Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ontario Conservative Party Can't Smell Their Own Sink

After losing an election to the most dreaded liberal leader in the history of Ontario Hudak is still the Ontario PC party leader.. (PC most assuridly standing for politcally correct).

Was the election fixed?
Did McGuinty's bold faced last minute bribe to his new immigrants with tax payer's money work?
Are Ontarians by and large a) brainwashed from public education and Ontario's union culture, or b) retarded?

No doubt, all of the above and more, to various degrees are true.

Regardless, the election is over and Hudak is still the leader?
Regardless, there has been no resignation, or firing of  party handlers who couldn't have read the public more wrong?

More elegible voters stayed home than went to the polls for one simple reason.

Why bother if the misnomered conservative party, and Hudak couldn't be bothered indicating they were happy with the liberal party's politics?

Why bother if all three parties melded into one and yet there were so many directions to offer away from the ruling liberals.

Real conservatives stayed home because they're stay with the misery they have because why give the weak contender a fraudlent mandate and lose all hope of any future change.

Bottom line, voters can only vote with their eyes and ears and they heard and saw absolutedly nothing from the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party that wasn't in the Regressive Liberal Party of Ontario.

In the future real conservatives should vote for independents if nothing else is available and at least have more representive power for their riding than liberal  backbencher McGuinty rubber stamps.

Look how much independants are wooed in the case of narrow minoritys or combined majorities.

Real conservatives will wait for a non-pretender, non- Brute, non- Judas who claims to represent them.  

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obama, Harper, McGuinty Kids Will Turn On Them One Day

You know how famous peoples spoiled brats like to do the opposite of what their parents did to garner their own fame. Sometimes, spouses and parents, for that matter.

You know the Reagans, the Bush parents, the Cheneys, the Nixons, to name, but a few.

So one day, the Harper, McGuinty, Obama, Chretien (oh that's right he didn't have any real kids, thank you God) kids et al are going to be educated for what it's worth in the Western World and have at least an outside chance to think for themselves.

One day, they're going to have a startling revelation in a moment of God's fleeting grace for redemption and realize mom and pop weren't the greatest people in the universe after all. They're going to have an icky feeling like they just found out dad was a pedophile to another sibling.

Yes, mom and dad were so enamored with fame they abandoned any principle they may (or not) have had
on the ladder to sleazy political fame and to remain on the plateau they attained.

Yes, they are going to see how their parents, the Obama's especially with their partial birth abortion support, were sleaze balls of the worst kind. The 'worst kind', because they actually held power to do something, (hell anything) about the baby killing industry and the family destroying, and youthful soul taking by homosexual activity- activists.

But Harper, and McGuinty, the pope hating Catholic...they're up there. They are not only up there they embraced evil to aid in their careers of being political zombies voted by  many, but actually respected by few.

Paul Gordon 

All Religions Should Be Respected Equally...Of Course Not

In some ways religion is like free speech, and in others, it's not.
Not all speech is good. Some of it is horrible, and can be almost anything that enters the brain that doesn't fall under a human rights shelter du jour and tumble on out the mouth.

Logic warning:. All liberals can cut off what's left of their brains and start screaming their favourite sound bites and  rants now.

Certainly, not all modern 'religions' are good either, but one doesn't obtain or garner collection money, various tax exemptions, grants, abetting liberal child brain washers from academia and justice depts. human rights  favors, get out out of jail free, etc. from any old free speech now do they.

(Of course, cults based on homosexual acts enjoy far more benefits than anything else on God's green earth in our times.)

Free religion can be a lot more financially beneficial than free speech.

Logically, why would anyone follow a religion (of salvation at least) if it wasn't around from the beginning.

Logically, God didn't wait until Luther, or Mormonism or a modern 'prophet' to give us the good news.
Neither, did he give us the Good News, through pot smokers, island and tribal witch doctors, native moon barkers and literal weed smokers, drug stupored slain in the spirit origination form the 50s etc. etc. Jesuit or Dominican liberal academic philosophy, to let us 'in on it'.  

Logically, should national geographic thinking keep native tribes naked in all ways for their own aesthetic fish bowl viewing. Yeah, like native North American Indians would ever like to go back to pre-civilization times either.

More important than free 'religon- for- anything' though, is why would anyone be suckered into any fad or ancient murderous Nomad useful bully religion, to begin with? 

I don't see why tax or revenue arms of government cannot be at least a little more discerning about what constitutes a real religion without insulting logical thinking tax payers and then keep their p.c.  controlling  paws off of them.

Paul Gordon
Cynical With Cause
I douter Sudsy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plethora of Tea Party Type Presidential Candidates for SoCons

What a difference a border makes, eh? Talk about the envy of Canadian social conservatives the GOP (unfortunately still top heavy with Dole Republicans) has a number of social conservatives or social conservative- friendly presidential candidates already in the game.

Santorum is my favorite, but Cain whose only criticism is that he didn't sign a social conservative pledge, 'because his actions are his pledge' would be the inside favorite to easily handle Obama and be the real role model for American blacks, over party hardy pro abort (including late term brain crushing 'procedures') pro- homo 12 year old thinking Obama, to boot.

Forget Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, 'kill cop' rappers, pretend Muslim religion proselytizers, Cain is the real deal, real world example for blacks, certainly to this point, and from the strong unabashed language he has been using on the Wall Street crack heads and commies, he has been serious about his positions.

Republican party head-jobs has better do the right thing and not come up with another Dole in the form of Romney or social conservatives will do what they did to Dole and the GOP again.

Go Herman!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Than Just Cute Babies At Stake For Catholic Pro-Lifers

Of course, there is the true Catholic take on abortion that puts equal, if not more emphasis on the other tragedies of abortion.

Granted the innocent soul of the innocent baby is not compromised by the actions of its murderers and way too many non-participant uppity bystanders.

However, that is hardly the total extent of the tragedy and does not offer a get out of Hell card for the current segments of participants, fans, and idle bystanders.

The mother and the father (when he coerces, or is joint party to) when the mother has abortion, have their souls decidedly at risk not to mention the mother's physical and mental health.

There is the dark hole humanity enters itself, where there is no respect for life and what on God's earth is their to compensate for this darkness? Look at the darkest hole of the last century when Nazis and communists  had no respect for the life of Jews and Polish Catholic priests for two groups.

Good tax returns, good entertainment, good sports, good and undeserved nationalism, good politics, good drink and good drugs, good buddies and gal pals, good sex, homosexual 'families'?

Bishops, priests, (and pundits sometimes too), need to think about the importance and priority of the whole tragedy, not just the loss of a physical innocent, they could never appreciate the personal love, from a parents perspective, to begin with. 

Enough of the sermons of the history of the Cross or chicken sermon soup for the soul!

Jesus had to talk in parables, you don't. Or are the Bishops too worried about losing charitable tax status.

By the way, from my house I can see the European Catholic Churches becoming big centres for charity again instead of socialist governments.

Paul Gordon