Tuesday, December 25, 2007

With Pro-Life Friends Like Tunns and CLC, Who ,,,

With Pro-Life Friends Like Tunns, CLC and Lifesite …Who Needs Enemies.

Having just read the add-on editor comment to a couple of mild rebuttals to their recent full-out attack on the FCP and in particular, the leader, Giuseppe Gori, in Interim's last issue of 07.… I am of course, not surprised.

Tunns is too young and too inexperienced in all things media, politics and even logical opinion

If Tunns new politics at all ( he claims to be an expert political strategist at that) he would not have been led by the nose by the likes of liberal, and conservative politicians, their parties and possibly Hughes, himself through the many years CLC and Lifesite have been in ‘business’ while making no head-way on pro-life advancement, what-so -ever.

Anyone who knows politics at all…in fact, anyone who can read, watch or listen to the media at all would know the pro-life movement has been double-crossed every single election since abortion was allowed on demand in Canada and the CLC came into existence.

Up until recent elections, populist conservative and liberal parties who have long made politics a ‘business’ (like some charities make charity a long- haul ‘business’) in the provinces and on the federal scene, ‘TOLERATED’ …helloooo… ambitious politicians who represented themselves genuinely or disingenuously as pro-life usually Catholic politicians.

Of course, no one can remember the last time Catholicism, crossed the threshold of a musty cluster of parliament buildings no matter how many Judas’s skipped thru.

Paying for Interim ads like all the phoney politicians did in this same issue of the Interim does not a good politician make. Nor, does voting for an asinine socialist finance Bill put forth by the most anti-life party of all the NDP Marxist party. More so, when you (and the whole sad state of Canada) knows your nay would have defeated the party dead in its tracks that would pass the pro homo marriage merely scheduled for the very next week!

Good going, Tom Whappel, desert your family, then the pro-family movement, then your religion. How much do you pay for those Interim ads anyway? And I thought you were leaving politics? But, hey, the politicians over at CLC and Interim believe you’ve done a stellar job while producing zilch in good, but self advancement.

Stockwell Day has an ad in this same issue too, along with other phoneys. The same Stockwell Day who shed his pro-life clothes the day he signed on for Prime Minister contention. The same goofy Day who was at the federal conservative convention with Harper, that booed Else Wayne, off the stage for even carrying a pro-life historic air around her. It sounded like a rather impressive unanimous and resounding boo CBC broadcast across the nation that tell-tale day.

Let’s cut a long factual educational story short. Status quo is the same people voting the same way for the same people for the same parties as CLC would have it, resulting in the same thing to the pleasure of the world. Politics is a dirty ugly business. There has been nothing noble or good done in politics in years. Politics is of the world and owes its bread and life-blood to ‘populism’ not Christianity. Don’t ever elevate Canadian main stream-political parties to anything above populism, Marxism and the world.

Don’t ever elevate politics or the world above the very basics of morality and Christianity. In these days of unmatched, hedonism, greed, and narcissism don’t put your personal mark for any ’PARTY’ aka all the main stream parties that offers you little, or much, in exchange for your ’Soul’. There is one universe, one God, one eternity, and a hundred specks of hedonist countries of sand…just like Canada that have chosen and made their modern alliance with the world.

It is not politics or CLC and like organizations that changed attitudes in recent years. It’s the truth of Show the Truth Signs that CLC, Tunns, family and friends have attacked for the sake of their ego-slanted ‘opinions‘.

It is groups like Rosemary O’connel’s veterans of the trenches, and their American counterparts. who visit schools and get the only message of truth across to the youth that the Catholic Church or so-called Catholic School ’Boards’ (who have many pro abortion Marxists on the payroll), can not…………. or will not.

Like teenagers are going to pick up the Interim newspaper anywhere let alone subscribe.

Any movement including Catholicism is only as good and as strong as it’s youth is good and strong. Like the Catholic Church, the CLC need leave the dead to bury the dead and to praise the dead,

In closing, look to the States where politics has long been an ‘art‘ played by the masters.. The American Christians have had enough of the worldly political leaders the world picks and their political phoniness. They were short-changed from Reagan. They were short-changed and disappointed from Bush, who at least gave them a few judges if he would only grant them a long distance phone call on their national march for life.

Now, they have made it clear they will vote for political unknowns from the literal wilderness as long as they perceive them to be honest about their Christianity.

The Truth as it is most apparent is the best you can do and to not vote at all where the world has already proven itself, time and time again to be devious.

But hey, who am I? Ask Dr. James Dobson who will vote against the Republican Party should they run a complete immoral idiot brand of conservative like Guilianni as their Presidential candidate what his ‘political strategy’ is? But, of course he doesn’t make his living surfing the net, like Lifesite.

And speaking of not being true to the Magisterium as Tunns et al accuse Show The Truth people, I wonder if the Holy Father (had he the opportunity) would ever put his mark of approval for the officially pro abortion Liberal, Conservative or NDP parties of Canada and the pro abortion pro homosexual judges they appoint, as the CLC would have others do? Or would he ‘run’ for said parties as so called Christians and Catholics do?

Smell the coffee, Tunns, family, and CLC……. and then grow-up a bit.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Need To Look Under Rocks For Mulroney Tran

No Need To Look Under Rocks For Mulroney Transgressions

If there is one thing uniquely Canadian idiotic, it’s how we highly regard and respect (some worship) slime, just for the sake of their notoriety. I guess when you’re so falsely patriotic, and hard up for a good guy from anywhere, for anything…well, what can you do when you’re born post WWII with a liberal red leaf stamped on your rear-end?

Henry Morgentaler rips babies from wombs for a living when he’s not dribbling spit while muttering incoherently to (thankfully) increasingly rarer microphones.

Yet, Doc. Sinister is idolized by controlling modern feminist socialists (referred to by the normally sedate Cardinal Ambrozic as bitches,) simply because he filled the bill for a twisted narcisstic era of historically un-paralleled raw hedonism.

(I mean the religion editor for Canada’s largest Marxist daily newspaper, the Toronto Star was Tom Harpur during this same era. Nuff said about the whole Canadian culture and values thing There’s your fifty year snap-shot.)

University of London (ont.) even gives that ferret some kind of law award or other. For what….breaking it, and then having it changed to allow for baby, earth- removals, on demand. Hank, couldn’t you leave the concentration camp horrors, in the past instead of taking it out on Canadian women and babies, now….I mean didn’t you ever consider some kind of mental issues help, Hank?

I mean this really makes sense! Naxis kill Jews, (and a heck of a lot of Polish Christians as well) in horrible fashion, so a young Morgentaler avenges to take it out later in life, on innocent babies. No issues there!

Conrad Black is worshipped for being the mother of all Canadian egotists, more so, than for being one of the most successful money makers (many in the know use the adjective, ruthless in regards to his acquisitions and dumping) in Canadian history.

And the ‘greatest of all Canadian egos’ is no small feat during the live(s) and times of Jean Chr├ętien, Miran (the chin) Bulroney, Dierre Turd-eau the Nazi and commie lover, and now the Pillsbury Doughboy his self, Stephen Harper.

Of course, Canada’s most respected and revered lawyer makes his great wealth defending the people who need it the most, the guilty and the slime balls. If only he would put his talents to good…say prosecuting these slime balls instead of defending them, primarily through bullying and intimidation.

Of course, those tactics went over like a lead balloon in the land of the Untouchables…. much to Black’s great chagrin and shareholders further rape of monies paid for Black’s play.

It has been reported that said lawyer once stopped a case at the initial investigative stage through intimidation, a feat unprecedented by political interference. It involved Mcdonald’s Canada’s CEO’s granddaughter’s enfant, and a tortuous scalding death….

Initially, it was ruled suspicious by detectives, but the investigation was killed at the exhumation of the body stage, after said lawyer (with groupie media entourage always at the ready) was hired into the Shakespearian tragedy.

But enough of murderers, Scrooges and Marleys, onto Mulroney, a character all in his own right, and greatness in his own mind.

Why look under rocks for creepy crawlers when the Mulroney’s Canadian Shield is painted with florescent green slime.

Just google the guy. See Dick run…see Dick brag…see Dick plan… See Dudley Do-right cover up….. See Dick fall

Of course, it’s probably all legal. Lawyers make the laws, rule on the laws, and change the laws as they are best suited to lawyers, not to citizens.

But look up unethical in the dictionary and Mulroney has to lead the pack.
He starts his career in a patent, and trademark law firm.

His government passes a law that drug companies can extend patents patent protection years beyond their due dates, including expensive cancer drugs, to add billions and billions to their coiffeurs. Ostensibly, this preventing of cheap generic drugs (the actual costs of the cheap chemicals) is so Drug Companies, can research and invent new drugs.

Hey, give me 5 billion dollars in advance and I’ll bet I can hire the right people without the profit for share holders, and come up with more ‘wonder drugs’ than they will…then they did!

So Mulroney’s term finishes, and he’s appointed to more company directorships than even Satan can bi-locute to, including surprise, surprise…golly….surprise…. a drug company.

How about an inquiry into these kinds of ‘ethics’, and for any Prime Minister, or Premier, not just the best at it?

Include the party Whip (at the time) in the questioning, and any Cab. Ministers or two bit M. P.s still alive and not living in the Cayman Isles‘.

Blarney Mulroney and his good pretend Irish buddy, Reagan were the first (but hardly the last) to give social conservatives the heave- ho after pretending to be their best friend. And so what, indeed… like we have big egos, or work rooms in great pretension. But, what we ‘primarily’ stand for is babies lives without the bull and especially without the politics. wherever politics are found.

And what the Hell else has the world and especially Canada, got left to offer that is good!

Paul Gordon

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy On

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy on The Mid-day Desert Sand

The Drudge Report has been featuring a picture of Arab Muslims amassing in insanely evil poses the last few days.

This mob comes across like the ‘night of the living dead’ with their Zombie like blank stares and their wielding of three foot long head chopping broad swords towards the sky.

(Gee guys you don’t have to break into a sweat or break a manicured nail and still look good for the girls at the co-ed gyms, if you do an RCMP mob m.o. and simply call on Sparky zap her. Yah Yah I know not enough blood for you big brave heathen savages).

If you didn’t know this part of the world you would never in a million years suspect that the object of their intense hatred and chants of death would be a woman and a teddy bear.

Here is someone’s daughter risking her life to begin with, by just being there. However, here’s her real crime. Thinking like a normal serious and dedicated teacher from the rest of the civilized world who don’t kill, torture and mutilate their women folk, she committed a most hideous crime.

She tried to endear herself to her students whom she was obviously close to, by naming a class teddy bear Muhammad, like anyone’s daughter in the past might have (and did) name a teddy bear Whinny or Roosevelt or after a multitude of any of the Saints (when Catholicism was Catholicism).

There have been many video scenes of violence played in the media that Muslim fanatics have perpetrated on the free world and on their own, during nothing more than attempted power grabs and adolescent bravado dares, to impress tribes of various sizes.

Bin Laden and his crew were like giddy teenagers when they were secretly videotaped recanting 9/11. But this scene that even defies tribal instinct of wanting to kill this teacher was a gut ‘wretcher’ all of it’s own. And what of the safety of the children in this ‘news item’, particularly the female children.

I’ve had it with this crap. And if this is what Islam is about, this is what I’m about.

No woman or child should be a member of Islam as long as Muhammad is the focus of Islam. It’s not that extremists make up the sicknesses of Muhammad. They are right and they are true to the faith. Muhammad’s rise was like any other rise of backward tribal rule, by force, by killing and by controlling. He was also a pedophile who ‘married’ a little girl, and naturally had no respect for females….gee ya think.

Where is all the angst amongst North American Muslims over the hideous things their ‘home base’ (a stones throw to Mecca and rape victims), comes up with and carries out on a daily basis?

What of the women? Do the men perform lobotomies on you as children that you don’t try to escape them with your children every chance you get.

But, here’s the real crux of the matter. You as Muslim women, can call Islam whatever you want, You can believe Islam is whatever you want. Certainly, and unfortunately, millions of liberated Catholics call Catholicism whatever they want.

You can call yourself peaceful and loving and that you don’t care what the infidels think. And I’m sure many of you are. But you can’t take away the facts of what the man Muhammad was, what he believed in, and what he had written. And what the extremists are right in their perverted way to follow in order to call themselves true Muslims.

If you want a new wine of Islam, a new life of Islam true to the one God, get a new skin to hold it in, because to call on Muhammad is to validate people you should have little in common with and should detest as much as any other sane person in the world does.

The cowards who chant death to the school teacher are assured to meet Muhammad again. In Hell where they all belong!

No you won’t hear this from any of my fellow Canadians of the day, but you would have heard it from my father and his father and anyone who fought the same kind of evil that is carried on now, and in the name of peace and love.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.