Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Wrong or Right! Two Ominous Lines Forming?

Take a look around at all the Internet bloggers for the right and the left and the uncensored comments (previously unheard of) being posted on some of the MSM opinion pieces
and news items and massaged news items.

For no wrong or right or good and bad, in the way of spirituality, morality, opinion, philosophy and consequence of actions, there sure are two solid lines forming of polar opposites that just 'coincidentally' share the same thoughts and hold the same beliefs or lack thereof, right down the line.

Of course, monopoly Marxists and their inductee victims have had the state full backing, in academia and employment (so consequently the news media too), for decades now and were able to miraculously impart the absurd wisdom that there is no wrong answers to anything as long as you agree with the teacher.

Well, the Internet has wrestled the domination of opinion and more importantly 'free' speech from the lock-step media which was actually dominated and owned by a relative fewer and fewer players as local newspapers were bought up by national chains.

It was in fact national captured audiences when all the opinion one could obtain was from newspapers and national columnists, and socialist broadcasters like Cronkite unless one was in State school where of course, it was even less likely to hear varied opinions.

Now, there is abundant, (not to mention totally free, if you already have a computer and Internet service and can still afford electricity if you live in Ontario) honest alternative thinking and hard held opionion to the standard 'like-think' free societies were subjected to untill now.

Now, the State taken over by the leftist establishment can try the 'fairness doctrine' (read shut down dissenting opinion) and other schemes to keep free speech chained, but in sheer irony, as with so many of the left's successes, the cat is pretty much out of the bag...the ship has sailed, Baby, and it ain't looking back. The leftist establishment censor in Canada disguised under Human Rights Halos have met their match in Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn.

The Internet media will now ultimately be the whip of correction that will snap back at big unions and academia.

Most importantly though, youth will eventually learn, that yes there is right and wrong and good and evil and that the state, government and the hallowed tainted halls of academia are all the wrong places to look for leadership and certainly not for happiness.

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