Friday, September 23, 2011

If You're Catholic, You don't vote For Tim Hudak or McGuinty..Capiche!

Are Canadian Roman Catholics as bloody stupid as the Canadian Catholic Bishops?

Let's see, Conservative and Liberal political parties are 100 percent behind abortion anytime any reason and for full funding. They have also been/are proud to be lap dogs for every non visible minority homosexual crazy cause, centred on perverse sexual activity not born into a culture of non-choice and more primitive than natural instinct tribes.

They also back one hundred percent 'no choice' (family hating union) inferior academic education for middle and low income children though none of the party and national leaders ever dare to send their own children to such.

Certainly, their party handlers are never going to change as long as you are as guilty as they are and keep f-----g supporting them..Capiche! (Yes, that's sometimes an Irish term)

When elected they are in charge of all of the above.

Oh wait both McGuinty and Hudak are promising no new taxes!

Well some, imaginary leftist law says I have to vote for I'd better vote for one of these two.

That's what Jesus, my Bishop and my Priest would have done! (Okay, the last two do vote for them).

Heaping hypocritical Catholics, Give your f-----g heads a shake will ya!  You can also check any f-----g Steri-Cycle rented van for the results you one hundred percent empowered, and should be very proud of.

Then tell me it wasn't you, or you had to vote for someone, or you wanted to associated with a winning political power (who most certainly does have a lot if not all control on these moral Truths as far as the reality of secular pipsqueak Ontario and Canada are concerned vs. eternal Truth)

And yes I am telling you how to vote because your own head has rationalized logic and Truth out of your own mind. You welcomed being brainwashed because you saw something in it for you.

Someone needs to tell you!

These Days, Ashamed Canadian,
Ontarian, and 'Canadian' Catholic
Paul  Gordon  Marmora On.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Unions: The New Rich That Create The Poor

If you try to get a true Canadian average wage counting all workers in Canada...good luck.

For some reason (like the working poor would be really pissed off) no on is interested in providing a true and comprehensive picture. Stats are usually based on a limited number of professions with comparative numbers.

For instance one profession may have 5,OOO workers while another 500,000 The real average personal wage is going to be skewed if only the total averages are taken into account. How many people making $100,000 count as an equal amount making $45,000 when in fact they are not likely to be anywhere near the same number in each job.

Some sites put the national avg. female male wage averaged at $2100 per hour. If this is true, anyone driving through any burb of Toronto must have his eyes lying to him.

The avg. cost of fixer uppers in Toronto would obviously be at least $200,000 above a person making $21.00 per hour pay scale. So unless Canada has been giving out mortgages to people who can't afford them like the U.S. killed its economy doing, or there are numerous alien workers living in each house this average national avg. is way off for the major cities of Canada. Wages appear to be much higher in major cities filled mostly with unionized and over paid administrative government workers.

Now, any union worth its salt has got to keep its wages far above the non union workers and low union wagers, so as to stay in the business of being worker agent representatives. Otherwise, whats to attract workplaces? Just to keep their local organizer ready to fired deadbeats from being fired?...and having to pay steep political cause union dues to boot.

Of course, there are just such work places in existence, but that's another writing.

There are two over the top salary and elitist kinds of unions in Canada.

One is government unions who have a distinct advantage over private sectors in that government paid professions can not close up shop and have their essential services covered by cheap imports. Their extortion powers are extraordinary and the price to pay for Canada's Supreme Court having made illogical and unjust decisions long ago for the good of "Labour Peace"

The governments only recourse to government unions has always been to take away their right to strike, (the nuclear option of de-clawing and de-fanging any union).  Even then, government unions are so steroid boosted above the level of the commoner, that arbritration settlements could not fall far from the money tree, at least until we reach the level of a Greece or an Italy and demand other nations pay for our long guarded fantasy for the sake of  Marxist 'labour peace'.

Governments being beholden to elected politicians (a good thing at least on paper) have been the biggest cheerleader for government unions in that unscrupulous (like there's ever been another kind) politicians, at least until now, rely on the vast numbers of government workers for votes, a fact, not exclusive to any main stream party in Canada.

Not, to get too far off topic my contention is simply this.

The big government union workers in the major urban centres are making (not earning) wages way above their worth and in such families that have two union workers (not even at the top of their scales) say a teacher and police officer for instance it would not be uncommon to be grossing $200,000 a year with overtime, retirement double dipping etc.

For  $ 21.00 an hour society to get back their overpayment as it were,  wages even below $200,000 need to be taxed much more heavily to ease the burden of taxes on the the $21.00 an hour scmuck.

No, union workers did not earn their huge salaries. They extorted them for a far superior life style than the average worker and were no doubt mostly hired through nepotism and as government legislated privileged groups.

To add to insult, it is this chattering class that demands more taxes be collected from everyone for their politically cause du jour.

Don't hand the working poor anymore taxes or bullshit, leftist establishment.

Next: No one in the world is more anti-socialist than I am but why do governemts allow for the real estate markets  (families homes) to be traded and speculated like the stock market far off rich people making it impossible for the average family to afford a new or used house??

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dalton McGuinty Knows How To Grab Everything You Love and Own

McGuinty took out tax credit 'loopholes' where some low middle income people might have picked up a hundred bucks of their own money back! He also put a big chunk of 

McGuinty took all children in Ontario and under his putting 'class' in to classes incentives threw them all to the polictically correct koolaid activists and militant unions just for flash teacher mob supports on his campaign trail!

McGuinty took the biggest tax grab in Ontario history without calling any of his under the mainstream media muggings an actual 'tax' through increased user fees and multi increased fines and policing for minor traffic violations while decreasing actual serious police work!

McGuinty now grabs votes and takes away Ontarians jobs by promising huge incentives to employers who hire new immigrants!

Who votes for this complete asshole who can read, write, or count. Oh yeah rich liberal school boards took care of that long ago!

Paul Gordon

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chance for Anyone's Input into Canada's Immigration Policy

As suggested by BlazingCatFur

The above link will take you to a survey to have input into a survey at the request of Canada's Immigration Minister.