Saturday, November 15, 2008

Canada Down The Toilet...Who Ya Gonna Call?

Canada Down The Toilet...Who You Gonna Call?
Lost your spouse
Losing your job!
Lost your house!.
Your pay deductions exceed your take-home!
Renting your ‘deeded’ house from absentee landlord Municipalities and Regional Governments!
Welfare ‘boyfriend families’ have more disposable income and toys than you!
Losing 60 cents on every dollar to four levels of government!
Don’t speak the right language of your homeland to get a job with the government not to proud to take your money in any language!
Your young adult offspring are taught in school by pervert professors to write you off as an idiot...!
Your young children hooked on porn and sewage music instead of phonics!
The hospital you're giving birth in is letting blood fly on womb babies one floor below!
Waiting to hear the latest version of your anthem to be sung in Hindu at the Vancouver Games! (True)
Fighting a war in a foreign Country supplied with IEDs from a untargeted (Iran)...home free, for dis- united nations, political reasons!

Who ya gonna call!

Stevy Harper and his Merry Band led by Mr. Happy, the Finance Minister? Ha Ha
Iggy?.. Block Heads...? Ha Ha Ha
McGuinty? Jack Layton? Ha Ha Ha Ha
CBC, Global, Can West, CTV, TVO, Corus Network, Toronto Star, Chip N Dale, Toronto Bun Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
CAW, CUPE OPSEU, SCREWED, Miltant Marxist Teachers Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Filthy Rich Self Centred Star Entertainer and Sports Celebrities Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Oprah and other TV comedians Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Prince Charles, Mummy, Michael Moore, David Suzuki, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Dead Guys, Tommy Douglas, Pierre Turdeau (sc), Asst. Kennedys, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Oil Rich Muslim and South American little Dictatorshits, (sc) Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Of course not, unless you`re a complete idiot!

Try Dialing

God, Christ, The Holy Ghost, The smaller core Real Catholic Church not infiltrated by the homosexual paedophile Marxist movement of the high sixties and seventies

Try non humanist political correctness.. It`s done so well for us to date.

Try voting or even not voting, as the case may be, as a logical, thinking individual without crossing your own convictions and family convictions..just to say you helped picked a real winner ..........hint here...they do murder babies!. Prolife and self help prayers don’t work when you vote against God and yourself.

Paul Gordon

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