Friday, July 8, 2011

Toronto Hog FagTown at it Again

This year, not only Michael Coren, Five Feet of Fury and Mark Steyn show how silly the grossly inflated attendance numbers are at Toronto's day of the N. American traveling homosexual circus, but even the left (in the form of McLean's) are admitting how ridiculous the claim numbers are.

For years, the poor mentally ill activists, with the MSM and justice officials literally in their back pockets (if you get my drift) have claimed that a million people attend the homo parade and bring in one hundred million dollars to the Toronto economy. This year, they had to raise that to 1.2 million people, to ingratiate, more to the point, legitimize the first lie.

These activists thrive so much on attention that they have scrapped the bottom of the homo barrel for fresh causes they now have a Homos against Israel faction as if to give popular political nuances or leftist extreme intelligenzia to a sexual perversion and practice. Now that's insanity!

The homosexual establishment in the MSM are always careful about what homosexual 'news' (they think is important to us?) they do print and more importantly, that which they do not ( that, which we should know!).

The left manages to coincide important official political and legal advances
to the homosexual causes a week or so before local homo parades in order to provide a different theme to celebrate the homosexual parade.

This year, 2011, during Toronto's pride in sexual perversion week,  a news item came over the American News about a father charged with raping  his month's old baby boy.

It seems like the fact the man was the baby's father was kept somewhat obscured, and interestingly one comment under the news item went, "My first thought was Elton John". Hey, mine too.

A few weeks later and the item can't even be searched anymore.

Celebrate that Fag Town. Your public 'celebartions' and exaltation are complicit in every homosexual rape of male children under, and over 14 years of age. Every male who rapes or has sex with another male is firstly a homosexual no matter the age of  the victim and his perversion shows a disturbed sense of  judgement to begin with.  Drop the most insane elements of political correctness.

Hey, Human Rights Commish, this is my firm and sincere belief and my exercise in freedom of expression. I do not hate individual homosexuals though I am disgusted with their public activism and parades. I feel sorry for  them.

I understand that many homosexuals, not the ones you would see in 'pride parades' were made so at the hands of homosexual pedophiles and are tortured so. that many of them commit suicide.

Nor, do I ever endorse violence against homosexuals.

Paul Gordon

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