Saturday, November 13, 2010

Canadian Flag Dishonors Her Soldiers


The Maple Leaf Flag had not been introduced to Canada until well after the great wars.

Suitably, it was ushered in by a government of old liberal whores.

From the birth of the official flag until today, the official country has forged a chain of moral decay.

So what, you say, This freedom brand meets our needs

Our narcissism it placates, our self-worth it inflates

We are Canadian, but what's in a name, does it make families joyous,
force all things fair, cure the lame?

Of Christians and Catholics, Canada's soldiers were primarily composed, at a time not that long ago when morals and principals were not politically deposed.

As bad as they are, as corrupted they be, politicians are merely the pined answer to the people of me.

So why pin the flag with reasoned contortions for murder,

celebration of perversity, with infatuated destruction of the soul to further?

Are these not solid statutes of the freedoms we desire, equal, no less, than those we sanctimoniously aspire?

In a Toronto Cathedral the leaf droops over the parishioner's heads, not just literally so,
but as though in state competition for the matter of winning lost souls.

A flag is no better than the people it shades, it's rich with the fabric only the people have made, forged like old Marley, not composed, nor the country we'd like, our imaginations supposed.

Is it a shame to be disgraced by the flag of your nation, Or more the shame, to be party to the equation.

Our heroes of not that long ago had the purest of intention, many, became the innocence at the slaughter, anonymous they cared not, of their recognition.

But what this youth had, and what they all shared was a respect for responsible freedom in it's blessed order, and for life, abroad and near.

Flag and Nation they are one in the same, before God here we stand... equally to blame.