Saturday, October 25, 2008



Herein, lies the second serious and critical ‘banner and bumper sticker’ step to finally stop the baby murders in Canada and the USA. Herein, also lies the workings of Canadian politics for all those who still don't get it, especially CLC and Lifesite.

It must run its campaign starting now and to the next election so the message has plenty of time to sink in.

The ‘first’ step was to not vote for any political ‘party’ regardless of their brave 'secret' pro-life caucus members. Oh puhleease! If they have to remain 'secret' so ostensibly they don't get booted from a mainstream party and risk loosing their pensions for life, how much can these 'brave' political mercenaries do for murdered babies. They've been a real secret and treat for murdered babies for sixty years now. Show us your big move guys or join a pro-life party or just shut the Hell up. (It's historic crunch time as far as evil is concerned, in case nobody has noticed. The historic bible lesson homilies, as interesting as they are, are for peace times. We are at war for lives and souls....helloooo!)

Even the native MP and 'secret society' leader from Manitoba was only allowed to go public because both the liberals and conservatives have always allowed a limited and controlled amount of pro-life chatter from within their ranks, just in case some bottom feeding socialist needed to say, "Look, our party has pro-life people and we have a political cross-dressing secret pro-life caucus".

Ooooh, we're impressed by your secret society while thousands of babies still die waiting for to you take care of your liberal ( by any other name) Party's other important 'business' like bankrupting the Country morally and financially.

Meanwhile, 'officially', Harper has wrung out any pro-life crying towel from around the conservative 'party's' neck with his own two hands as did his same PMO people for flip flop Ontario Prime One, Mike Harris, when they worked for him, and also convinced Harris to appoint Ontario's first Homo Human Rights Commissioner.

Harris. considered a poster boy for Canada's ultra-right also enforced the abortion clinic bubble zone, he promised to eliminate. Yes the same anti freedom civil law that keeps Canada's only political prisoner peaceful Linda Gibbons in prison with thanks again from non action of the M.I.A. Canadian Catholic Church including, prayers. Tell me where politicians working within these mainstream parties ever have a hope in Hell of accomplishing anything, ever!

(side bar)Did Catholics never hear of public persuasion through at least squeaking now in then. Satan got his way by lion roaring, civil action by a small mouse of a group of downtown Toronto activists. What about the Mark Hall/ George Smitherman (McGuinty's, loud mouth showboat Cabinent Minister) duo, that took on the 'Catholic' school board to allow man/boy dates to Catholic highschool Proms?

The Toronto Diocese and all Canadian Catholics all lied down and died on that one. If the old Marxist benefited generation is all you have sitting smugly in your pews, (and still crying for more), how about a few Priests actually going out and trying to lead youth...Helloooo! the only future.. directly. Directly, and from underneath the political Catholic school boards and their anti-family Marxist union's noses. I mean what you've been doing to date sure hasn't been working, has it! (End of Side Bar). Show us you're not the limp wristed homosexuals the left is painting everyone of you with and that you are a brave servant of Christ, the Son of God. Show us in deed and in action the faith you proclaim in front of dying ambivalent audiences. Help Christ rebuild the Temple that so obviously needs to be rebuilt again (end of side bar)

Modern Political leaders in Canada, aside from Turdeau ( special friend, to all commies, especially, Castro) have all proven to stand for absolutely (who said there's any grey) nothing, except to remain in power at all costs and play the popular sport of bashing Christian principles. And Turdeau (sc) was the last person, this Country needed to stand for his perverted humanist beliefs.

Side Bar {How can anyone show respect for any of these prominent political leaders whose hands are most bloodied from butchered babies for their own political sake? The prisons are full of people with less moral crimes against humanity committed 'knowingly', and better chances of Salvation. Public ridicule is the first step in not giving their beliefs (like any modern Hollywood celebrity and media star's Narcistic perverted beliefs) any credence or importance!
We do judge evil actions of people in power...okay! Bad people sure judge Christianity!

Did Christ have respect for Satanic spirits that dwelled in the possessed hosts that taunted Him all through His Life?

Those who thrive in the humanist world will no doubt have their souls confined to it and I believe many of them do believe their eternity is to be found in popularity of the world... as the only possible reason (aside from down-right possession of course) for their illogical and irrational actions.} End Side Bar

The 'only' other possibility that, Harper allowed one Native MP to mumble something about a secret pro-life caucus in his 2 minutes of fame, when Harper has gone on record more than once, stating he will personally not allow it.. is that, in a world leading Nation of politically- correct ps and qs, Harper is more afraid to go against one Native MP, than the whole pro-life movement.
Beautiful, can we step into a third world Nation under a dictatorshit, (sc) for a breath of fresh air?

Tom Whappel, Lifesite's, and CLC's favourite liberal political socialist, and perennial financial contributor and ad runner, (who was the last secret pro-life caucus leader), or any one of his liberal 'caucus' members could have crossed the floor on a critical but NDP budget composed practical clown vote and stopped Canada's homo marriage law from becoming law under their PM, Paul Martin.

Anyway, Canadians came thru, with their lowest electoral turn-out (purposely or not), ever!

From now, and until the next election, political party consultants are going to be asking themselves how can they tap into those potential votes for their customers (traditional wind testing pro- abortion parties).

By the way, there have been numerous pundant columns and at least one book proclaiming and dissecting on how back benchers have no power or say anymore on anything and haven't since Pierre Turdeau (for those who haven't guessed so by now).

If you're not talking to the Party Leader or his Office (of unelected personal managers) on anything that matters at all, you ain't talkin to nobody). That's the new politics of North America.

Sorry, but ‘prayers’, factually, for the last sixty years never amounted to anything, and things only progressed from bad to worse.

I contend this is so, only because the Catholic Church in North America was never serious about ‘moving’ the flock over to the one in- their- face issue and seriousness of this ground zero, moral depravity base, that led to the total moral collapse of North America, not to mention the youth mass exodus from the pews.

If there is a Priest with another idea on why these millions of pro-life prayers over many years, are not working I welcome his comments here.

If one can perform a physical act so simple as say, not voting for a media- made, Saint Obama ("No young couple should be burdened with that") in the States or not voting for any mainstream pro perversion and pro death party in Canada, but does not.

And instead, believes prayers work under those, 'eating your cake and having it too' are dreaming not praying!

(Do we really need to be hit over the head with a board on this, people, or were we kinda of okay with it all along because of our school state and union training and cultural narcistic dip into the bottomless pit?

Is this how we appear progressive, non judgemental... academically attuned?

The touchy- feelie crap and great social experiments into depravity are over! Individual souls, Babies lives, Child innocence, Family unity lost big time..Death and lifestyle public perversion into filth and mental illness, and only evil open-mindedness... and no open-mindedness at all, won big. The Pope and the Vatican understands this. Why not the Western Catholic Priests?

Without the express aid of the ‘fallen’ Catholic Church, including pro-abortion Church- attending Catholics in North America and the apparent multi level partial invasion of homosexual pedophiles during the Marxist heady revolution ...the industry and politics of baby killing would never have ‘prospered’ to the max. Who else can stand up to evil and the 'World' if not Christ's representatives?

Catholics have been praying for life every Sunday, but every election, they voted for abortion parties (whom most importantly also control the appointment of judges and blatant judicial activism) because we like their temporal offerings... actually bribes, with our own money at that.

'Our money', that is saved primarily for new election promises for the next term of the 'Party' while politicians claim the cupboard is bare between election days, like Harper's jump thru the hoop kid- kredits, and McGuinty's free government baby sitting and cradle to grave, Marxist Big Brother help, financed with little brother proceeds.

.. Insanity, at any dictionary...honking hypocritical, at the least!

Catholic teachers, teaching our children and being child and public role models were/are by- and -large militant Church hating, at minimum ‘defying’, Marxist pro aborts and pro homosexual activists with many homosexual union members in their midst and co-op with the trendy world.
Just ask them!!

There are some beautiful thoughtful sermons orated and centred around the parables and teachings of Christ of two thousand years ago. There are also some musings said within homilies and out, but still during the Mass that one would equate with Organ Grinders and their trained collections takers.

The CBC ran a 'gotcha' embarassing Hoedown Mass 'celebrated' at an eastern Ontario trailer park with hundreds of well- heeled retired seniors whooping it up and a mouth organ belting foot-stomping mentally- ill Priest who played his clap along line dance.... right after.... administering Holy Communion....apparently an annual event!

But, is this not a period of time to relate and correct modern extreme perversions in our 'beloved nations', in our modern cultures....what they commonly do to babies?....what they've done to families?......homosexual marriages...complete with child sacrifices to the God of political correctness? If the Jewish culture and the Roman Empire was a ripe time for the First Coming of Christ surely what is the time ripe for now?

Catholics.....yes Catholics sitting in pews, and complacent Catholic Bishops and Priests greased the way of Satan and the slide of all into Hell with complacency, and excuses by the truck load.

Can we now talk about today!! Today, and evils that weren't even dreamed by the Romans.

Bishops and Priests were sucked into the Marxist reason for being, and clarion call, of poverty, justice, and the environment in Canada, wherein money is not the problem of the poor and is available to anyone who is really in need, and can use it with any degree of responsibly. And why should it not be available with 60 cents on every earned dollar going to the government the long way, or the short cut. Social Justice in today's world is nothing but socialism with a new ribbon.

None of these Western World belly button emergency issues, were concerns of Mother Teresa, whose most famous speech spoke of real Western Poverty.

Jesus never called for pay equity, recycling, socialist health care etc. etc. but I’m sure He would have a big issue with Western World baby killing and societal moral collapse while the Church still sticks it’s head in the sand and makes a career out of not being to pushy, loud, or defensive of Catholic babies and Catholic children, never mind babies, children and families at large.

'Moving forward', as goes the trendy corporate expression, the bumper sticker and banner title needs to be put forward in every public and private medium. It needs to be a defiant banner in every Catholic Church against the world.

It needs to say the Catholic Church is drawing a line in the sand and that doggy bone, paid in full useful- idiot candidates, are no longer enough for pro abortion political parties to receive Catholic votes.

(It also needs to say, if you can't raise your eyes purposely, to the issue of baby murder in North America, you don't belong here, and you are not representative of the Universal Church of Christ as one of its flock.)

It needs to say, here’s our vote...come and earn it.... for once!

(other slogans... Abortion Party(s), No!....I Think I'll Keep My Soul!

Abortion Parties, For us..Will Fight? So Vote For Them..Yeah- right.

Taxes Taken...Taxes Given.......Pro Abortion Parties, Not Forgiven!

Canadian Voters, Count Your Voice... Pro-Life PARTIES, Your Only Choice!

Party Platforms, Cool or Vile......My Voting Heart 's For Babies' Smiles!

If You Pray Pro-Life Every Sunday....How Can You Vote Abortion On Monday!)

Paul Gordon

Monday, October 13, 2008

Harper, Second Biggest Idiot in Canada

Harper, Second Biggest Idiot In Canada

Actually, if Harper loses this election he would take the biggest idiot award in Canada for losing to Dion the present King of Fools, who got lost completely in the translation a long time ago when he was handpicked by Chretien .....not to be a threat to his tremendous hat sized ego.

And we thought Martin was desperate.

Some feat, Harper! And you came close to losing that! What great times to be a Canadian!

If we had a Catholic or Christian with guts and brains and no political connections Harper wouldn’t come close to winning either. He would have to win pro-life votes instead of having Catholic and Christian typically socialist Canadians throw them at him like rose pedals to be claimed by Harper as a mandate for his tax and keep policies.

One doesn’t vote for pro-abortion ’parties’ like the NDP, like the Conservatives, like the liberals, like the Greens or the Bloc du Tetes, if one is Christian or Catholic, Jim Hughes, CLC and Lifesites personal contributing card carrying pro abortion party candidate friends aside.

It is a sin to vote ‘at all’ for any abortion party especially as deep and as long as they run in Canada. It’s like our choice is between the Communists the Nazis and the Taliban though I doubt any of these groups has killed as many babies as Canada and the USA has.

"Well, we’re all told we ‘have’ to vote by our Bishops, Priests and other socialist arm-chair philosophers so lets see Commies...Nazis...Commies....Nazis.....hmmmmm okay Nazis..they weren’t around as much"

With that kind of a plan it doesn't take much to be a Prophet prior to every federal election and predict another four years of feminist groups and baby murderers celebrating and profiting from rampant baby killings. There's nothing to smile or hope about with the status quo.

If there is one thing the enemy has come to count on, it's pro-life consistency of being 'helpful'.

I can see where those to be saved will only number in the thousands if humanist Canada is any measure of the world.

Why brainwash Christians into thinking they can change evil parties from ‘within’ when it hasn’t worked in all of human history, is beyond me. Try the truth and don’t vote for evil anymore.

Quit the politics, quit all the phoney nice/ nice B.S feelings. Babies....Innocence!... dosen’t know or care about how evil nuance won over the sheeple of officially narcistic, Canada.

Babies and Innocence care about love, the only sanity left in this world and this totally morally bankrupt God for Saken Country with all its 'winners'.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canada, Don't Vote....... For the Abortion Party

Hey Canada ! !

Here is a newborn baby in the top image

In the second image is a late term baby not much younger than the baby above, aborted
under Harper’s and McGuinty’s leadership and political parties in power..

Babies in Canada can be, and are murdered right up to the point of
delivery from the womb. ‘Women’s Groups’ in Canada fight for this right and celebrate this
procedure and result. They ‘celebrate it’ and give the murderers awards.

The funny thing about the leftist establishment grey ‘areas’ is in fact just another lie. There is no
grey areas in laws championed by the left and foisted on all.

If it is not illegal in Canada, it is in fact.... legal. Where’s the grey now, liberals?
The absence of any abortion law makes anything about abortion legal.

Are music lesson tax rebates and rural high speed internet services worth Harpers trade off?

Like Obama abortion is above Harpers pay rate also. Harper wants no babies lives getting in the way of his election chances and he states that no one in his party will be able to raise the baby killing isssue.

If there are no pro-life ‘PARTIES’ or pro-life Independents in your Riding......Don’t vote and be
a party in any way to the second picture, unlike politicians and the activist judges they appoint and reward for being good political party partisan hacks (liberal, no matter which mainstream party or 'odd' boy club you pick)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stephen Harper Slaps Down Pro-Life Orgs.

Stephen Harper Slaps Down Pro-Life Orgs.

At this time during the last federal election Stephen Harper was presented by pro-life organizations as the white knight of federal politics for all Canadian Christians.

As his number one priority, Harper was going to put an end to homosexual marriage legislation.

Then, he was going to wink, wink try and do something to put Canada on the road to moral normalcy, after years and years of open season on baby murdering right up to full term pregnancies.

Why any Church kept on believing such a whopper of a fairy tale, after the first new and improved younger conservative party, that morphed back into, and stank like, good old immoral liberalism, held its first national convention... is beyond me.

The longest make work project for liberal graduate professional bums and consultants in Canada,the CBC, covered this historic moment of a party that double crossed its double crossers in a dazzling display of ego, and political opportunism hereto unmatched... live and coast to coast as
it literally hissed, booed and drop-kicked Elsie Wayne... a pro-life federal version of Mayor Hazel of Mississauga.... back to the Atlantic coast, and just a little beyond.

But, it must have been seen as simply a good public wink, wink, ‘balk’ to the ‘extreme’ meant for the neighbours because believe in Harper.... they still did, and this second rumour about
Harper being anti/abortion/choice-murder swirled all through Christian Churches and was never denied by Harper.. right up until Sunday evening, one day before the election.

It was then, that Harper crumpled up Catholic, and Christian Churches like a ticket stub and thruthem under the bus of his neat little, ‘Get Me’ elected campaign with as little brown stuff sticking to him.... as possible.

I so hope Harper’s boys read this some day so they know how ‘great’ their father really was, just like Turdeau’s boys should know the truth about their baby killing accommodating Papa, along with the Clarks, the Campbells, the Turners, the Mulroneys, the Chretiens, the Martins and any number of Premiers including the Harris’s, Eves, and McGuinty a man, really no different from Harper in so many ways. Where’s the difference in immorality with any of them?

These weren’t just men and women who ran on platforms. They all had real power to do
something and opted for the chance of re-election every time over common morality, justice and decency.

Under Harper, the mental and societal illness of homosexual marriages was entrenched in law and death camp survivor with self-admitted honking serious fantasies and issues, Dr. Hank Mourg-in-talker the Premiere of Baby Killers received his Snow Flake Canadian Hero to-be-looked-up-to award. Kinda makes you wanna........gag, doesn't it? What other politically correct dirt bags won this great award?

How can anyone write respectfully of anyone like these, who would sell their souls for something Canadian soldiers of the Great and Communist Wars fought...... against...the killing of babies, the killing of special needs children, attacking Judeo- Christianity with any and everything at nationalist levels from media to academia... fruit to nuts... over political correctness and mad egotistical opportunists, of the day?

There will be a day when these evil times are going to be called, seen, and judged... for just what they are, and who called the shots and who turned them into mere self-opportunities.

The days of voting for the candidate for an evil party should finally be over. Harper couldn’t have(slipped) and made that any clearer. No way will his party establishment even allow for any pro-life chatter never mind ‘think about’ (like his promised homosexual-marriage) legislation.

Harper got his foot in the door and won over the mushy liberal mainstream of Canada. All his political capital will now come from this group and nothing will change what new immoral liberalism Harper will stand for in the future.

Every vote Harper’s party gets is a vote of confidence for everything Harper is doing and will continue to do. There is no distinction or conditional tag that comes with any vote. Nothing in a ballot says the person who cast it 'held his nose'. They are all votes celebrated and gloated on as a family of support of status quo or in Canada’s proven case only a change from the default to more, the worse.

This is the modern political animal of Canada!

Back benchers have no say and no hidden caucuses are going to usurp the PMO and its ‘sales consultants’ of what people are buying.... ever. When was the last time there was even a legislative... so-called... ‘free vote’?

Forget the home-boy shiny two term and yer retired, candidate with the ‘winning party’. It’s the Party that is the only agent of change. Don’t vote for any party you have to hold your nose for.

Don’t vote at all if you have to hold your nose, because there is no pro-life, pro-family, or Judeo-Christian 'PARTY' candidate in your riding.

Where’s the ‘Truth’ in voting for mainstream modern immoral parties who all come out the same in the wash no matter which one is in power?

Let the pollsters, consultants and politicians come to you for what you stand for.
If Harper is going to win..Give your soul a break and let him win without your vote.
If nothing else, a lower than usual turn-out will get them wondering how to get you back out.

Paul Gordon