Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Get It On Then: Homeschool Persecution N.H.

Worldnetdaily is running articles on a Christian home-schooled ten year old girl in New Hampshere being treated like a home-schooler in modern socialist Germany under Merkel the iron lady to Christians and school kids.

A socialist-righteous court official, Michael Gardner, titled a Marital Master (talk about communism) decided an admittedly brilliant, happy, well-adjusted social butterfly 'must' attend officially atheist state-unionized pollutedly-correct school, in order to decide what faith she might personally adopt.

Gee I wonder what religion Gardner is really routing for and manipulating?

The only real concern about religion here is that the ten year old is a Christian. The only religion feared by the leftist establishment and only natural enemy the present state recognizes.

Judge Lucy decides this is more than a reasonable strike against's an order!

Well, okeedokee, by logical extrapolation (or nothing socialist justice likes to go by) and the State's own Constitutional read-ins and add-ons, Muslim children must be removed from their orthodox extreme, (think Sharia law and rampant abuse on females) parents wearing the garb. Don't they get the opportunity to be state atheist troopers to?

What about Jewish private schools and all those elitist private schools politicians send their own kids to and feed our kids to the unions for votes and support rallies?

Jewish children can't be getting a lot of what the state schools have to push either?

Why is the girl ordered to attend only state school?

And why the Hell, do Catholics and Christians keep falling down in the face of obvious persecution and for trying to prevent the total collapse of their nations for humanist orgies on all levels and aspects of society?

We're not going to obey stupid laws anymore, and we're not even going to acknowledge so called Human Rights dictations. We will take them to real court every time and publicly expose them all the way.

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