writing footnotes on recyclable paper, God's dead trees are rotting to be, for more inclusive English translations and sermons of what Eeyore for the soul, might do...Oh Bother.

Good Lord, bbtnoG, have we not been patient enough?...we've bitten through our cheeks, our gums, our tongues, we can't hold our breath any longer not wanting to 'offend' every breathing entity in the world, from the echo in our empty churches, with no one left who can hear, or understand anyway, and without first throwing ourselves under their buses, in the very perfection of our goodness, so that (they might have no one left in opposition? leaving evil to pretty much inherit and destroy the 'real' good of world?). If you are not going to fight at least set up the underground true church we going to need.

You will probably have more parishioners in the underground, than these crappy dioceses, now

Does fighting without arms mean to not fight the good fight at all?

Un-stable, liberalism unbounded and unleashed moved the game from the God built and granted playing field to the soul-killing, and in some cases literal killing fields.. of the world..

Conservatism left their place to shine apart from the rest, and jumped into the slimy muck, with liberals,. in their personal, and now unwarranted, ungodly, I say feigned (why not everything else about them is fake) nationalistic, pride. What measure of a nation should not be measured by the soul of that nation?,,,or sum of those souls who elect the government of the day.

Conquering...Lording...Bragging rights? Those are no measuring units, of the Judeo-Christian nation.

Those more closely emulate Venezuela,a held captive by a monstrous pretend Catholic. And they wouldn't be the first pretend Catholics, when you consider the Kennedy's in the States, and many premiers and prime ministers in Canada.

Truth be told, nationalism has grown a little long in the tooth. Nations of Islam aside, (thank God), there is increasingly little difference between free nations and still scary communist ones.,, United Nations... common currencies, Internet communication for the greater unwashed, leaving MSM good liberal soldier columnists in the dust, world courts, et al...”We are the World”, aren't we?” A Germany, Japan or present China wouldn't want to, and couldn't look after this assortment of nuts anymore.. but just keep sending them our money, and as long as they have control of the peasants, were good...thank you.

Granted, there was a time when nations were serious about nationalism if they didn't want to speak Germain or Japanese, but you have to give it up, that the morality and religious freedom bars were considerable higher back then, and the name of God was soberly invoked by millions of young boys at war over casual use, in curse blasphemy.

But, perhaps in the brighter light, even rightful claim to the 'greatest nation in the world' doesn't quite do it anymore, at least, not in the enviable jazzy rug-cutting swing, it used to. What naturally follows is pretty much all that's left, for those so inclined to still salute the flag, thump the chest. yell on talk radio. and anthem-ize, wistfully, “Yeah, well, go somewhere else, and see how you like it there”, “We own the beer ad curling rinks and the skip, hop and jump steroid syringe laden sandpit”, “We legalized boob exposure, prostitution, goof- ball drugs, homo-sex parades..and 'ordered' high-school sex clubs in Catholic Schools to teach bullies a lesson or two....let's see you un-cool non- European bastards top that”, “Without, Quebec were dirt...were nothing and boy do they know how to massage that one” or

(what Prime Minister would ever have been ego 'satisfied' leading a nation split in two is the real reason for kissing Quebec... a have not province only through their socialist programs...ass, or being the goat or some people's hero, who's 'watch' separation took place under, like under Chretien, the mother of all goats..... almost did) Was he our longest serving goat?...sure seemed like it.

Continuing new anthems...“As God is our witness, we thought Muslims don't lie, and regimes, boys died for, would actually change for the better, or would at least have an Arabic word for...thanks..chumps.” and the tear jerker to gras, “Your just lucky you were born here, buster”

God, and salvation was supplanted by the, boasts, pride, and desires, of man and heroes in populism, and nationalism, confined eternally to the ashes and dust of the death culture of a dead- end world with nothing to eternally embrace, but their hard earned fleeting populist 'legacies'. There's no good legacy you could even attach to Kennedy, the greatest liberal hero of the last century never mind another politician. Even, Churchill was a scoundrel of a politician at times, on his perch of England's greatest orator, in using other nations... in giving Poland and other nations away to Nazis and communists with total disregard, acts which precipitated thousands of 'unnecessary' deaths.

He, and Montgomery viewed the lives of foreign boys willing, or drafted into giving up their lives as some kind of toy chess pieces...sometimes, used just for testing enemy heavily 'known' strengths, worse than North American politician's waste of lives on Islamic Nations seeking no betterment.

Soldiers are needed to defend the defenseless, and they are poorly paid, loyal and obedient, but they are no less humans whose lives should not be thrown away for politics, but employed in good faith cause... and for Truth.

A world created with the absolute gift of free choice and expectation of sober thought like the teenager unleashed into the world, and reasonably a world of nations expected to eventually learn to at least modestly stewardship humanity, over unattainable, affordable, goofy compared to logical, free rides for all, always at the expense of others of the same humanity... including unbounded costs of science explorations into outer and inner space as expensive treks in search of proof to affirm nerd-ism, that we'd be glad to take their word for, if even that's free. 'Hoping' for, no humanity at the end of their costly journeys, but seeking lots of self-appreciated glory onto themselves, beyond their unsteady meaningless (by definition),,, atheist lives.

Man has his limits, of which the greatest.... is supplanting his Creator in his enthusiasm for knowledge and impossible hunt for non-existent earth- 'owned' truth, whereas, there can only be 'One' other, to be sought and found, knocked for- and answered, neither, newly created in pride nor convenience for the day's populism.. where evil has never been more accessible... so sympathized, and never so denied, in existence.

Unless of course, you simply don't agree with the program, created in this follow the leader, great modern cultural reformation, and actual obsession with... all manner of physical, mental and artistic trash. Now there's what they site as evil for ya....intellectual, and Christian disagreement of all this junk.

The following kind of legislations and Judeo- Christian 'based' judicial systems would be far superior to the present dead-end, one- way preferential norm, (or how to, if not why do you want, to get re-elected... for dummies...).

From financial terms of eliminating massive unnecessary costs, that would free funds for important societal aspects, to getting back to saner government from anything man has evolved dangerously into, from fluid constitutional-killing, meant to be guides and sober rules..Christianity paint does a lot of wall.

Modern illogical and proven mere rationalizations of the day, for unattainably worldly wanton desires i.e., the sake of ' labour 'peace' and unchallenged establishment liberal populist definitions of community and national values cannot last simply because they are lies with consequences.

Selective human rights for groups of temporary special political significance aka (political correctness) have no corner stones to last thousands of years, when they can flip again the day after tomorrow, i.e, the notion of putting historically left behind minorities to the front of privileged government jobs, and university admission lines, cannot continue much longer while holding back majority cultures...cultures, pitted against each other. Reality doesn't wait forever on good feelings, or on communist orders for that matter.

Of the most costliest of regional and national expenses


True(r) freedom of education ought to be offered in the spirit of the 'academic freedom' so precious to higher levels of education, themselves, else, there is nothing close, or ever intended to be at least since Marxism, I contend, to actual 'academic freedom'.

Right out of the gate, with the advance of Internet technologies, the often mis-, and wrongly, but for this purpose..under-used.. 'elephant' in the home and the classroom. Exploration into more at -home education is hardly unchartered and if it needs to be more suitably tuned or adapted for much greater expansion, what's the hold-up!

Thousands of students with advanced learning skills including therein, disciplined learning habits do not need, nor should they, be required to spend a significant part of their day in a state provided building with a unionized state educator and to what end, in hope their intelligence will rub off onto others, less so blessed, through telepathy.

That sympathy for retarded children is to be soothed by placing them with Einsteins, in yet another feel good social experiment recommended by consultants pressure- paid, only for consulting something...anything, and those who have sat through one of their stupid condescending 'exercises' in coming up with exactly the result they were 'going to have' know too well what I mean.

I have great sympathy for the retarded...worked with them and loved them for 15 years...but let's not get silly people, to make others do our conscience work as well, at least, not at the high costs of stepping a foot into a government ga- zillion dollar education system with 100 thousand dollar teachers.

At 'best', all that should be required, is occasional 'touching of basis's' with teachers, and monitored independent testing which too, does not require highly paid state teachers to be test room 'monitors', anymore than hundred thousand dollar trained policeman should primarily be issuers of minor traffic violation tickets.

{Their (police) renumeration should be sensibly more in accordance with their primary duties and common reality of the situation, not based on the possible, but overall, rarest... of occasion. There could however. agreeably be issuance of after the fact rewards for conduct beyond the call of duty, for an area of the labour force with hardly the highest danger factor, serious injury rate, or actual death coinsurances in reality, and aside from the work force the occupations of comparable training levels of the way underpaid, always on-guard military in battle, and policed zones... for months on end.

Arm, less- paid by-law officers, like armored car guards, if arms are considered a necessity in issuance of minor traffic tickets, though England got by for years for far more reason of confrontation without arms, as do 'meter maids', for all their confrontations with unruly recipients, they might encounter. Though many recipients might relish that fast fleeting idea in those embarrassing government 'gotcha' now empty your pockets moments, the tabloids have not borne that reality out. Though they would surely love such a headline to splash across the entire world. “Man kills male meter-maid in windshield encounter”}.

Logical lessoning of excessive government costs 'anywhere' puts a less (tax) burden on families, and this is not 'just' a Judeo-Christian benefit, of which may explain some of the early linkage of Judeo-Christianity with fiscal conservatism.

Like the urban legend of separation of Church and State, any modern (unproven) notion of the 'necessity' of forced socialization, like the necessity of forced summer holidays, need only be 'instilled' in elementary school. That written, I believe school is brought on too young and hurried too fast for children not to mention too convoluted and watered, with culture and other junk now, like Harry Potter shrines, kid 'Idol' contests, environmental outings, TVO Ontario's piped in government brain washing etc. etc. etc.

The greater high school 'socialization' and peer based behaviors have not had glowing results in modern days of education, in the public sphere, alone.. (I can only imagine the private sphere, parents and teachers, for that matter who have personal anecdotes) for a variety of reasons and I contend, with no 'positive' outcomes attributed solely to the sanctity of State provided whose only mandate comes out looking like 'political controlled' education!

Show me a nation that has no unionized 'state' politically controlled education and one, more disposed if not restricted to 'academic' subjects alone, and I will show you a more prosperous nation, indeed.

Think Japan, for instance for high government run education based outcomes, for the leftovers government should only be involved with after supporting all manner and variety of alternative education.

The State should never be the prime provider when they don't have to be, and again, they will then have plenty of funds for those who still can't afford, or do not want alternative education.

The fantastic boost of a one/two 'punch' to the free enterprise economy and lessoning of government debt could only have good and prosperous, dramatic effects. The losers would be unions and way overpaid government workers, but only through a long overdue economical adjustment way out of line.

That one, should please fiscal conservatives and libertarians along with Christians and one key is for the state not to get involved in their politicization of actually 'what is right and wrong' based solely on their big city constitute fans, or politically correct fans, aka, the liberal educators now in power so abusively so.

I am saying is that where public education schools need to be involved at all, they should restrict themselves purely to academic subjects not social commentary, social experimentation and certainly not on matters of founding national principles where they have proven they can not be trusted let alone be intelligent about.

They are best suited to 'serve' those who elected them and all others... not 'train' those, who did not.

That is the making of a free and great nation.

Legitimate' Judeo-Christian religious schools of the founding religions of North American nations should logically and fairly receive money equal to money saved in the default secular public education system. If educational systems outside of the state can compete favorably with what the State has to be it, and at much less cost to the tax payer.

If private health care can compete with government care (like that wouldn't be hard and save billions) then so be it.

Would the government not have more free money to treat the truly poor they mandated themselves to do,

even better? Or as it is, do the do-gooder socialists just want to control all aspects of everyone's lives and pay themselves a good little stipend in the process.

Socialist, the Canadian establishment that also controls communication and academia have pounded it into our heads that they are highly more intelligent, can not be challenged, or topped for telling us what's good for us when of course, nothing is further from the truth.

Up until the modern world some fifty years ago, the secular democratic world still sensitive to World War II would- be blind humanist conquerers who died by the sword, humbly offered 'philosophical'... adapted tenants of the Christian (less egotistical and cousin to strictly blind date, material..., theology... (or Truth I will always contend) for the 'proper' edification to the 'proper' state upbringing of students, such as.. ' do unto others as you would have done unto you' in quotes permanently displayed on walls or bulletin boards somewhere under the portrait of the (good it get any more proper).. Queen... as their suitable anti-bully-ism of the time, which didn't do any good either..These are kids you know.. as in 'A Bridge Too Far' “ You see.... they are tanks, you know” not understanding, group caring little socialists of, 'it takes a village' full of state idiots, hope, and wish-bones.

Moralizing, value and belief systems are suitably best kept out of the hands of the State in North America, given its proven and historical susceptibility to political populism carrying urgency for the sole purpose..... of carrying the day, but with sordid implications.... like for freakin, everr.

Values, beliefs, morals are the kind of 'education' in the spirit, if remarkably not law, of best practices, left to parents and to those in their (parents) best judgment, so appointed by them, to do so.

If the state feels one generation is not capable of passing on 'proper' morals, beliefs and values to the next, then they need second guess who claimed that state societal throne and taught the above mentioned former teaching generation, prior to tapping this one as the final 'right' one... as they did.. the former.

Where did sober, unselfish, honest, logical, morals, ethics, truths i.e, 'goodness' vacate their rightful throne in eternity and not be left 'un-tweaked' or more inane, drastically changed by Mr. Nancy Philosopher, or Ms. Bitch Human 'Rites'... of the day?

If you are raising children/teens do you want to impart to them that if the State says it's legal then it is also moral, (millions of sheeple do)?     Of course you don't!
You want to impart to them that you know they aren't anymore perfect than you are, however they should know, what is right and what is moral, what to espouse and what to strive for, 'the impossible dream' but  what to be comfortable with as in sleep well at night and their in added the way to retain the attribute of humility not be obnoxious about immoral 'rights'.

Judge the sin not the sinner, but most importantly for the good all... (the 'brotherhood' commandment even Marxism ascribes to, albeit, totally opposite in notion)... make sure you do judge the sin.

This Truth doe's not 'academically change', never has... and never will, despite all of us here and now, except if you're on that happy eternity trip on the blissful school bus to Hell.

Why look and learn from everywhere and anywhere else, for happiness when Truth is there with nary an unpleasant counter indication, nor delivered in condescension with the sweet kiss (of Judas).

We cannot create something else above and beyond what is in the boundaries of the glory of Truth... in academia, or any other notion of the world. Nor, is there any reason to feel cheated or limited in that final discovery. There is still lots to do in greater satisfaction conducive to the rest, and 'exercise' of the soul, than to dabble in known desires under the moniker of curiosity, or 'missing out' ... to keep one occupied. Christ has nothing but pure love for us, as His children, children, as opposed to wanton lust broad experimenters, for one, and that we are to be led by those who would hold our hand, tempt us with candy, and have us believe what is wrong is right to make them feel better, with otherwise nothing to do of their business.... or worse.

I will gladly humbly submit myself to, the loving protection, of Christ any day and for all eternity. It is not His way to humour us, 'pull one off', or hold us back, and He, not man knows all, so I think we can pretty much take His word for it, over the entire world as the good thief and unconditionally admitted sinner was simply rewarded for, in a most timely fashion.. (for him).

Otherwise, what is the word on the street (of the world)...yesterday, today, and tomorrow as a better option?

{If it be cried out in self-pity, Truth thy name, know not suffering, then why do others find the straightest path to Truth through suffering? Yet, others still search in vain in pride, and selfish ambition, only to eventually die in futility, loneliness, and in loving misery with the world, only.}

Home-schooling would be of the least expense to the State ( certainly given the State's record to date) and the most aesthetic family-together- keeping, option arguably, in many cases with greater 'returns' to the State, itself. Does the State want, self thinking starters, innovators, intelligent contributors or socialist controllers, no drive, followers? Well, that is exactly what the socialists want, because no one else would vote for them, but the dependents the State creates.

The justice system takes a State backseat to no group in fault and fallibility, considering what one might logically consider the noble and critical aspect of justice to be. And among the first things that come to mind in that regard would not be sole discretion of awarded judicial appointments, based on the needs of one of two political parties of the day... narrower.. on the non- general elected leader of those few often lawyered-up parties.. The Supreme Court Justices, themselves boast or their slants and of being 'activists'. They should also be so forthcoming on their life affiliations and donations to the political parties that diligently and duly appoint them.

{We (you know the tax paying to stupid to understand citizens) desperately need to be 'allowed' to vote in Supreme Court Judges with non political affiliation, to take out one critical brick of the liberal/Marxist establishment, and to help prevent on-fire-'stupid' politicization of the judicial for the future.}

Leaders of the two parties (maybe because they are so f..uped now) are modernly, often being elected on the sole reality and oft great pleasure of the electorate, of simply tossing out the present corruption grown way too comfortable, over 4/8/12 years, with a sad look to the only option.. closest at hand being the other idiot leader.

Though, by their ungracious acceptance speeches attributed to their always (non-fully-disclosed) platform or agenda, one might be misled from the reality... if not in the know ( 'not in the know' being what politicians unflinchingly take to bank, guaranteed on the aforementioned inferior but liberal stacked, state monopolized education).

But, if you have the greatest numbers of workers in your employ with your only manner of income being, forced excessive taxes that weigh heavily on common workers who don't work for the government, for various reasons such as not speaking French for those who do not speak

why would you want to, never mind dare to, change that status quo of slow local and national suicide.

If you're the 'be happy don't worry' socialist politician you're gone in a few years anyway, with no chance of charges for past 'knowing' (or were they stupid lawyers to boot?) political indiscretions and no care for the future of those you, cried to, that you felt so deeply for us.

Seen your hydro bill lately, or been to the doctor's lately. That my friend was from socialist years of passing costs down the road, in order to be elected at the time. And in the not a lick of sense file, McGuinty signs a contract worth billions for windmill power from Samsung, and we have pay back the debt, GSTed charges going back to the Davis government.

So the return of OHIP formerly free 'government' medical insurance premiums, wait for the pay back the debt and pay off the future charges coming on your bill... for the sake and expediency of well- healed socialist environmentalists.. a good number of them teachers, and teachers married to teachers, and teachers working on top of being retired to pensions working people could never hope to earn in salary, while working. and yet another reason for their come- uppings of cold pails of water of reality, dumped on their unions, for the rest of us who pay for their blatant uncaring idiocy.

One day I'll write how I really feel. Again, check the government's own Job Bank for nothing but 10.25/ hr jobs, and tell me why we shouldn't be ticked off or how that capitalism you so want to punish (and have) is working for you and working for us.

Granted, this is all (good) revolutionary material, radically, but logically, and sensibly, back to the future.. There would be no drawbacks or violent protests, except the obligatory, ensuing, but temporary Marxist union uproar, who have have been unworthily. dealt all the legal full carte blanche cards until now.

If the teachers resign or are we would miss them... except the soccer mom's babysitters, or couldn't do the kind of stuff, or find private education to do better?

If the police were fired or resigned...what a wonderful easy opportunity for the military to take over in the interim, and who should be paid half the police wages, and benefits or not and still be ecstatic for it

And why should they remained propped up economically while continually widening their gap and increasing the drain on the lessor off, if highly unorganized, classes. If this revolution be unavoidable and ugly no matter when it arrives, then it is better to have it be done quickly than to be dragged out as is now in the European socialist countries all increasingly dependent on Germany and England now for their bread and butter, soon to be gateau and soup.

Unions granted power the State thought they could afford to them, as long as economies could continue to deceitfully pyramid them, not through sensible justice or civility, but by a judge fearful of the then, populist Marxist revolution who granted special extortive rights not under and measure of scales of justice but in the name of the growing fad and fear, 'labour peace' that elected representatives.. from the much greater worker mass within the electorate, could well have achieved in a more palatable, non-combative and legal manner that would not today have JobBank average wages of $10.25/ per hour for part-time labour, formerly for full-time hours.

Or that a new worker could not first step in any government building, his taxes pay for, and not be hostage, and forced to comply with, and be spoken for, in political manners including societal morality having absolutely nothing absolutely to do with his or any workplace across the whole nation.

They not only have your kids to have their way with in their idea of a 'free socialist' society, look around, and listen closely, actually unplug your ears from the union loud speakers....

They have you, and your soul to the government and union store..... as well!

On the issue of abortion choice... prior to judicial removal of existing abortion laws, women could aways count on being 'accommodated' in some, if not all stages of pregnancy, by going through 'D&C' procedures that anyone of thousands of 'G.Ps' offered, could, would, and did arrange, again in misplaced sympathy for responsibility abdicated, actions, all, but entirely preventable, by women and their men. The combination sexual revolution, and unrestricted access to abortion were a flagship of liberalism for a number of years.

Truth be told anyone, brainwashed or determined enough to kill anyone else, is a choice they can and (many did and do) exercise themselves with, or without state blessing, or state law, and this would include 'assisted suicide' and the need to do it flamboyantly so, complete with a celebrity socialist at their side, if not a player on the stage, themselves. Ah well, if you're going to go...have someone remember you for one CBC, 11 o'clock news blurb, if you're not preempted by Hockey Night in Canada, before your hurried flop into eternity.

Everyone, so physically and mentally disposed' has the possibility at their command, and many have exercised their 'right' of choice to go against God's will and fellow man and kill someone else, the more vulnerable, the much more likely so. People who kill out of hand, rather don't like killing anyone who can fight back.

It is not common Christian practice, were it Christian will, to have any and all pregnant women 'threatening' abortion, 'chained to walls' literally of figuratively, or on constant coat-hanger (good one) or suicide watch, for that matter, as celebrity and common morons, (perhaps some among your closest friends you could lose) would have you believe, of Christianity.

Christ has no prisoners, political or otherwise, something, the State can never brag of.

That entity would of course be, leather wings down the elevator that you would be looking for.

Pantheism can, and has been a common belief and practice throughout the ages, though much more so, modernly with the advent of socialism, and in the case of self induced or illegally attained abortions. Many whole centuries of this same eternity, if hard to believe.. same world, went by where babies were considered wonderful blessings, and not being able to conceive... the actual tragedy.

In the case of adultery or illicit sex, resulting in births, babies were still generally respected enough not to be slaughtered, before or after birth which would (as always will be) have been rightfully considered as murdering of the innocent...(what is a baby guilty of) but rather, they would be taken into the homes of married relatives, caring friends etc.

Now, one can delve into Satan's domain and rationalize the murdering of babies historically or presently but only in terms of the quite prosperous (no less), self-creation, of the culture of death, which also (only because it can't) hold no one prisoner, granted under divine created choice. Of course, not being held prisoner to the culture of death has it drawbacks to, as it then does not exempt one from guilt, responsibility, or important possible consequences at God's discretion, alone.

In all but every case, no one really forces a woman to have an abortion.

Imagined, anticipated, real, or short lived anxiety or depression, waylaid career move, fear of the natural process of birthing though pain or maternal death, getting even, or he made me do it, would hardly be an excuse now, so why darken the world's most accomplished wonder with absolutely no rhyme or reason. Even the socialists who love abortions, (gave Mourge en Palor a Canuckistan snow flake), still have to look after young poor single mothers and do so generously I believe when good pick irresponsible boyfriend users can not be forced to.

If, he made me do it is your sole reason for having your baby's heart silenced, you have more problems forthcoming with him than you could possibly dream of or worry about.... than simply and naturally having a baby.

Why smother certain joy in mature (not old) couples in the knowledge that the same hospital aiding in the natural wonder for the three of them, is murdering any number of healthy babies in the same, socialist championed government institution, for no necessary legitimate reason at all as there are none left, in the vast majority of cases... because feminists with the world who brainwashed and condescended to their 'sisters' into only having babies of convenience, and none at their inconvenience at all other a new morbid slant to what was a very good year,,,and what wasn't, or reverting life and death to timing.

Yet the state has committed itself to matching yearning potential parents, all prepared and waiting for the thousands of 'unwanted' children that never make it through 'unwanted' un-counciled pregnancies, to have enough to shorten long waiting lists.

The analogy of letting a hundred murderers go for the sake of one innocent man is quite in reverse for innocent babies wherein a million babies would be murdered in this screaming culture of death for the sake of one, ( if any) legitimate reason. Rights and keys to the culture of death always leaves a bad taste with the righteous and starkly show what is, over the needless and modernly embedded worry, of what might be.

So if man hating pimp- feminists, hunched and bloated under their own burden of pitiful sorrows and their condescended too and transformed prostitutes of murder and death, for the likes of Planned Parent Hood (no doubt, a fortune 500 club by now along with State and guilt ridden common idiot billionaire pet cause status) by now easily flipped to happiness and joy at their only option, worthy of celebration, want to murder innocent babies, even during the birth canal process as legally made permissible by Canadian proud activist Supreme Court 'Judases' of a Christian nation and by one Presidential bastardized Bill Clinton, theatrically team tagged by a totally bastardized President Obama.

So make no mistake, that even with their moral collapse beyond the rational and comprehension of nominally saner people, ( not so evolved by pantheist libertarians, yet in their not so new, or novel movement) women will always be able to kill their own even with all former excuses now eliminated with the exception of mass mental illness, a Satanic reasonable possibility, and hypothesis, never far removed from the dark shadows of the feminist movement, and hardly, not totally to be ruled out

So the question of the day, and you might guess my answer... I'm betting shared by more not so party hearty care-freed tax payers, than ever... for most, of these poor 'victims' and prisoners of 'maternity' (on this differently protested occasion) would be, why should others, especially those morally scandalized, fellow sisters, of which there still are a great number of, be forced by government to pay the costs for mommy not so dearest, non- illness, medical procedures, for personal 'choices' made not occasions avoided?

All the feminist incessant mortar bombardments have far overreached and overshot whatever legitimate causes they may have had, if any, well into their own detriment. unless the western ideal model for women is the same, celebrated, actually modeled, under no choice and shoved onto in necessity, in the former USSR. And I do relegate this militant feminism to a thinly disguised arm, and chain meshed work glove, of sociality destroying broader militant Marxism.

Why would a cult need a 'militant front' 'militant persona' and 'militant plan' of official and unofficial action in any ism, if the world should be breaking down your door to embrace you, as legions of self-denial Marxists... tell us, day after stinking day with all their growing number of ism synonyms?

Is there (you, Marxists) something in your creed, were missing, that we actually have to join you to find out, something you can't and haven't communicated through your own pocketed main stream media, that needs that 'personal touch' to get us over all the ensuing uneasiness, in your cause, cure, and reason for being?

The goal of those who have taken up the, empty swept room, of the 'fight' for women have absolutely attained their goals of swelling and being three times the masculinity of the most effeminate man, of needing no stinking husbands and babies, of claiming, of death grip clinging, even granted placement holding, to the majority of family wage-size earning positions through a stacked non-free enterprising system. Of reducing the mystique of femininity, and the beauty of sexuality held special to the ensuing natural result and family commitment to the commonality of a handshake and all the non- anticipated excitement and repetitiveness of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Politicians, (somewhat like bureaucratic CEO and EDs) celebrate... promises, in self-aggrandizement.. sweat and toil over deception and dishonesty all the while, focusing and meditating on political correctness....The last three undesirable traits are not mutually exclusive.

Then, when they are finally turfed, no one asks for their return or advice. Their ultimate unseemly, goal is to build ornate eternal entry, 'off-passed-by' (like Christian blogs), plaques anchored in monuments, on steroids, and eternal vampirisk monuments of the socialist 'entitlement' kind.

The formally sacred (considered so from all sides) family home, vaunted prize and show case of democracy, most cherished dream, and now apple of the... 'investors eye', is increasingly rising out of reach of new families while the rest of the economy is going down. Holding a paper in one hand consisting of the prices of homes and in the other.. a paper of the latest average incomes...the difference in ink weight, alone should indicate the coming implosion.

(I wrote this many years ago on an American blog when the States was in the same situation. A comment written consisted of how crazy I was because the housing industry was booming right along. Logically you can't spin something good is happening when average house prices are way..way out of line with average wages )

At least, in one sense it may be wise to hold off on real estate purchases until that certain implosion happens, in fact, help it happen a lot sooner by holding off now, thus bringing the homes back in line with the low wages unions created for our children's term, sending wide- eyed, good fortune stuttering 'Mr. Potter' investors scurrying back where they belong, not by force but in helping a natural correction.

If government unions ever came in line with the private sector in terms of wages, and a non false economy, an automatic depression would surely ensure and houses would also be brought down from that action at the other end. Those investors, and salesmen, who adamantly insist on letting the chips fall way they might in 'unrestricted' freedom purity, in the world sanctum and giddy notion of 'free enterprise', will get their wish.

Yes, Christ had no use for unbridled money hording, any more than Marxist unions with their (extortive) 'demands' and both extremes have now come home to roost in their unceasing ambitious drive to ride on top of societies, but, chiefly in the end... to the detriment of others. There is truly an ugly side to capitalism as there is to unions and their accommodating socialist governments and it is chiefly the disconcerted, magnanimous dollar that has vehemently pitting them against each other in their own will and greed.

What is called for is responsible minimal taxation, and minimal government involvement, rather than state Oscar winning pretensions, of caring, and monetary sledge hammering, under new laws aimed for, every know better, guilt ridden, chattering class, socialist control freak, of every social interaction, or union obligatory work- place hurt- feeling, umpteen thousand dollar, misnomered politically worked 'grievance', and sister sledge for every spike, tack... and accident, irresponsibly rare, or not, under the guise of being a societal monument by grieving love ones or to satiate any guilt feelings if they are at fault, or imagined to be at fault.

What is also called for, is labour laws made in legislation by elected leaders, and enforced by government labour departments focused on the greatest and mutual prosperity for all, thus benefiting the societies greatest building block, and stabilizer of all manner... the family. Not laws made in union halls hot lined in privilege to Ministries of Labor, or in national union paid ads, or Marxist pendant broken records, with a cry for all seasons and all occasions.

There ought to be no inhibiting or holding those back who can and desire honest work and their ought to be a lot more on the lists of those, wishing to do so. Universal programs over-shoot the needs of the 'poor' in prosperous nations and idol 'occupiers' need to truly give their head a shake. Giant TV screens and new cars should just not be in the cards of 'rights' or cards of 'deceit', for the non- working, non- inheriting and non- lottery winners.

Financial freedom attainably reached by reproduction capability years, is not as realistic as may be passed on from teen parents State dummed but satiated socialist-stunted intellectualism. Societies of actual make-up in these only minimally, great and free nations are not free if they are chiefly burdened at the irresponsibility of individuals and Marxist government, party ideologues, going for the gold of power and party member enrollment, credit perks, alone.

It is morally apprehensible to assume, or to strip the dignity from all the poor, that they are incapable of knowing truth, but it is also neither 'wrong' or condescending to offer or accept a brotherly hand- up.

Truth is not complicated and is not exclusive to the intellectual to explain in condescension to us all. How could it not be available to us all, and thus 'exclusively'...perfectly... found in simplicity, and proven to the doubters in resulting or on-going observation, of abounding, violence, hatred, jealousy, pitiful, and sometimes self-induced despair.

Only in complication, in strategies, in 'discovering' how bad we never knew we had it, is the truth fucked up beyond obfuscation making it take lifetimes to discover the same truth blissfully enjoyed in in a 'healthy family' ( or 'natural' unit, not merely circumstantially modeled after the Holy Family) provided fun- filled childhood.

Truth is also recognizable in children when their little 'voice' tells them something is instinctively wrong, that no one has taught them, but something is desperately trying to warn them, of.

In older children and adults, joy can be convincingly deceiving but un-called upon inner un-easiness, is reason alone, to at least leave the scene, if also feeling vulnerable and unsafe, and otherwise reject what is going on, or being put forth, if it can not be reconciled in your own thought and comfort level, of belief and moral system, not what you are told to think.

Not all beliefs and 'value' systems are equally valid, as only two contradicting ones can hardly both be 'right'. 'Relativity' fanatics are by definition, irrational, illogical and okay with the evil we see for ourselves in our own instincts. Evil exists or it does not, is an absolute that can not be watered down, any less. If evil does not exist, neither does goodness, as neither can exist in a vacuum, and that certainly is simply not observed in reality.

Therefore, the existence of absolutes is a certainty as the sun above. Neither evil, nor goodness are unattainable, by individual granted choice and not without consequence. Nor, can they co-exist at the same place in time.

For man, both may be hard to sustain for time equally, but there is a supernatural perfectly good one and a supernatural perfectly evil one, and our test as it were, is to discern, and pick one to follow and one to reject in heart, (sorry there are no fences, only cowards) and one to defend out of 'self- discovering' love over intellectualism though it there be in Truth, all in recognition of our own vulnerability and imperfection but morally and intellectually admitting to, a rightful Kingdom for all souls. Peter, himself disowned Christ, but not for long.

Is it any wonder why Christ most favoured the company of His 'innocent' children, as should we all?

Paul Gordon