Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My 2013 Easter Message in Awe of Christ

Nothing is easy in life, but the Truth of Christ is simple

It is not so much to know that the Truth shall set you free as to honestly know Christ is that Truth to which all knowledge on earth pales.
Which is closer to the Truth that 'sets you free'

Assisted suicide, or assisted living?

Taking from others to give to others still, or giving of your own?

Abortion as a 'right', or nurturing of the child as a 'love'?

Homosexuality as a life styled culture, or simply, a perverse sexual activity?

Sacrifice and offering, or wailing for rights, sympathy, and retribution?

Humor that makes you laugh, or humor that makes you smirk?

Entertainment that shocks, or entertainment that delights or soothes the soul?

Christian theology, or humanist philosophy?

Total marginalization of individual worth and effort at the altar of political correctness complying... which allows for much less freedom than this Truth list, no matter what you've been told by the real haters, or recognizing and rewarding individual worth and effort.

Laying down your life for God’s children, or for a nation you no longer recognize, or an evil ‘prophet’ you refuse to recognize as what it is?

Mingling with the sinners, or uniting with evil?

Controlling, or serving?

Boast of conscience liberating Holy ‘Spirit’ or standing down and looking up to the Holy Ghost?

Pilate was staring at the ever battered, but unbroken… Truth, when he asked the bloodied Christ, what of it!

We fail to even ask anymore, and accept fad of the collective as the truth of man over the eternal Truth of God.

But what of Truth would the least of us know, but through others, yet...but through Christ?

Forgive us Lord, we have not been taught, or had the Truth defended, to know what we do, even though there are legions who claim to do such work in your name and even in the name of man.

As mildly annoying as people think political correctness is...think again!

World War II never killed as many babies, as political correctness has allowed and encouraged of babies' OWN mothers.

World War II evil was never so bold to award baby boys to homosexuals 'married' on the basis of a mutual desire for fecal sex....thus destroying child innocense, leaving open to 'obviious' occassion for physical abuse and ultimately destruction of their souls with their bodies.

Think about it!

Paul Gordon

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