Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vive La France Libre

Just a little more obvious truth for those who can get over themselves and social position in life, to handle it.

It Was The Best of France And The Worst of France

The French riot police were seen to be the worst, as a priest was kicked in the head, just for the Hell of it during this week's protests against homosexual 'marriage' and adoption 'rights' of which a clear majority of French citizen would seem to strongly disagree with at a whopping demonstrations which did top out at over 300 thousand.

They were good little-thinking police officers to the extent that good Nazis couldn't make any moral distinction between good and bad either... just following orders and with excitement and no doubt boisterous vigor and bravado, esprit de corps.

To bad their allegiance is blindly to the State, except in revolution with a massive majority, instead of to whom is blatantly, evil or good.

Morally upright concerned citizens are not the anarchists!

And if you can't understand that, you don't see that all your moral relivancy school upbringing has brainwashed you into not standing up for a damn thing, but what you are told and only what is popular!

Perhaps the problem lies with the tiny minority of pious liberal legislators passing un-mandated laws!

Dutiful, politically correct North American bishops and priests balk and cower at even thoughts of such protest while at the same time claim the highly unlikely event they are all going to be martyred themselves one day which doesn't quite jive with 'hiding out' and keeping their mouths shut while feeding the liberal establishment 'Beast' with Catholic youth's souls every single day.

The best of Catholic France is that being the first liberal nation in modern Europe to experiment with not just abstract art, but abstract culture, theology, and philosophy, it took abstract immigration of the evil spreading culture of Islam to perk up some heads and see that the whole liberal connected ball of wax was to the detriment of their nation, their culture, their laws and public morality.

They didn't have to visit Hell to see it publicly demonstrated every day like one continuous public 'Pride Day'.

But, it took the new 'rights' of homosexuals whose only raison d'etre, and one point of distinction is centered on mental illness outwardly manifested  by perverse sexual acts, and a high propensity for child sex engagement, both of which normal males find abhorrent, and disgusting, to enrage them enough to take action... where North America couldn't get its act together to get two people together in the name of Christ to publicly oppose any of the youth poisonous liberal agendas. And as priests were obviously 'engaged' in France.

The Catholic Church was, (and still is) privately full of bravado while at the same time 'publicly' embarrassed to point out anything, certainly a great deal shy of a John the Baptist, the most beloved friend of Christ and whose feast day formally Catholic Quebec, has made a mockery, and public drunk fest and riot of.

American and especially Canadian Catholics should be ashamed of their Church, provinces, states, and nations!

Maybe now, formally ridiculed (and I'm just as guilty as anyone) France, the rejected stone will inspire Canada who in turn will inspire America who in the past has followed suite after Canada in all its liberal laws.
France's greatest Saints including the patron Saint of Priests are smiling.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Look to Obama to Emulate Canada One More Time

Look to Obama to Emulate Europeanized Canada One More Time

For all of the leftest establishment laws Canada should have been ashamed to have enacted that the United States should have been even more ashamed to emulate... and for just a few examples rampant abortions starting in the 50's with 'medical necessary' D&Cs, extreme limits on political free speech with open perversions on everything else in the 'name of free speech', homosexual rights to flaunt public decency and public sex laws, marry and adopt babies and male toddlers, boys.... gun control etc.

....look for one more

(Our sure to be next Prime Minister's father), Pierre Trudeau, enacted the War Measures Act in 1970
that basically gave Trudeau's tightly controlled cabinet of less than stellar elected leftist politicians to basically suspend all legal, and (certainly all today's idea of fanciful) 'human' rights, to do whatever they wanted for a period of 15 days at least and that could be re-enacted every 15 days thereafter, at basically Trudeau's sole discretion.

And, as Trudeau said in one of his many arrogant expressions (Just Watch Me) hundreds of citizens were in fact arrested without charges or explanations needed, and their was the potential to do much more including suspending any publications this small cabinet saw fit.

(Just watch me....hmmm I wonder who in the United Sates has that King of the Nation attitude today..certainly no one in the GOP...unfortunately at least, since Reagan).

The 'reason' for this extreme measure was hardly the scope of a 9/11, but only for an (allowed to that point) simmering small Quebec 'left-wing' separatist group the treasonous FLQ and their two murders... one, not even of a Canadian citizen, but a British diplomat.

So not being an American constitutional 'expert', I don't know what avenue Obama has to pull a similar political, rabbit but 'executive power' or 'executive order' would no doubt give him an avenue to pull something similar if not as extreme, and certainly Obama with the power of the whole left wing establishment still intimate with him, has proven not to be afraid to lie cheat and steal or much of anything else to date.


Side Bar

May 9/ 2013 (a Thursday) is this year's date of Canada's annual largest pro-life demonstration on Canada's parliament and supreme court, buildings.

It is Canada's equivalent of America's pro-life march on Washington, co-coincidently of which many Canadians cross the border and take part.

As all of Canada's population only amounts to the population of California, an expected 20,000 turn-out of mostly Christian and Catholic youth is a pretty strong turn out.

It's like Toronto's World Youth Day played out again every year only also attended by different Christian individuals and institutions.

Unfortunately, though Canada is only the size of California in population (if not in debt) it has just as great if not more influence on the American leftist establishment in increasing socialist laws.

Canada was 'first' in North America with abortion rights in the name of 'medical necessary' D&C procedures, first with homosexual adoption and marriage rights, first with non- discriminating of homosexual big brothers, boy scout leaders, and blood donors, and Canada has had federal gun control for a number of years, though gun crimes were all but exclusive to Toronto and Montreal a very very small piece of federal geography in all of Canada's rural majesty.

A good starting place for America to start shutting down the embedded leftists and reversing their success may be where they came from in the first place, or North America's own Europe, Canada.

If any retired American Catholic/Christians for instance, are looking for a beautiful place to vacation this spring, they might want to consider Ottawa at this particular time and join in with the big mostly but hardly entirely, youth march through Ottawa and past Canada's Medal of Honour winner's own abortuary.

And if anyone needs free accomodation in the form of tenting, or trailer/camper parking for a day or two (with a protest day two-hour designated pro-life bus ride to the March, if they so choose) feel free to email for arrangements

Paul Gordon

Marmora Ont.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golly! Surprise! Surprise! Man bites dog

Well I'm just shocked...who would ever ever have thunk that two partnered mentally ill homosexuals would be convicted of abusing 2 of their freaking allowed '9' adopted boys and face further allegations by more of the boys.

So homos in boyscouts, schools and Catholic brother's boy's schools sexually assault young boys apparently most of the time given the opportunity,  so lets give babies and young boys to for the most part temporarily partnered  homsexuals (monogonous my ass)
for their totally private enjoyment.   Give yer head a shake and thank you mentally ill Elton John for championing this cause through your popularity makes perfect celebrity status.....asshole.

We're from the government and we're here to help babies, boys and school children who apparently are the collective's children

Oh yes and don't look for this in the MSM who are all over it ...NOT!

Paul Gordon

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single pageNew claims from one of the alleged victims leads to decision to go to trial.


The Hartford Courant

9:33 p.m. EDT, April 5, 2013


— A judge on Friday allowed two Glastonbury men, accused two years ago of sexually assaulting two of their nine adopted boys, to withdraw their no-contest pleas and take their cases to trial.

The unusual action came during what was to be a sentencing hearing for George Harasz and Douglas Wirth, who entered pleas in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor. They agreed to suspended prison sentences. The only issue for Friday's hearing was to be whether each would be required to register as sex offenders.


George Harasz and Douglas Wirth


•Sex Crimes


•Abusive Behavior

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XSexual Misconduct .Justice System .Criminals .Judges .Lawyers .Assault .Prosecution .Court Preliminary .Laws .Criminal Laws .

But a new allegation of sexual assault against Harasz by one of the victims, contained in a pre-sentence investigation of Harasz, helped scrap the plea agreement. The case was further clouded Friday by disclosure in court of new allegations of abuse by three other of the nine children. No new criminal charges have been filed.


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The new information gives rise to the possibility of new criminal charges, and therefore continuing with Friday's planned sentencing would not have been prudent, prosecutor David Zagaja told Judge Joan K. Alexander. Further, Zagaja said, the victim has said he wants to testify against Wirth and Harasz at trial.

"I think the only proper resolution of this matter is to try it," Zagaja said.

Initially, Harasz, 49, was charged with two counts of first-degree sexual assault, aggravated first-degree sexual assault, fourth-degree sexual assault, two counts of risk of injury to a minor and cruelty to persons. Wirth, 45, was initially charged with third-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Those charges were reduced to a single charge for each man as part of the plea agreement.

Defense attorneys Hubert J. Santos, representing Harasz, and Michael Dwyer, representing Wirth, reached the same conclusion and asked the judge to allow their clients to withdraw the no-contest pleas they entered in January.

"This case needs to be tried so these men can clear their names," Santos said.

The judge agreed to allow them to withdraw the pleas. While acknowledging a trial is a risk for the prosecution and the defense, Alexander said having a trial is "in the interest of justice. The facts must be shown and must be shown publicly."

The new allegations of abuse revealed in the pre-sentence investigation are "dramatically different and more extreme," the judge said.

"[The son said] he has scars from being held down and raped and that those injuries were inflicted by a weapon," Zagaja said, quoting the report.

Alexander also had pointed questions for a state Department of Children and Families lawyer. She asked why a DCF social worker, who accompanied the victim to the interview with a probation officer, heard the new allegation of sexual assault and did not report it to law enforcement. State law requires DCF officials to report such allegations to law enforcement within 12 hours, she noted.

Matthew LaRock, a DCF attorney who was in court Friday, responded that the DCF worker thought the allegation was part and parcel of the criminal case pending against Wirth and Harasz.

Alexander called the response "disingenuous."

The victim noted in the interview that he had never told investigators about the incident, the judge said. "How could that be interpreted as part and parcel," she asked.

Later, DCF Commissioner Joette Katz, who was also in court, said the new allegation would immediately be referred for investigation. She also revealed that three of five younger children the couple adopted have alleged abuse by Wirth and Harasz to counselors.

Although the sentencing did not proceed, one of the alleged teenage victims spoke and urged that Wirth and Harasz be jailed. He said the physical, psychological and sexual abuse began when he was 6 years old. Wirth and Harasz would touch him and violate him, he said, and would make him satisfy them sexually. The alleged victim — the same one who made the new allegations — said Harasz and Wirth abused him when no one else was around.

"They took turns raping me over and over," he said. "Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person."

Several others people spoke on behalf of Wirth and Harasz, including Carlos Harasz, the brother of two of the men who have made allegations against their parents; Harasz's biological son and daughter; and Wirth's father Russell Wirth. They called the accusers liars and said they were mentally ill.

Carlos Harasz said his brother was lying. The abuse he described, Carlos Harasz said, was what he and his brothers instead suffered at the hand of other foster parents. Harasz and Wirth did not abuse them, he said.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bill O'Reilly vs. Laura Ingraham

Or Liberepublican Thumbs Reaganite
And ala Bob Dylan, How Does It Feel?

To the non-social-conservative natural sensibility, one may have been left with that, ‘What the Hell was that’, observation, after viewing Laura’s ‘peacemaker apologetics’ to the guy who wanted to bury her, her other long time friend, Limbaugh, and anything she or her  audience base stood for.

Laura’s biggest gaffe other than not bringing, well.. anything actually, to the O K corral factor was to call out a bigger ego than the heights Rush can only get away, with when he’s pretending.

The ‘bible thump’ heard round the world, to the point, at least the Fox network ‘world’ or the bible belt and 99/100ths of the straight pre-Obama military, was not something any self respecting egocentric could back down on.. anymore than say. a North Korean dictator.

Indeedy, Laura, what were you thinking asking a much heavier political weight, (and I feel compelled to mention that as a ‘good thing’ in Laura’s corner) and Irish, to boot….asking, What was he, bad Billy, thinking?

Here’s the thing Laura. O’Reilly treated you about the same way Reaganites have treated social conservatives, in recent years if it was, (and it was), between us and a libertarian/ socially liberal, GOP presidential candidate.. made so by process of Republican elite preference of elimination. A pain, another masochist GOP apologist, Santorum, should have learned well.

Granted, he may have been, and still be.. in shock. Everyone (almost), can  get sentimentally philosophical once they’re handed their ass to carry back home instead of to wear.  Been there too.

Of course, the more sickening pain was that of which social conservatives had to observe in the whole bizarre, bordering on sordid, affair of which Drudge helped manipulate in no small manner, and which Santorum failed not only to defend his honor, but more importantly the attacks on his family.

At least, Laura should have picked up a few lessons in all of this.

There is a truth that the likes of millions of O’Reillies of the world claim doesn’t exist while damningly hold to be personally ‘right’.

And, in small parts it goes that you can’t be ‘friends’ with the world and with the Truth. You can however dine with the sinners but certainly not those evil or consecrated to evil.

That morality is the realm of God alone, not philosophy, the world, or the worse of a divided nation even if they are the majority.

That conscience is never a victor, but a given guide to be comfortable with if not cherished to lead one to the Victorious, victorious in his humble sacrifice, abdication of His ‘Rights’, and of Whom all real heroes are measured in their struggle, often against the might of the world.

Republicans… go home with the one who brung ya….. and if back home is the only place you have left to go… what’s so bad about that?

For one, it is the place where no mother or father chooses the world, by any and all nations, over their children, or children should choose the world over their parents.

That’s the only Truth I ever elude to, and the one Who owns it.

And as Christians are told every Sunday, (before they go and vote for abortion 'parties' every election, playing perfectly into their greater plan and by their rules), you are with God or you are with the world.

Don't consider the O'Reillies of the world as Truth or with
God or even that the Reaganites would not and did not cheer a pro abortion, pro gay Republican, Romney, (even Santorum, for crying out loud) this time, once he was selected (by hook and crook) by the only party to supposedly represent Judeo-Christians.. but have been only selecting big tent candidates for a number of elections.

And because they are the only party to represent Judeo-Christians it is presumed (by association up to election day at least) that Judeo-Christians now share this big tent world philosophy with the O'Reillies of the world or are okay with it, with the Reaganite celebrities of today.

And as always to Christians, it's how you play the game, (Truth) never a 'big tent, stragity' as a means to a worldly political end of  equal capitulation with the (truly) enemy anyway.

Maybe for once the fan base needs to educate the celebrity Reaganites instead of the other way around.

Polarization... Hell yes, that's what Truth is about. With God or with the world  and at one time there was no shame in America being solidly with God. 

Why not again... even France is showing up the Americas on homosexual adoption and marriage.

Paul Gordon