Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canada Down The Toilet...Who Ya Gonna Call?

Canada Down The Toilet...Who You Gonna Call?
Lost your spouse
Losing your job!
Lost your house!.
Your pay deductions exceed your take-home!
Renting your ‘deeded’ house from absentee landlord Municipalities and Regional Governments!
Welfare ‘boyfriend families’ have more disposable income and toys than you!
Losing 60 cents on every dollar to four levels of government!
Don’t speak the right language of your homeland to get a job with the government not to proud to take your money in any language!
Your young adult offspring are taught in school by pervert professors to write you off as an idiot...!
Your young children hooked on porn and sewage music instead of phonics!
The hospital you're giving birth in is letting blood fly on womb babies one floor below!
Waiting to hear the latest version of your anthem to be sung in Hindu at the Vancouver Games! (True)
Fighting a war in a foreign Country supplied with IEDs from a untargeted (Iran)...home free, for dis- united nations, political reasons!

Who ya gonna call!

Stevy Harper and his Merry Band led by Mr. Happy, the Finance Minister? Ha Ha
Iggy?.. Block Heads...? Ha Ha Ha
McGuinty? Jack Layton? Ha Ha Ha Ha
CBC, Global, Can West, CTV, TVO, Corus Network, Toronto Star, Chip N Dale, Toronto Bun Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
CAW, CUPE OPSEU, SCREWED, Miltant Marxist Teachers Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Filthy Rich Self Centred Star Entertainer and Sports Celebrities Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Oprah and other TV comedians Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Prince Charles, Mummy, Michael Moore, David Suzuki, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Dead Guys, Tommy Douglas, Pierre Turdeau (sc), Asst. Kennedys, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Oil Rich Muslim and South American little Dictatorshits, (sc) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Of course not, unless you`re a complete idiot!

Try Dialing

God, Christ, The Holy Ghost, The smaller core Real Catholic Church not infiltrated by the homosexual paedophile Marxist movement of the high sixties and seventies

Try non humanist political correctness.. It`s done so well for us to date.

Try voting or even not voting, as the case may be, as a logical, thinking individual without crossing your own convictions and family convictions..just to say you helped picked a real winner ..........hint here...they do murder babies!. Prolife and self help prayers don’t work when you vote against God and yourself.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Presidential Races Have Nothing on Truth

Presidential Races Have Nothing on Truth

Yet, Another Reason for the Vatican to Invoke, Year of Christ the Truth!

Obama, and everyone who voted for him have no morals no scruples and believe in nothing but idiotic popularity contests at the expense of millions of babies lives, especially since Obama will reverse foreign aid restrictions that attempted to slow baby murdering world-wide.

There was nothing secret about who Obama is and what he would do, he made it clear that he is a clear and present danger to future babies in the womb.

To be honest, it appears to me that the American blacks treated this election like a basketball game. It was metaphorically exemplified with Obama going to the gym and shooting hoops and I’m not so sure Obama wasn’t playing into the whole charade either. If there's one lower form of life than lawyers in this world it has to be political handlers and politicians who listen to them.

Blacks won the ‘game’ at great costs, and Obama was there Michael Jordan of politics.

The ‘costs’ were to elect a strong economy killing Marxist at minimum and at worst a soul, and
baby killing modern apex of narcissism.

Catholic and Christian blacks sold their souls just like liberal white Catholics have done since Kennedy when it was cool to have a Catholic President at any cost at the time and in the future (as it panned out).

Both groups wanted a Sear’s suit mannequin, who could smooth talk clich├ęs, even invent new ones, in his sleep whether he was without a soul and logically challenged or not.

The ‘thing’ was to look good to the neighbours no matter how artificially so. They have a brand new shinny car in the driveway that they went bankrupt for but it has no motor or transmission inside.

There is only ‘one’ thing good about all of this, although, hardly worth the slaughtering of thousands more babies under the Oprahist professional idol weepers, blacks, and Muslim’s choice award (going by liberal media’s exit polls and it appears that Muslims are only pro-life, as long as the life to save is Muslim also).

The long standing American style, political constipation of some phoney social ego child-like trait that says, 'anything you can do, we can do better' has finally been dis-impacted when this movement settled for far less than they had available, never mind wait for.

What does any of this Oprah naval gazing ideology have to do with saving babies lives, with protecting the family, with stopping the wanton public destruction of youth’s innocense?

If the hateful American liberal left wanted revenge from a conservative President (who actually tried to appease them at times), they got that all right.

However, blacks didn’t get any kind of proper representation of themselves or maybe they did, if this is factually what they wanted.. in full knowledge. Nor, did they get anyone who is actually not going to make their lives worse
off than they perceived, they had.

Nothing in the world is more stifling to an economy than socialism. Every communist regime in the world including China, before it turned to an unbridled ‘economic’ capitalism (still without democracy) proved this.

Mind you, there is not one politically empowered socialist in the world who is cash poor, and not one entertaining 'star' who has seriously hurt themselves giving hard cash to their own purported causes.

If America survives these next four years, it will not settle for the entertainment inspired and supported leftist sewage they try to pass for governance and justice.... for a long time thereafter.

Sorry, but babies come, even before liberal socially engineered political correctness as any other politics that corrupt the individual and society, in my eye.

Keep your eye on the light of truth by how ideologists, some so-called religions, groups and governments regard babies lives, and stand on guard for youth's innocense from perverse cultures.

Be very judgemental of and alert to, evil that currently reigns in all our world today.

Paul Gordon