Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blind Obedience = Politicalputzville

Blind Obedience = Politicalputzville

Yes, I know the former Pope just days ago pledged 'unconditional reverence and obedience' to the as of yet chosen, next Pope.

But, then again he said it having officially fallibly retired from the chair of St. Peter and not in a Holy Ghost inspired encyclical.

The Holy Father also politically stood-down after telling the truth of Islam a persecutor of Christians.

Prudence, or  legitmizing a barbaric murderous culture as a religion?  I think it added more to the latter in a huge assault on Truth.

I place 'blind obedience' even lower than 'blind ambition' (so eloquently and definitively defined in our modern times by no one less than the American 'Christian' President with the funny Muslim name.)

Aside from the obvious reasoning of every historical result of blind nationalist, communist, socialist, imperialist, or fascist obedience, or democratic state blind obedience, whether to guard death camps or private baby killing facilities, the Church, especially... should not require 'blind' obedience to even a Pope, especially when the common practice of primarily 'politically' raised Cardinals and Diocesan Bishops and a few wild cannon socialist, or homosexual (often one, in the same) priests, has not been obedient up the hierarchy line, especially, to the Holy See.

Paul to Earth........Christ entrusted God's Only House ('only' despite all historical and modern new comers) with St. Peter, but he always made it implicit that there is only One all- forgiving and all- loving Master... to serve.

Even to grant the Keys of the Kingdom to loose or bind sins on heaven and earth was not to say for all Catholics to give all Bishops and Cardinals 'blind obedience'.

Historically... seemingly, ever- politically raised Cardinals made some bad choices through the centuries when blind ambition did occasionally usurp blind obedience.

An otherwise mild mannered Toronto Archbishop (later Cardinal) (except when he referred to a feminist former nun as "That Bitch", who didn't know anything about me and never did, once ordered obedience from my wife's Priest to communicate to her to be obedient to them both, in not going ahead with a planned protest of the Canadian flag-ship Diocese's (which never appreciated or reflected on itself, as such) premier Catholic boy's choir, St. Michaels, to perform a Christmas concert for Ontario's largest combo abortuary/hospital between Toronto and Ottawa

A young Asian surgeon employed at the Oshawa (now Lakeridge) abortuary, who was also an alumni of St. Michael's Boy's Choir, himself, must have felt it would be a great ego trip to lead the Boy's Choir to at an elite Christmas gala of the local rich and famous chattering professional sweet.

The Toronto Archdiocese old boy's club, ( to this day even worse  political cowards with no justification to be proud) did not want to offend the staff at the boy's elite Catholic school.... Catholic politics in it's finest hour!

First the school put out the word that they canceled the gala because they feared for the safety of the young lads... Good one ! ..considering they knew the protesters (we) were simply pro-life conservative Catholics, (of which the p.c. Toronto Diocese with it's lay communication's woman, wouldn't know about, if they tripped over it.)

But, then they went ahead anyway, as we expected they would, and so we were ready for them, and I don't believe they had another charity event for Lakeridge Abortuary again.

Oh yes, another Diocesan Bishop, from Kingston who was a Toronto Auxiliary Bishop at the time defended the abortuary on the grounds that his niece had her tonsils removed at that facility and didn't have any complaints.  Brilliant logical Catholic deducting.

Is there anything that Christ did or said that was so ambiguous, so complicated, that all Christians should not only get with the program but should be easily united on the same page in His simple Truths (as was possible for two thousand years, until modern theology, and philosophy crapped on Him),  and in no need of 'blind obedience' to any man, and to applaud or follow men on the common Truths followed adhered to by this 'leader' pope, general, 'serious' judicary, or legislator?

I mean are we all idiots or just three quarters of us (apparently), that we can't discern good and bad without humanist politics pulling our leg?

Because Christ didn't mention fecal sex or murdering our own offspring by sin, are we therefore 'okay' with immorality and have town square celebration pride parades, and offer our babies and children in sacrifice to these perverse ideologies and more.... p.c. brown shirts?

Paul Gordon

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