Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catholics Wrong....Faith And Politics Should Mix

When Christ answered perfectly, as He was prone to do to, (otherwise, why profess to follow Him at all, if you believe He was wrong about anything) regarding giving unto Caesar, He also made it clear to give to God, what was the Father’s.

Any man not ashamed to bow or kneel before the Son or Father would be obliged to agree God’s domain certainly encompassed morality among other pillars of civilized society…Love, mercy, justice linked with compassion, are certainly among others.

The Fathers of the first United States government (Caesar,) were very wise with exceptional vision into the long future, and benefited from their slot in time not only by knowing how the scriptures came out in their time slot, but what worked well down the centuries.

However, they were most wise in looking to God, rather than man… any man for what government should take responsibility for, how it should behave and most importantly its duty to serve, lead, and steward the nation. Certainly, laws were originally based in the perfection of God’s word and direction. What laws better  those logically morally wrong? The opposite leads to relativity and therefore ultimately narcissistic anarchy, no one’s right, no one’s wrong, no one is hurt if one’s free choice is morally irresponsible.

History before, around, and beyond the beginnings of the greatest nation on earth, is littered with nations who were enslaved to Caesars who held nothing up to God’s domain and demanded worship of themselves and of their mortal heroes if they truly held any bigger than themselves.

The Founding Fathers, ‘stood down’, on the side of caution when trying to apply Truth of which there is only one, to secularist government and for the love of God, not in spite of Him, while exerting to put their best secular foot forward.

If they had to be within the constraint of the world, clearly they did not want to do so, to God’s disgrace, nor to test or question what was God’s domain…. certainly no man’s domain, extended, certainly no nation’s.

The Fathers made no mention of capitalism, though they knew what brought forth prosperity. They made no mention of socialism…of unions…not because they weren’t main line yet, but they did know that prosperity brought forth an expected generosity, else we elapse into what is about to happen in Godless China when prosperity is kept too long from those who work hardest for it.

They made no mention of expropriating the proceeds of prosperity of the hardworking to the, for no other reason…. idle.

You can be assured they thought of ‘enough’ for everyone including the truly needy if not ‘everything’ for everyone. And too, how strong, how industrial, how spiritual, how compassionate, how happy, is a nation that isn’t hungry?

The Founding Fathers wanted to put as much ‘God’ into the founding structures as they knew would be beneficial and acceptable through the logic of the Truth of Christ and not cross what was obviously the domain that ‘belonged’ to the one true God. They clearly separated Church and State for the sole protection of God’s domain. They knew what nobody seemingly knows today, a nation is nothing if it is not with God and not putting all glory to God (as the U.S. did for years) and recognizes and befriends other nations with God, (if they can find any).

A nation that does not comprehend the meaning or recognize true ‘sacrifice’, personal, spiritual, or ultimately of the Lamb of God, Himself, only to be the one light in the vacuum of all despair, darkness and evil of the world. Christ, threw Himself into our darkest depths to show we need only follow Him to conquer evil and the demons we let in.

It was not a show, it was salvation actually in action, though it was on view for the natural and the supernatural to comprehend it’s importance.

America’s slaves knew this and they sang in joy of what they knew their physical suffering would be rewarded with, not because they knew it was all they had….but because they knew that’s all there was, and it was the most glorious of what could be…….nothing from man, promised by man, forced by man on man.

Mortal is to be mortal.. to experience and die to contribute meekly and to be glad with one’s place, passing all one’s worries unto God and to trust and faith.

Their mortal ‘masters’ (or any mortal master) never knew this….They never ‘got it’ and how happy were they? What songs did they sing in joy….in ecstasy, that they heard crying out from the barns and the fields? They were not simply code for the latter stages of the slavery era as revisionist persecutors would add to their repertoire of destruction of good.

As an adult when I was studying the Catholic Faith… the Catechism, and the intricate importance of traditions to be seen as the essential universal mortar too at least the small L light of the eternal faith, that needed no change from Truth, to ‘act’ like the world… in order to attract those who only know the world as I, and we all… know it.

It was the exact parting from the world that was most invigorating, most inspiring… true hope where there is none, and meaning of life, found in leaving oneself, and helping of others.

Then, reality of what the Church really settled for set in…. essentially capitulation to the world. Christian people you thought were much better than yourself, indeed, Holy, soon demonstrate their mortal side, and why I suppose would you expect better from fellow mortals, except that they seemed to refute the most basic understanding of Christ.

Even the core tenants of the faith itself, if there was something to seemingly gain for themselves.

How could individual parishioners mostly compromised of citizens over sixty years of age ( a factual composition I contend, because of the world attached obsessions of the Church and failure to leave the dead to bury the dead) have any concept of how to apply the Truth of Christ to something as important as the electoral process.

There is no separation of Church and State when the modern Caesar has so surreptitiously, so callously, so narcissistically, annexed the very domain of God and cleansed evil of all wrongs in the name of the secular world!

I need not go into detail, people know of what issues I present, as they know in their souls, guided by the Holy Spirit that something is wrong and yet, why would they still be angry, were they content with the status quo always in a modern slow decent further into societal deterioration, disrespect and disintegration of respect for the nation’s offspring and future, for life, child, and family.

…Into descent of compounded obsessions of dead end perversions, into darker and darker corners of decadence, and the free will of men to disproportionately disgust, to nauseate, to applaud the demented, and due untold harm to others under the slanderous faux guise of, and at the expense of, God’s ‘domain of human rights’ and human responsibilities, and of freedom and liberty of the same, intended for the United States of America.

And to do so, at the United Nation’s kind of unbridled contrived secular World, seemingly overwhelmingly at their mere unquestioned beck and call.

When did atheism become the spiritualist ‘default’ of the world that no religion dare approach like cowering before the Wizard of Oz? That is more to say, when did Christians go into ‘hiding’ in free nations while those in Islamist and communist nations are Martyred within God’s and their own houses?

Atheists, are of course, with the World, but Christ said, “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar” not ‘let the world stamp out all Christianity’, but hide your light and the Good News.

Is there anything more important in this election, than for once, ‘getting it right’, over simply playing to win for a side you won’t recognize yourself, one month…. one week down the road?

Is there anything you can better do for your Country, than to reset it back to the timeless principles the Founding Fathers set the good ship’s course for?

And most… most important of all for this writing. Where is your faith in Christ? If you are a real follower of Christ and not a doubter, or His leader, if you really believe anything at all about Christ why would you fail Him…abandon Him, not have trust in Him for all the miracles accomplished in His name over the ages.

You would profess to give your life, if you had to, for your faith alone in Christ, yet you wouldn’t trust going with the Truth, with the domain of God in your hands to bridge, where you actually are granted such a choice in a political election that has ramifications on all aspects of prosperity, life and death, itself?

Here is your one chance where Christ says “Do something for Me to let Me help you, to help the innocents to help your nation” to have at it with the ‘World’ to show off Christianity to the world and what it can do.

And you put your decision down to Christ, or tax credits, or new entitlements?

You would rather go with ‘strategies’ for the best possible chance of winning……winning what? No strategy on earth has yet to outsmart Satan, but plain, up front and logical Truth of Christ has, and if you haven’t heard or seen it, it is the only Thing that does and It works for you personally, and for nations.

Look for the candidate who bows to God, not the masses, or the world, and Christ will rebuild your Nation with a new builder’s block, not an old wine skin. That leader is not far from sight and within your grasp this election. Do yourself and your nation a favor, not the party.

Paul Gordon