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Calling On All Good Parents To Go On Strike Against Public Ed.

Calling On All Good Parents To Go On Strike Against Public Ed.

Conservatives Need To Test The Civil Disobedience Route (so adeptly used by the entrenched liberal establishment over the last six decades) For First Time In North American History

It would be hard to believe there are not enough 'fed-up' parents who would like to wrest control on the education of their children from the liberal establishment.

Granted, it would be more a matter of parents now tied into both having to work to sustain the family finances hard hit on liberal establishment increasing taxes and inflation, having to find alternatives to look after their younger children for the short interim 'change' would require, however the rather short term pain would certainly brighten the future outlook for their children, through real quality in education primarily through dedicated quality non-union teachers in free choice of education.

In other words, the preference of competitive quality in 'private schools', no less opted by the very same political leaders who conspire to play with unions 'against' our family incomes and children's education or Dalton McGuinty's specialty...would be available to all including the poorest citizens and single mothers.

It's not a matter of sorting out what is good and what is bad about the current system. There is nothing good about the current public system, else our leaders would have their own children attending public schools.

Billion dollar public administrations need to be replaced with volunteer boards of directors (probably) but not necessarily made up primarily of parents at 'independent' schools. 'By their fruits' such schools would stand on their worth and would be subject to continuous review.

Good young vocational inspired teachers, most who are left out in the cold right now for double dipping retired teachers, principals and vice principals would have jobs with nothing to fear and only one 'master' to answer to...the working principal or Dean.

Though they would never admit it, I believe even the (always disingenuous) Provincial government now sees the monster they have created and conspired with for years has outgrown their usefulness even to them, and as parents got a good earful and smattering of the unbelievable attitude, and how out of touch with the current fiscal reality parents are facing, one has only had to hear teachers phone in to talk shows, and write into newspapers and on the Internet, during the latest student hijacking crisis and feel the union inspired anger and arrogance for both the government (now borrowing money on future generations for union conspiracy misappropriation of funds needed to be 'borrowed' on futures) and 'uncaring' parents.

I believe the next government would view the advantages of responding to a 'parental strike' of withholding their children from public schools quite favorablyas it would be an 'out' the unions could not actually blame the government for, only the greatest stakeholders in all of this, families' children... not the state's children to be used for exorbitant conspiracies at the whim of unions and government for their mutual benefit.

What parents should 'settle for', (for once) is for nothing less then educational vouchers at least to the amount of individual head counts, public boards of education now receive.

In addition, the Province should be compelled to sell all existing public schools to any new independent private school top bidder so billions of dollars in (overdone) school construction would not simply go to waste but to remain to what they were intended for...educating Ontario families children.

The private schools would take up the upkeep of the facilities with some government grants to offset maintenance costs, which with the simple head voucher would amount to just about the only necessary costs of the government wiping out much of the current bureaucracy and administrations.

The government could not afford all the needs of the Provinces aging population without the massive participation of the private sector in the way of retirement homes and nursing homes. And too, no longer should the government back the one option of unionized public education for all our children.

The current Catholic School Boards are in effect Public Boards with militant anti-catholic unions, and the  Bishops should be helping Catholic children attend private Catholic Schools and don't they know it.

When it comes to your children or anyone's children for that matter why accept socialist government inferior education or take militant union prisoners for their sake when you do have a choice, as Brian Mulroney would say?

And with parents... it really is 'about the children', ours!'

I'm open to helping anyone organize such a venture or to them aiding me.

Paul Gordon

(father of eight homeschooled and private ..through donations.. schooled children)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Message 2012

Christmas Message 2012

Does The Current State of The Nations Not Validate Absolutes?

The best news around Christmas 2012 is the 'validation avalanche' of absolutes... right and wrong.. and the reinforcement of the Truth... and Existence of Christ.

The visceral hatred atheist hedonists spew onto Christians in all arenas, political, judicial, academic, and the media, as perverted and passed on from liberal Marxist establishments as 'talking points' is 'all' that is sought and held in 'truth' of what passes for modern intellectualism.

(i.e., 'religion has killed more people than anything else in the history of the world' when in fact, quite..... quite, the opposite is true.)

From today's homily at Mass, I gained some insight into this hatred phenomena of people, who not being with Christ, actually often come to hate Him and His followers. It's probably the reason God and the Lord's name became so commonly used in vain and in attempt at 'cursing' people by the common people and common workers, especially union and Marxist workers.

Our priest explained that although Christians are not always happy with their circumstances, they do understand their circumstances and in their relationship with God, and in as much, always have an underlying 'JOY'.

For real Christians the (real) understanding and celebration of Christmas is a spiritual 'booster shot' of that underlying joy, and brings it to surface even 'over' temporary circumstances that do in fact make followers like any other human, weep and fret at immediate hardship.

In other words, there is a very real greater good... a greater glory, and in that a safety net of solid sanity to be joyous about, that one is a participant in, whose only membership requirement is a real belief that no one can take away, or any evil can extinguish even under threat of death.

Happiness, no matter your lot or place in society is fleeting. And even what was believed to be happiness today can be as old and as tired tomorrow, as a Hollywood marriage, if constant happiness is what you expect.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and judges can be more miserable than litter sweepers and no doubt are, with their souls (if not their families souls too,) which they now have to sell to retain their chosen and lusted after prideful positions that are currently laminated to political correctness

Like dispassionate office workers, in a death camp or nurses in a hospital that kills babies one floor below where they help mothers give birth to babies, they feel no moral obligation or ethic, greater than that.

Christians are satisfied as they see it to be with this underlying joy between fleeting bouts of secular and humanist (only) understanding of happiness, while those without Christ and without the joy that can be drawn on from within anytime under any duress, and tapped of the Holy Ghost of that well...are not.

Atheists can't accept anything short of seeking heaven on earth in some kind of perverse artificial perpetually but demonstratively unfulfilled... happiness.The devil leaves them continually wanting, as it were. They won't settle or accept the 'downs' that ultimately befall everyone. They give birth to militant Marxism, and true bully Islam that often uses violence and extortion as a means to their ends and that they alone can be 'happy' and to hell with everyone else, now, including their own families and future generations laiden with their debt.

In our secular Marxist won western nations women need to kill their unborn babies, leave or dissolve their families and go in 'search of themselves', when their only happiness will only be in finding God, morality and strength, and rejecting their weaknesses, and desires the world shaped of, and in, them.

Guilt is not happiness, so atheists and homosexuals won't accept that anything they do is ever wrong or disordered and they won't have society seeing them in such a light, either.

Instead of going to a higher Being for forgiveness and healing, they reject goodness and Christ, and try various ways to denigrate Christianity to wit they have evolved to the present of calling all things Christian, wrong, hateful of, and harmful to, them.

Their 'defense', they contend will only be fulfilled when Christianity is extinguished first from the public forum and then the private house-holds.

The Godless societies, collectives ....liberal establishments, in search of this fountain of youth.... this 'heaven' on earth... this perpetual happiness, that eludes everyone because it doesn't exist, at least, not in the form they have been trained to seek and demand of, rather, than even 'attempting' to rise to the light, burrow further into darkness ever searching, pushing, breaking envelope after envelope of decency and morality, looking for the pot of gold in all that is the daring, profane, ugly, disgusting, and evil, but that was never 'new', refreshing, exhilarating just simply, wisely.... avoided...never until now the twenty first century......ever celebrated, in freedom, humor, song, academia, culture, entertainment drama, or in opinion and 'informative' talk shows.

In the movie, The Greater Glory, the good general (aptly played by Andy Garcia who starts as a retired military atheist secular hero, but is martyred a confessed Catholic), is told that the people he was hired to fight for will be granted return of partial religious freedom in exchange for giving up to the Marxist Mexican dictator, who put an end to Catholic services and had priests killed who would not obey... at his own dictatorship, 'pleasure'.

The mercenary general's great response re-enforces how simple the Truth (and therein the logic) of Christ is.

“Partial Freedoms? Freedom is an 'absolute' by its own definition!”, “We will settle for nothing less”

And so, to what can 'all' today's international, and domestic crisis really be attributed?

Absolutes, or shades of grey? Ironically, this is an absolute question and so is the answer. It has to be one or the other, there is definitive right and definitive wrong or 'nothing is wrong' for just half that equation.

Yet, if nothing is wrong should the world not be full of happiness and love for all parties including first narcissistic parties, that such a state of no wrongs, should take particular favoritism to?

Evil does not exist in a vacuum and neither can goodness. The world is not only the testing ground of this natural and supernatural feature but it is also the separating border in time and eternity of the two polar opposites in all existence.

Nothing should have ever been more apparent throughout the history of the world and if amazingly not than certainly not in the present.

Where the world did to go to Hell so easily was to take the most precious gift of divine granted choice (to do whatever one wants with one's heart, mind and ultimately, soul) and self satisfy oneself first and foremost... tossing responsibility and desire to love or be loved in a truly loving way, silently to the side.

Mothers actually killing their own babies in faddish wholesale manner, when in fact, what could be more loving, (and in the rarest of called on circumstance) more beautiful than a mother giving her own life for her baby, if necessary... not because she has to, but as Christ (who filled in 'all' the pertinent blanks much more eloquently than any man for those with eyes, ears and hearts) put forth, the true beauty of selfless love of 'no greater a love than to lay down one's own life for another'

Christ never had to tell any natural woman this, for all but the most modern day 'liberated and enlightened' woman. A mother would feel this naturally and Christ only validated the loving heart. He validated that a woman need not fear such an act of love that can only be attained in and through the selfless act of love. which would be quick to be rewarded in love and solace over bravery, for no less... than all eternity or one quick step, from a quicker flash of life....for any of us.

With the graying of abortion, what exploded was fear, anger, hate, selfishness, depression and mental illness. 'Death' championed love and life in one fallow swoop. There is no grey 'winner'. Death is clearly the celebrated conquerer of 2012.

With no respect for life, it follows (as in reality) that wives and husbands have no respect for each other or self-respect. To compensate they do as the hedonists and belittle those who do respect life and family.

Marxism is not even considered in the absolutes of Christ because it is stricken from the pages of Truth discernment on the obvious basis of its immorality alone. Money is not taken from people through revolution or extortion and especially not through violence and upheaval.

For those who have two coats, one is not to be 'taken', but willingly given to one... who has none. (Also, from today's homily)

Christ tells everyone to 'give' what they have in excess to those who do not have and to share what they have left with others. What greater absolute for the community good than this, (and neither lost in absolutes) to impart that the 'rich' cannot enter heaven as long as their are poor... also in logic, again... owned by Truth?

'Simple' logic and Truth were entities with God from the beginning and before 'anyone' in academia was even born, never mind, incredulously tried to take credit for.

If you know one plus one equals two.. you also know God from a different and inanimate angle. God's science exists for man to uncover or reveal, not to event or create.

Of course, moral absolutes are often very different from legal absolutes (legal absolutes are always accepted and revered by the Godless because they effected all the bad ones) which are increasingly tied to political interest over absolutes even in plain 'justice'. The more complicated laws have to become to attain the political desire is its greatest sign of how far away from God's simplicity it has had to sail.

When does a 'good law' need a hundred pages of fine print, and legal footnotes?

And people who can't shepherd their own emotions or feelings on natural absolutes and faith, base just such politically correct laws in attempt to turn 'fleeting happiness' to a permanent 'self-righteous activist happiness' which drips of pride and power, by inviting the humanistic to take the place of God and pirate God's domain way offside of Caesar's granted stewardship of the world and it's temporal affairs.

Not in knowledge inspired and enlightened by faith... but in faith alone lies all that is needed for joy. Joy to the World will only come to those who embrace it, not by my or anyone's prayer or wish. And divine given choice as much as it can be led to. ultimately trumps any third party desire or prayer in a world of absolutes.. our best friend and only key to salvation.

Forget the world and truly spiritually celebrate the Truth with Love of Christ, and make merry this Christmas. And have faith, but make no mistake of these perilous times, even western Christians in 'parceled freedoms' are heading for.

The atheists are solidly in charge of former great Christian nations, firmly entrenched in the liberal establishment and they will not let you forget it every single day in the media, in law, in politics, in academia and in 'entertainment' as they have been doing.

Paul Gordon

Blazingcatfur.Blogspot.Com Requests Legal Defense Help

Richard Warman Sues Blazingcatfur For Linking To "Far Right" Mark Steyn

About 18 months ago everybody's favourite Ex-Canadian Human Rights Commission employee Richard Warman launched one of his many, as in very many, SLAPP suits against yours truly for, among other dastardly deeds, linking to the "far-right web site". Sheesh everybody knows Mark Steyn is controversial.

It gets better. I'm also being sued for linking to a web site while specifically referring to "the allegations" against Richard Warman. But what else would you expect from Warman, a man so tone deaf he actually believed he could win the support of both the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith to file a hate crime complaint against the Jewish Defense League, who had dared offend him by showing the Geert Wilders film "Fitna".

Warman is also suing for comments made by multiple readers. In one instance for the heinous crime of calling him a "Bully". We all know what this SLAPP suit is really all about. Warman is using every lawfare tactic he can to prevent a discussion in the public interest of Section 13 (1) and the CHRC. A discussion in which he must feature prominently.

Warman is suing me for $500,000.00 Dollars. A ridiculous amount for an equally ridiculous lawsuit. Nonetheless even nuisance suits such as this must be defended against. To date legal fees have run me about 10K. I've covered that from my own pocket. I am now asking for your help. I know times are hard for many of us but if every reader who visited daily were to contribute 5 or 10 dollars then that would go a long way to helping all of us out.

This is your fight too, well except for the lawyer stuff anyway;)

If you like this blog, if you like my efforts then please, if you can, make a small donation via Paypal by hitting the "Feed the Kitty" icon on the sidebar. If you don't "do" the Paypal thing you can do an e-mail internet banking transfer sent to

Or... you may send a cheque by mail made payable to:

“Christopher Ashby in Trust”

Attn: Blazingcatfur defence fund

Suite 1013

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Toronto ON M5C 1B5


Thank you all for your readership and support.

Well Jennifer Lynch of the CHRC stopped by. Didn't make a donation though. Cheapskate.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The One About the Pope the Babies and the Abortionist

*Update...according to, U.S. Tv is 'coming- out' with an assisted suicide sit-com! Canadian Tv and the Women's network beat to the punch! Listen for all 640 talk radio hosts to discuss value 'seriously'! Worse, dummed down multi-culturized 2012 listener fans to take them seriously!!!

So there are only seven babies, one pope and one abortionist with gun left in the world

Now, for whatever non-reason, (…after all the atheist convert abortionist ..doesn’t need a reason, having only ever answered to himself ) this abortionist finds himself with an uncontrollable desire to shoot all the babies.

However, the non- reason could even be that now in his eighties, as a child he was brought to a Nazi death camp as a young innocent Jew, with his innocent family for the politically correct crime of being born a Jew and as such, born in a historical time and place, within the far reaching nationalist enabled grasp of one of thousands ( .. now millions) of mad men who come along with every generation.

Modern 2012, mad men are greatly less hindered and not considered so….. by their masterful (anything.. populist is masterful… Satanic rock beat\strum\ rift/shows are celebrated and ‘worshipped’ as ‘masterful‘) weaving in public expression of free speech often implying good and evil of equal moral relevance and worth to the liberal establishment with any number of useful dolts ready to die to defend but for nothing else apparently.. talk about talk is what it is, especially anonymously on talk radio) like a Hitler from his prison cell, a bottle’s toss from the National Beer /legislative/judicial Hall, or an agitated atheist liberal troll, with no envelopes left to push for himself not already intellectually enshrined in a modern but same ole Marist derivative of a talking point from his mothers basement.

Alas thank hell for cyber comment boards, where else would the liberal DNA chained Turrets gene itch be scratched, and to remind us all that ultimate velocity vulgarity has been attained and as juvenile popular in the ‘forbidden’ as ever…… one giant step for the absolute talent- less, whose memory and appreciation cells for the vulgar far outweigh the few…. dedicated for thought.

And so in a suspension of time, 2012, man… proven, over centuries as not even standing in appreciation of a humble greatest love, ultimately, gifted…. most preciously through divine granted choice, (before, State… was even imagined) but to not be entrusted with a lowest of expectations of living up to and within the blatant self evidence in humanity alone, of the ‘fallibility’ but hardly a slam on the worthiness of life, itself.

Man is not only most loved in his humbleness, as Christ is in reciprocation by man, but is of his greatest worth to humanity, and is most understood and glowing in shinning purity to come to Truth, as an innocent child would.

But, that world is gone at this point

It has come to a world of individual and collective pantheists and even among such common gods, they seek populist cult leaders in all societal aspects, culture law and politics…or anti-Christs all the more to free and validate their own broad band moral proclivities differentiating nothing other than a common hatred for a common enemy of Judeo-Christianity.

It has come to striking one’ s chest and genuflection at the flags of nations….. in reality … nothing less than even greater fallibility… personified and magnified in this nuclear pantheism unleashed, and unabashedly now… cherished, through all nations… in no greater scope than in N. America.

With laws for all seasons, and political special interest, reasons, that sometimes transgress into God’s domain alone…. to appease the myriad of self- gods who welcome activist intrigue, and offer State permission that is to comfort the very soul, itself… and mend the broken collateral damage of ….all freedoms for all….with more non- choices in practice but, for their own good.

But, then such innate flags of the sanguine hues of ‘blind pride’ for the sake of mutual commonality in celebration of non-values that cycle back to nothing, to be proud of … only guiltless self indulgence granted each other in the greatest fallibility of all…democracy.

A ‘democracy’ that lends itself much more to the abuse of humanity than to the benefit of it.. What could hell be more pleased with, than a system that says majority rules, (unless of course, if populism gets it right once in a long while, like when Christmas and the Lord’s prayer were still allowed to be public expressions, Marxists were not offended by in which case a political court makes sure morality doesn’t win the day, in their appointed lawyer ingratiated superior powers in secular societal guidance.

It was only a matter of time before the United States and Canada would fall to the lowest moral denominators, when in fact, and as proven, that, for all the saluting of humanist flags nothing in ‘populism’ is likely to escape a ‘populist’ voting system in totality.

Just look at all the ‘invited’ …populism, spreads its legs for.

First off , who and what, ideology controls the educating of the children on behalf, and in the name of the State? Of course for decades, encompassing/ensnaring more than one generation that has been the non-voted ‘privilege’ of very militant Marxists of the front line educators and in unchallenged unison with the politically correct administrations.

Who controls what few parties are ever going to get and how much, if any exposure, and who has the most disposable funds (with guaranteed returns) to donate and influence to peddle, to see that their party is seen to the most people, as being the most populist or faddish choice? (see teacher’s union with the perpetual death grip of ‘no choice’ on the far greater mass of children, for just one hand of the liberal establishment too long in comfort of the master reins)

Liberal and conservative corporate entities obviously also have much more say in who will ultimately win over an individual’s say and in such contests of populism (acutely cognizant of increasingly world Judeo-Christian vacating, including Judeo-Christian leadership abdicating and non- interested, youth abandonment) the difference in such parties would be increasingly less.

And if one doesn’t think populism is the hardest worker from Hell … look how easily mothers now kill their own, generations dump debt onto their own children… how justifying ‘national obsessions’ with sexual perversions have become ingratiated with all kinds of unrelated attributes but, ‘for’ those sexual proclivities. how single motherhood is a bona-fide pillar of liberal establishment, family destruction with unprecedented family male marginalization, in part due to majority of work force ‘traditional primary family wage earning positions’ now being occupied by a majority of overstressed family matriarchs, etc…. of course, equating populism with individual and in the case of Marxism, and just another branch…. Feminism…. .‘group’ narcissism.

But, back to our abortionist not unlike one ’awarded’ the Order of Canada Medal… greatly depreciating its value lower than Blackberry stock… But, that’s what else populism can do….make moles into cancers and mountains into public enemies.. It’s all about whose calling the morality, isn’t?

Yes, maybe as a little boy in this Death Camp, are hapless abortionist may have even been scandalized and traumatized, maybe had every innocent thought and soul dedicated electron mortified to such a degree that like the mental manifestations of ‘some’ homosexual molested boys, that they can and do commit suicide down the road, not from public bullying as justification for ‘enforced’ social interactions, (and unchallenged) on Catholic schools in Ontario, in the form of student homosexual clubs, or on the far end of the damage scale, ‘join in’ the same evil practice themselves, (and as the media encourages, even celebrates such, with evil secular groupies into death, and other perverse cults,) as some un-repaired mental coping mechanism.

Or, like a vampire or zombie bite, oh wait.. that is the newest fad for entertainment isn’t it?

Hence, “Woe to those who would harm these little ones” implying at minimum, that there are boundaries of evil that once stepped over, can not be forgiven, let alone be healed (as we patiently await for just even one such individual, state- unleashed and unlicensed, secretly spirited, into our communities) But, as in, ‘absolutes’ of evil and good, like there was ever a doubt?

Goodness as never existed in a vacuum except in heaven.

And there has been a massive advancement of evil in modern times, wherein evil is much more readily obvious and successful.

Back to our cast of characters.

This pope knows of the abortionist and knows what the abortionist is going to do. Call it intuition, for you legal type atheists.

The old and evil- captivated abortionist expecting no issues from the pope, slowly pulls out a gun and aims it at the first baby.

What would the pope do?

Drop to his knees in fervent prayer.

Leave the abortionist alone, but stand in front of the babies to take the first bullet.

Or lunge for the abortionist and attempt to at least disarm him, but feel no remorse in the event that the abortionist is killed in the struggle.

The answer ?

Well you could ask this pope, himself for some timely insight, but one can take leaps to Truth in simple logic which in itself belongs to God.

He Was, and Is, as all was and is….

Contrary, to popular atheist pantheist belief, man, science and mathematics do not stand alone, Nor, were they not in existence before modern man discovered them, and seemingly, at times takes credit for their very invention, over discovery, and now demand the right to teach our children all societal aspects including belief and morality in their brazen arrogance? As voiced from a liberal establishment children’s science entertainer whose innateness is supposed to make him more palatable.

And why are their (by their own discovery) maths and science ‘complexities and properties‘, and life- sustaining universal connections or minute and massive inter-relationships needed by humans…. if humans, were created through purely accidental conditions… apparently not replicated in any other of the millions of millions of planets many billions of years older than earth, whose advancement would be expected to be such as to communicate with earth in more meaningful ways than a sixties television series, Spielberg space series, geek imagination, or lonely adults club, or George’s overnight conspiracy A.M. radio.

Science itself is the most solid proof of the existence of God.

And the most ridiculing of atheists.

Such a scenario, as above is necessary to put forth today, for the very reason that the moral anarchy of the celebrating boastful nations of the world is indeed a reality… and it appears that not only has humanist secularism taken such root as to claim to be the default of all mankind, but that there is few and fewer, even interested, in challenging such a hellish notion for the sake of all God’s children.

Christ was never the ultimate pacifist, and certainly not the one Marxist atheism claims to be as the anti-christ nor did he dine with, or forgive sin. He dined with sinners who had previously known nothing of \Him… an excuse some but most could not use as a defense today… hence His next appearing will not be a teaching moment, but a logical not dispassionate ending to protect and reward the righteous.

Logically, on the obvious literal level, Christ did not go to the trouble of pronouncing, ‘there is no greater love than to lay your life down for another’ ,as a useless pacifist gesture, ten second time- delay, until evil got to the intended helpless, anyway.

Nor, just for the even greater glorification of the great polish priest, Saint Kolbe, who, in fact, was able to bizarrely negotiate his life in exchange for the life of a Jewish father in the same death camp,.

Nor, did Christ have to say it.. (at least, until and since, the sixties), for mothers of their own babies, whose own love for their babies was no less than the Father’s the Son’s or the Holy ghost’s…. for them.

He said it in logical Truth therein included compassion and mercy and love that there will be ‘just’ wars, that will have to be fought, and Christians, much more than atheists will be counted on (in my opinion) and in many military commander’s estimation, I’m sure.

What is asked of Judeo-Christians right now, isn’t to give up their lives in Western free nations strong armed by humanist atheists, nor even to be Saints.

Just giving up their own narcissism would be sufficient to start the ball rolling and give Judeo-Christian governance a chance… not by ‘theocracy’ as the GOP would have all secular voters believe, but by plain decency.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Truth Holds Up a Little Longer Than the Last Caller

Forget Everything Else, Christianity Holds it Own Nicely Through Logic and Reasoning For Just Two Realities

And it's held up a little longer than the 'last caller'!
It's bad enough John Oakley always goes to relative unknowns, and the un-credentialed dregs of atheist leftist extremism for train- wreck ratings of entertainment fireworks, such as lesbian magazine publishers, retired union goons, old politicians, Ryerson professors, and atheist organization talking heads, but with his tired class clown shtick of irreverance does he also seemingly 'always' have to take the lefty side because without 'host shoring- up' the leftist, in this case 'extreme'. leftist starts to drown in its own talking points.

Listening to militant Marxist, feminist Gretta, Vosper, United Church Minister and founder for 'Progressive Christianity' yell at, and interrupt Charles McVetty all through the John Oakley show on AM 640 Toronto 'Canada's 'number one' talk radio show, it is plain to see how easy it is to make Christian attackers look idiotic if never able to actually shut them up.

They never go to logical reasoning.. They just grow sharply louder.

Charles pointed out to minister Gretta of the liberal church of mush and nonsense that electing Muslim terrorists to govern your people while residing beside Israel, who have a brotherhood blood oath to annihilate Israel, and sending missiles into Israel was not an acceptable civilized or logical way for a nation to gain world sympathy or deserve nationhood.

Of course, the liberal talking point to this is what else can they do when they don't have a military might... like Israel?

The answer is of course, isn't blowing in the wind, as are no 'Truths', it's to do anything they want to do, short of terrorism and murdering innocent people and children, and yes, that would include planting bombs on buses.

What a novel way of fighting wars. If you can't afford an army, brain-wash your 'kids' to be suicide bombers to go out and bomb mothers and other kids... and that's okay.... just like all Marxist causes... because any method justifies the means.

But, back to intellectually disingenuous, John Oakley, who dutifully (to Corus stockholders) pokes at the fire for the sake of keeping the weaker debater alive...isn't this the way the social interactive net-work (as limited and contrived as talk radio, and day time television talk-shows were) has run for decades until the Net made real social interaction at various levels possible?

And if you really want to get 'entertainingly' provocative listen to any of his 640 station co- talk- show hosts throughout the day, with the exception of Charles Adler, (definitely one of those 'not quite like the others) who suggest such things as getting rid of all religion, getting rid of paper money to track any possible cash discretions, delightfully proclaiming that social conservatism and real Christianity is dead, prostitution and drugs legalized, people be fired from their jobs for comment posts, kids be 'forced' to socialize with dogs, yada yada

Sensationalism, and populist B.S. has a monetary value for media outlets... going all the way back to .. the 26 year national run of guru TV tabloid guy, Phil Donahue (married to femme pro-abort Marlo Thomas) onto Jerry Springer, and onto modern Oprahs who we are to believe that if they act more seriously, that they are to be taken more seriously.

'Talk shows'... of all things laid claim to truth by- applause- sign and made themselves the warm-up act for hedonist sexual behaviour of all kinds of unbelievable, vestites and transgenders yada yada in the North American culture... And with that, what's a struggling television time slot to do, but saturate 'sit-coms' with lifestyles of the few and perverted as long as they are 'celebrated', by the godless masses or what's two rock stars in a lull to do, but like Jagger and Bowey to do, but climb in bed together (once).

Of course, that was a shark- jump for Bowey. The Stones are a solid living argument that beauty could be better skin deep...and no doubt they would consider being skinned for Body Works by Dr. Gunther von Hagens pervert of the macabre inquiring minds (displayed in recent Bond movie) to still go on world tours and be venerated by fellow Satanists after being plasticized just like a vinyl record and their rock celebrity brains.

The plain Truth can be had at any of your 'better' Christian outlets though it's not quite as tabloid flashy, and humanist emotional.

The thing of it is this

When you take on serious realities of Truth and try to ply them for entertainment and cash/ stock holder value through populism.... your credibility is shot!

....About as credible as an anonymous provocative call- in or equally, an anonymous provocative blog comment. Or as credible as a pro (study of kids of lesbian couples) by professors of a California college of and for a homosexual organization, that only allowed for 'couples' together for 26 years or post Marlo and Phil Donahue but pre Oprah.

And when shows like Oakley's or Springers immediately go for the crème of the lefty pool of Marxist/atheist/hedonists as a legitimate debaters or intellectual leaders, for entertainment value it is not morally or intellectually credible or ethical, (like talk show host celebrities have scruples they couldn't be talked out of from the next sniveling caller) and that should be the disclaimer, as the station does agree with the opinions of the following as long as the ratings are good to go.

And that's the difference between an Adler and say an Oakley! Intellectual honesty..

Paul Gordon

Monday, November 19, 2012

Making the Only Sense of the Election Compatible With God

Making The 'Only' Sense of the First and Second Obama Wins Compatible With Existence of God

There is only one logic, and it belongs to 'Christ The Truth' ( that, I'm still waiting for the Vatican to proclaim The Year Of... just so there is no more confusion to world youth plied by world academia and world Marxism..... to deny!)

There of course, was no one in the 2012 election that stood up for Judeo- Christian values.. to wit, the one set of Commandment based values, of the 'one' logic of the one Truth.

Who would have thought that the Commandments brought down, thousands of years ago would still hold it's own against modern evils whom can't come up with any logical attacks against them at all...
yet proclaim so many 'truths' of their own, based on faddish, emotional inspired populism that won't stand for a few decades or until the very next fad.

Do atheists, libertarians, homosexuals, communists, pantheists, Christian and women murderers and mutilators in 'all' Islamic Nations, actually have values that can be extrapolated through to Christian Truth? Very few, if any, at all, that are not contradicted by another man-made 'value' of their own and only the few that are actually directly copied from Judeo-Christianity precepts!

And what 'empowers' the state and judiciary 'stacked' freedoms of atheists, libertarians, homosexuals, communists, pantheists, Muslims (but only eastern Muslims so we're 'permitted' to believe), to validate their truths? And make no mistake, they hold their humanist and hedonist illogical narcissistic inspired populist 'truths' closer to their illogical thinking, and defend them much more vigorously than Judeo-Christians... do.... the one Truth, of the one God in existence?

It's comes and falls under various axis of evil as it has for time- eternal. This time, it is Christian devoid multi-culturalism, a violent and vulgar anti-Christ Marxism, just as deceitful, and more and widely popular than ever, and politically- correct granted rights and privileges for 'systemic' ill-treatment of political special interest groups, constantly propagandized onto youth from a last century Marxist- won 'academia'.

In typical Marxist anarchy, in all of this, we have evil's 'intended' results of gender against gender, generation against generation, intense hatred rejuvenated inspiration against real religion.. Judeo-Christianity, public Nazi-like train-wreck hypno- fascination and 'celebration' of perversities in the arts and sciences (Dr. Gunther von Hagens manages both with Body Works featured in a Bond movie) promotion of intergenerational sex and pedophilia (NAMBLA with many academic professorship support) but especially in 'public' sexual perversity, the center of all moral break-down.

Who cares about life, family, children or 'anything', for that matter when you can put pleasure the more decadent the better, first in your life and in your thoughts, as the godless tend to do?

'I want it all... I want it now.... and I will vote for anyone who 'promises me exactly that' and thinks like me... national late term abortion veto enabler, Obama, “No young couple should have to be faced with that !” (pregnancy) in an 'unsolicited' question or speech on abortion.

The Obama win was a lynch mob on morality itself, and the Christian blacks who voted for him on the basis of what, the winning team? the winning race?.. put the courage and faith of their Christian ancestors to shame as their narcissistic hedonist descendants played as so many useful idiots by evil.

There is yet a new derogatory stereotype of American blacks ... millions are free to embrace... apparently, against the backdrop of Hollywood reinforced, still simmering white hatred... recycled through black Hollywood icons such as a Spike Lee, and Samuel Jackson, and extortive, activist icons such as the Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons, the majority have done so... It is not the Truth or even the 'racial pride' of a false truth that sets anyone, or their! In reality, it hasn't, yet, in case no one has noticed and never will! Choice is a swinging door, until someone, empowered from something, locks it from the other side, after the people have been swayed into the cattle cars, and showers.

Homosexuality has raised itself, to having been esthetically (non- visibly, unless self- communicated) 'civil rights' violated...'raised itself' to attributes of child rearing, on the only 'distinct' basis of hedonist sexual perverse acts.

And it has only recently ingratiated itself with such virtues as monogamous relationships, and values centered around a perverse unnatural lifestyle to be spread around as a natural common 'truth' itself... that attacks Christianity with a vicious hateful energy, from within, and without.

Who would have thought that sexual perverse acts carried out in the shadows of shame or for the sake of the cool 'forbidden', had all these life-style attributes and great human secular 'character' attached to it.... ?

Who would have thought such 'flowers' could sprout from such 'tunnels' of, and in the slimy darkness then paraded down main street in the annual rose-bud pride parade to hi-light the whole, and inclusive extent of un-naturalist of lifestyles... again... of an otherwise invisible small minority?

Where is 'natural' no matter your faith or atheism, for a man's penis to go into another mans reservoir and one- way muscled portal for the excrement of feces.. of all things, that even animals don't transgress (despite homosexual propaganda that this is 'natural' in the animal world as well, and what else would the empty vessels for liberal establishment propaganda raise to 'worship' levels (i.e., climate and environmental doom) primarily through the tool of faux- sympathy, that we should have sympathy for even the inanimate, are the common electorate of 2012.

I don't deny there are homosexuals who enjoy this really perverse kind of activity. They move their 'parades' from city to city every summer. But, why should such activities...the 'orientation' of the “lifestyle” that separates and ingratiates a sector of society to have its own, look-the-other-way laws, special distinctive rights, or privileges?

... Not to mention, the 'reality' that they make-up a huge percentage of the charged and convicted numbers of pedophiles and obviously 'all' the pedophiles of boys.... for such a small element and percentage of the general population... who by the court dockets... continue to make their ways into positions of authority and respect with power over boys!

I digress, but there is such a modern capitulation into the homosexual perversion, since the advent of A.I.D.S and Hollywood sympathy for the now totally controlled disease that was always a disease that required choice and action by those infected and those infecting. And what is the reason for the ingratiating special child rearing attributes on a small group who not only 'couldn't- help- themselves' from such immoral disgusting actions of molesting young boys from babies to teens, but who couldn't also help-themselves from engaging in deadly sexual roulette, or doubly perverse addictions?

CBSs 'Sixty Minutes', alone did a number of exposes' over decades on the whole homosexual 'can't-help-themselves phenomenon though their motives were actually to drum up more and more sympathy, as if sympathy can legitimize perverse immorality aka sin.

Out of second chance mercy, Christ 'forgave' a newly reformed long-time adulterer about to be stoned to death...Even so, he didn't 'legitimize' her sin or anyone else's. Neither, did He give her the keys to a secular kingdom of sin, where she could turn around, abuse, marginalize, or chastise God, as participants in secular... judiciary and 'human rights'.. legalized sin do now.

The fact is the 'free' world has so 'imprisoned' itself into the secular humanist and blatant hedonist world of 2012, that the 'brakes' had to be put on, and they needed to be put on much sooner than later as the GOP would only put it off at least an extra four years longer, in claim of being the 'good' guys, and only choice of Judeo-Christians, but with no inclination or intention to be such at all in their big tent practices and policies to attain and hold power.

With the advent of the social media and Internet news, or the news media not being sole property of the liberal MSM to be disseminated at their sole pleasure... Judeo-Christians could monitor the overall movements of the GOP elite and their master public relations strategies, instead of waiting at whistle stops for custom polished speeches and sweet nothings.

The GOP loss is actually good news for the prisoners of the secular atheist won world to be freed.

Now is the time for this Judeo-Christian base to start their own united party and there are plenty of leaders in place who only need to 'unite' to do so.

Like the solidarity of Poland unification against the communist enemy, a much more insidious enemy from the same Marxist roots has captured the narcissistic desires with false 'dream' kingdoms, and killed the souls of the formerly free masses and forced them into banal and common Marxist, atheist, secularism.

It is a Marxist secularism that gets nations into great trouble, but allows for no alternatives to get them out of trouble... China has tried desperately to hold onto communism, while profiting from capitalism, which is more of a proletariat 'dictatorship' (than usual) over a true communism, where the proletariat may have shared a little of the peasant's pain. Look at China as the spider who welcomed the flies who would be attracted to feces were it salted with the always indifferent dollar... no different from North Korea, except that their dictator or son of dictator having squeezed the living crap out of its own people must now 'extort' western nations under nuclear threat like some bad Bond movie from the sixties.

This 'solidarity', already well placed, only waiting to happen consists of the one Judeo-Christian media outlet, almost at MSM heights, Worldnetdaily (WND).

It consists of nation recognized politicians like Alan Keyes, and awaits the defection to the 'good fight' of the likes of Rick Santorum, and defection of 'Catholic' Laura Ingraham (who I think will come around) out from the wilderness the GOP has cast itself into.

It also consists of the few 'good' North American Bishops (which exempts European loving Canada) still loyal to the Holy See, and aging but very powerful Christian leaders, Billy Graham and Doctor Dobson, who are already sorry they asked Christians to vote for the phony GOP out of pure desperation to throw out the hot Devil, but worse, put the simmering luke warm Devil back in power.

Are there any William F. Buckleys left, or did Socialism cow all modern intellectuals into never again speaking specifically on moralty ?!?

And you're not an intellectual if you don't ply morality or logic (actually owned by Christ the Truth) in your proclamations.

You're your own captain, with a crew of none sailing the S.S. (Short Sighted) Anarchy through the stormy seas of selfish hedonism, fueled on selective sympathic feelings, that turns on everyone eventually.... aka university professors.  

Oh last thing...... bite me!... all Human Rights anti-speech muslim and homo top heavy commysions! 

The 'Forrest of Trees' is getting thin and the sound is carrying a lot stronger through the blogisphere. We're here... get used to it. There is more than immorality that can't be turned back.. and our victories will be in polarization of your absolutes.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's To Be Patriotic About When Evil Is In Charge

And voted in charge by your next door neighbour with the election sign in his front yard, or the co-worker sitting in the next desk, at work.

If you recall the movie, the Nuremberg Trials, (Spencer Tracy), you would get an idea of what I'm writing about here.

Granted, it was a fictionalized account from real trials that actually made (the actual greater number) of German judges look better than they actually were, and granted Tracy was just another Hollywood hedonist/alcoholic/socialist who couldn't put two words together that weren't typed into a script passage, but it put forth some dramatic points of what should inspire true justice (and what is justice if it isn't true.... mercy therein, included, for Christian nations) that should be reflected on by any of today's activist judges.

What two of the three judges concluded (which you would actually credit the script writers with) was that no matter what excuses they put forth, i.e., following orders, for the good of the arian nation.... that these judges  as men were still ultimately responsible for their own actions and therefore guilty. I can't even remember anyone saying that in a long time.

You, see that's (one) element of 'patriotism', Hitler and his Nazis worshipers had going for them.... 'activist righteous judges'!

Hence, there was absolutely no reason that they should be left out of something like the Nuremberg Trials. Every civilized society including the U.S. as seen in their three levels of the U.S. governing body..... the executive, the legislature and the judiciary ultimately does rely on its judiciary to keep civilized society just.... more so than the other bodies who (in historical retrospect) have proven to be simply, elected 'populists'.... One word, Obama. But, of course all winners are populist.

Certainly, in modern times, the more unpopular Judeo-Christianity becomes and the more popular, hedonism becomes so goes the nation, so much so that immorality is a full time job for the liberal populist establishment to justify and to do so has to be done in the courts through the 'Nuremberg' Judges, in addition to legislation.

Outside of halucinizations and alien five commandments from Krypton, age old Judeo-Christian 'Constitutions' enshrine that judges can be 'just' and immune to political correctness, but only if a Constitution exists, is respected and applied.

Modern lawyers hardly being immune to great gobs of money and ambition themselves, who would think Nazi judges, former lawyers, themselves... no doubt also politically appointed early on in life for their party affiliations, to the apparent tune, (this part is true) that only 'one' judge, refused to buckle under the 'new way' of 'doing things' for the glory of the Fatherland. This one judge actually tried to battle the Nazis in Court... 'the legal way'... until he was forced to resign.

'Permanent' establishment conspired multi-partnered 'temporary' injunctions come to mind, for modern times in the free world. This too, was represented in the fictional movie by Richard Widmark the prosecutor, who, along with the judge are pressured by greater international 'establishments' and for the sake of political expediency, to let the Nuremberg Judges 'off the hook' of personally sending the better off Jews as it were, to the death camps, (and eventually, the guilty judges are released from prison from their 'life' sentences.)

Gee, who would have thought that a whole judiciary would be in the bag, usually in conspiring with politically 'party' attorney generals... like that could ever happen now, eh?

The current state of Canada is such that Canadian soldiers are fighting on foreign soil for simple regime change... granted lives are undoubtedly being saved, but for what, and for how long when the Western world supports the next woman and Christian murdering SOB from the pool of Islamic SOBs, that's all there is.

Which also reminds me about another parallel in this movie. Over a million Jews and Catholics are shipped into Germany to be exterminated, but just like our Western Muslims, who to this freak-in day claim not to know what happens in all their Islamic 'homelands'..of keepers of the faith, Germans didn't know people (women and children) were being, raped/ beaten/ tortured/ shot/gassed/skinned/scalped/de-teethed/incinerated.

Does anyone else not think something else is amiss with tying blind zombie baseless, patriotism, to a nation you might think, has more of an allegiance to Satan than God.

Canada's and the U.S's historic 'capital' of some things to be proud of, has long been spent, like shortly after the second world war when the liberal Marxists began to worm their way into the soul of our nations. I just read today on Worldnetdaily, where a number of States have drawn up petitions of at least 27,000....60k in the case of Texas for secession, primarily because they believe they have been 'had' and something wasn't right about this last election.

So now, they are working at making it a hate crime to believe homosexuality is a sin, never mind believe that homosexuals should be married or raising someone else's children. Abortion is still as legal as it ever was and more so than it ever was amongst WWII German citizens I'm sure.... and for any willy nilly reason from sex selection, future financial outlook, to plain old eugenics.

If you are going to be blindly and obnoxiously patriotic, get yourself an education on what your nation actually stands for.

Would you be patriotic to the point of say professing to die for, your multicultural neighborhood, your city, your province, your favorite entertainer, sports team? Then why die for your country run by political unscrupulous parties and politically correct judiciary, which has based and girded itself on the same principles of fleeting hedonistic 'populism' while loading up the Judeo-Christian cattle cars for the increasingly figurative popular death camps.

If it's about leadership, it's about morality Stupid!

And what the Hell, unites the United States if it is not common morality,
shitty music? sports teams? DVD television series? the knock out game?

I can assure you it won't be 'values' if you ask even your neighbour to define his values or what the State's values are, or the nation's!

One doesn't elect 'values' aka morality, one elects good or evil and in modern times all choices are often immoral and evil.

Not tax cuts, fickle-ized foreign-tempted absentee capitalism, even more socialism, union job destruction, and expensive Marxist union monopoly on public paid education.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Election Beginning of the Beginning or End of the End

It's the beginning of the beginning, or the end of the end, the choice is ours, as is the culpability.

God's will was done and it was done not to delay the Christian resurgence any longer (which is all the GOP efforts would have amounted to, had they won.

Logically, America won... not in the Obama win, but in the GOP loss

There was no Judeo-Christian point of reference and not even a leaning of a commitment to morality.

Truth entails things like sacrifice, humility, generosity, and what main stream party could possibly even comprehend these concepts, never mind, put in practice what they enshrine in polarization from good.

For the majority of voters it was a democracy of the great unwashed cake eaters, of pure Satan and secular U.S. at its absolute worse, as in, godless French or Russian revolution, as in, how could it possibly get any worse?

The only one left with a legitimate self smirk and shred of superiority, though fleeting it may ultimately be, depending on what 'we' do next..... is Satan... of the election of the dark days of 2012.

It was our leader, our race, our version of secularism, our side of narcissism, our hero political dream- team, against his-ins. It hi-lighted exclusively, that neither the electorate or the political parties held a monopoly on complete idiocy. One sentiment you never heard after this election was, 'the people have spoken.. and they must be right'.

Of course, when was that ever a truism? Never mind the (now) majority of Western hedonist secularists, if 'numbers were the thing' that ingratiated (if definitely not enlightened) the masses addicted to the opium of self- pleasure at any cost, and narcissism, onto the trail of the one Truth of the one Christ, then the communists and Muslims would have all the keys to the World and the Kingdom, wouldn't they?

Truly, the government of the only two participants the 'peoples' themselves even allowed was elected by the 'peoples' who wouldn't trust themselves with as much power as they granted political hacks of corrupt political parties.

The rallying cry could very well have been, Separation of Sate and Religion... and true, God had no part in any of it... He was definitely not called on...and not wanted among men and 'party' who claimed and unchallenged as His equal.

How has evil brought America to this point of a disgusting election of 2012, to mock God and celebrate evil on both sides of a Godless nation who now have everything in common except how to divide the take.

There is no portal, in the political, cultural, religious, governmental, or natural institution... that evil didn't perpetrate, fester and spread as a cancer on the whole body.

And no one was enamored with all that glitters and glistens than the parents and grandparents of today's youth.

And for all of the yester-years of wasted lives, who has suffered the most, but today's youth with no one to fight for them without ulterior motives, or defend them, but numerous secular havens would use them at every, and any opportunity.... not the 'least' being those most entrusted with them in spite of their parents the teachers unions of the secular schools of North America.

If you could forget anything else that the secular schools should require as mandatory reading, the one thing they should read.... that their parents and grandparents so worshiped... it would be the Satanic Roosts of Rock and Roll by Donald Phau.

Anything that bad, with that much detail, with that in depth evil string of persistent commonality, couldn't possibly be 'made- up'... It could have been just as suitably named Generations... Possessed.

It is 'owed' to today's youth why the streets aren't safe, why no one is going to Church especially Catholic educators, why the current Catholic hierarchy is doing nothing to defend itself never mind Catholic children against governments, special interests, and activist judiciaries, why they have only one parent, or no parents, why there are currently more women employed than the traditional family wage earner, why they have effectively, no parent at home, why mom, pop or both suddenly went faddishly gay, why the family blew up, and left them on their own with nary a job insight after years of schooling and debt, and why no one has a legitimate sympathy for the mutilated babies at the hands of their own, 'liberated' mothers. What could be more 'liberating' than a right to kill one's own, the only area in the entire evil world where absolute liberty apparently does exist, of course 'most' would never have an abortion on their own, but guess what, millions do, in self and public celebration...while yet, thousands if not millions.... are forced to have abortions.

Beyond that, the Marxists have been in North America longer than any person still alive that could remember their nefarious head smashing entry...or the family source of income the labour market, and the unions, they bred, incubated, and raised of the ugly, and initial highly selective 'brotherhood', with the expensive tastes for only the most well healed worker sectors to begin with.

The rich who could better fit a camel through the eye of a needle than enter heaven acted on their own 'home- made' temptation on the justification, on how far 'they' themselves let the Marxist unions out grow their own insatiable appetites for money and power, to where unions couldn't afford the costs of other 'brotherhoods'.

The 'rich' outsourced, and 'part-timed' the full time jobs to labour pimps and communist nations and others, and instead of even going half way with the wages, (where they had to hire domestic, better said, new immigrant in the service industry, increasingly cornered by the international SEIU) by a majority..... cut wages to minimum.

Yet, 'both' sides promised 'prosperity' to everyone either in never ending debt, or in 'investing' non-existent capital by some mystery flag-draped mass, if they just voted for the party of the lower classes or the upper classes.... (parties that in truth cared about nothing or no one, other than their own power and wealth, that both could rape out of the 'same' secular liberal Frankenstein establishment, tempted onto an obviously weak nation, in the name of what is best for them.

Amazingly, (or maybe not so much) while family wages are bottoming out, North American 'family- homes' have been sky-rocketing by investors with the true 'American dream' of screw everyone else, who have replaced the domestic stock market with gold, and the family home.

Look, people may not want to face reality, including the reality of the fruits of the effects of the super natural, especially, if they are personally having a grand time, while everyone else around them, personally, or publicly, has fallen to the side, but I 'dare' any person or group to come forward and honestly and intellectually point out 'any' national institution, culture or religion, that has not been consistently attacked by Satan, if not capitulated to evil itself, exactly such as main-stream political parties, their cheer leaders and bag-men, to the point that should be awful self-embarrassment to admit it not brag of the 'winning' team.

Considering how poisoned all these societal groups are, we now have to sadly rely on our youth, (for all the garbage, the bad hands we dealt them..and bad examples we set for them), to be our only hope for a Christian revival on all these fronts. They need to be led by Christ, Himself, as no one else dares pick up the gauntlet in His name and sadly lately, that even entails the Vatican or at least the Vatican's control over its own hierarchy in the western world.

So be it, and let the youth do it themselves in rebellion to evil (this time) and from Christ's own words.. no one's Marxist or ultimate pacifist interpretation or foot note needed. Christ called the children to Himself and I don't believe He needs any help in this regard. Let the youth change the world to a better place for their children whereas they will see how short life really is without hastening death any sooner.

How can you have a Church of no absolutes from a God who only preached absolutes!

He proclaimed the solid and logical Truth.. that no one has come up with anything 'better', because they can't, not they wouldn't love to.

Though the Canadian Bishops would seem to differ, He didn't say  "forget everything I just told you, if your conscience or your better judgment disagrees with me" and smoke em if you got em and kill your babies if you're going to have them.   

Logically, from what we can see of the 'liberal values' of a godless 'free society' in its full glory into accelerating deterioration, what envelopes are left to push, except self- possessed anarchy of the newest cool fad.... zombies and sexualized vampires from hell?

And why not?.. Homosexuality put forth an obvious unnatural marital revolution that could do nothing, but sexualize the family by any definition to anyone, and sexualize children, directly or indirectly promoting inter-generational sex, itself. The world has become all out obsessed with sex and feels a need to push that on children and the younger the more perversely satisfying to adults.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey, Drudge! Romney Is No Social Conservative!

(look, I know Christians are as fed up with Obama as I am, BUT, to be  intellectually honest at the least, it is arguably an excellent point as to which evil is truly the 'lesser' when one of them claims to be your friend, to speak for you, ........ to represent you!  (as does the GOP for Judeo-Christians)

....all but 'Enshrining' the status quo!! ...

Not to mention, eliminating discussion in claim of the official and only legitimate opposition to the Democrats..with the talking point of 'What choice do you have?'

If Romney and the stuck- on dead guy Reagan GOP all with closet pro abortion first ladies was ever to do anything for Christians who are for children babies and families not themselves as the GOP libertarians, I would be the first to crawl on my knees through Washington to beg their forgiveness, and there is nothing that would make me so happy to do so. But based on the GOP actual history, or nothing of all the good talk their Reaganite celebrities espouse between elections... I won't be applying for a passport any time soon!!

The Truth is very simple and doesn't need modern footnote theologians from the MSM, or any 'academia', theories or strategies, and it is rewarded in faith... 'In God We Trust'... not humans, even our own judgment at unguarded times, so hardly, have 'faith' in politicians their parties or their political dead heroes)

Dear Matt Drudge,

You're wearing your fashionable, but empty hat too tight!

Matt Drudge ran a purposeful, deceiving link to a Green Bay Catholic Bishop article for a number of days, (much longer than his usual link runs) during the past number of days starting.. only two weeks before this 2012 election.

The article is about the Catholic Bishop communicating to his diocese that voting for a pro-abortion party or candidate could put one's soul in jeopardy. No shit, Bishop.. I mean we'd hate for you (about the only Bishop, give him that) to what(?) 'step out on a limb!', in totally corrupt and evil North America, state anything, that even means anything, to anyone.... never mind, the logical humble Truth.

But, the real problem with this Drudge manipulated link, 'warning' is that the anonymous writer of the actual article (no doubt a GOP last minute strategist) then writes that Romney is known for being a pro-life social conservative.... Yeah, and my real name is Rush Limbaugh..

Well, to the mystery reporter, all social conservatives are prolife...duh, the first flag about this b.s. article, and the 'obvious' of course, is that, not only is Romney not pro-life or a social conservative, neither, has the GOP ever made a modern historic 'step' in that direction, even under Reagan.

And that's that, for all the good 'talk', for the good 'fight', of all the radio Reaganites put together! I mean look out U.S. military... after how quick they turn their backs exclusively for the GOP leadership!

In fact, the homosexual agenda activists have garnered more GOP and Reaganite, attention than Judeo-Christians.

Certainly by example, in choosing an all Reaganite celebrity, loved V.P. Cheney with a publicity hound, family... loaded with homosexual activists under Bush as a second 'trial' after the Dole trial balloon was shot down in flames.

There is no move, or surprise, including those nefarious clandestine ones, like when the GOP and their Reaganite media water boys, 'fix' who is going to be 'elected' their candidate before the campaigns even begin.

Though not as liked as the Democrats, and proven, to be no more inspired to do the good of the people, the GOP are by far, smarter, and nothing they do, is not painfully thought out and scripted, short term and... fourth and long, or for two minute warnings.

Reagan's only Supreme Court pick and the Cheney family should have been a harbinger for the great switch they have been working on for years, to go from Judeo-Christians... to the more leftist established politically- correct arena, in reality.

Ask yourself, why did the GOP, the Reaganites and Drudge go to great lengths to destroy a social conservative in the campaign and his family to boot, if Romney was a social conservative, himself, something he would deny if if asked this very minute on a public stage.. quicker than B.M. Stephen Harper.

But, will not deny, one week before the election as post- linked by Matt Drudge, that this was a mistake on Drudge's part, and that he is not a social conservative!

On a side note, at least, on the Canadian Talk Show beat, I can't get over the pure hatred callers have for Christians these days, that they have never harbored during my youthful years, but when you look at the likes of the 'entertainment' the post war spoiled generation was raised on like acid trance-beat, Satanic Rock, to Gangstra, and look at the teachers and egocentric, professors, who taught them including the anti-only Catholicism there is, 'Catholic' Teacher's unions, who certainly do not attend weekend Mass in any kind of numbers, and even less, do go their students....why would I be surprised.

I was listening to a Simon and Garfunkel C.D. today and these guys were number one, with everyone at the time, in folk and pop, and I was thinking could you see today's dark youth and certainly these dark Christian hater fanatics whistling, Slow Down You Move Too Fast down main street or 'any' of their songs for that matter?

So who turned off all the lights on smiling faces, darkened all the souls of today, and put the rush-on, to turn 8 year olds into 18 teen year olds? It certainly was not Christ, or a Judeo Christian Father... whose Gospel has had to defend itself a lot longer than any new ideology or fad of these more common spiteful Canadians developed only over the last few decades.

Don't encourage old evil. Start up a new party with a new life and a new cultural change from 'mostly' the enchanted evil jaws of, 'entertainment' and modern television shows, that have no envelopes left to push over innocence... but in 'obvious' reality, has the market cornered on our children's attention.

Turn off their electronics and pull them out of union shop schools... and perverted notions of socialization, including government mandated(?) idea... of ordered socialization.

The Christian hater (now) majority atheists, deserve no say in how your children should be raised, though they believe themselves to be, as one, with some kind of perverse State truth, and legitimate authority...that politically correct politicians like Romney, Obama, Harper and McGuinty empower themselves with, only to 'serve' a relative few years in office! And only on the latest wave of populism, no matter how they only modernly trespass into God's domain pass Caesar's.

It would be nice to see some 'Christian courage' just for once, and some of that Holy anger, even Christ, Himself, had to use, on more than one occasion for that matter, and for 'less', if you are being honest with yourself.

Like rebuilding 'better' after hurricane Sandy maybe the constantly disappointing GOP needs to rebuild after losing again.

It has no credibility left the way it stands!

Paul Gordon

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Newest Liberal Fad Sung To Wooly Bully...

Newest Liberal Fad, Every Thing's Coming Up 'Bully'

Bully Bully Sung to Wooly Bully

Uno, dos,
one, two, tres, quatro,

Batty told Tatty no Lord's Prayer allowed,
We hate Christians, shout it out loud
Bully bully, bully bully
Bully bully, bully bully

Tatty told Batty well let's take no chance
We'll call them the bullies, that's the new rant
They didn't agree with us, so we called them hateful
Now, we have something else they can mull

We'll call them bullies, I can see it now,
No phobes allowed! Christ a bully, Christ a bully...
Bully bully, bully bully.

Batty told Tatty, that's the thing to do
Report their activities, watch their homilies too
Bully bully, bully bully,
Bully bully, bully bully, bully bully.

It's only free speech when the all party Marxist liberal Marxist establishment says it is.

Liberals should try Truth for a change, they wouldn't have to re- justify themselves every year or lately every month... with the newest fad and talking point.

Their latest ploy is no bullying aloud. And gosh darn, wasn't Jesus just the biggest bully around.

Yes, He trashed 'evil' every chance he got not 'celebrate' it with the likes of the puke young children look up to in the entertainment and sports fields of 2012.

Or, the evil in all the main stream party political leaders of the one liberal establishment who continue on as if nothing happened when they are totally exposed for the immoral liars and cheaters they are.

And their sordid personal lives of course have no bearing on their moral and ethical leadership in fact it makes them kind of cool, like Clinton, leader of the whole pack.

Christ said there was no greater love than to lay one's life down for another presumably against it (evil)... the bully!

He said there was no greater punishment than that which awaits those who harm the little ones.. What a bully against the immoral, to dare have such strong morals not to fold like a deck of cards before and in awe of the sheer power of the liberal establishment.

And if there is one thing Christ would have especially chased out of His Father's House, it's the modern money changers of the day, those politically correct atheists and pretend Christians who permeate every where and destroy the Church and Catholic education from within.

Which reminds me I was shocked to see Drudge Report link an item to a Green Bay Bishop communicating to his laity that to vote for an abortion party could be putting their soul in order.

Then I read on why Drudge linked this particular item which would automatically exclude the GOP along with the Democrats.

Who ever wrote the article, labeled Romney a pro-life social conservative, ha ha ha ha good one Drudge..

How much has Romney and the Reaganites paid you since your link crusade to destroy Christian politicians and pump up Romney.

As rich as all these Reganite celebrities are, who all talk like they're just as common a folk as the Marxists do, there has to be some great pot of gold that awaits them all.. at the end of the GOP rainbow...such that it is worth selling their souls on all the moral issues the GOP has never addressed and totally ignored..... but that's okay now.... Romney is a social conservative according to Drudge Report the GOP propaganda website.

Paul Gordon

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sixteen Tons of Government & Teacher Unionism B.S.

Sixteen Tons of Government And Teacher Unionism B.S.

Most teachers believe a parent's head is a dud

Parent's kid's souls are to be nipped in the bud

Tussle and strike, work to rule all day long

A mind that's weak and a soul that's gone

Seventeen years of school, what have you left to show

A kid that hates you, and no job, for him to go

Stick it to their union where the sun don't shine

St. atheist don't you call me cuz, Christ, I can't fool

I owe my family's souls to the government school

I was born one morning... in debt at the time

I've worked ever since... can't say any thing's mine

Politicians.. unions, tons of steaming bull

Atheists straw gods...don't know spirit or soul

After schoolin's done, all your taxes have bought

A kid that hates you, but wants all that you've got

Political 'leaders', where'd you go, you big A-holes,

A pox on our families.... for the votes, that you stole

They were born one morning it was drizzling rain

Extortion with your kids is their middle name

They embraced Marxism and did more than fine

Learned all the tricks, “For the Kids”, was their line

If you see them coming, better step aside

All that keeps them shouting, is un-earned self- pride

One hand in your pocket, the other a- knifin your back

Political correctness is all kids, have in their pack


Unfortunately, like the laity has to be the courage for the Ontario Catholic Bishops of no vocation who don't do anything, but say, “Yes, Caesar, how high do you want us to jump this time?” in exchange for you to have the headache to 'educate' Catholic children ... it is also up to parents to pick up the fumbled ball between the liberal Marxist government and the Marxist teachers union, that supposedly 'good' teachers.... refuse to kick out or replace.

Whereas the government won't 'lock- out' teachers who are now even refusing to do their complete 'union-job' in regards to report cards, because McGuinty didn't give them 'enough' money (all on the backs of future generations.. anyway) parents should lock the greedy bastards out, by pulling their kids out of a sick education system that's in obvious need of huge reform, and that now has little to offer students in the way of ohh... 'anything', except a place to waste the day away while parents work to pay for all the taxes to keep the kids wasting the day away...but away from home.

Adding, the fact, there isn't a work force that awaits grads. anyway, due to government and union job destroying efforts, there couldn't be a better time for educational 'real' reform.

Whereas, the liberal atheists continually lessen parental choices, as seen lately in the form of again attempting to remove public funding for Catholic schools through the courts (which I actually agree with, but for the totally different reason, that Catholic Bishops let the same atheists and Marxists and government now 'run' the Catholic schools the same as public schools, while retaining the Catholic letter-head, but that aside...)

Whereas, the liberal atheists were eventually successful in Newfoundland and Quebec of lessening school choice... by less than a choice of 'two', of taxpayer funded education systems and whereas the 'minority' of taxpayer liberal atheists' demand that religious families taxes are not allowed to go to religious based schools... I say, who died and let atheists force their atheist 'religion', on all.

What all Christian and other religious parents ought to do, but of course, won't.... is pull their kids out, of the politically correct, atheist propaganda schools, and miss a year of school....(like it would be a big deal to lose 'one' year, in the 'rat- race of youthful education' (?), just to get to no where first, in one's 'only' life-time, except maybe their parent's basement,) of this, self-entrapment new Frankenstein, establishment, SNAFU of an education system, locked up tighter than the oil industry, but only on the betting assurance, parents will never, ever take it upon themselves, do a damn thing about it.

But if parents, and high school students, did surprise everyone and, 'logically' in a 'free' country, helloooo.....did take it upon themselves, they could 'easily' demand and be 'returned' nothing less, than, 'more choice', through equally alloted government education VOUCHERS, that each child or teen would carry with them, to go to the public, or private school of their's, or their parents choosing!

How do you think these, all- talk, Marxist liberals ever became the establishment, but through civil disobedience in the work place and hallowed halls of academia, and often, not by any peaceful Christian means, but, like good Marxists, by 'any' means to meet their end of owning the establishment and controlling 'all' aspects of society...where the only true freedom for the masses is the right to kill their own.

This would have nothing but positive and progressive benefits such as breaking up quite a few 'teacher union joint ventures' freaking- hoo... less expensive bomb- shelter grade marble and glass brick lined block, new school construction, whose mechanical systems alone, dip into the millions, one could buy a thousand used portables with... and competition of good schools for those vouchers based on what that school and it's teachers stand for.

But, of course best of all, politicians and unions could not bully their social agendas put forth as truth in 'education' onto all children, none of which, are theirs, for a few votes from special interest groups all vying for the minds, hearts and souls of 'our' children.... Forget that!

Paul Gordon

Monday, October 22, 2012

When Unbridled Capitalism Meets Unfettered Unions

But, We Don't Need No Stinkin Christianity... As Both Would Have It

Just using 2012 (as in, liberal establishment, 'C'mon, get with it! We're not in the dark ages anymore, 2012) as an objective indicator, and historical 'fact check' can see why Christ told an otherwise, moral, rich man, why he would be denying himself from entering heaven, for cherishing his earthly riches.

Or, on the flip-side, as to why Christ never told anyone to form unions, especially for simply being slothful, or to demand, or financially, or violently, or to use children to extort 'more' from the rich or from governments already imposing debts on those not even born, yet.

Yes, socialism is the worse of both worlds, but can unbridled capitalism that far behind when it actually comes to the one evil against the one Truth?

Both sides, have tied themselves into one tight knot that only Truth could unravel and we are all reminded constantly by the media as to what the liberal establishment thinks of Christ.

Here are the factors that have contributed to this modern mess.

1) unions out-priced their labour through steroid leaps of extortion, that industry could no longer afford to pass those labour costs, onto consumers of the private sector or consumers of government services, particularly, teaching, law enforcement, and medical sectors.

2) the government cowered to Marxist unions since their bully encroachment onto the free world market and political system, ( in democracies where the 'worker' electorate always had the power in sheer numbers to elect sensible and fair labour laws over attacking the richest industries alone) and gave them the 'edge up' on any past present and future dealings with the private sector or government itself.

For instance strict stacked rules against employers running 'any' interference in unions coming in or going out for that matter who could do basically what ever they felt a ways to an end to get their way.

3) Godless fiscal conservatives looked for any allies they could and 'used' them to shore up their only true base and only friend, wealthy business people, and money traders to bring in 'Free Trade' in North America under President Ronald Reagan for the GOP and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for the Canadian Conservative party.

Free Trade, was good for both domestic consumers, stock traders, investors and fiscal conservative party donors, but it was a terrible blow to unions meaning 'jobs' of any sort, to those who let/voted in unions to worm their way into representing their highly localized best interests.

Without, these domestic jobs, the government was forced to raise taxes on the remaining private sector economy pie, or in the case of Ontario, or California for instance, tag team higher taxes and user fees and borrow money on future generations, primarily to.....well... as with any political party, primarily simply to stay 'in power' ...... while making the biggest voting blocks the least angry as long as they can, or until they make their leader resign and their party is thrown out to make room for the same politics with a different name.

4) Throw in a complete communist slave labour, born- again- capitalist thousand mile- an -hour 'curve ball' no consumer, (nationalist, patriot unionist or otherwise) can ever resist from the same human condition that brings the greed of unions to power and taketh away again to the indifferent but worshiped dollar and the disaster is doubled.

5) The governments are forced to become spend- thrift for the first time since world war II and start looking for pimp labour, the same as the private sector at Ontario minimum wage, or $10.50/ hour,.. most often at part-time hours only with no benefits and no holidays, but two jobs required to reach poverty.

6) The private sector jumps on the same austerity wagon and presto no more middle- class paid jobs never mind high union paying jobs ... and the private sector waits on the government unions to soon jump in the same pool whose new waters are not so fine.

7) The politically motivated push to bring in more immigrants to do the minimum paying jobs is now more of a must than it ever was, as a liberal establishment vote election strategy.

I worked for a high-end American owned stock- listed retirement home, Sunrise Senior Living in Markham Toronto, Ontario, whose fees started at 5K and could easily go to 10 or 12 per month per single. The American international service union SEIU represented the minimum paid labour, (actually less, when they paid out their dues) of mostly third world immigrants (as the only ones who could live in Toronto on those wages by taking part-time jobs on top of their full-time jobs and other mystery means known only to themselves).

The union was so pumped with the power of the expensive petty grievance, and the corporation so consumed with avoiding the costs of those petty grievances in the shape of hits on their share-holder dividend bottom- line that the unions in effect did 'run' the mult- million dollar corporation 'branch shop' ostensibly, put forth as a modest mom and pop retirement/nursing home with a 'caring' home- like atmosphere that a enjoyed a coincidental security savings cost (as in what 'home' would have cameras, though a nanny- camera in one of their American branches led to an epic Drudgreport link) to the corporation............ but was a 'factor' that contributed to two residents being all but frozen to death just outside the home's doors with no one the wiser for night hours on end that came inches from being a MSM headline with a government inquiry!

So seniors, many with Alzheimers and dementia, and their wealthy families were paying over a 100k a year, in some cases for a building with a front facade nice enough, but whose many direct care givers were mostly recent immigrants, from foreign cultures, backed by an American based international union owned by American stock-holders, in an Ontario union favoured government and earning less money than the housekeepers, because there were only three of them, and about as much as McDonald's workers who I'm sure would be more energetic and care more.

(Last year, I did report it to both the Ontario government long term health care minister and the official opposition critic, with no response as of yet, 'who take 'every' LTHC complaint seriously” But, this is a perfect example of godless capitalism and godless socialism get along in the same building never mind the nation, where the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Unions, the capitalists and the Marxist union meet...about as well in general hospitals that have those special rooms for killing babies and seniors)

But we don't need no stinkin Christianity

8) So with the downward world, and American stock market economic trends, (like they're going to go up when only governments, and government jobs are expanding with taxes going up and wages going down?) investors have turned to the 'family home' and real estate agents for financial gain and to trade through buying and selling like stocks.

This ought to end up being the big disaster it was in the States, when the average family home costs 400k in Canada and the private sector greater worker population wages, are now 10.50 per hour, (going by the government's own 'jobbank' that so helped create this situation). And those investors who know that day of reckoning is coming bring the price of gold ever closer towards 2k and ounce.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity and there is no Truth except what the capitalists hold and the Marxists hold dear and have to 'shout- out' as the only way to further on lies.

And this is the North American base that the Canadian conservatives and the American GOP embrace and neither have a clear path to correct that they can't take a chance off the politically correct path because they have that same greed and lust for power as parties that human nature trumps in consumers.

And they will sacrifice babies lives, children's innocence and now family jobs and homes for.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christians Lost It...But Not Completely Out

Which Is Truth.. Competing Billions of World Challengers or Christ?

Pope John Paul II was right. It is up to the laity to step up and save the Church as the secular world only understands numbers and populism. They work to destroy all others.

The laity may not be 'experts' on ancient Judeo-Christian times but they know the same Christ the Truth and tired cowardice when they see it.

Back in the late 50's, when I was around five years old, my brothers and sisters walked me through an evening snowfall to a Christian Christmas service or concert. It was a hefty walk for a five year old but all walks were in those days.

I'm not sure which it was, service, or concert or maybe even both, for I had never been in a Church up to that point (and not again, until my mother passed away at the young age of thirty two).

For me, up until that tender age Christmas was just about the colorful lights, Christmas trees, presents, treats and the mysterious jolly bearded St. Nick, and I wouldn't know what the Saint part of him was all about.

There were even few, if any, Christmas cartoon or animated specials and even fewer television channels so there wasn't a lot of 'artificial' excitement through the entertainment media either.

So maybe that, along with the fact, that it was not that long after world war II, and so people were still in celebratory semi- peace time mode with such a great victory over the very real Axis of Evil...the economy was rolling along, it was totally, a slower pace...most moms were stay at home moms, 'all' kids in the neighborhood had a mom and a dad and no doubt among other things at the time..

...But all probably contributed to the mood in this Christian Church, which I would liken to what would be a proud joyous black Gospel celebration, and it made my first impression of the only important aspect of Christmas quite a special one, that it is one of those few comfort memories one never forgets and most from his tender age. My first understanding of the Holy Family was quite a robust joyous one and a wondrous one no doubt with Silent Night, or Away In A Manger.

My next fascination with the Christ was more distinct as I was a little older, and sick, at home from school one day, snuggled up on the couch with my mom, watching a black and white afternoon beautiful fiction movie, called the Miracle of Marcellino about a young boy abandoned at a Franciscan Monastery who encounters Christ in a most unusual and loving way... no doubt, ( though literally impossible for a public school boy these days) much like, in the dreams of all innocent young Christian boys, that they could be so dearly loved by a man-God pounded to a pulp, nailed on a cross and crowned humbly with a glorious ring of thorns.

As an adult the most important aspects of my life didn't go by without the humble Man on the Cross close at marriage... the baptisms of all my children, my father's funeral a lost sheep who three priests took time to bring back home.

There were other special moments I privately enjoyed such as John Paul II's moving Toronto World Youth Day which is the only event that ever kept the Toronto liberal establishment media..speechless.

And who could listen to Andrea Bocelli's tribute album to the Blessed Virgin and possibly still have a hate for her, her Son or anyone?

But, every practicing Christian and some who are not all have their special memories and own little miracles that revolved around Christ and their faith at the time whether they continued or expanded the relationship or not.

Yet, today, it's as if we fell into some black hole of atheist secularism that falls all over itself to outdo it's disdain and marginalization for Christianity that has actually recently evolved into 'celebrated hate' for Christianity.

It wasn't  that surprising to have Canada's number one talk show host, Mike Stafford, of the most spoiled generation in Canadian history on AM 640 complaing of his hate in his best grown-up  whiny voice for all religion, particualarily Christianity, by name, but it was surprising to have his producer or station marketer use that sound bite as a pitch to listen to tune in to his show.

I see Stafford has learned well of the propaganda of the secualar liberal establishment's no longer couched.... particular hate for Christianity.

So what did the humble loving Christ...the only truly logical and only defendable Truth that has ever existed who shows a clear path as He possible can in logic, Divine granted choice, and faith for all, to come to His loving arms do, that He is held in such contempt by the secular liberal establishment to marginalize Him to the bottom of all World religions?

As historically usual, and leading to His Crucifixion, He did nothing, but Be the Truth that stands in the way of their secular hedonist and narcissistic desires. The socialists can't have a Truth that says they can't take what they want and through extortion or violence if necessary for the 'right end'.

The capitalists can't have a Truth that says they 'should give' or that they should have any morals when it comes to business, politics, or law for that matter.

Neither, can they stand the glare of the mirror of Truth that shows their ugliness for what it truly is and that they know can not stand for being kind and true to only their exclusive benefit and to the detriment of all others.

They don't want to sacrifice for good, they want to control the world, whose in it, even what they are to think and believe, to make their World right to make their World...legitimate.

And they all do from the most ignorant, to the most intelligent. They all have the same story that clashes with everyone else and makes allotment for none. And as they trash and marginalize Christ and our belief and faith in Him, they elevate their mindless entertainment and heroes to God-like status.

Look at their teen absolutely 'worshiped' pagan anti-Christian gods in acid rock, rap, gangstra, Louise Ciccone, on and on and on alone, never mind, the firmly entrenched liberal establishment of blind death-cultured politics, activist law, media, and broad Marxist- cancer-ed academia, with no freedoms beyond all of the one liberal establishment company line.

Only liberals in the their constant battle with good can elevate evil to good, ugly to beautiful, garbage to art, propaganda to literature, idiocy to logic, surreal to reality, and be so intent and determined to destroy innocence that the young may never experience or know anything but the World they try so emphatically to control while, claiming any morality as the 'theocracy' they are in atheistism that has no answers to anything, let alone answers to the results, they have accomplished and leave hemorrhaging around the world.

Little Mother Theresa told the whole western 'morally free' world where their true poverty lied and they all applauded because I believe they truly did understand, but they also knew they could just not help themselves like an alcoholic knows he is going to drink again, much sooner than later, and damn 'everyone' else who suffers, because that's just the way it is.

The only trouble is that these alcoholics are getting more self-destructive and abusive, with every single envelope pushing, daring day, especially, to Christians and true Christians from any Church need to show their presence and especially their numbers because that is all that counts to establishments...luke warm....or evil. Let's not ingratiate Karl Marx any longer as a profit of Satan when he proclaimed Christianity courage is like spit-little. As hard as it is to call good Christian doctrine sterile... without mention of this blatant Christian hatred acceleration of the day, modern Catholic homilies can often become lullabies which may be part of the whole reason attendance has decreased over the years.

All aspects of western society in this liberal establishment are against us.

If you require examples just listen to our nouveau 'conservative' friends in number one national talk-shows and only then consider what our enemies think of us, or read the newspapers where all Canadian commentator roads lead back to Ryerson School of Journalism of proud and popular male prostitute professors championing man/boy relationships....

And how can we possibly ignore anti-Catholic Marxist Union teachers who lay authoritative claim to the very title, 'Catholic' as with the Catholic administrations and elected Catholic Trustees who don't attend weekend Mass and not so mysteriously neither do their students.

And I don't care if the Vatican allows for unionized garbage collectors, or if South America celebrates it's revolutionary Catholics. Christ was no revolutionary, except of Truth, nor, would he be found on any picket line anywhere... He is the Truth hardly of any world ideology who only love Him as long as they can use Him and even the capitalists in the GOP have dumped him for greener fields in the homosexual activist circus.

People will flock to the House of Truth, however it is put forth, (and certainly it cannot be put forth with any Marxist socialist undertones), and only dribble in to the House of Mush and the Catholic Church of Canada for one really has me shaking my head as well as some Vatican officials who also seem to tired or too busy to care about young children, highly impressionable teens, or anyone else.

It is time for someone whose actual vocation, or job it is to set a D day for Christians to go on the peaceful but very powerful march for their love, faith and trust for Christ.

I believe the States are having a public Christian witness before their election day, but it should hardly be just about throwing out Obama,

It should be about, we take all your abuse, and lies every year and that's just our friends, No one gets our mark, (heart mind and soul that thousands were martyred for less) but Christ anymore.

The martyred, such as in For Greater Glory did not give their lives only in faith, but for the Christ they truly 'knew' that we know of, and who can be sought through pure logic, as the Truth that owns 'logic' and aside from seeking His love.

And they won't get our vote, until they can satisfy us that they are with us, or against us.

Caesar has entered and attacked God's very domain not satisfied with just taxes.

The separation of state and religion is only true now, in that they are enemies, there is no fence in logic or Truth. And what has any government possibly have to offer for four years or a thousand years, that ever trumps Truth whose cloak opens to the lives of babies, children's innocence, and the lives of the infirmed and elderly?

If you have no fire for love, you have no fire for are the dead who continually bury the dead.

Do we not owe Christ anything for all He has done for us? Are we just too bad of a sinner to feel worthy or worse, to not want to 'feel' embarrassed?

We're of course, all equal in sin, but none of us were born activists and celebrities publicly proselytizing for evil under any freedom that at the same time diminishes Truth, and that is getting alarmingly closer to giving no one else a chance for a humble relationship with Christ the Truth, in their most loving precious gift of Divine granted choice, the state can never allot, forgive, or control.

Paul Gordon