Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Get It On Then: Homeschool Persecution N.H.

Worldnetdaily is running articles on a Christian home-schooled ten year old girl in New Hampshere being treated like a home-schooler in modern socialist Germany under Merkel the iron lady to Christians and school kids.

A socialist-righteous court official, Michael Gardner, titled a Marital Master (talk about communism) decided an admittedly brilliant, happy, well-adjusted social butterfly 'must' attend officially atheist state-unionized pollutedly-correct school, in order to decide what faith she might personally adopt.

Gee I wonder what religion Gardner is really routing for and manipulating?

The only real concern about religion here is that the ten year old is a Christian. The only religion feared by the leftist establishment and only natural enemy the present state recognizes.

Judge Lucy decides this is more than a reasonable strike against's an order!

Well, okeedokee, by logical extrapolation (or nothing socialist justice likes to go by) and the State's own Constitutional read-ins and add-ons, Muslim children must be removed from their orthodox extreme, (think Sharia law and rampant abuse on females) parents wearing the garb. Don't they get the opportunity to be state atheist troopers to?

What about Jewish private schools and all those elitist private schools politicians send their own kids to and feed our kids to the unions for votes and support rallies?

Jewish children can't be getting a lot of what the state schools have to push either?

Why is the girl ordered to attend only state school?

And why the Hell, do Catholics and Christians keep falling down in the face of obvious persecution and for trying to prevent the total collapse of their nations for humanist orgies on all levels and aspects of society?

We're not going to obey stupid laws anymore, and we're not even going to acknowledge so called Human Rights dictations. We will take them to real court every time and publicly expose them all the way.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy Funeral: No Excuses

Just a reminder to the various Catholics who will be attending the planting of a super-sized, deep-sixed socialist and yet another Kennedy abortion enabler. (Eunice, being one of the few Kennedy exceptions in that really inglorious bastard department)

In Quebec apparently a priest didn’t know he was not supposed to give Holy Communion to Stephen Harper, the only Prime Minister who had never been to a Catholic funeral before, and even the priest’s Bishop stated, everyone gets communion on special occasions anyway...sweet!

So to the number of Massachusetts bishops and priests and those well beyond that state, (including that infamous Jesuit priest lap dog to all famous democrats), who will be attending with bated breath, and Chris Matthew necro- estrogen tingles, just to say, “You were there” some day to nobody who cares, try to remember the Catholic funeral basics will ya?

We Canadians went thru this Catholic Kangaroo funeral stuff, including a son’s Caesar’s, Friends Romans Countrymen speech (no poop) when Pierre Turdeau sailed to a sudden sub- turf grounding a few years back Hey, it was the only time Castro visited Canada or much of anywhere else..Top that Obumer.

All the priests and bishops in Quebec attended this anti-Catholic, Catholic’s funeral and about half of the priests west of Quibeck made the ‘special’ effort as well.

Hey, the Sisters of St. Joseph’s invited Clinton (the one with actual political power) to speak and raise money for their hospital in Ontario, and claimed, ‘they don’t get out much’ to actually have known Clinton sordid details. We laugh in mordant disgust.

Kennedy was like millions of other Catholic quintessential liberals in North America so he will be missed by all the MSM and millions of his ilk. There is one difference between Ted Kennedy and those as shallow as he was though.

Kennedy was a prince, and a king maker in a marginal shorter group of ‘governing’ liberals in power who could actually effect change, but alas, in choosing the dark side for greased ego summits and for forgiveness in not being expected to go beyond low- personal life expectation a la BJ Clinton.

Kill babies if they are inconvenient, right up to birth, (just like in Canada eh, paid for on demand)
Keep the poor, poor...add to their roles.
Reward sloth... punish initiative.
Keep the ignorant, ignorant for a number of reasons, not the least, to keep them dependant and to pay off national teacher unions for votes and campaigning (just like McGuinty in Ontario eh)

To the souless politicians attending in loving company of misery who trade morals and scruplesfor votes and attack their own (supposed) faith as a modern mandatory add-on of accepted and applauded state what you want. We couldn’t possibly think any less of you anyway.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Wrong or Right! Two Ominous Lines Forming?

Take a look around at all the Internet bloggers for the right and the left and the uncensored comments (previously unheard of) being posted on some of the MSM opinion pieces
and news items and massaged news items.

For no wrong or right or good and bad, in the way of spirituality, morality, opinion, philosophy and consequence of actions, there sure are two solid lines forming of polar opposites that just 'coincidentally' share the same thoughts and hold the same beliefs or lack thereof, right down the line.

Of course, monopoly Marxists and their inductee victims have had the state full backing, in academia and employment (so consequently the news media too), for decades now and were able to miraculously impart the absurd wisdom that there is no wrong answers to anything as long as you agree with the teacher.

Well, the Internet has wrestled the domination of opinion and more importantly 'free' speech from the lock-step media which was actually dominated and owned by a relative fewer and fewer players as local newspapers were bought up by national chains.

It was in fact national captured audiences when all the opinion one could obtain was from newspapers and national columnists, and socialist broadcasters like Cronkite unless one was in State school where of course, it was even less likely to hear varied opinions.

Now, there is abundant, (not to mention totally free, if you already have a computer and Internet service and can still afford electricity if you live in Ontario) honest alternative thinking and hard held opionion to the standard 'like-think' free societies were subjected to untill now.

Now, the State taken over by the leftist establishment can try the 'fairness doctrine' (read shut down dissenting opinion) and other schemes to keep free speech chained, but in sheer irony, as with so many of the left's successes, the cat is pretty much out of the bag...the ship has sailed, Baby, and it ain't looking back. The leftist establishment censor in Canada disguised under Human Rights Halos have met their match in Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn.

The Internet media will now ultimately be the whip of correction that will snap back at big unions and academia.

Most importantly though, youth will eventually learn, that yes there is right and wrong and good and evil and that the state, government and the hallowed tainted halls of academia are all the wrong places to look for leadership and certainly not for happiness.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mission Impossible: Ahead of It's Time

Or, How Can A Man With No Past Write An Honest Book About His Life?

The TV series Mission Impossible was a popular show for its time that had a good run as TV series go. The spy team was sent on secret missions in defence of U.S. interests and every mission was premised that the government would not acknowledge their existence should they ever be caught.

Kind of like J.F.K (-ed everyone), and his Cuba liberation squad that he abandoned, and disavowed any knowledge of. Kennedy didn’t want any political failures, any failures period for that matter, being pinned on him.

Anyway, if there was a real life Mission Impossible squad available now that had its nation's best interests at heart, over the interests of a socialist media won election of a guy with no official records of a past, they would have more missions than you could swing a rolled up O magazine at.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to stop Obama from bringing a failed Universal Health Care into policy and practice in the U.S.A.

Check that, Jim, your first mission is to uncover Obama’s real birthplace, and all the missing years and records of his young life (of which he has quoted numerous ages for,) that he is the first president to be so secretive of.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to stop Major O’bummers team from making all recent military secrets and strategies (aside from, Never be outflanked) wallpaper for all the liberal and terrorist bathroom stalls and caves in the world.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to invent an adding machine and send knock-offs as gifts to all MSM types to grant them the miracle of addition on all the money to be spent on health care and ‘make it on the fly’ politically advantageous stimulus packages. Apparently,
there are no adding machines in the possession of half of all Americans at least.

Jim, after breakfast, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to expose all the contradictions Obama’s teleprompter so brazenly spits out, sometimes in the same speech
not realizing readers go more to bloggers now than the old socialist standby days of lapdog socialist media, socialist academia and the Hollywood elite to connect the dots and get the real scoop.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to expose the plentiful and mysterious ways of accounting and studies, that will at the same time, not pay for public abortions and pay for public abortions, and at the same time create great economic growth and create phenomenal national debt.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to point out which swastikas plastered over public sourpuss faces means the target is a Nazi or the graffiti guy is the Nazi. It’s getting harder to follow without a program or subscript.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to find out who is really behind the Obama economic, military, foreign affair, health care, educational, media, culture, censorship, and town hall stacking, (to name a few) of the O’bummer five year, four year, three year, one week, overnight and hourly plans, because no single man could have scattered so much B.S. over so many people, in so little amount of time as Obama did for a relative rooky politician.

Jim, when you get a free moment, could you do something with those two clowns in Iran, and the North Korean and mutual sleaze admirer of Bill and his exploits, Kim Jong Choc Ful O Dung.

You could also send big Willy to take a ‘no rules’ slugfest round out of Putin the Smirkin just for what he’s been thinking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

End The Government Insanity

Mark Steyn, for one, cleared up the mystery of how Canada’s economy is booming when all else around are dying in Untangling the Spaghetti. Sometimes, things just don’t make a lick of sense,as in the former booming increase in housing costs and sales.

Real estate costs and sales went dramatically up while annual average incomes could in no way sustain the national phenomena in the United States and Canada. I was even taken to task on a former blog I wrote for Sierra Times by a reader who said my piece on the failing economy was sensible except for one thing,"Housing sales were booming in the U.S."

Of course, to accommodate these ‘dream come true’ booming sales it was not widely known at the time that the American Democrats had put in a economic poison pill in the form of making financial institutions give high mortgages to people who could not afford them by any stretch of the imagination.

In Canada’s case, families and investors came to their senses and just acted on ‘enough is enough’ and high is too high. If socialists were really pro-family they wouldn’t allow the investment community to play with family homes like Mr. Potter a la “It’s a Wonderful Life” and limit their monopoly moves to commercial real estate.

Socialism of course, was never about seriously helping society, it was about the people’s ‘heroes’ and about controlling and keeping power, thru dis-empowering societal freedoms including financial freedoms, and making citizens dependant on government. No one is allowed ‘ahead of the class’ on any level except those who talk the talk of liberalism and socialism, regardless of how they made their own fortunes.

Mark Steyn mused as only Mark Steyn can, on how Canada based it’s ‘recovery’ on the creationof 56,100 new jobs. The only problem with that Mark points out is that 43,000of those jobs were government jobs which do nothing to create real money until the day that taxes exceed salaries or communism in a word, where the government gives you your allowance.

In Canada, conservative parties are about as conservative as liberal parties are not pure Marxist so there should be no surprise in Stephen Harper’s ‘do’ anything to keep in power, reflex including the old smoke and mirror manipulations of economic stats.

I wonder if Stephen remains a respected father of his own children by telling them he supports,and to a great extent, is directly responsible for the killing of thousands of Canadian babies, on the smoke and mirrors of why society should make killing babies at any stage free and easy as you please, because of political gyrations of feminist baby and man hating special interest groups.

When will all these mainstream political guys and gals learn there is no separation of state and soul?

And when will voters vote for real pro-family pro-life PARTIES?