Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cardinal Tom Collins A Bad Mix

Truth Knows No Pleasantries When Ignored or Assaulted

Just A Little Something for The Conclave TO  Peruse in Their Impending Plenty of Spare Moments...

Like for blind obedience, human nature allots for a honking downside to raising obscure bishops ala John Paul II as a compromise to right and left forces who both know little of politically and literally geographically obscure (thank God for the Internet, that is unforgiving of “We didn't know” excuse) Bishops.

(How about blind obedience to the rather plain communal one Truth painstakingly yet plainly proclaimed by the Truth, aka Jesus Christ)?? ...Without bringing  contradicting personal opinion of any Bishop throughout history on matters of  universal and eternal spiritual and moral Truth? ...Duh! 

Blind obedience sounds (is) oh so humanistic, patriotic, Marxist and old boy's club where it's exact optics equate with reality. Patriotism is a secular quality which can be equally ignoble and evil just as it can be noble and good, but on the latter, it need be measured by Judeo-Christianity.

The Simple Truth (not complicated, excused or what anyone claims to be, but Christ) is the exact tool needed to discern what one should be obedient too especially in positions of leadership (and in the case of patriotism in times of offensive as compared to defensive War action)   That's the Truth!

Take recently promoted Archbishop, and even more recently promoted Toronto 'Cardinal', Thomas Cardinal (please) which proves the Pope has little knowledge if even less say, about Cardinal promotions, which certainly appear to be automatically tied to diocese size and location over any personal attributes: 'automatic', as promotion for union seniority.

A nominally politically savvy, therefore quiet Bishop from say, Edmonton is going to be Archbishop once attaining the Toronto Archdiocese political banquet circuit prize.. (which makes one wonder what was wrong with all the auxiliary Toronto Bishops at the time).

To not offend the sensibilities of the better part of a million cradle Catholics, from the snobbish immigrant populated greater Toronto area such a bishop will just 'have to' eventually be made Cardinal as went Collins's Toronto predecessors.

Cardinal Ambrozic, who for all his titles, served and went to his grave making things worse for all his indifference, and proved to be ineffectual and cowardly in dealing with Archdiocese teacher unions, school board administrators and government attacks on the Pope by his last 'Catholic' Premier Dalton McGuinty on the faith and the  Church.

Just before Ambrozic, Cardinal Emmit Carter a real disgrace but MSM media darling,  was naturally a flaming liberal and big supporter of the liberal spirit of Vatican II and the era where the Catholic Church and faith really took a hit on abortion, birth control, homosexual priests and pedophile shuffling.

Cardinal, Piece of Work, bragged that his greatest achievement was when as a bishop and with some western co-liberal bishops, broke into Vatican II offices, (Vatican II-Gate), at night during deliberations and changed documents to help liberal causes.

Just this week, Cardinal Collins's own statement in answer to a reporter's question as he was departing for the Vatican Conclave to choose Pope Benedict's successor, is all-telling of his character, track record and future expectations

Asked, what characteristics would Collins like to see in a Pope, he stated, “ I like to keep an open mind”.

Gee, how about, "No Comment" with an optional add-on ", you conniving media, bastards" if you weren't worried about your next banquet invite?

His first thought was a way wrong answer for reasonable expectations going by (now apparently irrelevant) Catholic Doctrine, Saint's sacrifices, rich Catholic Divine beginnings and  history... of 'Papal qualities' considering the modern notion of 'open minds' (that was the base of the personal conscience freeing, smoke- em if you got- em Winnipeg Statement), which are anything but open minds to conservatism and 'leadership' qualities.

Ever try disagreeing with an 'open mind' ?

How about injecting another philosophy into a modern philosopher's Marxist, feminist debate?  Apparently, there is only one philosophy allowed but any number of dissenting opinions on   Christian theology.

So far, the young (by Cardinal standards) Thomas Collins, has completely towed the line to various government orders including going along with the man-boy Catholic prom date long standing 'temporary' injunction, board of health germophobe 'suggestions', lowering the essential Mass to a United biscuit Service, and latest order to allow (make that implement) homosexual clubs in Catholic government controlled schools and letting such schools retain the 'Catholic' moniker while employing politically correct sub servant administrations and thousands of anti-Catholic union rank and file militant teachers, most of whom, quit darkening God's House doorways long ago, followed by just about all the youth Collins alone is ultimately accountable for having been entrusted to them, on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Collins has absolutely no one else to blame, past, present or future for his gross cowardly ineptness, being the man there today!
In a recent national pro-life march, with safety in numbers, or the only ones Bishops will ever attend, Collins singled out and lambasted a young female holding a 'Show the Truth' sign for “Setting back the pro-life movement a hundred years!”.

 I know when the Truth and the Church parted ways and I know what side this small minded class-less, non- street wise, politically correct yellow back Cardinal is on.

'Open minds', (only the liberal default), that by definition can't comprehend or even acknowledge Truth, are blank minds to the Truth, but do follow the path of least resistance at their pleasure.

Who the Hell is responsible for Collins being promoted and 'still' being in charge of the Toronto Archdiocese?

And don't ever question why no one goes to Church anymore, or feels remotely comfortable about the Canadian Catholic School systems?

Paul Gordon

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