Sunday, June 24, 2007

O' Really, Obama!

O’ Really, Obama!

Referenced in the tawdry come-lately tabloid, Drudge Report, Obama is quoted as saying the ‘Faith’ has been hijacked by the religious right.

Obama also says, "lowering taxes doesn’t jibe in his Bible". Like raising taxes, on the most heavily taxed, the lower middle income family, does "jibe" in his Bible, likewise, Marxism, or political correctness? Where’s the Democrat and Canadian values found in anyone’s Bible?

He doesn’t have a Bible. He has the Democrat bibble as in drivel, written about the time as Roe Vs Wade, and circa the stacking of ‘liberal’ Marxist judges throughout the free world, who would have likewise been ‘socially’ suitable for the communist world.

Suitable, as in ‘Constitutionally interpreted’, unlimited government power and Marxist, and union powers, as long as a ‘liberal’ government is in power, and no freedoms of speech for Christians or Conservatives, but unlimited public powers of perversion for all things liberal and disgusting, and socially dividing and repressing.

Clinton kept his bibble in his front trouser pocket next to Dean’s missing Salami. Where’s Obama going to keep his? Maybe, in his back pocket close to where he really sees and respects the American people, going by his voting record, his many coverups and gaffs already.

Blacks of black ancestry in the U.S. who were long supported by Christ,

Whom, also bore their suffering and won their freedom and vindication by Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of the Christian faith, (not the perverted and hateful Black Panthers, Rap, Spike Lee or fanatical Islam) should be outraged by Democrat anti-Christ behaviours, legislation and proudly bias, judge selections. Fanatical Islam is more enslaving of women and actually murderous of (simply) non-believers than anyone in history.

Gospel music and Christian blacks supported and raised good black families. Rap, Democrats and perverted laws separated and destroyed black culture, black youths and families.

The ‘Christian Right’ barely represented by President Bush, though more than Reagan, as he did (in my opinion) appointed more blacks in one administration than the Democrats seriously even looked at, even when not in power.

John F. Kennedy, in historical truth, of the Irish black eye, and so called ‘man’ himself, took a heck of a lot of public pressure and private persuasion before he lifted a finger for the blacks, weighing the political consequences and gambling right only in retrospect.

Anyone, who thinks Martin Luther King would be happy with the way the black culture, and American society in general, or the new and improved Democrat Party turned out, that Obama is so pleased with, is dreaming.

Obama is an inexperienced legislator and though that would be a plus, but for his limited liberal, (therefore assured advancement) record, but as smooth talking and power hungry as the valueless Clintons.

Paul Gordon, Pickering Ont.