Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prime Minister Harper's 'Conservatives' Kick So-Cons in Teeth Again

Prime Minster Harper's 'Conservatives' Kick So-Cons in Teeth Again

When  there is no respect for the base, if it comes to retaining power, tell me what is good about democracy again, or different from any other kind of  regime?

Another perversion Canada has 'almost' completed handing off to the U.S. is a political conservative baton. Canada's only establishment, officially- recognized conservatives toed the liberal line a long time ago for the kind of ambition and power that leaves absolutely no trace in history (that they could be proud of, at least) which you would think could hardly massage their ego in the end. linked a bit of parliamentary p.c. history this week that showed Harper's federal conservatives have no stomach or lower organs to buck the p.c. establishment... that has long done more than buck with the (now) conservative underground.

But then again, I doubt very much that they are 'afraid' as much as they need to protect their own ambitious political agendas to rise to the top like the contents excreted into the toilet bowl. Limp wristed scaredy- cats would be higher up the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ('darling, don't you screw with me') ladder.

A private member's bill (which would have more clout coming from an 'independent' sitting member in a 'minority party' term. Remember that... Riding voters) was shot down in flames by Pillsbury Plain Dough Boy's party minions... that simply stated it would be against the law for certain ethnic groups that shall be remained nameless, as much as they are non Judeo-Christian, brainless and soulless, from killing their own (only today in Canada would this actually need a law) baby girls for the 'crime' of not being male (like that counts for much in 2013 anyway, or that feminists would seem to care) and I take it cursed a girl, by 'luck' of the draw, pantheist, atheist, prince of darkness, tea leaves, full moon, or heap big howling wolf imagined through clouds of burnt (real) weeds.

Please...please Lifesite and other pro-life groups quit playing the game by their rules. Apparently, politicians are two steps ahead of you and you haven't gained anything since you finally welcomed Show the Truth into the fold and in any case absolutely nothing, zip nada on the political front for all your support for onsey twosey party token Christian pro-lifers.

If these pensioned- bound party prolife dynamos are such celebrity pro-life old party politicians have them run as independents or for the So-Con parties, you still refuse to bring into the fold.

Oh yes.... I forgot, that would be depending on, and having faith in the Truth, wouldn't it?... And such over the bigger God and religion, 'secular humanism' with all its satanic political correctness continual morphing celebrated with pomp won over (not) by political strategies that have worked so well for sixty years (not) with an ever brighter future (not) with every Canadian passing political saturated day.

Stephen Harper, may you sing Mick Jagger songs (preferably) to Lips diaper age shits, himself, and write hockey history books, in the eternal politician place of rest...and Rock N Roll heaven! May your kids be Saints and never you twain shall meet!

I'll eat my socks when you covert and ask God for forgiveness for all the babies you kicked further down Canadian main street gutters for the sake of your own agenda, no better, but definitely worse than any other Prime Minister of the past two centuries. Write the history of yourself instead of freakin professional hockey, Mr. Poopularity....... of all the wrong people. Ta ta

Paul Gordon

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