Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Take Back Everything You've Ever Said About France

Take Back Everything You’ve Ever Said About France

Well almost everything, De Gaulle was really a clown. No real general retreats, until other nations create a victory parade that he demands to lead, and mark the first ‘public’ day of his personal political aspirations. Least of all, a no b.s. general like Patton.

Under the new definitive definition of irony, see where modern liberal France has two national protests garnering some 300,000 participants including a number of priests (who put a number of North American Bishops to shame) against homosexual marriage and more important but hardly disconnected homosexual adoption, whereas in North America’s dark attic of the crazies, one can be charged with hate crime of the day, for just uttering a single protest.

Who would have thunk?

And shame on you, Canadian and American ‘conservatives’ who obviously don’t give a damn about God's other children… if even their own. Where’s your protest that might have to take you away from your computer for half a day?

And no.. by God’s other children, I don’t mean to say God has anything to do with homosexuals who want special ‘human rights’ carved, and based all around any sexual activity let alone fecal to oral sex.. and call it a positive life style to center on... to boot.

Maybe, there is something to talk of a Marian message that she will bring France back home to Christ.

One thing France was not short of historically, if so, in modern history.. is saints for all occasions, including martyrs, Doctors, and the patron Saint of Priests for all eternity.. no less, that no modern North American priest dare to emulate. Where’s the shame and the truth lie. stuffy old conservative history or humanist perversion of the day…. present?

Paul Gordon

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