Friday, July 17, 2009

Bataan Death March/ Women's Reproductive Rights

Bataan Death March/ Women’s Reproductive Rights

In a relatively recently released DVD, The Great Raid, there is a stunning scene during an interview with an actual participant soldier of the infamous Bataan Death March.

It is stunning in that the one horrible memory, of many horrible scenes this man of honour and bravery witnessed and mercilessly had to endure, that made him fail to hold back emotion and tears was seeing how the Japanese occupiers treated the Philippine people.

In particular, Philippine small and helpless babies.

Apparently, Japanese soldiers of this heinous era were not even to be considered as real soldiers until they could prove they had totally bought into the politically correct brain washing that all enemy peoples, Asian or otherwise, were less than human and to be treated and discarded as such.

The way to prove this to the Japanese Imperial Army if not the nation, was to kill one or more women and one or more child(ren) of the Philippino people- (in this case).... unflinchingly.

What this soldier witnessed, is that along the route not meant for anyone to complete alive..there were Philippino women with babies who would try and discretely slip and toss small amounts of food bites wrapped in leaves to the unfed Philippino and American soldiers.

As with any evil regime any one caught aiding the prisoners is to be treated worse than the actual prisoners.

When the Japanese soldiers would catch sight of a woman trying to give food to the prisoners, they would kill the woman, and as the American soldier witnessed, if she had a baby they would laughingly toss the baby between them on their bayonets!

You can’t but help compare this atrocity against woman and child against today’s feminist’s elitist calls for reproductive ‘rights’ of women to kill their OWN babies and the rights of men to enable and be well financially compensated for such killings.

It’s also very sad that watching a war movie can leave one less disgusted or agitated than the actual narcissistic realities of today and the screamed demands for such unnatural sick societal-suicidal freedoms amongst intrinsic moral and ethical freedoms and real basic human rights fought and maintained by men like the above soldier.

Many thanks for real enlightenment from soldiers of the free world and the makers of this excellent movie, The Great Raid. Please give generously to Veteran benefited, funds and causes.

Paul Gordon

Hands-Up America, Hand-Over Your Purse,..........

We Did

Socialism costs Ontario Canadian taxpayers... dearly!


Going by current government figures easily obtained off the Net, 45 cents of every provincial tax dollar alone, is spent on health care. This does not count federal transfer funds if, as, and when granted, and of course, funded by the same taxpayers.

This equates to a current level of 43 billion dollars to maintain a socialist health care system, that is showing signs of failure with even that amount of tax dollars up front. Presumably, this 45 cent figure includes Premier Mcguinty’s new healthcare surtaxes payable annually and self- tabulated on tax returns that can average as much as $500 per individual or family.

Crunching the numbers in population comparison, (13 million in Ont./ 306 million in the U.S.) Ontario’s less than stellar healthcare (in bang for bucks) if applied broadly to the U.S. would cost one trillion dollars.

Keep in mind, Ontario’s expenses are from an annual `operational` budget of a socialist scheme, fifty plus years on. The U.S. will have tremendous start up costs as well. I wouldn`t be surprised if start-up costs would be more than double of annual operational budget and much more if new infrastructure was deemed essential.

Here is how socialized energy cost Ontario, Canada`s manufacturing equivalent of Detroit.

First off, electricity in Ontario is typically referred to as Hydro and our electricity provider Ontario Hydro. My guess is that this is probably due to the fact that most of Ontario`s electricity once originated from Niagra Falls hydro electric generators.

When electricity is controlled by socialist dogged politicians, politicians who want to get re-elected keep costs artificially low and bow to politically-correct illogical green ideology.

The artificially low costs controlled by Ontario politicians produced a debt which had to start to be paid down at some time. Hence, in the last few years all electricity users now have a pay-down-the-debt-charge in one of many earmarked tax collections..not called tax increases.

Whereas funds are earmarked to be spent on specified limited projects and programs, now ostensibly at least, special taxes are `earmarked for collection` and they can be called fees or non criminal fines, for that matter.

The fact that the Ontario Government lent a politically correct ear to energy environmentalists who drew the line at all major electricity generation, (essential to major electricity `consumption`) that included nuclear energy, left Ontario in a current socialist- typical huge deficit.

Ontario`s openly activist homosexual/ Energy Minister, George Smitherman was recently moved from the Health Ministry and is infamous for saying he doesn’t think seniors should be uncomfortable in adult diapers for extended periods of time without a change, because he personally tried adult diapers, and presumably said such, in an attempt to keep down a major long term ‘free’ health cost. Can the U.S. expect the same from the non-girly man, Governor of California when it comes to government savings to be deferred to latest sexy socialist causes.

Mr. Smitherman just recently found out that Nuclear Electric Generation is now triple the costs it used to be only a few years ago, and along with Premier McGuinty, decided they won’t be going ahead with any new Nuclear Generator development without offering any alternatives, like buying all future electric needs from Quebec which had the foresight not only to produce enough for their own electricity needs, but damned the environmentalists with a mega giant hydro electric dam and make billions in selling electricity out of province.

Let it also not be forgot that upon election time, McGuinty promised ‘green’ groups he would shut down coal and oil fired generating stations as well.

So here is my latest hydro bill of a property in a ‘Southern’ Ontario rural property (primarily vacant while I rent elsewhere), where patients must drive a minimum of an hour to get to an emergency room and much farther to get on a waiting list for a family doctor.

$54 dollars in sixty day, actual metre- read electricity usage, (the actual only charge consumers used to get) in a total bill of $195.00 that’s balanced out with pay-back the debt charges, delivery charges, and taxes on something socialist provided electricity used to collect taxes for, to subsidize with.

As it now stands, I will have to sell, rent-out or get off the grid ( propane operational costs must be cheaper than this, if one could afford the initial equipment outlay). I don’t earn the kind of living environmentalists do, whoever they are and wherever they work, perhaps downtown Toronto or Ottawa.

These are only two of the socialist costs to Ontarians. The next largest cost is government controlled, and teacher- union supplied, education.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bishop! Your Question is Demonstrative of The Problem

Apparently, it’s Weisgerber’s tour of duty to be head of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, seemingly a ‘job’of dread for the Veggie Tale Bishops, Who Don’t Do Anything...and as it presents itself...the better off the Church is for it.

Weisgerber, hails as Archbishop of the Western World’s mecca of mosquitoes and socialism, Winnipeg. (the four Ws of wiser than the Kaiser)

Like some funny Rodney Dangerfield schtick, Archbishop Wuss-Gerber stands up to questions about the long suffering socialist Development & Peace group. (Read communist hugging pro-abortionist anti-capitalist, ‘60s retread chattering class) with another question, albeit dripping in rhetorical irony.

"Who are you going to listen to, web sites or the CCCB?"

Or as Rodney put it in his, what’s in a name, routine, "Hey, who ya gonna listen to, me, or your friend, Shakespear"

The Marxist elephant in the Canadian Catholic has always been, D&P.. that is, when the Canadian Church isn’t leading the charge on ‘social justice’ and the environment. The ‘World’ led by Canada on many fronts makes an ass of itself, sufficiently well without the CCCB joining the party.

Now Wussgerber hopes Catholics didn’t embarrass Prime One, Stephen Harper, by not pointing out to him that a) He is not a Catholic and b) One doesn’t take the Body of Christ for a stroll, just to have some observant little minion claim, only he saw Harper consume It.

Who would of thunk it..a politician who became Prime Minister going to a Catholic funeral Mass for the very first time?

(By the way, Harper, how long are Canadian soldiers going to be politically blown up (PBU) by Iranian funded and material provided improvised road side explosive devices IEDs in another Churchill/ Dieppe, send the Canadians, experiment before you and Obumr call for, and support a green light to Israel to clear out Mutt and I A Tol Ya Who Meanie duo, murderer’s, of their own
people. Like the bloody riots for freedom might have been a good ya think? Will the United Nations World Court... Whatever, be sending Iran’s pair o' nuts to trial for crimes against their own people anytime soon?)

The Canadian celebrity media pundits had a field day with telling the Canadian public that the Body of Christ, is just a silly game and that wafers are just wafers..Thank you for your input and advise Ryerson School of Journalism and Perverts alumni, we’ll take it under advisement..when Hell freezes over.

Back to the CCCB... Lifesite has ‘just’ discovered that little man syndrome afflicted, Bishop and tabloid contributor, Fred Henry is a Marxist with his staunch defence of the D&P complete with demands of parish extorted donations to said cause. Gee, Lifesite maybe you need to read my blogs more. The man stood on union picket lines and publicly fought with 'capitalist pigs'.

You would have found this out a long time ago, not to mention Harper was a phoney opportunist right out of the gate and that we should not be voting for pro abortion ‘PARTIES’ and expect pro-life results. We’ve only been pushed farther in the hole for fifty years now, with political ‘strategies’.

By the way, CLC/Lifesite if you want the media to actually acknowledge there is a Canadian pro-life contingent in existence to their readers, go with the truth on how pro-lifers feel about Canada’s baby kill, friendly policies. Block traffic in Ottawa at Fr. DeValk’s annual Ottawa pro-life March, and set up union inspired ‘information pickets’ and bonfires at Ottawa’s Citizen and Sun printing shops that just might slow down deadline printing.

Do you want to save babies or look pretty, act indignant when an abortionist is put down, act Holier than the Lord in hippie grade pacifism, salute the maple leaf, and bow to the beaver?

How sad that CCCBs and paid media groups have to be constricted by political correctness and with not offending lobyist-like financial contributors and abortion enablers.

The CCCB Who Don’t Do Anything is now finding out that shit happens when you don’t do anything... like challenge homosexual man/ boy prom injunctions as in non-compliance, not as in appeals. When you don’t do anything, like allow militant (actually anti-)Catholic teacher’s unions and ambitious politically correct Trustees to have their way with Catholic youth’s souls and minds.

When you don’t do anything and end up as the most willing cowering target for Human Rights social control freaks to with the two ‘non-practising’ homosexual, live -in partner/ Altar servers, demanding they serve at Mass with the questionable Priest who wanted them in the first place.

When you don’t do anything your pews remain devoid of youth, and half filled with dying liberals of the Marxist top- end era.

Gee, CCCB how about taking responsibility, ownership and action. No wonder the Vatican holds dear its least respect for the CCCB.

Lastly and only somewhat unrelated in the grand scheme of things (if you consider who is the only group charged and disposed to defend, and uphold Christian morality and the Father's House), a last comment on Michael Jackson.

The too young, beautiful and talented, drug addicted pedophile (whose death is supposed to be the fault of doctors, now) was finished... washed up..finito. There was no mention of the freak in years except in jest. His comeback was not going to happen except maybe as a time burp in nutso enlightened Europe.

Yet, the media alone, generated the necro-mania hero worship frenzy to try and resurrect the dead pervert. The idol worshippers didn’t materialize anywhere near the numbers they fore-casted themselves at the funeral. Apparently, frenzied dead-man Jackson fans abide by the police when they are told to stay home, and play nice unlike sports fans...or at least that’s the media’s story.

Come back sometime and I’ll tell you what I really think.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Is it safe to take off our observation and logical intellectual blinders now?

In a ‘free’ country, that your own family fought and were wounded for, is it okay to have an opinion different from msn and the politico leftist establishment or Marxists, that secretly began to take control of your nation, while your family was defending freedom?

Here is my opinion that is not based on feelings or political correctness.

Let’s walk through this whole celebrated (depending on whether the criminal is a celebrity) homosexual paedophile phenomenon, one step at a time.

Step one, sex between two or more males is homosexuality, right or wrong?
Homosexuality is not heterosexuality and it involves acts personally repugnant to the ‘majority’ of heterosexuals, right or wrong? (Admittedly, neither here nor there, in a slow formed immoral world, except that the natural order of life is that left to their own ‘devices’ only heterosexuals can perpetuate life.)

Step two, regardless of the age of one (willing or not) male participant sex, between two or more males still involves homosexuality, right or wrong?

Step three, regardless of the word that arbitrarily sets an (advancing) margin on youthful males as criminal vs. legal, there would be no homosexual men molesting young men or boys were homosexuals not entrusted in a place, or in a situation where young males, boys would find it difficult to escape.

(Considering the size of the minority homosexual population, young boys are much more at risk for abuse and murder compared to young girls being molested and murdered by heterosexual men. My opinion ironically backed by msn, is that sexual deviancy and perversions embolden themselves to push envelopes farther.)

Step four, regardless, if one male is a priest, bishop, school teacher, sports coach, cop, lawyer, judge, other professional or celebrity, homosexuality still involves people who have to be homosexual first, right or wrong.

Homosexuals ‘calling out’ homosexual priests and bishops to disparage Catholicism is a ‘little’ odd, True or False

A child raised by two homosexual ‘partners’ is more likely to be raised to believe homosexuality is healthy and normal than not. More likely or Less Likely?

Step five, Frank Lombard, prominent openly homosexual associate director for Health Services at Duke University is a perfect example of what can be ‘expected’ to go wrong with homosexual extreme social experimenting. True or False.

Pride week celebrations held throughout Toronto did not have a homosexual child predator in the bunch who himself, didn’t feel celebrated, or emboldened to carry on. Likely, or not likely.

What a go Toronto!!

My opinion also has the benefit of the default of the safety of children at heart not the narcissistic sexual gratifications or celebrations thereof, of political or entertainment celebrities.

Paul Gordon