Friday, December 23, 2011

McGuinty's Educational Circus Tent With No Exits

When Norman Bates McGuinty turns McGiddy watch out. Like Simeon, I only want to live long enough to see McGutless's devout pro-life Catholic father struggle out from his grave to pee on his idiot son's grave, hopefully not too far away for the poor guy to walk.

Step right up!  Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! See the educational circus coming to a kid near you. You can catch the show forever, in fact you have nooooo choice, not in Ontario, your's to recover.

We have yer standards, half man/ half women..don't doubt us or we will display all,,,, heck we may anyway.

We have yer fat man/fat woman blowhard unions-no need for megaphones who can't control their own lives but can teach your kids all they know.

We have yer bearded ladies and yer metro males...We have yer cross-dressers, yer under dressers, women in trousers, and men in skirts...and lots and lots of smutty dirt.

We have bitches to keep you in stitches and don't worry they're be some women too.

We have yer covered muzzled Muslims but watch out for those sudden sword up-chuckers.

We have yer lizard ladies, and yer gents popping tents.

We have yer circus music with kid's love song singers to dead communists.

We even have a class on what to do with your fist.

We have yer flea circus up- date with gerbils, some poop.

And enviro man, half junk science, just half junk

With TVOs latest horse shit jour du scoop.

And don't fer git horse riders, by now, you know what we mean

Hell, we got things even you've... never seen.

You see McGuinty adults have knowledge of this shit but I doubt it's their pride

No need for little children to take it as formal education in stride.

Keep your kind of special interest hands to yourself and give us full educational, non union, non politically correct... choice. 

We pay for the choice of people to kill babies,  here's a far far easier choice you can give us that will save millions and millions of dollars, you idiot.

Quit screwing us for the sake of your precious teacher's votes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Room at GOP Inn For Tea Party or Socons

No Room In GOP Inn For Tea Party and Socons

In the North American two (serious) party 'strategic' political game of 'just getting our team elected', in other words, the whole ball of wax for four years or so there has been a constant bullied boy told to stand down.

Like in a marriage, where the man is always the one to stifle himself and apologize (I know an unheard- of mystery to Islam) but social conservatives are always the ones to do the same.

Ironically, like the man in the marriage the social conservatives are the ones in possession of the balls to straighten a poor nation out. And gosh darn, sometimes men are required for certain and specific duties other than putting out the (party's) trash.

I include the Tea Party in the sense that they are the closest bridge Socons have ever had to the ruling GOP chattering class who are finding it increasingly difficult to find the electorate's pulse...apparently. The Tea Party is also being told to stand down and watch the experienced experts.

I don't know, but I'm thinking that maybe you changed your mind on serious ethical and moral issues if you still see yourself in the rear view mirror as close to those impressionable, incredibly naive years that the medias and academia took so much advantage of.

Guilty...myself.  Some entrepreneurs once came close to giving me alcohol poisoning while trying to convince me otherwise....can't blame them. Better dead than Red.

But Hell's Bells, oh wise men, if you are in your forties, fifties, and on and you changed your mind, and attempted to change logic itself, on serious moral or ethical matters, related to the very last piece of legislation you voted for or abstained from, and gave the political correctness of the day a big sloppy wet kiss, I hardly think I would believe anything you say now, especially when you get so game change politically pathetic now, not mentioning names, though he sure is getting more entertaining with every 'hour'.

I mean who do you think you are, a partisan appointed activist Supreme Court Justice?

In other words, and pardon my Christian, but you are so full of s_ _ t!

Where's the rule that says socons must always, always stand down written in the GOP handbook?

Socons are not to be slapped in the face a la Bob big tent (no not his viagra commercial post presidential- run, career) Doh! Dole

How about getting 'our team' in under the flag of truth for once, so cons being the only ones in the broad ranging GOP fit to at least lace those sandals up?

The guy who thought he could hide a thirteen year affair from either us or his wife I expect, aside, (and thanks for wasting everyone's precious time money and efforts in that regard) there are still a handful of candidates on the small back burner, socons would be happy with or even a reconsideration of Palin.

Otherwise, socons need to abandon the party that doesn't even throw them a bone after any election. A loss is a loss is a loss is a loss, to Truth and Christianity and harder to swallow when they claim to be flying our flag albeit half way down their pole.

Oh yes, and a special thanks and shout-out to all the media conservative (libertarian) celebrities, for nothing. You can already tell your advertisers you lost us a while ago.

Paul Gordon

Monday, December 19, 2011

Canadian Catholic Churches Plan Massive Public Processions

Caught you looking!

Of course not! Maybe, in much more Catholic, but socialist Brazil or much more Catholic but third world crazy Mexico, but never in free and smug Canada! We can all sit on our ass and watch the Pope's Mass on the boob tube, if we're so inclined and my guess would be that the majority of Canadian Catholics for convenience wouldn't.

In Canada, the bishops and priests have the government, p.c. Boards, p.c. trustees and militant anti- Catholic, 'Catholic' pope- hating teacher unions to look after Catholic children and young adults for them. So they don't have to worry about the little buggers even coming to Church, they're in such 'good hands'.

And they don't have to worry about any aesthetic never mind Holy representations of Christmas because the Knights have their singular 'slogan'. Seriously, the Knights and the CWL were arguing out loud behind me at Mass yesterday. The Knights would go as far as pick up a tree for the Altar but neither would have anything to do with decorating said tree. Good Grief Charlie Brown.

And if that's not enough we have all the assorted Santa parades, though I would hate to see the Toronto all-inclusive one, I'm sure.

Besides, the Canadian Government(s) want the bishops and priests to keep Christianity on the low q.  The Canadian Catholic Church has been such a bully over the years, it's time to stand down and let the Muslims, commies, and atheists take centre stage.

I've been to at least a hundred churches in Ontario, heard all the anti military, anti- U.S. anti- capitalist, fuzzy United Church Chicken soup for the soul, history of the cross, scripture footnote after footnote sermons  for my fill, but there was only one Catholic Church I've been to that actually dared to have a public procession, though the protestants used to have large Jesus marches in the same city, Oshawa, of all places, right up Simcoe Street.

They was an annual Italian Marian procession that just went around the back parking lot and back in wherein the Italian mothers competed for whose daughter was the best done up Queen Mary at appropriately named St. Mary's on Stevenson Road North.

So what's with that Canadian Catholic Bishops and every single priest?

Is it like a vampire thing, priests and bishops are destroyed by the sunlight, but they have no problem telling communicants they can't receive the body of Christ, kneeling or on the tongue. Certainly, they never show up to any public display of opposing Canada's and Ontario's abortion laws and tax give-aways...not from day one of abortion on demand anywhere, anytime, any reason.

To the priests, is there an actual Bishop edict that forbids proud public processions in honour of Christ and the Holy 'Family'. That would be news we would have to know that would exonerate you of blame.

Or, is it that Canada is just so gosh darn Holy, any public display of love for Christ originating from the King's Own Church, would just be a largess of excess of the wrong kind of officially p.c. sanctioned 'feelings'.

Really, more than Virgina ever wanted I need to know the reason because I sure just don't get it

Feel free to email me in confidence if you so desire at if you have the serious answer to this terrible depressing shortfall of the Canadian Catholic Church.


Just in time for Christmas 2011 

Weak kneed, limp wristed, spineless (they must use a flat horse shit shovel to move this jelly from place to place) Brendan O'brien long parachuted Bishop to the Ontario Kingston Diocese, from the banished North, has sent out a memo to all 'his'  Canadian Catholic Churches

Parishioners are not to kneel for Communion, nor genuflect, bow or make reverant gestures before or while receiving Communion.

Wait for it......They might trip other parishioners around them!

Yes, we've had a rash of Communion lines falling all over the place tripping and stumbling all over each undignifed.

Look, O'brien the miserable old farts might run you, and your church in Kingston and we know that's all there is in the whole diocese cuz that's all there is in the whole Canadian Church. But, don't show your slip to all the Churches.

This is why you have nothing but old farts. Who believes you're serious about anyone's soul or anything else than keeping the dwindling money reciepts coming in. Yeah, that's the kind of courage to attract youth!
This isn't the kind of laity participation Pope John Paul was pleading for. Narcissistic miserable never satiated old people having the Church their way!

O'brien was the first to beat the Board of Health, in demanding that parishioners stop shaking  hands at the sign of peace, (for the wrong reason of satisfying, control freak germaphobes) and receiving the Host on the tongue.  Gee, I guess he believes in the true Presence doesn't he?

Why should we go to Mass at all except to give you money and listen to old people talk, laugh and carry on through-out the Mass?

Apparently, there is no Consecration taking place and our neighbors can frizby us representative and relative wafers as well as bless us, and our kids.

Get serious and then give us a call back....goodbye and Merry Christmas

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here's My Idea of Canadian Values!... Is It Yours?

My head is going to explode if one more crack- head liberal is going to speak for me when he/she/it smirks or cries out another statement about Canadian values...kind of like that Canadian Constitution that is never spelled out because there are no Canadian values or Constitution only immoral liberal fads and open war on innocence, souls of children and lives of those killed in the name of 'others rights'.

My idea of Canadian values are black and white.. else, they are of no value if morality is simply relative to time and fad!

My immigration values mirror the new Australia P.M.'s values that cut through the political correctness Damnation and only sensible talk to retain unified sovereignty and non political national commonality . Why can only (a few) women  be the only ones unapologetic  about being non politically-correct?

All men are created equal and past injustices are in the past! ... Not yesterday, and certainly not today!

No group in Canada is above the law as is no individual!  Public Indecency is not in the bedroom! It is in the public eye and should not be. Academia freedom is not a right to be publicly lewd, immoral or break laws.

Property owners are not responsible for knowledgeable trespassing injuries on their property or where signs state, do whatever here at your own risk..   Personal responsibility is an honorable value not the Law Society

Dittos on responsibility of  Venereal Diseases no matter how serious or  unwanted pregnancy. People can't claim to be both intelligent and irresponsible....  Black and White, especially more stark now, that the money is gone and prioritization has to be for those actually ill and not just with baby.

Exorbitant  taxes in a multitude of forms no matter what they're  called by liberal leaders (there are no other kind in Canada) are not a Canadian Value, they are a Marxist destructive value no matter what high salaried tax paid professional unions and idiot individuals say.

Anyone who wants to pay extra can do so in a spot just for such on every tax form! But, don't ask masses of people less off than you to pay for your faddish ideologies du jour.

My dead relatives who fought during the Great Wars certainly would not have any recognition of these floating values liberal parties espouse today, nor would they not wonder why they fought at all considering there is no real religion left in Canada, along with free speech, property ownership with taxes as high as rents and same result for non-payment, freedom to keep any significant amount of monies earned. The barrage of perversions government and legally sanctioned and foisted onto all children.

Parents values should include monitoring what their children are 'taught' hear, see, say and do and who they hang out with not join them.

As Premiers,  teacher unions, and politically correct Boards of Ed and Trustees have proven to fail children time and time again and proven not to be trusted to be either intelligent or brave. Every school needs a parent committee with real Canadian values that can actually be written down and not like some vague political idiot mission statement to watch closely over all school activities.

My values do not include total Narcissism as encouraged by all social medias including internet, entertainment, news and sports media do the detriment of family, children and babies.

Paul Gordon

Friday, November 4, 2011

Western Men Will Have To Be The New Feminists

I guess Western men will have to be the new feminists. Social women's groups haven't had a new idea in decades and remain self chained to the modern past.

Is there anything more disingenuous than what the western woman’s movement evolved into? Of course, when you start out steeped in eugenics, bigotry, socialism, and hate and your leader is Margaret Sanger where would you go, but down hill.

The minority political few activists who apparently own all women’s morals, political persuasion, vacuum of religion and all female opinion are selective about which women are sexually harassed and abused in the Western World never mind how Islamists treat their wives and daughters.

The modern feminists only know that they have locked themselves into old ideologies so much that they couldn’t even embarrassingly peak over the fence at other mere thoughts and discussions of the day never mind move closer to the fence. How fresh air delightful liberating.

They have too much baggage and owe too much to the culture of death and perversion to show any other face now, or any time in the near future.

The ironic part is that ostensibly struggling for freedom (of anything) these years they have trapped themselves into self imprisonment for among other things trying to separate themselves from a world that contains males who they have always been intricately intertwined with and who it takes two to have the existence of love, rather than total capitulation into evil out of hate.

Do feminists want to help Muslim women who are so terribly abused and brain washed over a ‘religion’ with an equal enigmatical origin only from an evil tribal man.. certainly, no deity? A ‘religion’ with many orders of evil hardly in need of strained interpretation?

Apparently not.

Maybe it’s that old Margaret Sanger self-centered secular/socialist self-righteousness, that keeps Western women above over three quarters if not more of their sisters under the boot of real evil men. The ‘sorry we only really want to help ourselves’ narcissism the demographically shrinking (dying, more apt) Western world has come to love. The Western world, that has to rely solely on political correctness or excessive non-truths, to keep their world simmering just below a boil in reality for now and to aid their clouded consciences.

Too bad, because probably, no one can appeal to a woman in desperate need. like another woman….the only part feminists got right and capitalized to the fullest. Forget your insecurities and you will not need the modern crutch of old ideologies carried over.

Paul Gordon


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ontario Conservative Party Can't Smell Their Own Sink

After losing an election to the most dreaded liberal leader in the history of Ontario Hudak is still the Ontario PC party leader.. (PC most assuridly standing for politcally correct).

Was the election fixed?
Did McGuinty's bold faced last minute bribe to his new immigrants with tax payer's money work?
Are Ontarians by and large a) brainwashed from public education and Ontario's union culture, or b) retarded?

No doubt, all of the above and more, to various degrees are true.

Regardless, the election is over and Hudak is still the leader?
Regardless, there has been no resignation, or firing of  party handlers who couldn't have read the public more wrong?

More elegible voters stayed home than went to the polls for one simple reason.

Why bother if the misnomered conservative party, and Hudak couldn't be bothered indicating they were happy with the liberal party's politics?

Why bother if all three parties melded into one and yet there were so many directions to offer away from the ruling liberals.

Real conservatives stayed home because they're stay with the misery they have because why give the weak contender a fraudlent mandate and lose all hope of any future change.

Bottom line, voters can only vote with their eyes and ears and they heard and saw absolutedly nothing from the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party that wasn't in the Regressive Liberal Party of Ontario.

In the future real conservatives should vote for independents if nothing else is available and at least have more representive power for their riding than liberal  backbencher McGuinty rubber stamps.

Look how much independants are wooed in the case of narrow minoritys or combined majorities.

Real conservatives will wait for a non-pretender, non- Brute, non- Judas who claims to represent them.  

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obama, Harper, McGuinty Kids Will Turn On Them One Day

You know how famous peoples spoiled brats like to do the opposite of what their parents did to garner their own fame. Sometimes, spouses and parents, for that matter.

You know the Reagans, the Bush parents, the Cheneys, the Nixons, to name, but a few.

So one day, the Harper, McGuinty, Obama, Chretien (oh that's right he didn't have any real kids, thank you God) kids et al are going to be educated for what it's worth in the Western World and have at least an outside chance to think for themselves.

One day, they're going to have a startling revelation in a moment of God's fleeting grace for redemption and realize mom and pop weren't the greatest people in the universe after all. They're going to have an icky feeling like they just found out dad was a pedophile to another sibling.

Yes, mom and dad were so enamored with fame they abandoned any principle they may (or not) have had
on the ladder to sleazy political fame and to remain on the plateau they attained.

Yes, they are going to see how their parents, the Obama's especially with their partial birth abortion support, were sleaze balls of the worst kind. The 'worst kind', because they actually held power to do something, (hell anything) about the baby killing industry and the family destroying, and youthful soul taking by homosexual activity- activists.

But Harper, and McGuinty, the pope hating Catholic...they're up there. They are not only up there they embraced evil to aid in their careers of being political zombies voted by  many, but actually respected by few.

Paul Gordon 

All Religions Should Be Respected Equally...Of Course Not

In some ways religion is like free speech, and in others, it's not.
Not all speech is good. Some of it is horrible, and can be almost anything that enters the brain that doesn't fall under a human rights shelter du jour and tumble on out the mouth.

Logic warning:. All liberals can cut off what's left of their brains and start screaming their favourite sound bites and  rants now.

Certainly, not all modern 'religions' are good either, but one doesn't obtain or garner collection money, various tax exemptions, grants, abetting liberal child brain washers from academia and justice depts. human rights  favors, get out out of jail free, etc. from any old free speech now do they.

(Of course, cults based on homosexual acts enjoy far more benefits than anything else on God's green earth in our times.)

Free religion can be a lot more financially beneficial than free speech.

Logically, why would anyone follow a religion (of salvation at least) if it wasn't around from the beginning.

Logically, God didn't wait until Luther, or Mormonism or a modern 'prophet' to give us the good news.
Neither, did he give us the Good News, through pot smokers, island and tribal witch doctors, native moon barkers and literal weed smokers, drug stupored slain in the spirit origination form the 50s etc. etc. Jesuit or Dominican liberal academic philosophy, to let us 'in on it'.  

Logically, should national geographic thinking keep native tribes naked in all ways for their own aesthetic fish bowl viewing. Yeah, like native North American Indians would ever like to go back to pre-civilization times either.

More important than free 'religon- for- anything' though, is why would anyone be suckered into any fad or ancient murderous Nomad useful bully religion, to begin with? 

I don't see why tax or revenue arms of government cannot be at least a little more discerning about what constitutes a real religion without insulting logical thinking tax payers and then keep their p.c.  controlling  paws off of them.

Paul Gordon
Cynical With Cause
I douter Sudsy

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plethora of Tea Party Type Presidential Candidates for SoCons

What a difference a border makes, eh? Talk about the envy of Canadian social conservatives the GOP (unfortunately still top heavy with Dole Republicans) has a number of social conservatives or social conservative- friendly presidential candidates already in the game.

Santorum is my favorite, but Cain whose only criticism is that he didn't sign a social conservative pledge, 'because his actions are his pledge' would be the inside favorite to easily handle Obama and be the real role model for American blacks, over party hardy pro abort (including late term brain crushing 'procedures') pro- homo 12 year old thinking Obama, to boot.

Forget Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, 'kill cop' rappers, pretend Muslim religion proselytizers, Cain is the real deal, real world example for blacks, certainly to this point, and from the strong unabashed language he has been using on the Wall Street crack heads and commies, he has been serious about his positions.

Republican party head-jobs has better do the right thing and not come up with another Dole in the form of Romney or social conservatives will do what they did to Dole and the GOP again.

Go Herman!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Than Just Cute Babies At Stake For Catholic Pro-Lifers

Of course, there is the true Catholic take on abortion that puts equal, if not more emphasis on the other tragedies of abortion.

Granted the innocent soul of the innocent baby is not compromised by the actions of its murderers and way too many non-participant uppity bystanders.

However, that is hardly the total extent of the tragedy and does not offer a get out of Hell card for the current segments of participants, fans, and idle bystanders.

The mother and the father (when he coerces, or is joint party to) when the mother has abortion, have their souls decidedly at risk not to mention the mother's physical and mental health.

There is the dark hole humanity enters itself, where there is no respect for life and what on God's earth is their to compensate for this darkness? Look at the darkest hole of the last century when Nazis and communists  had no respect for the life of Jews and Polish Catholic priests for two groups.

Good tax returns, good entertainment, good sports, good and undeserved nationalism, good politics, good drink and good drugs, good buddies and gal pals, good sex, homosexual 'families'?

Bishops, priests, (and pundits sometimes too), need to think about the importance and priority of the whole tragedy, not just the loss of a physical innocent, they could never appreciate the personal love, from a parents perspective, to begin with. 

Enough of the sermons of the history of the Cross or chicken sermon soup for the soul!

Jesus had to talk in parables, you don't. Or are the Bishops too worried about losing charitable tax status.

By the way, from my house I can see the European Catholic Churches becoming big centres for charity again instead of socialist governments.

Paul Gordon

Friday, September 23, 2011

If You're Catholic, You don't vote For Tim Hudak or McGuinty..Capiche!

Are Canadian Roman Catholics as bloody stupid as the Canadian Catholic Bishops?

Let's see, Conservative and Liberal political parties are 100 percent behind abortion anytime any reason and for full funding. They have also been/are proud to be lap dogs for every non visible minority homosexual crazy cause, centred on perverse sexual activity not born into a culture of non-choice and more primitive than natural instinct tribes.

They also back one hundred percent 'no choice' (family hating union) inferior academic education for middle and low income children though none of the party and national leaders ever dare to send their own children to such.

Certainly, their party handlers are never going to change as long as you are as guilty as they are and keep f-----g supporting them..Capiche! (Yes, that's sometimes an Irish term)

When elected they are in charge of all of the above.

Oh wait both McGuinty and Hudak are promising no new taxes!

Well some, imaginary leftist law says I have to vote for I'd better vote for one of these two.

That's what Jesus, my Bishop and my Priest would have done! (Okay, the last two do vote for them).

Heaping hypocritical Catholics, Give your f-----g heads a shake will ya!  You can also check any f-----g Steri-Cycle rented van for the results you one hundred percent empowered, and should be very proud of.

Then tell me it wasn't you, or you had to vote for someone, or you wanted to associated with a winning political power (who most certainly does have a lot if not all control on these moral Truths as far as the reality of secular pipsqueak Ontario and Canada are concerned vs. eternal Truth)

And yes I am telling you how to vote because your own head has rationalized logic and Truth out of your own mind. You welcomed being brainwashed because you saw something in it for you.

Someone needs to tell you!

These Days, Ashamed Canadian,
Ontarian, and 'Canadian' Catholic
Paul  Gordon  Marmora On.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Unions: The New Rich That Create The Poor

If you try to get a true Canadian average wage counting all workers in Canada...good luck.

For some reason (like the working poor would be really pissed off) no on is interested in providing a true and comprehensive picture. Stats are usually based on a limited number of professions with comparative numbers.

For instance one profession may have 5,OOO workers while another 500,000 The real average personal wage is going to be skewed if only the total averages are taken into account. How many people making $100,000 count as an equal amount making $45,000 when in fact they are not likely to be anywhere near the same number in each job.

Some sites put the national avg. female male wage averaged at $2100 per hour. If this is true, anyone driving through any burb of Toronto must have his eyes lying to him.

The avg. cost of fixer uppers in Toronto would obviously be at least $200,000 above a person making $21.00 per hour pay scale. So unless Canada has been giving out mortgages to people who can't afford them like the U.S. killed its economy doing, or there are numerous alien workers living in each house this average national avg. is way off for the major cities of Canada. Wages appear to be much higher in major cities filled mostly with unionized and over paid administrative government workers.

Now, any union worth its salt has got to keep its wages far above the non union workers and low union wagers, so as to stay in the business of being worker agent representatives. Otherwise, whats to attract workplaces? Just to keep their local organizer ready to fired deadbeats from being fired?...and having to pay steep political cause union dues to boot.

Of course, there are just such work places in existence, but that's another writing.

There are two over the top salary and elitist kinds of unions in Canada.

One is government unions who have a distinct advantage over private sectors in that government paid professions can not close up shop and have their essential services covered by cheap imports. Their extortion powers are extraordinary and the price to pay for Canada's Supreme Court having made illogical and unjust decisions long ago for the good of "Labour Peace"

The governments only recourse to government unions has always been to take away their right to strike, (the nuclear option of de-clawing and de-fanging any union).  Even then, government unions are so steroid boosted above the level of the commoner, that arbritration settlements could not fall far from the money tree, at least until we reach the level of a Greece or an Italy and demand other nations pay for our long guarded fantasy for the sake of  Marxist 'labour peace'.

Governments being beholden to elected politicians (a good thing at least on paper) have been the biggest cheerleader for government unions in that unscrupulous (like there's ever been another kind) politicians, at least until now, rely on the vast numbers of government workers for votes, a fact, not exclusive to any main stream party in Canada.

Not, to get too far off topic my contention is simply this.

The big government union workers in the major urban centres are making (not earning) wages way above their worth and in such families that have two union workers (not even at the top of their scales) say a teacher and police officer for instance it would not be uncommon to be grossing $200,000 a year with overtime, retirement double dipping etc.

For  $ 21.00 an hour society to get back their overpayment as it were,  wages even below $200,000 need to be taxed much more heavily to ease the burden of taxes on the the $21.00 an hour scmuck.

No, union workers did not earn their huge salaries. They extorted them for a far superior life style than the average worker and were no doubt mostly hired through nepotism and as government legislated privileged groups.

To add to insult, it is this chattering class that demands more taxes be collected from everyone for their politically cause du jour.

Don't hand the working poor anymore taxes or bullshit, leftist establishment.

Next: No one in the world is more anti-socialist than I am but why do governemts allow for the real estate markets  (families homes) to be traded and speculated like the stock market far off rich people making it impossible for the average family to afford a new or used house??

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dalton McGuinty Knows How To Grab Everything You Love and Own

McGuinty took out tax credit 'loopholes' where some low middle income people might have picked up a hundred bucks of their own money back! He also put a big chunk of 

McGuinty took all children in Ontario and under his putting 'class' in to classes incentives threw them all to the polictically correct koolaid activists and militant unions just for flash teacher mob supports on his campaign trail!

McGuinty took the biggest tax grab in Ontario history without calling any of his under the mainstream media muggings an actual 'tax' through increased user fees and multi increased fines and policing for minor traffic violations while decreasing actual serious police work!

McGuinty now grabs votes and takes away Ontarians jobs by promising huge incentives to employers who hire new immigrants!

Who votes for this complete asshole who can read, write, or count. Oh yeah rich liberal school boards took care of that long ago!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chance for Anyone's Input into Canada's Immigration Policy

As suggested by BlazingCatFur

The above link will take you to a survey to have input into a survey at the request of Canada's Immigration Minister.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Legal Day Is A Pedophile Suddenly An Upstanding Homosexual?

Hands up, for anyone who was ever comfortable with Canada's old (only changed in 2008) age of consent law set at an age that used to be the age preteens used to only learn about sex and biggest social concern  was frosh day entering high school.

Well, Canada's idea of conservatism wasn't even totally comfortable with changing the archaic asinine law as
it was, (no one should ever vote a lawyer into political office)

They had to throw in the caveat that adults within five years of age, less a day, and mutually consenting including coerced into consenting one could safely assume, could bugger away.

Hey there's only wrong or right, except in deadly political correctness.

There is an urban legend that there used to be laws called contributing to child delinquency.

Of course, there used to be laws against the unnatural and unhealthy acts of buggery and society used to generally frown on people hormonally and emotionally out of control and contractors of venereal disease.  Society did not make victims of their own doing, tax paid for, front of the line, sympathized hero-isc wards of the state.

Other venereal diseases use to render the sexually carefree and liberated insane, and/or dead eventually, but liberals only really touched their inner sympathetic selves when their talented heroes and homo infiltrated medias and activists made everyone elses world their water cooler and ad nauseum to today and tomorrow.

Workplaces and schools that long used to be workplaces and schools are politically brow-beaten into inviting leftist established politically correct boards of health, reps. (that haven't been right about much of anything so far), to tell them how safe and enjoyable anal sex can be and how harmless V.D. really is to be running rampant through your place of work or union propagandized and tax funded  institution of  education, aka, society in general.

I know. I was forced to sit through one such session where we were told it was easy for 'everyone' to catch AIDS, that buggery was just a natural function everyone was doing, and that society and individuals should have no opinion on any kind of sexual lifestyle.

I digress from my heading.

So on what day in a victim's life is it a legal celebration of a pedophile being morphed into a butterfly, of an upstanding prideful parade demonstrating homosexual citizen? ..Like, when a 19 year old can still bugger a 14 year old, or a 40, 50 or 60 year old can bugger a 16 year old, again, recently could have buggered a 14 year old, and a law liberals were quite happy with, (including Mulroney's socially liberal styled conservatives who also saw to the end of Canada's abortion laws through no contest aka political will).

If the supposed 'harshness' of the law is already cushioned with this 5 year range of age caveat crap, why isn't the age set higher than 16 to do what it supposedly was needed for and  intended for in the first place? That is, to make it illegal for adult predators to coerce and trap younger and younger children into providing for their sexual gratification.

Of course, in Canada, the predator and pedophile crime itself  and corresponding punishment are indicative of how serious the political and justice fields take the crime. Pedophiles are given witness protection benefits, with the full weight of the law, and released into supposed child- free neighborhoods in the liberal fantasy worlds.

Why is an organization, NAMBLA whose driving force and reason for being, is to promote and lobby for younger age of consent laws, (even when the age was 14) given any credibility, societal courtesy, or charitable status no doubt, at all?

Paul Gordon


Friday, July 8, 2011

Toronto Hog FagTown at it Again

This year, not only Michael Coren, Five Feet of Fury and Mark Steyn show how silly the grossly inflated attendance numbers are at Toronto's day of the N. American traveling homosexual circus, but even the left (in the form of McLean's) are admitting how ridiculous the claim numbers are.

For years, the poor mentally ill activists, with the MSM and justice officials literally in their back pockets (if you get my drift) have claimed that a million people attend the homo parade and bring in one hundred million dollars to the Toronto economy. This year, they had to raise that to 1.2 million people, to ingratiate, more to the point, legitimize the first lie.

These activists thrive so much on attention that they have scrapped the bottom of the homo barrel for fresh causes they now have a Homos against Israel faction as if to give popular political nuances or leftist extreme intelligenzia to a sexual perversion and practice. Now that's insanity!

The homosexual establishment in the MSM are always careful about what homosexual 'news' (they think is important to us?) they do print and more importantly, that which they do not ( that, which we should know!).

The left manages to coincide important official political and legal advances
to the homosexual causes a week or so before local homo parades in order to provide a different theme to celebrate the homosexual parade.

This year, 2011, during Toronto's pride in sexual perversion week,  a news item came over the American News about a father charged with raping  his month's old baby boy.

It seems like the fact the man was the baby's father was kept somewhat obscured, and interestingly one comment under the news item went, "My first thought was Elton John". Hey, mine too.

A few weeks later and the item can't even be searched anymore.

Celebrate that Fag Town. Your public 'celebartions' and exaltation are complicit in every homosexual rape of male children under, and over 14 years of age. Every male who rapes or has sex with another male is firstly a homosexual no matter the age of  the victim and his perversion shows a disturbed sense of  judgement to begin with.  Drop the most insane elements of political correctness.

Hey, Human Rights Commish, this is my firm and sincere belief and my exercise in freedom of expression. I do not hate individual homosexuals though I am disgusted with their public activism and parades. I feel sorry for  them.

I understand that many homosexuals, not the ones you would see in 'pride parades' were made so at the hands of homosexual pedophiles and are tortured so. that many of them commit suicide.

Nor, do I ever endorse violence against homosexuals.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama, Only Politician Who Actually Believes Marxist Poison

There have been, and are, many Marxist politicians in North American. The good news was always that they were never serious choir singers when it came time for the solo.

Marxists are basically opportunists seeking fortune and fame who cash in on the common person's human illogical human condition... Be spiteful and hateful of those who have more and believe you deserve more than you are ever prepared to earn.

'Free' health care, 'free' pensions, 'free' medicine, 'free' education, freedom from morals including taking other lives through 'revoluton' or abortion.

It sounded so great in post Great War America, but we all now know the rest of the story  when all good ponzi schemes must come to an end and bills are way past due.

We can see North America's future not in Arab Islamist dictatorship change but in Greece's useless union riots. Wages above reality can no longer be borrowed on the future, or passed onto consumers and taxpayers.

Socialist intervention that kept interest rates artificially low for so long had the opposite effect, allowing the real estate market to soar to extreme prices that ordinary families looking for a roof over their heads over investment, simply can not afford.

Couple this with the liberal intervention in the U.S. that forced lending institutions to grant mortgages to those who were ill prepared financially, and unsuitable for risks of high loans and you have the kick start of the current depression in the U.S.

Liberal politicians by any name, including modern day conservative on all levels in U.S. and Canada simply were unelectable unless they could promise more 'free stuff' and find a disingenuous way of delivering it through cuts and service charges on everything from soup to nuts and still pile up the debt on the never, never plan.

Dalton McGuinty, could be the poster boy for this kind of political behavior as the provincial leader of Ontario. He, as with all liberal politicians may be Marxists, but they're not stupid Marxists. Personal ambition was enough incentive to add to the already downhill economy and moral decline of a province in full knowledge of such.

However, such Marxists (totally out of touch with the people they purport to love and represent) don't usually believe their own propaganda enough to launch an all out war against prosperity and basic freedoms of the electorate.

McGuinty's biggest hits were on health care which saw the greatest decline of family doctors willing to take on patients in the history of the province, education costs (where he had his dearest support from teacher's unions in return for favours granted) and in electricity costs where he sold out the bleak future (as it is) on a sole sourced contract with Samsung of Korea for windmills of the future, in hopes of capitalizing on a gamble that the political value of the ill-logical environmentalism movement is about to really take off as cost ineffective as it is.

This is your typical liberal Marxist politician of the day. Knowing, but just not really being concerned one day past retirement and the twilight of personal ambition, personal afterglow.

Bill Clinton was the master of this in the United States, who is still looked on fondly (for all the harm he did do) in that he didn't push the envelope too far on medicare, same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the military, the sole vetoing of anti- partial birth abortion of all party legislation, private sector intervention etc.

Obama, raised on Marxist ideology never seemed to mature to the stage of  an adult who realizes that Marxist ideology is the greatest destroyer of  nations, civilization, and most certainly, economies.

Nothing is for free and someone has to work for your prosperity,

Obama is about to find out that someone has to work for him to enjoy his personally ambitious goals of political prosperity.

Paul Gordon 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello! Social-Conservative Reality Check On Canadian Election

Socon Reality Check on Canadian Election Results

The same old forces of evil and not quite as evil are still in charge.
The same leftists went with the NDP this time instead of huddling under the liberal banner. That’s all folks!

My predictions have been true to the letter, unlike CLC, Lifesite et al who tell pro-life voters to vote for the man regardless of his enshrined pro-abortion party he picks to do his two or three terms, and retire with.

Oh yes, we (actually, dead babies, it’s not about our brainless selves and our joint economic considerations) can now wait a minimum of ten more years for any hint of pro-life, not to mention, pro-family positive news.

That would be five more years of Harper telling us that the abortion debate is not open for discussion in his, and the PMO marketer's conservative party, and five more years of smiley face, anal Jim Flarherty, Harper's finance minion, bristling at the mere idea of school choice tax deductions. Heaven's, Jimbo, it's not like you ever had a wit of support from teacher's unions before or ever will, freakin anyway.

Now, an additional five years can be added of the Catholic/Christian electorate having to punish the conservative party by not voting for any party, less pro life ones in the next election.

As a side note, to these same old/ same old dismal results for all pro-life, pro-family, Catholic, and pro-Christian Canadians who don’t even ‘get it yet’ or don’t really give a s_ _ _ , three so-called pro-life conservative elected ‘officials’ (official Harper well paid useful idiots) quit their posts just before election day.

They join the so-called pro-life liberal MPs who quit a while before, all, none too short of their generous tax payer-ed pensions as they…what?.. retire?.. from the cause and trust they garnered from unsuspecting Catholic and Christian voters, who too just wanted any reason to vote along their political ideologues of otherwise, no moral validity whatsoever.

On the Quintessential Canadian Perversely Humorous Front:

Jack Layton, or as Five of Fury sees him, E JackLayton, said with a Southern drawl, pretty much guaranteed his liberal vote by the totally brainless portion of the Canadian electorate, ala B.J. Clinton, by being ‘exposed’ (maybe by his own team) for having attended a “community clinic” rub n tug.

“Oh Olivia, Dear, I’m just popping down to the 'Community Clinic' for a refreshing hand job, I should be back for lunch”. Does this guy seriously think he is on anything else than a leftist, anybody, but Iggy vote.. roll.

Toronto Wuss Police, all, cultured over years of painful NDP education by union educators (same as all Canadians since the 50’s, actually the 30’s) were quick to angrily respond, demanding who spilled the beans that the Honorable John, for Toronto Central was shooed away from the arresting Vice squad.

Not unlike, the Honorable Svend Robinson, when he stole a ten thousand dollar ring for his boyfriend on Good Friday and after being silently warned by the RCMP that he was caught on video, returned it on Easter Monday with a ‘change of heart’ story, you know, the same judicial courtesy we would all get.

Not to worry about trendy Svendy though, he served nada time and was re-elected in his commie homo Winnipeg Riding….lived happily ever-after and thank goodness….a little quieter.

B the B, speaking of Svend Robinson, (who once knocked over a 70 something year old Priest, on Parliament steps), was that a homosexual massage parlor or a human rights approved all-inclusive Rub N Tug, Jack Layton, the new Official Opposition leader, was snagged at?

Hey, who should have mercy on assholes, or their narcissitic bitty little freakin feelings, when it comes to saving babies, eh?  'Chow',  for now.

Paul Gordon

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey Prolifers! How's That Stephen Harper Vote Working For Babies So Far!

So, how many babies have been saved by political means (presumably... affecting by judicial means) by pro-life strategy's since abortion became law, by omission of political will, since the Trudeau, blackmailed by Mortgantaler, years. Oh yes, that would be a big bloody zero.

Now, with Harper facing an almost even split leftest vote, that at minimum, keeps him as the Prime Minister, how much do you think he is going to do for aborted babies regardless of how many blood votes his party gets for conservative useless 'pro-life' candidates?

Useless, as in pro-life liberal candidates of  past decades, more interested in keeping their day jobs first, as in popular, as in hefty compensation, as in great pensions, as in mundane business, luxuries and perks?

Harper needs a good swift kick from the pro-lifers he has been playing, even then, without much trying, for years in order to change the 'status quo' to at minimum de-fund abortion on the national socialist level of  health 'care'.

You know his routine by now ala,"Oh, you thought I was with this ugly girlfriend I took to the electoral dance, Hell no, I want any sleazy pro-baby killers to take home with, for a night"

FYI to the growing Harper kids......Great mom and dad you have there! They even outsmart pro-lifers into supporting killing babies by voting for the party, your dad heads. Must make a great family photo.

Here's a novel idea for the perpetual, out of reality, pro-life bridesmaids, while babies continue to be murdered for many more guaranteed years to come, considering the right strategy process of  the truth of not voting for pro-death parties isn't even being considered yet.

The strategy of... no strategy, but the truth of Christ of not approving any group, who garners support by first declaring, "No change to Canadian bloody baby killing practices under our watch!"  

If Harper had no Christian, or pro-life votes, he would be the minority party and he would be begging for those Christian and pro-life votes, for ensuing elections.

And, yes, it is going to take one 'kick in the butt', election to get the right process started, but considering the length of time the past death establishment has been on top, and the status quo future outlook, sitting out one election.... is the only first step forward.

Harper will no who deserted him by the amount of  people not showing up to vote for any party, and that people are clearly waiting for a moral party to come forth.  

Paul Gordon
Marmora  On.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Reasons For Christians To Not Vote For Main Stream Parties

Reasons For Christians To Not Vote For Main Stream Parties

1) Christ was always about sacrifice, hardly about financial ‘perks’ promised to benefit you, or your family or socialist schemes that are put on National credit ponzi, (get me elected now) schemes Do not try to ‘justify’ small financial personal gain perceived, or otherwise, or union membership for that matter. You can’t logically or by any other means accomplish this.

Sorry, but sometimes you do have to actually think for yourself and not take anyone’s word, especially, when you are seeking truth.

2) There is no such thing as ‘strategy’ on moral issues. To do so, is to assume you can outsmart Satan and evil and as mere fallible mortals, you cannot and will not, hence the gift of Truth from Christ. Always go with Truth no matter the odds. (Better still, with Truth and prayer)

Here’s how the current strategy goes for voting for abortion and anti-family anti- children and anti- teen, anti- invalid and anti- senior main stream (or MSM) political parties.

“This MSM party has a pro life candidate in my riding so I’m okay with voting for him/her.”

Reality Check-
Probably, never in history have parties been so ‘centrally controlled than the present, especially, with the advent of mass media ‘instant’ communication in a medium of a strong leftist establishment.

Politics is the name of the game and all parties are controlled by a tight group of party handlers, small or big L liberal think tanks, big party contributors, all who make up the ‘office’ of the Prime Minister, the Premier, President.

Modern politics are sophisticated enough to allow for tightly controlled big tent voters. The liberal party, itself, has always allowed for a minimum of ‘pro-life’ candidates, to throw a bone to social conservative ridings anyway, to show how open-minded their party is etc.

When the liberals under Chretien worried that there may be one or two more ridings than the pro life wing should be allowed. They removed some pro life candidates from these ridings and ‘appointed’ pro abortion party minions to those ridings.

Tom Whappel, the ghost pro-life pro-family long held caucus leader in the national liberal party could have single-handedly or any ‘one’ of his liberal ghost pro-lifers could have crossed the floor and defeated the Martin liberal government down on a ludicrous budget actually drafted by the NDP in exchange for their confidence vote (that Martin had no intention of keeping anyway) ‘ONE’ week before Martin’s homosexual legislation was to pass.

Whappel, still would have had a political seat as a conservative or an independent, but it certainly appears he was worried about not getting re-elected on the liberal coat-tails in his liberal riding again and before his big pension pay-out.

Ego manic, Harper (going by his recent Nick Jaggar and John Lennon sing-a-longs’ has been all over the map on pro-life issues depending again on his political handlers and time of election cycle.

His (Harper’s,) strongest pro-abortion statements (one coming on the Sunday night the day before the last election,) were when he said, he didn’t know where the media got the idea, he, or the conservative party were pro-life, because they certainly were not. And when he forbid all his party elected from breathing a word about against abortion.

The bone for this past sitting was to ‘attempt’ to stop some monies from flowing abroad in support of third world abortions, but to keep the status quo of paying for abortions on demand with tax-payer money, domestically. Again, the name of the game is politics, not morality, or consistency for just two.

Lastly, a vote for a pro-abortion party, is only considered a pro-abortion, keep-the- status- quo. The Party or Party leader only knows they have your support for what they have been doing, period. They don’t know who you are, or what you think, how you feel or why you voted for them!!

They do know that you did vote for them however, so why would they ever logically change their strategy their method of operation, their thinking or their deceitful tactics?

The Case For Not Voting For A Pro Abortion Party, or Any Candidate There Of, or the Non Strategy of Going With the Plain Logical Truth

1) Christ would never say, “Hey, look go with the Devil (who is being very open and upfront in this case within the Party leaderships, or the Party people who actually count and have say and make laws) because your pro-life MPP or MP, (honest or dishonest) may be able to turn the whole Party Wheel around.

Stick to your moral principles and gut instinct on slithery parties and keep your eye on the ball not the tempting distractions.

2) This system has been proven to work in the U.S. which has a strong conservative voice.

When Bob Dole was running for U.S. President under the Republican banner he was doing good in the poles but believed, or his handlers believed he could win by a landside, if he opened up his tent to the leftist lights.

His famous speech of telling social conservatives, “There’s the door” for all you who have something against abortion or homosexuality came back to haunt him big-time and he was destroyed by the non-voting social conservatives.

Subsequently, the Bush (es) had to court back the social conservatives to some degree, in order for the Republicans to ever have a chance of winning again.

(They seem to be heading down that path of errors again, and now Donald Trump makes a few social conservative proclamations and grabs some huge poll numbers which ultimately will make the Republicans irrelevant for a while again, if they don’t change before 2012.)

If social conservatives in Canada make it clear they don’t want anything to do with MSM parties, (instead of playing their game of status quo) and a huge number of (even more than usual) eligible voters don’t bother to vote this election, the long term result for the next and future elections will be desperate Parties looking to seriously, court social conservatives (responsible, thinking for themselves with the tools of logic and Truth, Christians).

Paul Gordon

Friday, March 25, 2011

Modern Blacks Have No Ancestral Material

Modern Blacks Have No Ancestral Material

Modern blacks don't appear to have the right stuff of their ancestor slaves of the western world.

(As with the North American natives, I don't care about National Geographic liberal science getting philosophically aesthetic all of a sudden b.s. of 'keeping them' tribal, dancing to the drums and barking at the moon, like cute little organically drugged animals, or cave men crap. There is nothing socially or humanity redeeming about living like animals...okay. Otherwise, don't pass go forever, and go directly to the liberal ignorant 'stay- in- mental -jail forever' corner.

If you live in the heavily Marxist dominated free world of the last hundred years or so, you have been liberally and brainwashed to ignorance and hate goodness, all along, in pretty much all communication. The CBC recently declared equally dead with the rest of the dead, Commie Tommie Douglass great Canadian superstar of all things of all times, for Pete's sake.

The liberal National Geographic types of yore that kept natives around the world dancing bare-foot around the hot coals and ashes pretty much left equally created men ripe for slave pickings. )

So, when I write here of 'ancestors', I am only speaking post tribalism.

The North American black slaves proved to be men, woman and children of intestinal fortitude that few of us could match today.

They endured the 'real' debasement, the beatings, .... the torture many of those of today only fancy themselves enduring from the likes of the capitalist pigs, and the ironically leftist establishment of today, that is apparently not leftist enough.

The ancestors truly found Christ in that they could truly empathize with Him in silence and pain, but never in defeat or despair. How can one ever despair if they are comfortable in the righteousness of God. The underground rich gospel music became their standard, to live by, their heart and the 'truth' that set their souls free, the freedom that counts, not politics, or the flag, but the heart of the family and the soul. They had no Country, but they always had Christ.

Today's blacks don't know real suffering and certainly don't know Christ anymore.

Just like whites, yellows and everyone in the free world, they were taught by liberalism what to feel and what to even think, in the evil of political correctness, even in contrast to their ancestors firm beliefs.

They were taught by Marxist unions that they were suffering if they didn't get extortive salaries, and fringe benefits beyond what economies could afford and what caused unions to be gradually replaced across the private sector with job pimp firms hiring with the only jobs for minimum wages, benefits or education.

The same heavily political unions which purport to speak for all their workers and indeed use their forced contributions for pro-death and anti-family cultures in direct contrast to the heart of their ancestor's heart, Christ.

Where black families were once tight under Christianity, they became no more and insolvent under humanist broad based media cultures that believe it is better to simply be hedonistic, and to take from others, or have taken from others, on your behalf that you are incapable of supporting yourselves under an ironic guardianship of liberalism that kept yourselves exactly so.

No choice is given in education for the majority of blacks, yet academics and politicians have and can afford all the educational choice they desire for their children.

Blacks are confined to state or Marxist union inferior educators who have every interest in perpetuating the status quo.

Like the chattering class of liberals of yore who wanted blacks to stay in the tribes, the chattering liberals of today need black children to stay in 'tribes' under poor and polluted privileged unionized state educators.
A nation that has no have nots left has no use for liberals or Marxist demons and so it is in their best interests to keep nations that way and impede societal progress on all levels.
Beyond this, the black slaves were smarter and more courageous, than us all in enduring and standing firm on the only things that counted and on the 'only' place to draw their strength and wisdom from. While the rest of the world was becoming interested in riding society of God, black slaves found the the true Christ.

Defintion: Islam......

Definition: islam,

Religion of Bloody- Nose Cowardly Bully- ism, Bloody Revolution, Bloody Clitoral Mutilation, Uncontrolled Anger, and yeah yeah yeah, all that love and peace stuff,too.

As already said in other conservative quarters we need to get out of Islamic nation's revolutions or better yet, arm both sides of the conflicts to the teeth.

Being of the rather human fallibility, constricted pro-life persuasion on a sliding scale from innocent babies, of all manner, on down to the 'not so much' end of pedophiles, insane dictators, and liberal Canada- awarded warty troll abortionists it may sound cruel to turn a blind eye to murder and mayhem in other nations

However, my reasoning is such that your typical brow beaten ignorant brain-washed Islamic citizen herded down through history straight from a man at ground zero, one head chopping, pedophile, bully nomad, Moohamida ding-dong doesn't want any help from any stinking infidel hedonistic nation (guilty in a goodly manner) except for Sheen- like syphilitic insane, regime change.

Who would have thunk, (or cared, like our spaced- age and out lesbian western feminazis) that these comparative stone age feminists don't really mind having their faces, heads and everything else covered under the hot sun, keeping their heads low or losing them and having their genitalia thrown to the ground to raisinin the desert sand and to act as hand maidens to the obnoxious, ill-mannered and hideously dressed Arab, or Toronto cab driver?

Western liberals didn't mind when Bush ( in hind sight erroneously) tried to be the peasant -ly knight in shinning armor to the rescue of oppressed Islamic woman and child and was soaked in all manner of liberal, Toronto cab, and Western Islamic typically blood wet scorn but, now all is okie dokie,  that Obummr has had the American oxymoron-ed reality/ tv, obsessed, fooled twice... and shame on them.

Oh wait, is that the sound of the wail of protest and apology of Western *2nd testament Islamic cries for the victims of 9/11, or their own Mickey Mouse (kill the infidels) brainwashing of their own children, or continued brutal treatment of their own wives and daughters in homelands and free lands.
(*2nd very humanist testament as in our own nouveau homosexuals who came to cleanse all rightful natural instinct of homosexual and pedophile disgust). 

No, I guess not. Just the sound of some silently sick ecliptic pride in masochism, (that no one but a modern liberal sick philosopher gets, yet, latching onto again, in humanist throes of  own self- insecurity and twisted justification),  pride in child mind poisoning and justified satisfaction in the long distance sniper killing of a young girl, named Neda, of Iran.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ungodly Nations Taking New Round of S...Kicking..Coincidence?

With no indifference to those suffering in Japan's latest 'natural' disasters, the coincidence of  ungodly nations suffering financial and/or physical loss is quite a coincidence. Going down the by no means- all- inclusive list in no particular order we have the likes of :
  • Haiti
  • United States (financial and moral collapse)
  • European Countries
  • N. Korea
  • Arab despot nations that look to pedophile, bully, very human, woman hater, Mohammad, as God. 
  • Japan
In (present day Canada), my non proud to be home nation, especially liberal Ontario, we are experiencing an unheard of inflationary rise in the cost of living on property taxes, health taxes, education taxes, electricity taxes, non food stuff taxes, and a recent 15% tax grab on domestic gas and oil. Health care  takes up the mother of all budgets, yet unbelievably, finding and retaining a family doctor, even in Toronto is becoming harder and harder Money is pissed away on public board of health's on make-work projects for liberals, including dulling needle points so union (backed by the public financed Union Ministry), workers don't prick themseleves. Make up your own joke here, but no joke to seniors getting needle pounded.

Taxes across the board under Premier Dalton McGuinty have  surpassed all tax increases for one Premier, in all of Provincial history.

His successful 'idiot trick' applied to the masochist liberal sheeple of Ontario is simply to ensure that all such taxes are not called taxes. In any case, Canada, if not the whole free world will not withstand the ensuing pro-longed American Depression kick-started by Obumr.   

China, which probably has more 'genuine' underground Christian believers than most nations have above ground is enjoying phenomenal proletariat free market prosperity that is headed for the bloodiest of revolutions while the waves of peasants are virtual held down by the throats as slave labourers.

Haiti, is still run by witch-doctors, Jamaica, by the ghost of Bob Marley with the unholy communion of pot.
Scandinavian nations are obsessed with sex and killing their young, old, and disabled.

Japan never did get the memo that there is an existence outside of their islands never mind the great beyond, and probably never will, if nuclear bombs couldn't do it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

This time I don't mean  J f..ked everyone in the sense of John F. Kennedy. I mean Just f..k. all Arab Oil...

The way it's being played (and paid) out across the globe is that it is not the fact that Libya's measly 2% (now shaky) contribution to total world oil production is not what made gas retail prices shoot up 20% over night, but rather 'investor nervousness'.

Maybe true, maybe not, but in any case the result is the same, so screw as much Arab oil as possible by taking as much of it as out of the picture as entirely as possible.

Just threaten as much, by showing concrete action and watch the Oil Cartel increase production and lower the price, forthwith.

Like water, the dollar seeks it's own level and like water there is nothing we, or any lib-socialist ideology can do about that, except use it to a 'logical' advantage.

Of course, concrete action means getting rid of Obama's socialist wrecking crew and taking back the cross-contaminated establishment from the liberal assenoids, but by now, who wouldn't drink to that?

Drill baby...drill, take out the HST not to mention the short hair, long taxes already embedded in Ontario gas, including the new Toronto gas tax... have Alberta give Canada a domestic price break, instead of the 'World Price' shaft, and watch prosperity shine and reign in reality.

We're not, or do we want to be a temporary 'prosperpous' communist China who can prosper as a proletariat  nation as long as it pays $70 a week to Ford Parts Company Chinese domestic workers while awaiting a bloodiest of revolutions.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Only Have A Part-Time Friend in Reaganites

Social Conservatives Have Part-Time Friends In Reaganites

Socons do have a friend in Jesus, in Billy Graham, in Dr. Dobson and the Holy Father. They have only part-time friends in celebrity Reaganite Conservatives, who in turn and to their own chagrin, only have part-time friends in the GOP.

Celebrity conservatives make a number of fundamental mistakes from the get-go that are for the most part, are the part and parcel of being a 'celebrity'.

1)They 'worship' dead guys just like the liberals. Rather, they should deal with the present and let the “dead bury the dead” from the Word of Christ.

2)They 'worship' politicians just like the liberals. Like, there has ever been, or ever will be, a politician worthy of such. It's called blatant fallibility of man who will always make big mistakes along with the little ones, usually do to their insatiable ego and lack of courage in light of stark truths. To actually 'worship' such people is to raise them higher, while lowering God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Truth lower.

3)They open the worn out zippers to the flaps of their 'own' big tents after getting long in the tooth of popularity and the temptation to troll for more fans to surpass their colleagues in fan base. They actually begin to believe that they, themselves, and their dead leader are the creation and sole guardian of real Christ inspired conservatism.

4)In attaining a larger fan base they will have to lop off their followers who run hot and cold and can be converted and appeal to the greater numbers of the narcissistic mushy middle, who care only how they can personally make gains, the fiscal conservatives, and the unprincipled libertarians, and the nouveau 'homosexual fiscal and libertarian conservatives'. You know the ole

They're okay, they're with me now, sick sanctification i.e., Limbaugh and his new buddy, Elton John, who was just handed a child as a humanistic sacrifice as a play thing to destroy, at the altar of political correctness ( aka the exact opposite of the Truth). But, that's okay.... in legitimizing Elton John, who has proven himself, to be mentally ill and in need of anger management, just from public interviews, (not unlike Canada's lead abortionist and recent Order of Canada medal recipient) Rush has shown he is the better man and he can get along with celebrity homosexuals who desire little boys as their unnatural playthings.

Look it, Rush, Mark, Sean. and Ann, the reason social conservatives take no prisoners is precisely for the sake of the child, the baby, the family, Christianity and the Nation (which has proven to be quite fallible at the hand of collective man, hardly ordained to immaculate un-stewarded perfection as many nationalists seemingly believe, not unlike Catholics who believe the Church will survive the “Very Gates of Hell” in any appreciable amount of numbers without their help and to the benefit of salvation for all.

There's no great mystery in the 'how-to do' anything that escapes the individual wants of man and stops making one opinion as good as any other.

It's called the Truth found in the Word and teachings of Christ the only un-dead 'guy' and understood 'good enough' without footnotes or contorted long winded explanations from big tent theologians.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tis To Laugh..This Leftist Establishment

One of the Hollywood Communist Mecca's favourite propaganda tools is to tie in any old TV show currently out of fad with the right. In other words, old fashion is the right and a wrong way to do things i.e.,  Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver and even modern tv series of the eighties and nineties.

Today, that would mean any show that isn't homosexuality, sexually and narcissisticly obsessed, totally dysfunctional, role reversed, and just plain anti-family and anti-hetro marriage would be old fashioned and stodgy, i.e. the Cosby show.

Academia, which has a lot of Hollywood mesmerised type communist societal breakdown inherit in itself ( entertainment was so, the right medium to first bring in socialism to N. America) follows only slightly delayed from lockstep in setting the stage for today's particular brand of political correctness which equates un-cool with tradition and any whiff of conservatism.

Seemingly, an academic teacher, especially in the highest levels is only placated when they can mould a student to their way of narcissistic Marxist rebellious behaviour, greatly lacking in imparting knowledge and self thinking/decision making.
To boot, the previous generation is always to be considered totally wrong, ignorant and in need of correction or condescension and ignoring.

Wearing  waistbands at the knees,  treating the opposite sex with abuse and disdain,  obsessed with drugs, booze, sex, gangs, grade school artistic and entertainment talents,
etc. etc. is no longer to be the traits of a certified A-hole, but the lifestyle of the cool and rebelliously conforming. 

Paul Gordon