Monday, February 26, 2007

Etheridge And Gore: Go Back To Sleep

Etheridge and Gore: Go Back To Sleep
Who could be a more appropriate singer for Gore’s crock of s... movie than a totally left winged nut like Etheridge? Her personal life, (not all but) mostly by choice reads like most people’s worst nightmares, in Wikeopedia.
But hey, these homo families must be great when lesbians introduce/thank their families as "My wife and ‘her’ four children". Hey, you propagate your agenda or culture as religion, in the public, you should be called out in truth in the public.
The director of Gore’s movie looked and acted more like a porn distributer or used car salesman than even a B movie Hollywood director does.
The clip from the movie, Hollwood featured, made Gore look like a grade 4 supply teacher (no offense to them).
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Love This Country

What a Great Country Soldiers Died For, Eh?
Abortion on demand, at any stage at shop till you drop locations, Quebec hoping to specialize in late term abortions.... 5 to 7 lb babies.
Perversion on demand every night and that’s just CBC and TVO
Males (gag) marrying males...raising kids
!st Caledonia....then the Country
Catholic Church stands for nothing, at least, that’s the tax exempt story, they’re sticking to.
Survey says, no one would actually defend the Country in a war. Gee.... I wonder why?
Environment number one issue in a Catholic Register National Survey of the Canadian Church
Marxist- Leninist unionists have sole public money franchise on teaching mine and your kids in any Board in Canada.
No choice at all, in selecting political ‘leaders’, only parties and no difference there except on depths of incompetence, and choice of tax exemptions or tax spending. No local representatives except party leaders have any say in party populist agendas set by consultants, anyway.
Political hacks rewarded merely with lifetime Senate seats and Supreme Court appointments.
All media roads lead to Ryerson.
One word..... Quebec
Number one influence on Canadian culture/and school suspensions is now the Board of Health who should do us all a great freedom, and financial savings, by going back to simply looking for cockroaches in school and public cafeterias.
Can go on, but you get the idea and you vote for them.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

'Them's' Paid by 'Us'

Them’s Paid by Us
I couldn’t believe the audacity of a Toronto civic politician this week when she announced," the one way to get to ‘them’ is in the pocket book"
She wasn’t talking about outside contractors with outstanding work, or of fining criminals breaking the law which strangely word- associates with the next example, governments higher up the hand- out ladder.
No, she was talking about raising the ‘fines’ on us environmental-challenged louts for putting out too many garbage bags.
Is there any aspect of society left where we are not paying the animals to run the zoo, and the cons. to run our jails?
Forget, that it was/is governments politicians and bureaucracies of the past and present who should be sued for being asleep at the switch or worse, as negligent as nine to (sometime) fiver Walkerton boys, when they could undoubtedly foresee the present trillion dollar hydro, hospital, educational, native, military, transportation, environmental name it... crisis, and impending crap-kicking recession...... to name a few.
Forget the fact, that populist leftist ideology, science-‘political’ and political cowardice have been the sole reason and feeder for these crisis, or that large families, sole producers- of multiply nation- born tax payers, to pay for the ‘never-never’ costs of socialism, should get punished again...this time for their household limit of garbage bags.
No, the part that steams the most is this, ‘us them mentality’ of politicians and governments.
‘We are’ supposed to be the government. ‘We the people’ are paying to have our best interests served by ‘fellow’ citizens elected or employed to serve our best interests and provide services, traditional in nature, and as narrow in scope as necessary as to not impose tremendous future debt, deficits, poor service, or interrupted service or no more service of traditional community necessary responsibilities.
The Ministry of transportation is another ‘us and them’ attitude to remind citizens to keep humble. If we are the government and certainly pay for it, why is driving commonly considered
a privilege by the media the government?
No, driving should be a right, we the people give ourselves. Granted, duhh!, it is a right with responsibility, for the safety of others. But why is it used more-so as a cash-cow for general Provincial revenue, than anything else with increasingly steep user fees (especially under McGuinty) with fines for not paying administrative fines well above any financially institution, extortionary penalty within sixty days, including suspension of driving ‘privileges’??
Why can we not vote on what political causes get tremendous amounts of tax dollars when so many other areas are under served? Is our (‘we the people’s’) compassion and intelligence not to be trusted? Why can’t we decide the ‘minimum’ of when and where paedophiles are released or how murderers of various degree should be treated as in plebiscites in California? Are multiply citizen- heads not better than one judge?
No, we have no say because it is ‘us vs. them’ and respectfully, czar Nicolas would be far preferable to ‘them’ because at least he was weighted with a serious sense of responsibility, before ‘them’ killed him, and his family.... out of envy, greed and selfishness of the birth of the common proletariat that is too common in ‘free’ nations of the day.
That proletariat is seen in the brainwashed chatting professional classes ( liberally brain- washed in their own right). It’s seen in the elitist unions that have cost more jobs than any other single cause and sent, ironically, a booming economy to socialist countries and a communist country birthed by the very same father of unionism. A communism that will win out economically because of the late maturation of slow acting poisonous fruit, fed on, from the ‘thirties’ until now.
It is seen in the major centres that control vast land masses, and distant populations yet occupy very little, in comparative land mass, and share less in culture or concern, of those, they ultimately, affect, control and tax. Noam Chomsky, Marx and Engels...bite my butt.

Paul Gordon
Cannington Ont.

Oh, The Tax Man Can...

The Tax Man Can
All right everyone, gather ‘round
Who can hike a purchase
double.. if it’s gas,...(double if it’s gas)
The tax man... Oh the tax man can,
The tax man can cuz he nixes any fun
that costs any money..... like drinking and
eating ......‘cept locusts and honey.
The tax man can The tax man can
Oh the tax man takes everything we make
and hands it to the special interests.
Everything and more, all their wishes
We can diss their sass, but whose the fishes
Who can cut services...up the user fees
We’ll take your overtime, now back to work and
mine. All the more............ if you please
The tax man can Oh the tax man can
Who says all we buy, is a luxury
And all the more we need, the more
expensive it’ll be. That’ll be interest
on t- returns if... we don’t hurry.
Oh The Tax man does The Tax man does
Oh the tax man takes......
Who can download entitlements,
Change all the freakin rules
Then start a plan anew if
it’s just as costly and as cool
Oh, The Tax man can
Who can flash the money at election time, call it all their
own and throw us back a bone. Heh, any time we can be,
at yourrrr service.

Draft a SoCon Ticket in the U.S.A.

I have been sending the following to conservative/Catholic/Christian groups/churches in the U.S....please pass on
Draft a Santorum/Steele or Steele/Santorum Ticket
There is only one Republican ticket that should satisfy Judeo-Christian Pro-life and Pro-Family conservatives completely and very few others, if any, that should inspire us to reward any otherwise pseudo-pro-life conservative, or party with our votes at all.
Are the odds against it...? Yes. Are the odds against goodness taking on evil in North America in any form....Yes. Is it worth it? It is imperative for the individual, community and Nation !!
In fact of where sound theology and reality of serious belief in Christ and God meet, our religions demand it, for all that is good and Holy, not simply to be contrary. Spread the Good News and defend the least of us!
Fighting evil wherever it is ‘thinly’ disguised and lurking, even over real fiscal conservatism, and socialist perceived benefit is paramount (right vs left temporal causes) over who is more ‘likeable’, politically ‘experienced’, or ‘accommodating to polls’.
It has been said, conservatism is a way of life or way to live while liberalism is merely ‘opinion’ on how people should be able to live with or without help and in harm of self, or to others, of course, never choosing such a lifestyle for oneself.
Who wants nationalist candy opinion heavily influenced and affected, if not effected by multi- media and populist culture, or competing political cultures?
In fact, socialism which is eight/eighths evil in my book, (as for instance, because it exists, contrary to religion, contrary to will and choice, contrary to economic principles in reality, and contrary to incentive and in deference to the conscience of the individual) wouldn’t matter if it was perceived one eighth good on unworkable ‘equal wealth sharing’... in a world soaked in original sin and seduced by the worst of flighty secularism.
Democratic capitalist societies or free nations, have no monopoly on power, greed, censorship, immorality and lack of respect for life at any stage. On this last point, for what it is now worth, free nations still tend to have more respect for life if only populist media and academic ‘bounded’ and in disbelief..... ‘judicially ruled legal morality’...... by Nations whose Constitutions are clearly pro-life in intent and are intended officially time enduring in nature.
The best one can say is ‘tend’ to be more pro-life because there is no shortage of anti-life practices in free democratic and/or capitalist ones.
**That Presidential ticket that is needed is a Santorum/Steele or Steele/Santorum ticket in 08**
Such a ticket would be the Republican version of a young Kennedy ticket as it was to the Democrats of the sixties, (the same Kennedys would not be nearly progressive enough for the liberals and even some conservatives of today)
The political small m messiah the Republicans need of youth, enthusiasm, and new direction that is both pro-life, pro-family and very respectful and appreciative of the military is Santorum/Steele. Jack Kennedy may have tried to kick the Papacy out of America, but he did not kick Christ out of any American as the Judicial and many politicians on both sides of the floor would do now.
Write these men of principle of integrity in support and in plea of drafting them for an 08 candidate ticket and write the Republican Party and let them know they are certainly not offering anyone equal or better that deserve your vote.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont
Harper’s Work is Done!
Now that Steven Harper has dispensed with his half-hearted obligation to Christians of putting a ‘think-about’ same-sex marriage motion before parliament, he can get on with the rest of his pro-life, pro-family initiatives.
Let’s see that would be, oh yes.....zilch, nada nothing!
Let us also not forget that Harper left ’it’ till the evening before the election to let all Canada know that he had no intention of ‘ever’ doing anything pro-life, and that he never harboured such aspirations. "It was only the media" that put that ‘cross’ on him and his party.
Forgetting that party backbenchers ever did, or ever will have serious say in how Canada’s politically- correct parties set agendas and choose Bills to vote on, we are of course, left with the following ‘main-stream’ pro-Christian, pro-family, parties.
Let’s see, that would be, oh yes..... zilch, nada, nothing!
But we do have fringe pro-life pro-family official parties with reps. in many ridings.
If you want to vote in good conscience, vote for these social conservative parties alone, because the mainstream parties won’t touch pro-life or pro-family issues with a ten foot pole no matter who is sitting on their back benches. After all, what is the most important issue you can think of right now, tax cuts, environment taxes and jobs, or killing babies? If you said the first two you must be public or private conservative school taught, belong to a union or hold a directorship and raised on the Toronto Sun or Toronto Star. If you said the third issue, welcome back to the human race.
Vote for the main stream parties if you wish, but make them put the horse before the cart not have them make you give them your blind trust. Who is working for who here? Don’t they p on you enough once they are in office?
Write the party leadership...(forgetting about your local yoko who has no say that isn’t in line with the party populist agenda) in advance and tell them you won’t be voting for them until you see some solid pro-life and pro-family movement on the part of the party leadership prior to the election.
If they come through, by all means vote for the mainstream party, if not, go with a clean conscience you can take in defiance to the world (Christ warned us of) to your death bed if necessary. You can’t get any more close to the political truth than this..I promise you.
Paul Gordon, Pickering Ont.

Liberal Wackos...From the Little Guy Perspective

Liberal Wackos... From the Little Guy Perspective
According to the left, there are so many people who can’t have an opinion on their pet celeb. issues, ostensibly, because they are not intelligent and capable of logic and reason, have too many hang-ups ( read..phobias, the newest, being school phobia, in ahead of the curve, Germany) or can’t prophesy the future like they can, on a ‘consensus’ of leftist opinion.
Ostensibly....yes . but in reality, millions of people are denied opinion, simply because they disagree. Although the socialist have a firmer hold on all aspects of control and/of life, including academia and media(s) in free Countries, whose fault can that be, except ours, and that of our fathers.
I want to speak on behalf of this genuine bonafide ‘little guy’ and I hope I am allowed, because I am one. No one who has claimed to be ‘for me’ or speak ‘for me’ or has done so, to any satisfaction of mine, whatsoever.
I don’t even want to hear talk about the failing Marxist standby, unionism, which has robbed more people of private industry and some government agency jobs, and created a wealth of private executive pimp positions, who in turn, created a greater wealth of peon ( minimum wage/no benefits/minimum vacation day) positions for us little guys.
Look some shifty religion hating Marxists invaded or influenced much of North America in the last century and instead of telling the ‘vast voting mass’ of ‘little guys’ they could, for instance, vote in politicians who could pass strong labour laws, as safety protecting as the era was advanced for, and even setting minimum wages, if they so desired.... they played on their greed and poverty and extorted, quite commonly by violence, governments and industries for never political and financial satiated appetites.
Today, of course these pyramid schemes which were paid for on the future and backs of our youth, now come back to bite us, big time, in such things as pension, and health care expense and in debt and operating costs of any government agency that also allows for any slip and fall lawyer, and activists, beyond reason law suits that only punish the taxpayer and the short still the little guy, never the big guy. Big guys don’t take on losses! And investors don’t invest in losers for long!
They pass losses on, or move on, out of state/province/country, or close up shop, all of which hurt the ‘little guy’.
In regards to the environment... champions of the chattering class actually in total defiance to the ‘little guy’ come up with great ideas and are very successful and wealthy for doing so, but do not expect, plan or worry about paying for their ideas themselves. No, the vast number of taxpayers, who pay to vast amount of taxes, our middle and even low income people... the little guy pay for environmental activist’s projects and fame.
We are now to believe that so-called Global Warming causes childhood diseases, childhood elevated fevers and childhood nightmares ( read "For the Children"). There is always some liberal crisis that is the cause of all disease isn’t there. Global Cooling of the seventies didn’t cut it and acid rain fizzled long ago when there were no wars, led by conservatives, that is, to protest.. Second- hand smoke was supposed to cause testicles to fall off and asbestos had the proximity danger of radiation poisoning, yet only (some) people who constantly worked with asbestos were the only ones who developed related lung diseases from it.
What leaders can only lead if they are a) paid handsomely including through post- political life appointments from lobbyists b) require huge sums of money from you, and the family cookie jar
‘as special pay- back- the- debt of former cowardly politicians’ special taxes and c) allowed to do everything you can’t (one example being, send their kids to private school or schools of choice) or simply everything you are not allowed to do, up to, and including breaking the law with impunity.
It is not just a matter of strict controls and unreasonable time-tables and limits costing jobs.
In Ontario for one, the little guy is not allowed to have his ten year old car (all he can afford) on the road anymore because he can’t pass annual environmental checks where he also has to pay for the test to tell him, his car won’t be allowed on public roads anymore.
Of course, the dearly tolled highway that runs across the North of the GTA would never see the little guys car either, though the environmentalist celebrities and politicians can drive their SUVs, and publicity cross country buses on their practically private roads anytime they desire.
Little guys should unite and have their own ‘consensus’ for a change, or we’re no better than our fathers who were taken- in to the fantastical, artificial and phoney world of socialism. A kind of unique socialism who would now dare to socialize exact sciences.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

On Depreciation of Political Capital

Depreciation on Political Capital
Nona Pelosi and her Democrat dolci bimbies should know that depreciation on political capital in the early years of this new century hits fast and furious, especially if you try to take it with you.... never spending it.
President (apparently- retired) Bush couldn’t afford Rummy two bucks for a warm cup of dignity the day after the election when he changed his clothes while forgetting to close the Army Surplus change room door.
Oh yeah, thanks for nothing, Republican House and Senate from all North American social conservatives. Come back when you understand you actually have to do something when you’re elected while running on a conservative treadmill if not platform.
The only thing that can salvage President Bush (and thus social conservatism attributed wrongly or rightly to him,) now is an offensive launched on Iran (and Syria if needed) whom former Mayor Koch so eloquently put, ‘has long unofficially declared war on the U.S.’ though not yet reciprocated by America. Iran remains the only definitive stopper in Iraq and sizeable heart and soul of terrorism in the Mid-East. North Korea is on ice for now and never had the free reign attributed to it as a Communist China’s useful idiot, to begin with.
At this point in time, Feb. /07, it looks like Israel may be the political route to get the Iran fire ball rolling and that seems to suite President Bush and frankly myself, just fine.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont. Canada

Year of Christ the Truth Petition

Year of Christ The Truth
Primarily, this is a request to start petitions to the Holy Father to proclaim a year of Christ the Truth.
Now, just think about it.
That is the idea!... To actually get people to think about ‘it’, or to remind those of it who knew it once, and carried it more pragmatically than they do now.
He was the Living Truth and gave us the Spoken Word as Truth for and through the Gospels of Truth. The Truth of Love, Suffering made Holy .... for instance, and how they are not always mutually exclusive. The Truth of Sacrifice and eternal reward and the time for celebrating and time for sacrificing.
What could possibly be more from the pure root of Christianity than Christ proclaiming the Truth from the time He could talk.
What philosophy could be based outside, beyond or around the perfect Truth of Christ.... as the Son of the Creator of all within the beauty of life and free will?
Of course free will of the person can not be Truth to detrimentally effect the free will of another person. To do injury to another of course, up to, and including causing death effects the free will given to that person, by God.
In such cases, what is only God’s domain has been trespassed and the victim person is to be defended as an act of love to the person and God, where even laying one’s life down may be called upon. "There is no greater love for another than to lay one’s life down for them".
Of course, at minimum, this implies a civic responsibility for censorship of the publically perverse, which can not only physically, and mentally damage the free will and innocense of another, but of course, put souls at risk and in this age of rampant public immorality, tragically at younger and younger ages. We have to live in a secular world by fact, but never have to surrender to it, by will.

Regarding Tax Exempt Status
Remaining ‘silent’ about secular evil, wherever it lies...governments- foreign or domestic, academia (even under the guise of ‘Catholic education’ at times), news and entertainment media, judicial, medical or scientific communities, is being ‘political’ by its very nature. It is not prudent to remain silent about evil. One must take up another line of ‘work’ if that is the cost. For instance how can one be silent in order to be a nurse, if the ‘job’ requires participation in aiding and procuring abortions.
To ‘keep silent’, is being political by its very nature, especially when secularism has crossed the domain of the Church, and no longer the protecting and nourishing of the ‘souls of the young, the innocent and those looking for guidance’. Too, why would you ‘shut up’ when a person running for office is pro abortion or anti family and at the same time, passing himself off as a good Catholic in the community. If the pro abortion person is using the public forum to advance his agenda, he must be fought in the public forum to be exposed for what he is by those representing the truth and good of the Christ. Those who live by the sword of the public must die by the sword of the public to inform the public of the truth.
Put more bluntly, if that’s possible, were Christ to appear at Mass for the Homily, would anyone including the Church Hierarchy, dare to caution Him not to say anything that might jeopardize the Church’s tax exempt status?
I have to believe we will all have more to answer for, for not even trying than to possibly be wrong on some aspect of greatest of intention for fellow man woman and child, under the prayerful guidance of Christ.
And too what is to fear on the part of the Church? Would the Church’s loyal followers dump the Church and abstain from all donations because the Catholic Church lost its tax exemption ‘status’ (a bold unlikely, penalty on the part of any sitting government) and actually get closer to its roots of preaching the Truth....the Word of God, fearless, and unchained from any retribution from the government or a secular world in a state possibly at its worst in the history of Christianity?
More likely, quite the opposite would be true, and the Church would be rebuilt stronger, as in a ‘three day’ refesher, and braver than ever and the only beacon for morality, decency, forgiveness, mere salvation, and the Truth of Christ! Please forward on.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy
Hate me, pity me, but this is what I have truly come to believe.
I believe Christ is the Saviour. I believe Christ is the Truth just as told to us.
I believe we were put on this earth to see, to experience, to smell, feel, be drenched, to soak, and to bask in the beauty of God’s this complex world of stark contrasts.
And there is no beauty He created, greater than new innocent, and helpless life.
Helpless life, whose eyes, the centre of life-long beauty until closed, shine deep and infinite in depth and time, as if to the gate of heaven itself, and back again to the misty and astonished-eyed viewer.
Eyes, that alone speak for the babe, and incapable of drawing on anything in history or existence except to say, help me...protect me from pain, protect me from the world until I can take my place and turn to flourish in it. Fill my belly and let me sleep wrapped in peace at your breast close to the heart that has been my only content
That I know nothing, but apprehension, show me love first.
That should I come to be taught, I am better or worse than anyone else I know not and care less. It is ‘we’ that is all important now by my dependence and scope, and always will be for all my concern
I believe the mere pinnacle of beauty, and holy delight of life is found in the innocence of the child and more..... an emotional.....a communal.... refuge or shelter, to seek solace, and healing in, like no other. That all, sadly, can not, or will not... allow themselves to partake in such spiritual nectar from the flask of the Creator, Himself, is not to say that beauty does not exist or should not exist for anyone... if it can’t exist or be chosen, for all.
For all ‘else’, Christ, Exists still, does He not?
In these loving moments with our child it is never lost to say, I remember....I remember too, little one when the sun shone in glorious days that went on forever..searing...blazing, new presents from God everyday when I could have more astonishment repeatedly, than any adult could barely acknowledge their presence. Surely, what utmost purpose did floating, fragrant blossoms, dancing gravity- defying and time- stopping butterflies, and the sparkling wink of fireflies, have, except to entertain, drug, and kiss us goodnight?
What was the stark red rose and sweet pine, but to transmit the only forgiving smugness, of... ‘tranquil’.... into a vision and intoxicant, of the already sweetened air.
Yes, this is the ‘centre’ of the universe to race to, not the apples of the dark Eden amongst the stars. This is the tribute to man, the place to be ‘found.... the grail of wisdom, the accomplishment to sacrifice all else for, to be remembered by no one and who mattered any more or less than us.. This is what the Nation stands for and is built for
No less, the clearest.... easiest... path to Christ... to become as a child, is also where the ‘good fight’ begins.
The good fight, to save the family, whose model was most Holy......and to save the innocense of all children, whose Creator equalled with His very own Child, in communion with child and man and as only a taste of communion to come.
I believe, ultimately, we will find peace and happiness on earth in sharing it with children, who have been unscathed by, the stench, the ugliness, the hate and our own deadly selfishness of both fleeting material and fleeting self-inflated esteem, that stays off love and beauty itself, imprisoning us from the truth.... that sets us free.
I believe that the costs of all encompassing superfluous lifestyles, we do everything to undermine life, family and our own and children’s real happiness.
In the free world, from ‘business’ to ‘media’ to ‘entertainment’ to academia excellence what private, or no less shareholder- accountable ‘corporate or institutional profit’ is worth, the exacting cost of children’s innocence and subsequent added stress and toll on their families?
I believe that now, after generations of Marxist culture of greed, anger and societal destruction in revolt against family and faith, on the false promise of a rebuilt utopia- like society, there is nothing more acutely obvious than its failings on all fronts.
That Marxism, so rampant now and infested into our very faith, was simply an ideology of taking.. at the disingenuous humanist proselytising pretense ..... as giving and rewarding.....whereas citizens didn’t have to care or give anything anymore as Marxism had that looked after, too.
That the necessary ‘freedoms’ Marxism carried more as dis- owned baggage than grail, in academia, media, government, and society, in fact were quite the opposite and aside from killing or burying true genius in all fields including the arts, demanded complete and utter compliance, and the most restricted freedoms we have ever had.
Where are the ‘masters’ born from the Marxist culture of North America, of the last sixty years...all the celebrated literary giants....academic shining stars.. to teach both brilliance and hope?
I believe, that the shiny side of the tin-foiled metal of liberalism has taught us not to care, outside the imprisoning, solitary perimeters of our own minds, bodies and desires. That to lay our lives down for others in their bleakest plight, their darkest despair, as they face the darkest and ugliest of humanity is somehow murder and assault for our part and hardly worthy of our costs and energies to begin with. That evil and cunningness are the actual victims and justified for all manner of action.
This, and more I believe, with my very soul, eyes that see, ears that listen, heart that aches, and mind that seeks, asks, and finds.. truth.
Paul Gordon

Pantheism Partly Right, Mostly Wrong
In fact, we are all like God in a defined perimeter of manner of speaking.
We have the power to produce life. We have the power to end life. We have the power to love and to hate. We have the power to be inventive, industrious and creative. We have the power to be slugs. We have the power to control and change are emotions (well most of us)..
We have the power to be generous or consumed with innate materialistic matter. We have the power to worship man ( though why?) or to worship our Creator (which will pay off a heck of a lot more, especially at our end). We have the power to save lives and to ignore plight and suffering. The power to be merciful, to be cruel, to defend to the death, if necessary, or simply to shout slogans and platitudes in demonstrations to appease evil (especially in the media) and at its heights.
We are even more powerful than God, in one respect, but in nothing to be boastful of. We have the power to be bad and to be evil.
God, the Alpha and the Omega cannot choose to be evil by his own Perfection which includes the concept of logic and absolutes (an assurance for those in need of one of His goodness and perfect love . It is beyond the universal concept of logic and reality. Water cannot be hot and cold at the same time. Food cannot taste good and bad at the same time. We cannot be physically blind and physically able to see at the same time. The South Pole cannot be the North Pole. A doctor or healing institution cannot kill a baby, at the same time saving it.
(God cannot condemn us to eternal separation in His perfect love and perfect Truth. We do that ourselves in that we cannot exist where we do not want to be, or can be, if we are not ‘with one’ of the same nature of goodness, or ‘will’ at minimum, to attain that good.
The Creator of all that is Good cannot be the Creator of all that is evil. They are opposite entities. What use would evil have with good? What alliance could good possibly want with evil?
These are concepts only forces on earth could delve in or contemplate, as we are far from perfect or supernatural. On earth evil will utilize good as a means to an end, no greater seen than in Anti-Christs (of which we have more than to shake a stick at in modern history).
Evil cannot put its true face on anything. (Ora least there was a time when this was a truism and whereas most cultures would put an end to his rising tout suite.)
Now, evil needs and acquires some mysterious shade that blinds the greater masses through such noble ‘goodness’, ‘ironically’ claimed in the name of impossible man-made perfection.
You know them better as absolute freedom of expression (else it’s not considered freedom at all, but merely censorship, absolute freedom of academia, absolute freedom of the arts, any acts deemed necessary for the communal good, ( violent, controlling, robbing, and freedom limiting, liberalism or Marxism), Nazism, Communism, sexual ‘freedoms’ complete with self- contained or attached ideologies, that destroy third parties at minimum, pitting or dividing races and sexes against each other in the name of historical persecutions and oppressions, putting mothers against children in the name of a self-fulfilment.... filling enough..... to mean nothing, to the strangers and adoring public, they’re working for, but quite empty to take to the lonely grave with.
Oh, and funny thing about those absolute freedoms. Of course, they are only illusions in man’s feeble attempt at making anything perfect. ‘Not all’ (quite yet) perversions are free to be in the public domain (with no explanation from the enlightened class), but you can take it to the bank that anything good, or of virtue, or in thoughtful criticism, is not only soundly censored through the conjoined establishment, but if it sneaks through the liberal iron curtain, it is labelled as a ‘hatred’ to be reviled and punished.
Logically, in the Supernatural, evil is only allowed to exist, by all that is good, to test the hearts and souls of man in the hearth or fire, of pride and temptation, in order to be worthy of eternal placement in heaven. This is consistent not only in logic, but throughout the bible and in the reality of the fact evil exists and is prominent today throughout the entire world.
If we were all born (guaranteed) ‘good’, we would not be born at all, nor could we prove our love, or be given the greatest love and gift of all, ‘choices’ and super (‘superior’, over animals, for instance) powers, though obviously not ‘supernatural’, to decide our own eternal destinies and to aid our sons, and daughters, and brothers and sisters as we would want their aid.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.
Clash of Righteousness (Re Amish Innocent Girl’s Lives Taken)
This week had retro pre- 9/11 written all over it.
North America was back to being obsessed with narcissistic party politics and the narcissistic banal causes of the pedicured professional chattering classes.
It’s all about ‘me’ or ‘us’ to the detriment of all else.
‘I/we’ are the centre of the universe and we want to be paid attention to, and ‘served’ on demand.
We need our Godless guilt-driven socialist causes imposed on all, to help us sleep better and give us a Nihilist sense of being able to do it alone or thru ‘people power’.
We want our ‘disposables’ to deal with, what we can’t find ‘fast-food easy’ to handle including morals, marriage, family and... life itself if it interferes with our lifestyle and self-importance and ambition.
We pray for peace at ‘all’ present and future costs, that our own personal lifestyles will be least affected over prayers for victory over evil or for those who defend us and to the greater glory the true loving righteous of our very Creator.
Of course, we want instant sex and instant entertainment any societal perverted and self- damaging way, we desire, and the more in the face of all ages of open society the better...
All the better to make it acceptable normal and wickedly desired, simply comparable to sneaking chocolate on a health diet.
As a result, individuals no one would have ever heard of are suddenly house-hold names thanks to the political and media penchants for looking under rocks to expose and ingratiate slime unintentionally... ‘we wish’. Apparently, there’s no fun existing in a cesspool of ‘ in your face occasion for sin’ unless we can scrutinize every bubble or boil that percolates to the top, taking notes on how better not to be caught... ourselves.
We could say we learned a valued lesson on how close to incompetency, crisis management, and complacency, political ‘stars’... movers and shakers... actually exist, but who didn’t know? -aside from blind loyalists who equated the Truth of God with party affiliation or blank cheque membership.
Hopefully, we did learn that our precious votes and societal sense of ‘effective’ responsibility should not come free and easy.... anymore to anyone! They must be earned on something more precious and long term effective than, " Look at what you get if you don’t vote for us" or " The promise cheque is still in the mail".
Holy innocents of society were demonstratively taken again from society in a show of evil vs good and once again good wins out in the end. The Amish were perfect examples and representative of those who push out evil leaving no vacuum for souls, where none ever existed.
They represented those who want all that’s really important for their children, not unlike Judeo-Christians who adhere to Truth and love and responsibly guard their children’s innocense not strictly for it’s pure beauty for being closest from God, but for showing ourselves what God created us as and intended for us to aspire too.
The man who slaughtered these innocents was representative of a society increasingly, narcissistic, increasingly plotting and welcoming evil leading to being increasingly insane, and increasingly Nihilist in self-given power and self importance.
Though obviously not Catholic, I believe these sweet and pure lives were taken and their blood shed, but to the transparent example of two distinct and contrasting worlds, only one claimed and supported by God. Their ghosts should be implored for miracles and their eternal resting place elevated to Sainthood as there has been/are... non-Catholic Saints.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.
Part 1
Thanks For the Memories, Bob
Nothing brings one down memory lane, like listening to the master of memories, Bob Hope sing the one song he was famous for, Thanks for the Memories.
Bob Hope, a Hollywood Democrat (of a time when the party was at least understood), went wherever the American Forces were engaged in the heat of battle.
With a number of uncles having served and being wounded, of course, I am proud of our Canadian World War II, Korean, and volunteer Viet Nam vets, who played their greatest historical role in World War II, critically aiding in staying off the conquering German Allies.
while awaiting the full American entry.
However, I would be a proud ‘ignoramus’ if I didn’t believe it was the Americans that ultimately kept the free world free from Nazi fascists, Imperialists, Communists and even today, from fundamentalist, or ‘by the book’ Islamists.
(Unfortunately, Marxist socialists don’t have armies, but do understand the failings of the human condition including desired government control, greed and sloth and conquer societies and liberal parties in easy, if subversive ways).
One can always get a kick out of viewing Bob Hope’s military tours and the spark he always ignited in the young brash and brave good young men and women who were right to know their cause was just and honourable in saving life and liberty of the thousands of civilians who did not want to be subservient to the violent and vicious communists and Nazis of the times.
The same, innocent citizens and free wannabe, who risked their lives leaving their homelands when the American political establishment failed them, as they fail Cubans who risk and risked their lives to leave their homeland, conquered by communists.
What other great army can we say the same of... for at least putting up a fight to the communists, and defending life and liberty?
There was plenty of sentimental, home sickness, and love forlorn, that Hope’s celebrity troupe drew out of the men, after he administered the best medicine for us all, laughter, and joy, in the face of dire work to be done where good and evil clash, but two things that were never apparent were fear or despair as cameras panned the thousands of personnel at each stop.
When one thinks of the joy, laughter, sentimentality, and deep appreciation Hope went through at each stop, secured or dangerous, as he encountered America’s young brave sons and daughters, one understands why he did it so often and must have enjoyed more than with any ‘home’ audience, he encountered. If it wasn’t for the hard work and dangers Bob’s crew had to endure, who wouldn’t be envious of his work and joy?
Of course, there were good natured digs at the military leadership and the political leadership...often hilarious, but there was never undermining of the troops efforts and mission, so common today, nor was there a serious effort on Bob’s part to divide the Country back-home using the troops as a disposable tool to a political fortune.
What a difference today? Liberals are even more emboldened as to call military personnel stupid individuals for even joining the military, and the military (with in fact, higher levels of education available to them) for their part, are even more eager and courageous to win the battles for the U.S. and the free world, (defacto dwindling as it is).
May God Bless these men and women of today with a speedy decisive victory against the terrorists undivided or undermined by cowardly socialist political correctness, and self-opportunistic politicians and ‘entertainment celebrities’ of modern day.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.