Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Legal Day Is A Pedophile Suddenly An Upstanding Homosexual?

Hands up, for anyone who was ever comfortable with Canada's old (only changed in 2008) age of consent law set at an age that used to be the age preteens used to only learn about sex and biggest social concern  was frosh day entering high school.

Well, Canada's idea of conservatism wasn't even totally comfortable with changing the archaic asinine law as
it was, (no one should ever vote a lawyer into political office)

They had to throw in the caveat that adults within five years of age, less a day, and mutually consenting including coerced into consenting one could safely assume, could bugger away.

Hey there's only wrong or right, except in deadly political correctness.

There is an urban legend that there used to be laws called contributing to child delinquency.

Of course, there used to be laws against the unnatural and unhealthy acts of buggery and society used to generally frown on people hormonally and emotionally out of control and contractors of venereal disease.  Society did not make victims of their own doing, tax paid for, front of the line, sympathized hero-isc wards of the state.

Other venereal diseases use to render the sexually carefree and liberated insane, and/or dead eventually, but liberals only really touched their inner sympathetic selves when their talented heroes and homo infiltrated medias and activists made everyone elses world their water cooler and ad nauseum to today and tomorrow.

Workplaces and schools that long used to be workplaces and schools are politically brow-beaten into inviting leftist established politically correct boards of health, reps. (that haven't been right about much of anything so far), to tell them how safe and enjoyable anal sex can be and how harmless V.D. really is to be running rampant through your place of work or union propagandized and tax funded  institution of  education, aka, society in general.

I know. I was forced to sit through one such session where we were told it was easy for 'everyone' to catch AIDS, that buggery was just a natural function everyone was doing, and that society and individuals should have no opinion on any kind of sexual lifestyle.

I digress from my heading.

So on what day in a victim's life is it a legal celebration of a pedophile being morphed into a butterfly, of an upstanding prideful parade demonstrating homosexual citizen? ..Like, when a 19 year old can still bugger a 14 year old, or a 40, 50 or 60 year old can bugger a 16 year old, again, recently could have buggered a 14 year old, and a law liberals were quite happy with, (including Mulroney's socially liberal styled conservatives who also saw to the end of Canada's abortion laws through no contest aka political will).

If the supposed 'harshness' of the law is already cushioned with this 5 year range of age caveat crap, why isn't the age set higher than 16 to do what it supposedly was needed for and  intended for in the first place? That is, to make it illegal for adult predators to coerce and trap younger and younger children into providing for their sexual gratification.

Of course, in Canada, the predator and pedophile crime itself  and corresponding punishment are indicative of how serious the political and justice fields take the crime. Pedophiles are given witness protection benefits, with the full weight of the law, and released into supposed child- free neighborhoods in the liberal fantasy worlds.

Why is an organization, NAMBLA whose driving force and reason for being, is to promote and lobby for younger age of consent laws, (even when the age was 14) given any credibility, societal courtesy, or charitable status no doubt, at all?

Paul Gordon