Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My 2013 Easter Message in Awe of Christ

Nothing is easy in life, but the Truth of Christ is simple

It is not so much to know that the Truth shall set you free as to honestly know Christ is that Truth to which all knowledge on earth pales.
Which is closer to the Truth that 'sets you free'

Assisted suicide, or assisted living?

Taking from others to give to others still, or giving of your own?

Abortion as a 'right', or nurturing of the child as a 'love'?

Homosexuality as a life styled culture, or simply, a perverse sexual activity?

Sacrifice and offering, or wailing for rights, sympathy, and retribution?

Humor that makes you laugh, or humor that makes you smirk?

Entertainment that shocks, or entertainment that delights or soothes the soul?

Christian theology, or humanist philosophy?

Total marginalization of individual worth and effort at the altar of political correctness complying... which allows for much less freedom than this Truth list, no matter what you've been told by the real haters, or recognizing and rewarding individual worth and effort.

Laying down your life for God’s children, or for a nation you no longer recognize, or an evil ‘prophet’ you refuse to recognize as what it is?

Mingling with the sinners, or uniting with evil?

Controlling, or serving?

Boast of conscience liberating Holy ‘Spirit’ or standing down and looking up to the Holy Ghost?

Pilate was staring at the ever battered, but unbroken… Truth, when he asked the bloodied Christ, what of it!

We fail to even ask anymore, and accept fad of the collective as the truth of man over the eternal Truth of God.

But what of Truth would the least of us know, but through others, yet...but through Christ?

Forgive us Lord, we have not been taught, or had the Truth defended, to know what we do, even though there are legions who claim to do such work in your name and even in the name of man.

As mildly annoying as people think political correctness is...think again!

World War II never killed as many babies, as political correctness has allowed and encouraged of babies' OWN mothers.

World War II evil was never so bold to award baby boys to homosexuals 'married' on the basis of a mutual desire for fecal sex....thus destroying child innocense, leaving open to 'obviious' occassion for physical abuse and ultimately destruction of their souls with their bodies.

Think about it!

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Take Back Everything You've Ever Said About France

Take Back Everything You’ve Ever Said About France

Well almost everything, De Gaulle was really a clown. No real general retreats, until other nations create a victory parade that he demands to lead, and mark the first ‘public’ day of his personal political aspirations. Least of all, a no b.s. general like Patton.

Under the new definitive definition of irony, see where modern liberal France has two national protests garnering some 300,000 participants including a number of priests (who put a number of North American Bishops to shame) against homosexual marriage and more important but hardly disconnected homosexual adoption, whereas in North America’s dark attic of the crazies, one can be charged with hate crime of the day, for just uttering a single protest.

Who would have thunk?

And shame on you, Canadian and American ‘conservatives’ who obviously don’t give a damn about God's other children… if even their own. Where’s your protest that might have to take you away from your computer for half a day?

And no.. by God’s other children, I don’t mean to say God has anything to do with homosexuals who want special ‘human rights’ carved, and based all around any sexual activity let alone fecal to oral sex.. and call it a positive life style to center on... to boot.

Maybe, there is something to talk of a Marian message that she will bring France back home to Christ.

One thing France was not short of historically, if so, in modern history.. is saints for all occasions, including martyrs, Doctors, and the patron Saint of Priests for all eternity.. no less, that no modern North American priest dare to emulate. Where’s the shame and the truth lie. stuffy old conservative history or humanist perversion of the day…. present?

Paul Gordon

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Only Two Ethical Questions Needed For Child Rearing

And Tickled The Last Three Popes Agree With Me

1) Who is best suited to raise 'your' children?

a) Your current elected politicians

b) The always politically correct establishment intent on training and turning your kids into obsessed homosexual, environmental, Muslim non- truths, brown shirts

c)The politically correct under-worked government over- funded incestuous education administrations

d)The Marxist militant unions that man public school boards and many Catholic school boards...... a.k.a., the proud third, and fourth generations down the line of Marxist degeneration. Like you thought they could evolve for the better?

e)The common school yard socialization interaction of today's 'pollute the kids... the younger the better' guinea pig victims of pervert social experimentors... even worse than the childless brother or sister who knows better than you on how to raise your own kids.

f) The latest computer game or TV's modern idea of humor and 'cartoons'

g) TV sardonic agenda driven 'sit coms' and 'talk shows' that make the 2% appear to be the 100%

h) The person who uses the Virgin Mary's name, Lady Gag Gag or too Much Music which tries to be way too much culture


2) Who is ultimately responsible and has the only caring interest in 'your' children's actual welfare, as opposed to bringing them into the fold of their agenda?

Welcome to the world of homeschooling or private Judeo Christian schools. And if the establishment really wanted choice, multiculturalism, and normal tax payer expense. they would have had vouchers out a long time ago!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prime Minister Harper's 'Conservatives' Kick So-Cons in Teeth Again

Prime Minster Harper's 'Conservatives' Kick So-Cons in Teeth Again

When  there is no respect for the base, if it comes to retaining power, tell me what is good about democracy again, or different from any other kind of  regime?

Another perversion Canada has 'almost' completed handing off to the U.S. is a political conservative baton. Canada's only establishment, officially- recognized conservatives toed the liberal line a long time ago for the kind of ambition and power that leaves absolutely no trace in history (that they could be proud of, at least) which you would think could hardly massage their ego in the end. linked a bit of parliamentary p.c. history this week that showed Harper's federal conservatives have no stomach or lower organs to buck the p.c. establishment... that has long done more than buck with the (now) conservative underground.

But then again, I doubt very much that they are 'afraid' as much as they need to protect their own ambitious political agendas to rise to the top like the contents excreted into the toilet bowl. Limp wristed scaredy- cats would be higher up the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ('darling, don't you screw with me') ladder.

A private member's bill (which would have more clout coming from an 'independent' sitting member in a 'minority party' term. Remember that... Riding voters) was shot down in flames by Pillsbury Plain Dough Boy's party minions... that simply stated it would be against the law for certain ethnic groups that shall be remained nameless, as much as they are non Judeo-Christian, brainless and soulless, from killing their own (only today in Canada would this actually need a law) baby girls for the 'crime' of not being male (like that counts for much in 2013 anyway, or that feminists would seem to care) and I take it cursed a girl, by 'luck' of the draw, pantheist, atheist, prince of darkness, tea leaves, full moon, or heap big howling wolf imagined through clouds of burnt (real) weeds.

Please...please Lifesite and other pro-life groups quit playing the game by their rules. Apparently, politicians are two steps ahead of you and you haven't gained anything since you finally welcomed Show the Truth into the fold and in any case absolutely nothing, zip nada on the political front for all your support for onsey twosey party token Christian pro-lifers.

If these pensioned- bound party prolife dynamos are such celebrity pro-life old party politicians have them run as independents or for the So-Con parties, you still refuse to bring into the fold.

Oh yes.... I forgot, that would be depending on, and having faith in the Truth, wouldn't it?... And such over the bigger God and religion, 'secular humanism' with all its satanic political correctness continual morphing celebrated with pomp won over (not) by political strategies that have worked so well for sixty years (not) with an ever brighter future (not) with every Canadian passing political saturated day.

Stephen Harper, may you sing Mick Jagger songs (preferably) to Lips diaper age shits, himself, and write hockey history books, in the eternal politician place of rest...and Rock N Roll heaven! May your kids be Saints and never you twain shall meet!

I'll eat my socks when you covert and ask God for forgiveness for all the babies you kicked further down Canadian main street gutters for the sake of your own agenda, no better, but definitely worse than any other Prime Minister of the past two centuries. Write the history of yourself instead of freakin professional hockey, Mr. Poopularity....... of all the wrong people. Ta ta

Paul Gordon

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Straight Skinny On Pope Francis

The Straight Skinny On Pope Francis

And State of the World That Awaits Him

Now that the dust has settled, and if you aren't 'locked into prophesier and conspiracies' but rather giving the poor Jesuit a break on a) explaining the rest of the Jesuits and b) determining his own fate… here's the way the whole thing shakes down after the leftist world media has scraped Argentine cobblestone for any sign the Pope wasn't once  politically incorrect and dropped a DNA laden mars bar wrapper on that bus he took to work everyday.
(Human nature is no less allotted for on the left than on the right)
So the former Cardinal/former Bishop, now Pope, was stuck between a rock and a hard place during tremulous murderous times, that is, between a communist guerrilla movement and a murderous dictatorship, all claiming to be as Catholic as Hugo Chavez…big deal.
Is there anything newer, more common  or less ignorant under the sun anywhere in South America than a dictator and communist guerrillas except maybe drug lords.  Knock me over with a feather?
On a national level, Marxism (there- included unionism and where the free world had a choice no less) is what narcissism and personal greed gets you every time sooner than later. The opposite desire.
South America missed a lot of Vatican memos being desperate for heroes and all, and one of them was that priests are not supposed to side with, or join communist guerrillas as exceptionally useful idiot's, to the greater or lesser evil, cause.  When it comes to evil…greater.. lesser you say tomato.
Whatever moved the two Jesuits in question to be moved by the Humanist Marxist Spirit and subsequent shit that happened on them.... they brought it on themselves and it is reported that they were warned by the Bishop at the time.
If you're going to live excitingly and dangerously Frs. Butch and Sundance, make sure your ideals are impeccable and there are no gray areas you’re measuring up for broad shoulders of courage
Keep an open mind to the objective Truth ( Holy Ghost) and a closed mind to all other comers gnawing on your ankles.
Compared to what Pope Francis went through, never mind the Saints who had their blood shed, the Bishops and Cardinals in Canada folded like a deck of cards, merely under political correctness, without the threat of anything.... really. It certainly seems that the Canadian hierarchy flinches at the thought of not being populist and behind the latest of times.
This Pope appears to be strolling on scene with all the right notions on Truth, homosexuality, abortion, angry feminist attacks, humanism and political correctness, but we can only judge him on what he did today and will do tomorrow.
He has a relative clean slate of a past which may be why the Cardinals had to 'search to the ends of the earth' to find him.
The problem with any, make that, most... of the modern Catholic hierarchy is that the higher they rise…. like a ladder, the farther their base is kicked out from the never changing wall of truth, until they slide down onto their face with the rest of the world.
Yes, Christ’s children need grandfatherly faces of love, and tender kisses on the cheek, but only the Truth can free the innocence of the innocents, that the dark childless world of perversion has stolen from  babe to child and beneath their very parents noses. Only Christ’s love through Truth can be everywhere for everyone and set all the captives free.
Truth makes the feeble and the tired strong for whoever wields it so the Pope’s age is not a factor.
Whatever simmers or has simmered beneath centuries of Islam pales in comparison by what it has emboldened to the surface now that can politically ‘render harmless’ official calls for persecution and blood of Jews and Christians by Islamic nations is another Truth by stark reality, that can no longer be tolerated or ignored like it doesn't exist here, and now.   
At minimum the Pope should make no 'reach-outs' to Islamic nations. Did anyone reach out to Stalin after ignoring the Truth about that evil for so long even though the allies not only knew of Stalin's murderous ambitions they were complicit and let him have his way with Poland and other eastern block imprisoned but formerly free nations...and no less than Canada and the U.S. are complicit now in Christian murders and persecutions in 'all' official Islamist  Nations!
May Harper and Obama rot Hell for their records on unrestricted abortions alone!
Christian nations cherish and defend innocent babies, the sick and the elderly. Christian nations toil, sacrifice and given
Humanist Marxist satanic nations divide anger take extort victimize cheapen deceive use hold down and now mold reality and tragedy into entertainment.
The cold hard establishments in Canada and the USA take pride in abandoning the former and embracing the latter, facilitated by dumbed down, thought- corralled, environment obsessed, populist worshipers  rendering nations crippled but for state compliance, participation, and political party ‘elected values’.
Where’s the new world now, and what if anything will this man accomplish on the Rock where others have come and gone barely  slowing this short quick slide into even darker times?
Against such formidable odds of turning anything at all back where there simply is no longer a will, the best the Church might possibly do is proclaim the Truth as once and forever, circle the wagons and prepare for it’s own sacrifice.
For the Church to survive the very gates of Hell, something quite apart from the now (normal) ever- worsening situation has to occur.
The resignation of one failing Pope, sentiment aside, and sentiment aside, what did Ronald Reagan or John Paul accomplish that even lasted a decade against an entrenched world liberal evil establishment?) is quite apart from the normal, for a start.
Of course, I’d love to write things are just peachy, ( there is hope, indicators, a sign here, a sign there, but why handcuff or delay truth anymore while the car is still headed in reverse down the highway, and everyone else is looking ahead for far away destinations.
And think about what destinations that can only be waiting at the end of this kind of a route, that couldn't possibly sustain any kind of morality, law, order, economic stability, never mind future prosperity..  a reactionary or re flexed  route to cover only for the last mistake, that’s left the road with no maps and sure as heck, no easy shortcuts back.
Paul Gordon


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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Open Invite to Matt Barber and American So-Cons

Re WND's Matt Barber's Pro Life Column

Again, Canada has led the way and foisted the pro-death, pro pervert, Marxist culture onto the United States of America, though I'm not so sure what unites them anymore.

(Obama can't conquer without dividing)

For starters, we led the way in North America for universal health care, pensions, 50 percent plus nickle and dime taxes on all transactions, homo marriage, death of social conservatism, enshrined all party liberal establishments, gun control, morality teaching of the Catholic Church (you read it write), on and on.

But, to Barber's latest stellar column and concern, taxpayer funding of abortion on demand, Canada has been charging all people for abortions in private and public clinics since they started, (and only allowed for) national health care over fifty years ago, when they called abortions D&C's to get around the flimsy abortion laws, such as they were, that used to be in effect after WWII

When Washington has its annual pro-life March, thousands of good Canadians cross the border to take part.

It seems to me that United State's social conservatives would do their nation honor and good to take part, in a preventive sort of way by attending social conservative causes in Canada before they become in favour and law in Canada.

All the immoral laws that come to be in the United States have all come to being in Canada first.

They can start by coming up to Ottawa in May when the weather in Canada is perfect and when the annual March For Life on Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of homosexual party appointed justices takes place.

There American youth can join some 10,000 inspiring Catholic high school teens (from Quebec and Ontario Catholic religion classes) party week-long, before and after the main event.

Just one Washington like March on a Nation whose annual budget and population is less than California's would bring the Ottawa liberals to their knees.

And considering Canada's track record of influence on emboldening American liberals, it would not be time and energy wasted.

We have hundreds of acres available in the Marmora area alone suitable for RVs, camping etc. for free, or at most mere 'cost' i.e. portable toilets and will arrange for day trip protest day buses if need be. Email  if interested     Paul Gordon

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Canada:The Truth Will Set You in prison penniless or both

Canada's Newest Imposed Law, Er.. 'Value'

When you think of nations that criminalized truth and therefore obviously made it a 'defense' non-starter to argue with against the state, you think of the WWII Axis and Russia's, human hammer and sickle, Stalin.

Well in Canada the truth was the first casualty of 'Human Right' quasi judicial fiat or political correctness on steroids, and now it is state 'official' in the ultimate ruling class, the elected make that the bucked tooth politically 'party' appointed activists at the highest level of the judiciary.

For a second I thought the legislature still mattered (or cared) about the morality of the land, the innocence of the child, the protection of the family, those silly yesterday values.

In the semi- captive arena of the 'workplace', political correctness made it's greatest inroads with beauts like the modern definition of harassment where the victim only has to feel emotionally harmed regardless of the actual intent, or in some cases even the knowledge, of the accused for a charge to be held up, and where employment places, themselves, can be held into account for individual worker 'transgressions' and must provide for sensitivity training for every new politically correct work place law.

{{Don't know about you, but I think most grown-ups, except lonely union arse-kissers with out a life, go to the workplace for one reason, to earn money to feed their families and the various governments that take their money at politician's pleasure. We don't really care about other's personal issues, (even when we're pretending) or personal problems they should be seeking religions of hope about, or seeing equally spirited professionals about, who delve on the future not the past.

We have little time for our families and children we do care about (again, thanks to politicians and governments) so we have even less time for our co-workers.}}

And you wondered why businesses are all of a sudden falling over each other to sponsor politically correct events and adopt activist 'values'?

No heavy handedness there...

These 'offended' seemingly innumerable (if often invisible) victims had to be the inconsolable wailing tots you backed away from in the sandbox as kids.

Mental illness just isn't understood or empathized anymore.... it rules!

The specific 'landmark' far- reaching case, of this writing, ruled on, in part, by party appointed homosexual judges agreed that the defendant, William Whatcott, was being truthful and had heartfelt intentions and convictions, (as a recovering homosexual, himself), but that could still be deemed as hate if a homosexual even far away from the geographical location (I take it) of the supposed 'offense' felt harmed, and apparently financially put out. What a honking WTF just happened, moment, in Canuck history.

I mean who could question why fecal to mouth sex could possibly be degenerate or degrading not to mention physically bad for anyone, and not a sound aesthetic basis for two males to 'marry' in the eyes of the state, and adopt male infants, or a sweet sentimental act for 'public celebration' and proselytizing.

Abortion of course, long being another celebrated Canadian 'value' that even awarded its top baby killer with Canada's highest thus, simultaneously 'lowest', award (for all you snow flake holders like Jean Vanier who couldn't accept their precious metal being devalued overnight to a slug. Jean, respectfully, you, of all people and with your great great compassion with special needs people should know that in these evil times, goodness does not rub off on evil anymore but rather the other way around!)

Listen up, United States of America!

You didn't believe you would ever have to worry about homosexual marriage, and you offered zip to Canadian conservatives, when Euro-Nether Canada's immoral elite foisted it on us... how long will it be before Obama criminalizes truth and therefore, Christianity in your land of the free?

For a supposed advanced and enlightened democracy, Canada's anthem should be “If I only had a brain!”, for the whole of the populist electorate

So brainwashed, so confidant, so safe, and so warm in the apparently odorless steam pile of the Marxist liberal establishment, I would wager money that if you did a matter the issue... and you lied and said seventy per cent of the respondents responded in such a way... populist Canadians would then vote seventy per cent in that exact same way in an ensuing vote... like sheep to the slaughter.

Think about this Canadians, now “The Truth Can Set You Penniless and or in Prison” and that is an all new but scary truth.

Every time you see the little guy in stripes going to his cell as a piracy warning at the beginning of a DVD think of this post, but only in a more probable scenario if you like to exercise your (former) right to free speech and right to worship the (one and same) Truth of Christ in Canada.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blind Obedience = Politicalputzville

Blind Obedience = Politicalputzville

Yes, I know the former Pope just days ago pledged 'unconditional reverence and obedience' to the as of yet chosen, next Pope.

But, then again he said it having officially fallibly retired from the chair of St. Peter and not in a Holy Ghost inspired encyclical.

The Holy Father also politically stood-down after telling the truth of Islam a persecutor of Christians.

Prudence, or  legitmizing a barbaric murderous culture as a religion?  I think it added more to the latter in a huge assault on Truth.

I place 'blind obedience' even lower than 'blind ambition' (so eloquently and definitively defined in our modern times by no one less than the American 'Christian' President with the funny Muslim name.)

Aside from the obvious reasoning of every historical result of blind nationalist, communist, socialist, imperialist, or fascist obedience, or democratic state blind obedience, whether to guard death camps or private baby killing facilities, the Church, especially... should not require 'blind' obedience to even a Pope, especially when the common practice of primarily 'politically' raised Cardinals and Diocesan Bishops and a few wild cannon socialist, or homosexual (often one, in the same) priests, has not been obedient up the hierarchy line, especially, to the Holy See.

Paul to Earth........Christ entrusted God's Only House ('only' despite all historical and modern new comers) with St. Peter, but he always made it implicit that there is only One all- forgiving and all- loving Master... to serve.

Even to grant the Keys of the Kingdom to loose or bind sins on heaven and earth was not to say for all Catholics to give all Bishops and Cardinals 'blind obedience'.

Historically... seemingly, ever- politically raised Cardinals made some bad choices through the centuries when blind ambition did occasionally usurp blind obedience.

An otherwise mild mannered Toronto Archbishop (later Cardinal) (except when he referred to a feminist former nun as "That Bitch", who didn't know anything about me and never did, once ordered obedience from my wife's Priest to communicate to her to be obedient to them both, in not going ahead with a planned protest of the Canadian flag-ship Diocese's (which never appreciated or reflected on itself, as such) premier Catholic boy's choir, St. Michaels, to perform a Christmas concert for Ontario's largest combo abortuary/hospital between Toronto and Ottawa

A young Asian surgeon employed at the Oshawa (now Lakeridge) abortuary, who was also an alumni of St. Michael's Boy's Choir, himself, must have felt it would be a great ego trip to lead the Boy's Choir to at an elite Christmas gala of the local rich and famous chattering professional sweet.

The Toronto Archdiocese old boy's club, ( to this day even worse  political cowards with no justification to be proud) did not want to offend the staff at the boy's elite Catholic school.... Catholic politics in it's finest hour!

First the school put out the word that they canceled the gala because they feared for the safety of the young lads... Good one ! ..considering they knew the protesters (we) were simply pro-life conservative Catholics, (of which the p.c. Toronto Diocese with it's lay communication's woman, wouldn't know about, if they tripped over it.)

But, then they went ahead anyway, as we expected they would, and so we were ready for them, and I don't believe they had another charity event for Lakeridge Abortuary again.

Oh yes, another Diocesan Bishop, from Kingston who was a Toronto Auxiliary Bishop at the time defended the abortuary on the grounds that his niece had her tonsils removed at that facility and didn't have any complaints.  Brilliant logical Catholic deducting.

Is there anything that Christ did or said that was so ambiguous, so complicated, that all Christians should not only get with the program but should be easily united on the same page in His simple Truths (as was possible for two thousand years, until modern theology, and philosophy crapped on Him),  and in no need of 'blind obedience' to any man, and to applaud or follow men on the common Truths followed adhered to by this 'leader' pope, general, 'serious' judicary, or legislator?

I mean are we all idiots or just three quarters of us (apparently), that we can't discern good and bad without humanist politics pulling our leg?

Because Christ didn't mention fecal sex or murdering our own offspring by sin, are we therefore 'okay' with immorality and have town square celebration pride parades, and offer our babies and children in sacrifice to these perverse ideologies and more.... p.c. brown shirts?

Paul Gordon

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cardinal Tom Collins A Bad Mix

Truth Knows No Pleasantries When Ignored or Assaulted

Just A Little Something for The Conclave TO  Peruse in Their Impending Plenty of Spare Moments...

Like for blind obedience, human nature allots for a honking downside to raising obscure bishops ala John Paul II as a compromise to right and left forces who both know little of politically and literally geographically obscure (thank God for the Internet, that is unforgiving of “We didn't know” excuse) Bishops.

(How about blind obedience to the rather plain communal one Truth painstakingly yet plainly proclaimed by the Truth, aka Jesus Christ)?? ...Without bringing  contradicting personal opinion of any Bishop throughout history on matters of  universal and eternal spiritual and moral Truth? ...Duh! 

Blind obedience sounds (is) oh so humanistic, patriotic, Marxist and old boy's club where it's exact optics equate with reality. Patriotism is a secular quality which can be equally ignoble and evil just as it can be noble and good, but on the latter, it need be measured by Judeo-Christianity.

The Simple Truth (not complicated, excused or what anyone claims to be, but Christ) is the exact tool needed to discern what one should be obedient too especially in positions of leadership (and in the case of patriotism in times of offensive as compared to defensive War action)   That's the Truth!

Take recently promoted Archbishop, and even more recently promoted Toronto 'Cardinal', Thomas Cardinal (please) which proves the Pope has little knowledge if even less say, about Cardinal promotions, which certainly appear to be automatically tied to diocese size and location over any personal attributes: 'automatic', as promotion for union seniority.

A nominally politically savvy, therefore quiet Bishop from say, Edmonton is going to be Archbishop once attaining the Toronto Archdiocese political banquet circuit prize.. (which makes one wonder what was wrong with all the auxiliary Toronto Bishops at the time).

To not offend the sensibilities of the better part of a million cradle Catholics, from the snobbish immigrant populated greater Toronto area such a bishop will just 'have to' eventually be made Cardinal as went Collins's Toronto predecessors.

Cardinal Ambrozic, who for all his titles, served and went to his grave making things worse for all his indifference, and proved to be ineffectual and cowardly in dealing with Archdiocese teacher unions, school board administrators and government attacks on the Pope by his last 'Catholic' Premier Dalton McGuinty on the faith and the  Church.

Just before Ambrozic, Cardinal Emmit Carter a real disgrace but MSM media darling,  was naturally a flaming liberal and big supporter of the liberal spirit of Vatican II and the era where the Catholic Church and faith really took a hit on abortion, birth control, homosexual priests and pedophile shuffling.

Cardinal, Piece of Work, bragged that his greatest achievement was when as a bishop and with some western co-liberal bishops, broke into Vatican II offices, (Vatican II-Gate), at night during deliberations and changed documents to help liberal causes.

Just this week, Cardinal Collins's own statement in answer to a reporter's question as he was departing for the Vatican Conclave to choose Pope Benedict's successor, is all-telling of his character, track record and future expectations

Asked, what characteristics would Collins like to see in a Pope, he stated, “ I like to keep an open mind”.

Gee, how about, "No Comment" with an optional add-on ", you conniving media, bastards" if you weren't worried about your next banquet invite?

His first thought was a way wrong answer for reasonable expectations going by (now apparently irrelevant) Catholic Doctrine, Saint's sacrifices, rich Catholic Divine beginnings and  history... of 'Papal qualities' considering the modern notion of 'open minds' (that was the base of the personal conscience freeing, smoke- em if you got- em Winnipeg Statement), which are anything but open minds to conservatism and 'leadership' qualities.

Ever try disagreeing with an 'open mind' ?

How about injecting another philosophy into a modern philosopher's Marxist, feminist debate?  Apparently, there is only one philosophy allowed but any number of dissenting opinions on   Christian theology.

So far, the young (by Cardinal standards) Thomas Collins, has completely towed the line to various government orders including going along with the man-boy Catholic prom date long standing 'temporary' injunction, board of health germophobe 'suggestions', lowering the essential Mass to a United biscuit Service, and latest order to allow (make that implement) homosexual clubs in Catholic government controlled schools and letting such schools retain the 'Catholic' moniker while employing politically correct sub servant administrations and thousands of anti-Catholic union rank and file militant teachers, most of whom, quit darkening God's House doorways long ago, followed by just about all the youth Collins alone is ultimately accountable for having been entrusted to them, on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Collins has absolutely no one else to blame, past, present or future for his gross cowardly ineptness, being the man there today!
In a recent national pro-life march, with safety in numbers, or the only ones Bishops will ever attend, Collins singled out and lambasted a young female holding a 'Show the Truth' sign for “Setting back the pro-life movement a hundred years!”.

 I know when the Truth and the Church parted ways and I know what side this small minded class-less, non- street wise, politically correct yellow back Cardinal is on.

'Open minds', (only the liberal default), that by definition can't comprehend or even acknowledge Truth, are blank minds to the Truth, but do follow the path of least resistance at their pleasure.

Who the Hell is responsible for Collins being promoted and 'still' being in charge of the Toronto Archdiocese?

And don't ever question why no one goes to Church anymore, or feels remotely comfortable about the Canadian Catholic School systems?

Paul Gordon