Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 China Revolution Need Only Start With Tibet

China Revolution Need Only Start With Tibet

Here’s the difference between the people of China, a vast Country with a relative short history under communist dictatorship, and the North American free world.

Of course, if you are from or still living in China, you know all about your way of life so here is the difference with the free world

1) Freedom of your family….and religion is of course number one. It’s what is most important to you and the potential for greatness and world respect and awe, of your Country (not sports and machismo!) There are no other numbers.

You are free to have as many children as you want and you don’t have to be wealthy though the Marxist group of Planned Parenthood would have the free world believe that, and worse propaganda.

You don’t even have to be married, to have as many children as you want which has proven to be not good, for anyone involved, but still an absolute freedom of your’s to discover in the free world.

You can go to any church for any real religion, or even pretend religions like those derived and based on mere and faulty ‘mortal‘… if you are so inclined.

You are even still free be a communist in a rightfully dying ideology or a related socialist with unfortunately, way too much company, and power for anyone’s good.

You are free to choose government (tax paid) totally controlled medical aid and guidance, or much better, private insurance, paid, or direct privately paid competitive excellent customer- based health care, more so available in the United States, than more Marxist Canada, of course.

As either parent in the family, you are free to attain a private education or (the politically correct government education through the medium of Marxist union educators) and employment, in seemingly endless fields with varying pay grids and benefit offerings including serious private pension contributions, on behalf of the competitive employer.

Unions, whose high paying positions come with a time-released suicide pill, still don’t control much of the mid-management work force, and less, or no control of the workforce at the senior-management level.

You are free to not join any Marxist groups or to a degree free, not be an unwilling participant in any socialist ideology or hair brained control scheme.

You and your family are free to get up every morning in your rented apartment or owned house (with unfortunately, equivalent rent sums in taxes) and go to the outdoors to a still potential God’s free land, smell the free air, enjoy the warm sunshine, grow whatever you want and easily plan to afford and attain, to grow what ever you want, in your own garden or field.

Have a family picnic and nature walk and games in the free open spaces and free air and then to return home and sleep in peaceful free slumber knowing you will awake, in freedom still.

The bad comes with the good even in freedom, but you do have choice in the free world and still considerable wiggle-room to choose what you want and what you feel is best for your family, which is always their choice of freedom too.

Good can only overpower bad and evil without bloodshed in an environment of freedom. The worthwhile struggle is to get to freedom.. first!

Freedom is never boring or non-diligent. Bad or evil can only overcome good, when good men refuse to act, and people stop thinking and don’t want to know. And when they are ‘pacified or intoxicated for the time being’ with all the entrapments of socialist pie in the sky temptation.

Revolutions for evil have a history of bloody violence and the slaughtering of the innocent. Where have been the ‘fruits’ of origin, or the ‘fruits’ of the harvest with Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Unionism and Feminism.

Happiness too, still needs to be fought for even in free Countries and is won in thinking for oneself and with the one God in mind, heart and soul.

China can be set free, in as bloodless a way as former Countries imprisoned in the Soviet Block but it does require, all the more joint participation throughout all of China, on the part of students and workers who can bring the tough and evolving Communist regime to its knees.

The time for Communists making all things better is too little, too late,
too planned, and too insincere. It’s still the same evil empire looking out for itself, a small minority of the proletariat whose military will switch forces when push comes to shove and killing their own families and friends is not part of the deal.

So who is lying, Tibet, or the communist controllers of the vast and great Country of China whose peoples have persevered and been beaten down long enough!

About Myself? If any of this letter can get to Chinese citizens, be assured that I am not a stooge for anyone, and everyone is open to my criticisms that is what is.. in a free Country. I am free to criticize my Country it’s modern numerous dips and dives into pure stupidity at times.

I frequently criticize, not.. the Roman Catholic faith under the Holy Father but merely the Canadian corner of the Catholic Church which often performs badly, when it makes it’s presence known at all. A branch that has been brought to task by the Holy Father himself for the disgrace it brings on the universal religion not unlike the ‘Catholic’ politically correct and socialist Universities of the United States.

Certainly, Karl Marx had the Canadian Catholic Church in mind when he prophetically spoke in distain, “Christianity is like spit-little”. In a free Country the Canadian Church has no desire to speak at all, never mind, speak of the “Truth, that sets us free”.

The shallow insincere Canadian Church also long cut off its own supply of domestic nuns and priests when it handed its Catholic youth to the Marxist militant teaching unions and elected trustees of the government.

I am also no stooge to capitalism, living on what would be considered a poverty level by the size of my happy family of ten and that I would hardly make apologies for. I could have made more money I suppose and chose a different route but I seriously doubt I would ever be as happy as I am now, or have the cherished memories I have now.

I am no more an angel as much as any man, and I have at once, begged for the sake of my family, and refused for the sake of my soul with regrets…none. The appreciation of Truth is never the less for the state and weakness of the person. Individual weakness can only even be recognized against the real existence and perfection of the Truth.

What is life if you can’t have experienced it to the fullest, in love, in suffering, in joy and in sadness and been free to do it all and free to join the freest of them all, in the joy and protection, of Jesus Christ.

No family exists or lives for the purposes of any State but as truly free sons and daughters of the perfect Sacrificial Crucified Christ.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Thread And A Pox On Mainstream Junk Science

A Thread And A Pox on Mainstream Junk Science
By Paul Gordon

Okay, people, hold on to your seats because, here’s all you really need to see and understand, as a practical and logical ‘visual’, to dispel a big chunk of modern ’junk’ science that tries to B.S. most of our time, energy, children’s education, laws and actual worshipping obsessions, in many cases.

Take a globe of the earth, any globe.. you’ll find in your kid’s bedroom, school or library.

Now take a simple length of thread, or thicker dental floss (for newer generations who don’t know what thread is).

Wrap this thread tightly around the globe, and it will factually represent many things.

For the purpose of this writing it will represent a simple roadway. Now, if this length of thread were a real, simple 20’ wide road, (still wide enough for two lanes of traffic) it would represent, and take up only (a close approximation of) 0.0000000625 of a line around the earth in actual linear ratio to the surface of the earth.

In other words, although it is only a thread and minute in comparison to the surface of the globe representing the earth admirably, the tiny thread is still much, much thicker and larger than a 20’ road in ratio to the earth would actually be,

One can, of course, see the same effect and surface ratio, zooming in from a satellite picture on one’s computer, until one can actually make out a physical satelite image of a real road. However, I think the thread and globe visual is even simpler quicker and gives the complete picture at a glance.

One could feel oneself in the space shoes of one recent part-time female astro-nut, who looked out her shuttle portal window and un-backed by fellow astronauts, claimed to ‘thumb and eyeball’ evidence of global warming, planet destruction yada yada,… perhaps the cliffs of dover..

Yeah right..stay on Terra Firma, Honey, and watch space in the future from your big screen like the rest of us great unwashed ‘scientists’ and junior astronauts.

Emotion, opinion, democratic ‘consensus‘, or show of hands, make science…. not! Science is 2 plus 3 equals 5, no matter of opinion and pony show.

This thread is a real representation of close approximation of the equatorial or polar axis around the world of 25,000 miles or 132,000,000 linear feet.

Now, for the purpose of this writing consider this thread to be a road that lies on solid ground all the way around the earth including the oceans. The fact a road around the world doesn’t actually exit means nothing for the points, well made in this writing

Anyone, who has ever flown or driven over any great amount of any country or continent should be able to easily understand and appreciate, that as big and as endless, as we like to think factories, industries, indeed, major cities are, that they still only take up only a pittance of actual land found in comparatively, oasis style urban settings pocked among vast areas of farm, and more- so, bush land in these countries and continents.

(The city of Toronto takes up, but a small fraction of the vast area of Canada, yet, has great political clout and political control over a vast geographical area. Canada has distanced or far-flung corners and everythng in between, that may as well be on the moon, for all they hold in common to the odd folk of far away and proportionately, ‘tiny’ polarized socialist UN Toronto…but that of course, is a complete and other writing.)

‘Active’ industries and factories are not as infinite as environmentalists would have us believe. They are of course, finite and countable. A large amount of the world's industries and factories are actually located in some of the smallest areas like Countries of Japan, South Korea, and the ‘abandoned’ mere British ‘colony’ of Hong Kong.

Major industries or conglomerents are of course even more rare and summed up on Stock Exchanges.

*You couldn’t take all the ‘active’ factories and industries in the entire world and line one side of this road represented by the thread*

Of course, there are pockets of polluted areas in concentrated industrial areas, but hardly whole Provinces or States in the case of North America and certainly with nothing that stays in the air, were all these factories shut down today. Hence ’Smog Days or Alerts’ are obviously not cumulative or ever- lulling around. The air obviously purifies itself eventually and particles fall to the ground. If it didn't and pollution lasting effects were half as bad as environmentalists say....would the air not have been long blackened?

The 'free world' doesn't need to forced to shut down by militant environmentalists. (Where's the boycotts and cries on their beloved socialist countries?) Ever increasing stack 'scrubber' and cooling technologies is all that may be required and real 'accumilative trash' does need to be burned not stuffed in every crevice, nook and cranny of the world.

Ontario is hardly completely polluted despite Toronto or even its approximate closeness to heavy industrial American States.

*Keeping in mind this single thread actually represents more than one 20’ wide road, you could fit 2,490,566...53foot long transport ’trailers’ on one side, or lane, of this one road. In truth, I’m confident you could fit the entire ‘active’ traffic of the world on this thread (that would actually fit more than one road) in any given time.*

*There is nowhere near enough existing jets of any size in the entire world to roll down this road like a runway and come close to filling it, so the same goes for flying above it, at any one time.

You could line this road on both sides with people hand in hand spraying cans of Freon and have.. little effect on the vast atmosphere (or ‘ozone’) that surrounds the entire planet far above this tiny thread.*

So get a grip, people, look at this thread in comparison to the rest of the globe and tell me how it could possibly effect world anything or cause as much ’destruction’ as modern junk scientists could ever have us believe’.

The single most influence on the earth, ozone, and whatever else you can think of including life itself was, is, and always will be… the Sun… And, as scientists have proven the Sun and it’s resulting weather patterns short and long term operates in historical ‘cycles‘, indifferent to man or creature.

How many ‘scientists’ spend their time and jaundiced or tainted studies, simply trying to disprove other scientists and proven science in order to
a) Make a name for themselves
b)Justify the existence of their positions
c) Gain or keep funding and grants coming in
d) In the case of drugs… prove the effectiveness and safety of their conglomerate employer’s products? Answer: Way too many.

If you read the papers that purport 'news' actually worth reading or watch the news that first and foremost must entertain and astound, you know there is no shortage of scientists contradicting each other and yesterday’s ‘studies’ and having to stoop to smaller and smaller measurements to even prove the existence of so-called serious pollutants I.e., millionths, billionths, trillionths, etc.

The last bit of total junk science totally disproved and destroyed in this writing is the whole 100 year old, over-population scam, as a main selling point of socialists (who, incidentally are the only ones who supposedly have all the cures to the evils that kill us) that necessitates the forced murdering of Chinese babies and conscience freeing volunteered murdering of all free world babies.

If you don’t believe you could easily line even one side of one road that makes up this tiny thread going around the globe with high-rises and low rises to house the entire population of the entire world…think again, because you are so soul…dead wrong. Again, look how many people the small country of Japan or Hong Kong former colony can house, and not all of them in apartments.

The only thing stopping complete housing for everyone on small amounts of land, is scientific wayward energies, greed or financial hording and wasting, politics, and gigantic egos of the top academic, political, and socially popular elite of the entire socialist hustled world.

Pollution, lack of space, food and medicine… my rear-end! People, students, children..babies, workers... you’ve all been had all along…

Friday, March 21, 2008

Difference Between China Revolt Supporters and Useful Idiots

Western Difference Between China Revolt Supporters And Useful Idiots

Idiots who support Olympics over revolution, are mostly composed of cowardly politicians, western liberals, over zealous and egotistic competitive patriots, simplified sports fans whose, life and souls revolve around sports celebrities and teams and of course the historically bribed and pampered official Olympic Organizing Committee (Mafia) Members.
Western supporters of revolt or rebellion against Communist (HELLOO!) China are composed of real non-elected and political mesmerized conservatives.

They are mostly social conservatives, pro-life, often Christian or Catholic, (though apparently a small percentage of modern pseudo socialist 'Catholics')

They want what’s best for their babies, children, and families, now 'and tomorrow', not just what feels good to them right now.

They don’t equate 'freedom' with public perversion and control freaks who want to micro-manage every aspect of their lives, and control their thoughts, speech and their health in terms of what's good for the State.

They know that just about, every ‘progressive’ piece of legislation in the secular or humanist world is another ding in their rights, and freedom, and empowerment to the Marxist unions and liberal wacko’s who want all control over their workplaces and families.

The idiots don’t see past their own nose, don’t care about anyone but themselves and believe communists are not all that bad, especially if they can make money and still control every single citizen, who has no say in absolutely anything political or freedom wise.

They don’t care that protests are answered with tanks, murders torture and imprisonment, and that the stupid people (everyone but them) need to be controlled for their own good and their babies need to be drowned in the back rice paddy for the good of all.

They never consider third world people and communist peasants as their equal or deserving of anything they have. See above narcissism descriptions of same.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Awaken Chinese Students and Workers, Free Tibet & Yourselves

Awaken Chinese Students and Workers, Free Tibet and Yourselves

As the typing exercise goes, now, is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their Countrymen.

As Chinese parents, take a look at your young child and think of a better world for him/her. A world where you don’t have to tell her/him their sibling was taken out back and drowned in the rice paddy for the crime of being born.

Communism is a mental illness and you have mentally ill men running more then your Homeland. They run and control every aspect of your life, your children’s lives, your family, even your spirit soul.

You must worship them before any Creator and hold no religion before them. If you don’t know this already it is only because such control monsters, such controlling evil does not want you to even know another world exists.

A truly free economy does not require babies murdered and families starved!

A truly free economy needs all the more children to sustain and keep a free Country great, especially when the West will not even sustain it’s own population, for the control of the socialist mindset they suffer.
Capitalism has a way of providing for all…the technology, the means and the incentive…more money.

What destroys capitalism is communism and its cousins, socialism, and unionism. Greedy unionism is the only culprit currently dragging down the U.S. economy. Unionism creates economic inequity, class envy, poor production, and eventual self-destruction , no more blatantly seen than in the Western auto industry where the Marxist roots first came home to roost.

What countries need is strong labour backed democracies with good labour legislation, not over paid union pockets, where sloth and greed continually flourishes till there is nothing left for any of the labour force.

It’s not only the truth of evil and good. It is pure logic which only points to good and evil whenever extrapolated over and beyond the eye of personal gain and advantage over others.

If money were the only issue in preventing happiness, how is it, the proletariat receives most of it distributes it as it sees fit, and still controls all your basic freedoms. It’s because they have no right to it and that is exactly why they need to control you. It’s no different than socialism or communism light.

Nothing eliminates greed at the top and certainly not communism or socialism anymore than capitalism. Nothing, except maybe one who doesn’t need it or crave it, or very few under the rank of Holy Father direct and dedicated servant under Christ. Point being, very few will not take advantage of a position where they can make personal gain (in some manner including money deferred) so why ever enslave to a system where ‘all’ human rights and choices should be God given, and the same as every citizen of the world…. Not governance granted and strictly controlled.

Money and poverty was how communism entered your Country, but how long did it take for the Communists to even trickle any of it down? You can have a lot more, and enough for everyone equally and enough left over for those who truly can’t look after themselves. And more important, all your non- monetary freedoms, your happiness, the right to the family you want, your religion to choose, and more.

You’ve been lied to all along and you know the pain and suffering, the loss of your loved ones, and of course your dignity, to the government minions. You’ve had enough. Link up any way you can through any means you can and unite in marches and strikes.

Communism will collapse! God will help those who seek him and win out! You will elect ‘your’ brothers, your sisters, your sons and daughters to government….. not Marx’s brothers and sisters at Marx's pleasure!

Paul Gordon

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bloggers Encourage Chinese Revolution Now!!!

There are easily over 50,ooo bloggers in North America alone. Right now all of them need to unite and encourage the Chinese students and slave labour to unite, strike and rebel now.

Our gutless politicans can't and wouldn't say anything if they could, that's why they're gutless and live in never never land. However, people power can encourage the Chinese people to fight for freedoms and prosperity they've only dreamed about.

And having wrote that, our governments and business and private donations would come onside quickly once the revolution began and certainly when rebuilding starts.

Let's put the internet to its best possible un-pollitically correct use now and help this Country become free and make the USSR revolution look like a walk in the park. Help and encourage them fellow bloggers.

Paul Gordon

Chinese Students and Workers Rebel NOW!!!

Chinese Students and Workers Should Rebel NOW

With the Tibet rebellion going on now, this would be the ideal time for Chinese imprisoned citizens to step up pressure on the self servicing elitist communists.
Screw the Olympics. What the world needs now is communist revolt that’s the thing there’s always too little of.

The revolts and worker strikes need to be interior. They need to go deep and they need to go far.

The only thing that stops communism is when all the perpetual brow beaten peasants stop cooperating and become brave enough to say, This is enough!

Revolutions aren’t usually pretty or painless, but the USSR revolution sure went quick and well.

World aide will come in from all quarters of the world once the communists have surrendered their evil grip on the throats of all Chinese citizens.

The Chinese Communist forces cannot last long without food and money coming in from the peasants and slave labour. What then happens is that the soldiers switch sides and the revolution has military weapons and whole army platoons of their own. Once that happens, the cowardice proletariat gives up soon and seeks other countries to flee to.

China this is your greatest opportunity and greatest moment in history.

Don’t let it slip away and don’t ever look back. Go China Go. Help will make its way once it starts. There is no better time to Sacrifice for the good of all and win, then when Christ died on the Cross.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

The Secular Bible of New Sins Against Humanists

The Secular Bible of New Sins (Part one)

Now that the media has taken more words from ‘someone’ at the Vatican out of context, blown them up and reshaped them for a laugh, I.e., Don’t recycle…. Go to Hell, it’s time to make fun of what the humanist establishment takes way too seriously.

1) Christian religious shalt not criticize thy political parties in power lest thy lose thy tax exempt status. 100 effective on thy scale of 1 to 10. Sorry Jesus.

2) Thalt shall genuflect long and low whenever thou’ist hear thy name of Commy Tommy Douglas the first successful socialist to win the hearts of the greedy, the Newfy, the Manitobian, the Toronto Har, and the minds of the CBC.

b) Thou shalt not use thy name of Sec. St. Commy Tommy (who was all for murdering defective babies, the infirmed and the retarded, for the socialist master race, just like Planned Parenthood and uncle Adolf) in vane whilst standing in line outside emergency rooms, or in ambulance routes to no where in particular, or forgetting house calls and just trying to obtain a family doctor in Ontario.

3 a) Thou shalt keep thy tiny kitchen as a recycling centre in addition to a place of food preparation, that thine garbage shalt still end up the same place anyway.

b) Thine local Board of Health will doth stand down to thy City Powers and not inspect attached living communities for melodious odours, rodents, bugs and diseases on warm weather, alternate weeks when thine shall sit on all matter of refuse, or take to thine transfer station thine self and pay thine family tipping fee, all whilst thy property taxes continue to rise, and snow continues to accumulate on thine winter days.
Thine penalized large families in particular still await thy City magic to be taught whereas thy may make thine garbage disappear, not just move around.

4) Thalt shall not seek out the identity of thine neighbourhood perverts on permanent parole lest they hurt thine pervert’s feelings and not offer thine own children as burnt offerings to thine humanist sex perversions.

5) Thou shall embrace thine homo lifestyles of harmful and distasteful sex obsessions and have them thrust upon thine young offspring in thine socialist politically correct schools so that……….. Well, we don’t really know why…..but just do it okay!

6) Thout tax payer shalt speak French or not be employed in English speaking Canada by thine same government thine pays taxes to because self-loathing dead guy, Turdeau made it just so.

7) Thy shall pay taxes 3x over for prior political, and politically correct transgressions by thine elected officials 3 generations over, in charge of electricity and medical services that they should never have controlled to begin with. See Commy Tommy. Thy doesn’t have to enjoy paying more and higher taxes so much, but we thine humanist gods are glad thine do and with thine strange blank smiles.

Perhapith it be thine only humanist way of cleansing thyself of personal and community guilt… leaving that up to us as well… Hey, your taxes, and our socialist and populist values at work!

And thine populist masses said it was good, and so it must be, as seen in thine happiness, thy loved ones, and thy glory.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Archbishop Terrance Prendergast's Idle Chatter

Ottawa Archbishop Terrance Prendergast’s Idle Chatter

Prove me wrong please, Terry, but I'm not holding my breath.

Of course, I am referring to Prendergast's all too conditional chat about not giving Holy Communion to pro-abortionist politicians.

Yeah right, Terry. There's nary a Bishop or Priest in Canada courageous(?) enough to tell parishoners to not vote for a pro-abortion party, lest they offend all the secular 'Catholics' in their pews. The same choir, who pretend to pray for the lives of the innocent and then vote with their hands against their own prayers.

And you're talking about actually making a Catholic Statement of action!

If the real pro-life people had a loony for every wistful, could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, ‘brave’ thought from the North American Catholic Church, especially politically cowering Bishops from the Cowards Conference of Canada, they could’ve bought a garbage truck of babies back from Canada’s infamous Dr. Death.

As it is, these Catholic cowards in their dying secularized Churches (to take from the Holy Father’s lamentations, with all due respect) run by pastoral assistants, and lay people with week- day rush- hour attitudes are lucky to ever mutter tough talk outside of their dressing room mirrors, and Caddy make-up mirrors.

Well, except for union organizer Bishop Henry, and who wants to hear that run-away biggy/ little secular tabloid legitimizing contributing, self- admitted, socialist. His only criteria for shutting down Catholic Schools in his Diocese is if the schools run fund-raising bingo games. Says it all, doesn't?

If anyone, especially a red-breasted mouth flapping highly recognizable humanist politician in Canada was refused communion, the whole world would know about it, so trust me, it hasn’t been done, and so what’s stopping Terry or any number of priests from having already done so?

(In case your wondering there is no Priest who doesn't know who the politicians are in their pews. Politicians make sure everyone knows who they are.)

Apparently, what's stopped Priests and Bishops from refusing Communion, to this writing is their great concern for the soul of the abortionist or politician…pick your evil. This, from the Parable of the Lost Sheep (with even more due respect,) and apparently more understanding, because, what Church politicians don’t recall, is that the lost sheep wasn’t killing on the lambs in the flock before he got lost in his blood lust.

Bishops don’t ever recall, that Jesus cast devils out, not massaged them into political expediency, or even not at all, to make things comfortable for their religious ‘career’.

I don’t give a rat’s you know what about the soul of Karl Marx, Hitler, Stalin, current Asian communist leaders, and domestic abortionists when they go around causing unfathomable pain suffering death and holocausts on humanity. And if that doesn’t make me better than a Saint, well, maybe because I’m not and I don’t see too many others around lately. And if you're going to talk 'in theory', get it right and in logical truth.

And if I were you, and any leader in the Catholic Church afraid to speak the truth and act accodingly, I would hold myself partly personally responsible for the lives of the innocent being lost to evil every minute and hour of the day, but of course, it's not my opinion you need worry about.

It's the final judgment you commited yourself to, to be more responsible and more courageous, you need worry about. Yeah, I know..harsh comments..... but for a worthy if, lost cause going by the news of the day.

I mean could you see John the Baptist proclaiming, “ Well, if I ever come across ‘that family’ (no names please) and I can’t make a personal appointment where I can talk to them in private, and after x number of attempts at therapy and convincing I can’t convince them to see their evil ways (which they are pretty much aware of, and not even in denial… just liars, too… like that could never, be considered of a politician)…well, you just watch me then?

Listen Terry you’ve been around Ottawa long enough, and the fruit has been ripe for the picking for the better part of a century anyway.
Save the meaningless speeches until they mean something, like after ‘action’ as a real Catholic leader would. Some pro-life Catholics are not quite as gullible as others.

Fifty thousand bloggers can make speeches everyday, your’s is no different though, undoubtedly less sincere then most of them.

And finally, how come some Priests have no problem denying Communion to people who kneel for the Blessed Sacrament or who simply choose not to go to the, not so extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, one to four, per church every Mass every weekend and many weekdays.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's A Quote For You

Here’s a quote for you

"A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare," the judge wrote, quoting from a 1961 case on a similar issue." And what do you know, he took it from The Father Knows Best era, he and the rest of the left... so despises.

(Why not go back to the Founding Fathers if you're in a mood to look back... for once?)

You might think this was written in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, but actually it was written in sunny California, and just last week March, 2008 as the sole reason behind decision to boot home-schooling from the State. Hey, whenever you go to the can of nuts what else would you expect to fall out?

Funny thing about absolute academic freedom eh?

It’s ‘free’ for the taking as long as you were raised the ‘right way’ to begin with, by Marxist academia and Marxist teacher unions who would fight to someone’s death to keep their iron grip on ‘their right’ to teach ‘your children‘ their ideology and opinions among other useless or harmful non academic political causes.

And this.. not in some great time of unselfish historical moral or biblical revelation or renaissance, but in a time when the Hippocratic oath means nothing to the medical profession, when the thing about science is not fact, but political consensus, when scientific fame is to get your name in a journal or opinion piece based on personal opinion.

When heroism must first weigh risk management, health and safety, possible post traumatic stress, lost wages labour time.

When the thing is to replace worship to the Creator with worship to the celebrity and any number of inanimate, idols of secularism's and pantheism.

When the Marxist clarion call is ( It’s about the children!) which can’t even be said with a straight face anymore, and of course meaning (It’s about the money!) to politician, board, church, and union. Who ever said money was the root of all evil sure new Marxists and rich elitist egotists alike.

Hey leave it to modern liberals who like to throw everything out the window to go slumming through the trash heap they accumulated to look for any tool they can find to suit their purpose.

It seems to me the Marxist left of modern times achieved everything they wanted by going against everything the above quote meant. They achieved their goals for public activist ranting, through civil disobedience and so on and so forth.

The first European Marxists of course attained what they wanted through mass murder, extreme violence, torture, and extortion.

Responsible and mature academic freedom is important. It keeps the populist societies self-centred on greed, hedonism, world dominance, etc. in check.

Is there any State in a world full of political correctness and myopic desires that the academic world should ever support full-heartedly and one hundred percent. I think not!

No family in the world should ever put country...any country... before God or Family!! Nor should they ever be forced to, or fear not to. Keep your eyes on the only prize and purpose in life.

Grow up and smell the coffee, California. The secular humanist world is round and round tail chasing and b.s., and just so, to keep you preoccupied, worried distressed and self obsessed...Wring your hands over nothing...'the cause du jour' never new existed before, because, that's what you should be doing to be politically correct and a good citizen.

You should know how it goes by now. The sky is falling and they are just the heros to save us and the world. Or at least 'they care' and are eloquent about expressing how they 'care' so put them in charge.

Maybe the good guys need to try a little civil disobedance themselves,
only 'just' and peaceful civil disobedance. Volume in numbers always does wonders in itself.

And you don't have to be loud when you know you're right and your cause is for God Family and Child, not self, sexual preferences and rights to pollute and abuse teens and pre-teens to lower and lower ages, demanding sexual blessings, right to bring perversions to the public media, town roads, and town square, the right to end someone else's life, and a hundred other causes to the left.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Week: News Makers of Polar Contrasts

This Week: News Makers of Polar Contrasts

This last cold week of February, ought eight, brought some stark characters, vast differences apart, to the news highlights, at least in Canada.

In the good guy corner, however, there was only one, perhaps the last one in anyone’s lifetime of today. William F. Buckley Jr. died. He was not only the most brilliant conservative to breathe his last this week, he was the most honest, the most humble, and the most sincerest, and the most apolitically correct whose logical reasoning was impeccable.

If he wasn’t the small h, holy father, of conservatism he was the Albert Einstein of conservatism.
In a time when all of North America was taken over by an invasion of old Europe academic subversive Marxism, primarily through class envy loaded militant unionism, through physical academia takeover, in a severe war weakened state, (that was forced to let high school graduates go directly into teaching), and a secular institution of populist nihilist and narcissist cults easily championed over good, in media, and entertainment…. Buckley didn’t care about being ‘liked’ for not giving people what they desired, but rather, thought, for what was good for them.

And here it was his brilliant way of holding up the Truth of Christ through the only tool comprehended by those who refuse to believe, the logic of man, that earned Buckley the respect from friend and foe alike.

The Catholic Church was intentionally invaded by populist perverse Marxists too, at a difficult time when what it really needed was men like a Buckley, not an abundance of homosexual obsessed Marxists that gutted most Holy Orders and the Church thru to today.

But, that’s history with no bright lights, or sparks for that matter on the horizon.

In total opposition to the likes of a Buckley, Ontario gave Curious George Smitherman yet another innocuous fifteen minutes of fame. The Ontario Minister of Un-health is curious and “serious” of what it would be like to wear adult diapers for a period of hours. This little political brouhaha of the dishonourable mostly snide Minister, brought back a memory of what a western sexuality guest speaker put forth to Durham Region Catholic high school kids.

A former nurse, (admittedly much younger than TVO’s former Talk Sex with Swedish Granny’ Sue… For Kids) she warned any young boys thinking of trying ‘cool’ anal sex with each other, that she had relatively, young homosexual male patients prematurely. to say the least, who had to wear diapers for lack of sphincter muscle control.

Now the slang word for sphincter would always first, (second or third.. tops) word- associate with Smitherman in my mind, but in light of a real problem facing homosexual men I wonder if Smitherman’s ‘experiment’ indeed wasn’t a serious offer, in political hindsight that would be used to explain/excuse any unfortunate, emergency trip to the hospital involving trouser removal.

And in case anyone forgot, I like to remind them, that the Liberal Minister appointed homosexual obnoxious activist was the one and the same shinning knight, who picked up the cause of Mark Hall, the Catholic teenager in deep distress who couldn’t attend the Catholic school class prom with his adult male date.

Of course we also had Smitherman’s Liberal Godfather and Anthony Perkins dead ringer on looks and mannerisms, to whom Georgie owes everything in the news lately too.

I am not amazed that Communion fork tongue licking ’Catholic’ anti-life and anti-family Dalton
McGuinty (who has yet to spark any new baby ‘boy’ name fads), announced that he wants to flush the Lord’s Prayer down the Parliament Building’s gold encrusted toilet, but that it was not already done ten to twenty years ago.

His typical B.S. liberal hocked up sputum goes that Ontario is so diverse now (read liberal and standing for absolutely zilch) that we should take turns with different prayers not just the Christian Lord’s Prayer. (So why don’t we celebrate Christmas and Easter as stat holidays every third year too?).

Of course, what McGuinty really means. is that liberal politicians are going to drop kick any Christian reference into Lake Ontario for good, every and any chance they get. Liberals sure did it to Catholic Schools with equal funding …..the Marxist temptation way.
Money, if you’re a good boy, and taxes (tax exemption gone) if Churches are bad little boys.

I mean there are only a couple of world religions, so this would be like what, a three day rotation, and one day would involve rolling out prayer rugs, chanting and bowing to the east. Give it a break, McGuinty, you complete and utter moron.

Does anyone ever ask the taxpayers what they think of getting rid of all elements of Christianity, or do politicians and their political hack appointed often ‘activist’ judges, ‘just know’ what’s so good for our nation.

Our great nation that includes legal perverse cultures, legal and perverse public entertainment and art, and wrist slapped perverse crimes that often involve the literal destruction of babies, children and teens.

We had Stephen Harper in the news, our illustrious liberal/ tiny c for celf, conservative in the news. Yes, he has been blatantly denying his party offered, or that he knew the party he was the leader of, offered a sizable foreseeable cash benefit to a dying member of parliament that, said member should vote the ‘right way‘…( a serious criminal offence for anyone of non-immunity-elected status) but smoke em if you got em offence to an elected official who makes newspapers semi-regularly like a Svend Robinson for an(even, non-Prime Ministerial), instance.

And no, Harper is no conservative, no pro-life advocate, and no pro-family advocate. He is a lying cheap politician who will do anything to get elected and anything ‘else’ to stay elected. His only integrity is ignobly centred in his self pride and self- righteousness only anchored in insatiable ambition because he stands for absolutely nothing of moral value. He is no different than any of his Prime Ministerial or Provincial counterpart predecessors of my entire life-time.

Not one of them was honourable, or not self-centred or ever cared about what is good for the people.

Limbaugh was in the news this week for telling everyone to vote for the ‘Clintons’. Apparently, him, and Ann Coulter, too. Ann had me fooled, but Limbaugh never did. Though as a self-confessed secular dead guy worshiping Reaganite, Coulter did fall in line with the rest of the Reaganites. She was just the brightest of the bunch if a smidgen emotionally disturbed and self-bloated along with Limbaugh, and Hannity,

Poor Limbaugh’s feelings are hurt because he couldn't control McCain’s rise to the top when Limbaugh thought he was King of Conservatism if not the Republican Godfather. By the way, McCain’s fellow prisoners from the Hanoi Hilton are now saying he was known as ’Spill Your Guts, McCain’ quite contrary to McCain’s assertions, but would fall in line with any gutless ambitious politician like John Kerry et al.

We did find out long ago that Limbaugh was not really pro-life at all but not afraid to use anyone he could to advance his bloated ego-ness. Of course, if we had a nickel for every time Rush told us he was weaned and coronated by Buckley we’d all be as rich as Rush. Rush, you were never a Bill Buckley Jr. in any sense of the word whatsoever. And you have jumped the shark more than once, give it up, big man.

Last, but not least, we have Latimer, the Praire farmer scum bag who murdered his teen daughter because she had Cerebral Palsy. Despite pictures and descriptions to the contrary, Latimer had his flesh and blood put down to a suffering useless vegetable and in need of his mercy murdering.

He was supposed to spend a longer time in jail, but ,yet another appeal liberal parole pervert, thought that a lower board was not right to keep him in jail for not even showing remorse.

(Speaking of our pervert judges and parole officers has anyone forgotten of the newest pedophile coming to your neighborhood?
Liberal lawyers hate to keep those sick bastards locked up eh? There's no money or sexual societal freedom in that.....No, it's much better for adult neighbour sexual freedom, to keep your kids locked up and leave the perverts slobbering around apartment hallways and playground fences where the vast amount of children don't even have fathers to look out for them anymore. Kind of says it all doesn't it!

Canada's so good to babies and children. )

Logical question:, Is it just ‘fathers’ who have a right to murder girls who have Cerebral Palsy and call it mercy murdering or can uncles, grandfathers..... anyone, pick a girl with Cerebral Palsy and mercy murder her? Last time I checked a parent isn’t even allowed in a Doctor’s office when a preteen daughter is meeting with him/her? Boy did Latimer thump that politically correct medical policy! Doh! there's that logic again and how in todays society only first person's freedom counts and screw the victims. But of course logic is so jugemental isn't!