Friday, September 27, 2013

Hudak! Quit Counting on Protest Vote Alone!

Hey Hudak Quit Counting Only On Protest Vote (can't get compose section to work only stupid HTML... wish google would screwing around with things... fire some people if they can't find any work to do)) A number of liberal financial blunders may win some protest votes in the popular vote over to the progressives, but ‘it’s the policies stupid’! Policies of which Canadian conservative parties have none, nada zippo. Preferring that Mac’s Milk could carry booze is not much of a policy and it’s all you got…at least that you would like to share with anyone including voters! In such absence it can only be assumed that the Ontario conservative party is happy to assume and move forward with liberal policies. .. or where the most damage was accomplished on Canadian citizens living in Toronto owned Ontario. (pretty sad when citizens wary of their home provinces tramping on their rights through un-mandated legislation and decree, have to look to the feds for a sliver of security) Protest votes are not enough to shake the apathy out of voters when you ‘promise’ to do… absolutely nothing different. Yes!... Continue, and add to the political correctness tool the liberals really and proudly transformed the whole province with, under, liberal establishment fan- out, stigmatization, decree, order, lawyer and force of law. That’s the way to this voter’s heart. But here’s the real funny thing. Except for the downtown core of Toronto or the ‘gay village’ in the world of it is, what it is…. Rob Ford rules. Did you get that Conservatives, Rob Ford rules and where it counts…in the polls. Look slightly to the west and and thoroughly non-PC Hazel rules…even did, before Harris came along and well out lived is two faced political career. No bells being rung yet? … thought so! That’s the way it is with politicians who run just for the sake of position and longevity and not on principles. McGuinty had more principles than any modern conservatives if certainly the wrong ones… as do the NDP. Conservatives don’t even have a rotten platform to fall through never mind a good one. As it is, I would never ever vote liberal, but neither would I vote for any modern day conservative such as they have been for a number of elections now. If you want to start and make a difference somewhere, start with the sweetheart deal the liberals have with the teacher’s unions where they co-conspire to misappropriate tax payer’s money today and worse on tomorrow’s credit. It never did Harris any harm and it was the one promise he kept. What most people remember conservative guru Reagan for is taking on a public union. Paul Gordon

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Big No To Assisted Sucide 'Dignified' Dr. Low.Video.

A Big No To Dr. Low Of The Culture of ‘Narcissistic’ Death So Donald made a ‘brave’ ‘video’ a few days before died in favor of assisted suicide… and not because of his present condition which didn’t show much suffering in his video, but because of what he expected to happen in his future when he might not have the ‘presence of mind’, to kill himself. Horse shit. I guess he never heard of palliative care a whole field of government medicine meant to assist with killing using morphine and no particular script or indication for use and certainly without participation from the patient if even one relative is in agreement. First off, he was hardly a ‘brave’ man for swimming downstream with his fellow liberal establishment. Secondly, his viral video was conspicuously generated at the same time another viral self-made video made grand publicity for it’s faux hero, an attention grabbing drunk driver for his same cause…. himself. Boo hoo to Dr. Low… Millions…. billions of the world’s loved ones went to the graves bravely without bitching about their so called dignity being stripped. Look how Pope John Paul smiled in his pain under the world’s media microscope every second right to the last breath. But, Mr. Low and his Western death obsessed activists are special. It doesn’t matter that assisted suicide would always be abused like it is in the Netherlands where there is no choice for the elderly and record numbers of seniors are ‘assisted’ all the way to the grave every year in the name of socialist and civic duty. What counts is there poor narcissistic asses and all their statements begin with I. Yeah self- suffocation through increased morphine hits.. that’s the ticket to painless dignity! One doesn’t panic or lose control of one’s bodily functions when suffocating to death? Dementia and Alzheimer’s are probably a good way to face death not an undignified way to go as a ‘burden’. According to popular giddy liberal talk radio show hose, Bill Carroll. It’s time we got mature enough to have the discussion about assisted suicide. Well, with Al Gore, not agreeing with him means you are a racist denier. With economy terrorist, David Suzuki (recently fried in Australia) you belong in jail for not agreeing with him and his ‘science of talking points’ with no debate allowed or science of reality as a starting point. With pro-abortionists… choice means murder within the culture of death, or pro-death… period, but if you disagree you are anti-choice. You are saving a baby, but you are restricting a woman’s choice in a world where freedom means nothing to anyone anymore anyway.. except for freedom to ‘every’ perversion imaginable… with granted marriage and adoption rights to boot. With homosexual activists… agree or be persecuted in every social setting imaginable if not prosecuted in human rights Kangaroo courts.. With Islam the culture of pedophilia, murder and abuse... if you don't agree you are an Islamaphobe and certainly you had better be one if you are living in an official Islamic nation especially if you are Christian or a Jewish media person. And with Bill Carroll (with 2 count em 2 talk shows) and the rest of the liberal establishment ‘mature’ means any disagreement is immature and ‘discussion’ means complete and utter capitulation just as it means for any liberal cause d’celeb du jour. And if there is one thing liberals and their atheist humanist religion have, it’s odd celebs for every one of their godless perverted causes. So Leslie nobody the Ted Knight brain anchor from Global News piles on in conversation with Bill and adds… Low blow was a doctor of micro-biology… what better person to have, to comment on death and dying….. Huh?? Explain… please, Leslie. According to Bill, Low was available any time, night or day to come on the air during the SARS (phony outbreak). ‘Phony’ because only 44 people out of millions died during the SARS ‘epidemic’ overwhelmingly the elderly with weakened immune systems. More, of which die from other contracted respiratory illness every year. Not that we would ever have to be skeptical of Health Department’s Public Announcement’s going by their record to date. You couldn’t fill the stands in a neighborhood ball park bleacher with the dead of all of Ontario attributed directly to their emergency outbreaks and demands for public mobilaztion Maybe Low was an attention getter and this was his last kick at the can. There is no one more shallow, but who acts more self-righteous and 'socialist caring' than a liberal. After all, liberals believe they only live eternally through their mark and their hero’s marks in society. Your first clue to how wrong all this is when the lesbian Premier and her Cabinet makes a big deal of it and how brave Low was. Yeah, Low is dead. So what. So are we all in this culture of death. Where is the sympathy for people killed merely on the say so of others who just can’t stand to see weak people being undignified? Where is the sympathy for all the murdered babies? F. Off liberals… the internet is here and the Truth will be passed along. You cost us nothing but money, pain, souls and innocence of children. Nothing personal Low but your cause was, and is evil, and sadly you took that to the grave. Paul Gordon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Please!.. Priest Offers Papal Apologist Homily

Oh Please.. Priest Offers Francis Apologist Homily The United States has it’s Obama. Though it is early, it is increasingly becoming apparent that the Church has it’s own populist eager ‘Obama’ in Pope Francis who along with his soon to be right-hand man (cool with married priests) will complete the ‘Boys from South America’ destroy the Church, routine. Could there be worse mix than a couple of modern Jesuits from South America in control of the Roman Catholic Church? At the Mass I attended on Sunday the priest didn’t have to say anything, but like Francis he felt obligated to defend the loosest cannon the Vatican has seen in life times. How he defended the Pope was incredulous. He brought up the latest statements the Pope said about homosexuality and abortion and how the Church was obsessed with these evils. Gee, I wish they were, but I never hear sermons about the perversion of homosexuality, and the perversion of pedophilia (owned by homosexuality) or the perversion of abortion or contraception. And if they’re not talking about evil in Canada they’re certainly not talking about evil in Europe, so I have no idea what the Pope refers to as ‘obsessions’ of the Catholic Church. So the priest lectured, let’s put the ‘sins’ (you say tomato, I say evil) of abortion and homosexuality aside for a minute and talk about the sin of Sunday shopping. ‘Not that long ago, there was no way that Catholics would shop on Sunday. But, now with the passing of time it’s not a considered a big deal anymore.’ ‘All I’m saying is that we’re all sinners and we all deserve to be forgiven for those sins and be welcomed into the Church’ Okay, so the priest attached the same gravity of sin to Sunday shopping to abortion and homosexuality, Why stop at murdering babies or pedophilia in your logic, not to make Sunday shopping a serious sin obviously, but absolutely and solely to down play ‘evil’ into merely a sin… of what… a moment’s ‘weakness’? Pedophilia and murder are two hell of morality bars to equate with venial sins. Christ did make clear distinctions between what was sin and was pure evil. He drove evil men into swine and had them leap from a cliff. He chased the money changers out of the Temple and He told of a special place in Hell for pedophiles and those who would destroy the innocence and souls of children. Christ never ate with evil and even tossed Judas out from His last supper whom was neither an abortionist or a pedophile. The Vatican is to ‘lead’… to deliver… people from evil as in the prayer… not to preach that it’s ever ‘okay’ to not only be a sinner, but to be intrinsically evil in obvious communion with the nature of the World. What this comes across as is that it’s okay whatever you do, whoever you are it’s really okay. The priest then credited Pope Francis with a caveat, but something Francis never said in his love me, small talk meet and greets, or to his journalist Jesuit ‘friends’, that a sinner has to have it genuinely in his head to not be okay in his sin and to sin anymore. Sorry, but it is exactly the modern political correctness and other politics of the Church and infiltration of socialist homosexuals and pedophiles and the non- distinguishing between real ‘evil’ and moral sin that has brought the world to where it is today, just one big playground for evil. It is also this Church and this Pope that tells us to embrace Islam. These are unrepentant murderers who murder again and again, especially Christians and absolutely with no conscience to even follow. For someone who knows so much about sin and the evil of money this Pope seems to know little of the 'evil' men also do. I don’t buy that it’s ‘ok to sin, now’ (and why push confession)… so I hardly believe it’s okay to be evil now, as well. The Word has been around for 2ooo years… how can we be forgiven for ‘not knowing what we do', now... And we don’t just Crucify men in Satanic populism embracing pride of men and women. Hold off on the ‘field hospital’ dying last rites rounds… just yet. Go back to ‘leading’ and ‘preventative’ soul salvation…before the battlefield is littered with the lost. Leave the dead to bury the dead…embrace life and love… Don’t obscure the one Truth of the one Christ of the One God.. for the sake of pure political expediency.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pope Francis Didn't Get The Job Descrip.

Francis Didn’t Get The Papal Job Description Very few 'modern' Jesuits even get the priest job description. They're like the perpetual students who see themselves as brilliant in their own worlds who do no work unless the 'spirit' moves them. To cut to the chaste the Chair of St Peter is quite different from the back of the bus priest in Argentina. His most disturbing self- image is one that he arrives on the battlefield to love and administer to the dying after the battle. The love of Christ is only half of the utterly no nonsense Christ of the Gospels, the only Christ any Christian has record of. Hence, He was hated by the world and Crucified by the world He certainly was not a cuddly old teddy bear man or modern Jesuit liberal cult, looking to be personally loved or admired by the world. As Francis’s two recent predecessors demonstrated, Christ came to show the light, the way, the good news (the Truth) to the world for the salvation of man not just to pick up the pieces as the World spit them out. In a world increasingly being dominated by out of control spiraling evil, now is not the time to be the spiritual hippie of live and let live unless you’re shilling for the United Church or ‘Church’ of the World. To say the Catholic Church is too obsessive about abortion, and homosexuality (which by the way owns pedophilia by anyone’s stats and studies) and the Church should put it on the back burner because we already know of it…. can also be said of the fact that we also already know to judge the sin not the sinner. It’s sounds like a ‘strategy’ for the one Truth ( that everyone can only count on) that has no use for the World’s ‘strategies’. Intended or not, it also nefariously adds yet another sympathetic add-on to the activist World cause when the emphasis strictly being on forgiveness, but no mention of leaving the sin behind… not remaining in it, and ‘proud’ of it. Do the millions of homosexual’s who partake in the ‘pride’ parades even desire forgiveness? On the other hand, wouldn’t they just love the Churches blessings anyway? Christ came with a message of prevention if you will with the tool of Truth. Not as clean-up person directed by crisis management because he didn’t want to offend populism. Until now, never in history has there been a Pope to say.. Sin is Okay and never could there be a worse time than to have one to say it now! One thing is for sure Francis will never have to worry about being martyred… one would have to a have a stand first to be martyred for. It’s 2013 not 1960 of the revolutions That Catholics should hug their deadly enemies, Marxists and Muslims is shaking hand I don’t for a second believe that the kind of social enemies Christ told us to forgive and turn the other cheek to, were the kind of World evil embracing enemies who would take our lives and the lives and souls of our children for merely entertainment. Again this would be Catholic spiritual hippy-ism embraced by the Jesuits at large. Finally, considering the state of the souls of many of the modern politically- appointed (don’t kid yourselves) Cardinals it’s no wonder the Holy Ghost had no influence on their pick. Pray for the Pope and weep for the Church no less, mankind. Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why The West Doesn't Care About Gassed Children

Why the West Doesn’t Care About Gassed Islamic Children? This is only my sincere best guess of course, as it all seems a lot crazy. First off, I don’t see it that few in the west actually disbelieve that innocent children and babies were among those killed by sarin gas shells. However, one problem is being certain of who actually launched the limited and isolated gas attack.. and certain of which evil is more deserving of allied military punishment. Would western societies be anymore gung- ho about a military response were the true gassing culprits be absolutely proven? I doubt it. The real problem lies with the modern history and modern baggage Islamic nations bear themselves out to be every passing day. There is really nothing complicated about this Muslim can of worms. In the east, the birth and home of Islam, Muslims take pride in what their stringent manic culture is all about, including their hatred and desire if not haste to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The West never gave Islam a serious thought and never cared much to learn about them. Yes, Islamists had running battles with Israel and sent suicide bombers and rockets onto their soil, and yes the Western MSM was particularity fond of Palestine and no evil Islamists could perpetrate on their victims could sway the MSM’s sympathies towards them. But then 9-11 happened and though the MSM girded their loins and doubled down on their Islamic sympathies for fear of domestic ‘back lash’ more eyes were opened to the truth, than closed by political correctness and the political elite right up to Presidents and Prime Ministers. The same Presidents and Prime Ministers who jumped on the world wide modern Christian pile-on while embracing and eschewing the faus ‘religion’ of love and peace. Coptic Christians and Catholic priests and martyrs died only for their Savior as the world turned its back on them, like the Vatican turns its back on free world modern soldiers who ‘have’ to physically combat evil, laying down their lives for the love of another, and for God’s children. The Western unwashed were led to believe of only one aspect of Islam while all Eastern violent turmoil bashing Muslim against Muslim in old tribal war conquests and in the patriarchy of the Islamic culture where fathers and brothers employed honor killings and mutilations on females and children…. was suppressed by the MSM and politically correct masters. But, what would turn the West’s back on babies and children being gassed by their own people, simply to make an insane point to the equally violent or as Satanic inspired strategic ‘brilliant’ chess move to accomplish the end game. Of course, you can never rule out the majority, apathetic narcissist Godless preferred leaders and their millions of followers of the day.. (and think about the reasons Brittan never gave for their thumbs down) but what about those who you would think…would care? Well for myself, a firm pro-life Christian I can only offer this. This whole region is not only more evil than any free nation, well beyond the pale, but there is absolutely no light on the horizon for those living, not born and born innocent for the months they have. ‘Young’ boys no matter whose tribal sect they’re in are taught to be evil, to play with real guns… to hate and kill anyone they are trained to. We all know what happens to Islamic girls of the ‘home lands’, young women and wives. Yet, many of these same women will stand by their males until death which can come early and often in the Islamic world for females good for only one thing. It is really tragic when children are murdered, even when they have no future but what can anyone do when evil has such a strong grip and gains its strength only in new blood. But, to whip up any sympathies even from the normally caring enough to risk their lives or their son’s or daughter’s life, for evil rĂ©gime change is becoming a harder and harder politically correct value to sell especially accentuated by Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s gratitude for overly discerning if not impossible rules of engagement.. to date The Islamic women must take the first step to save their babies, their children… themselves. There has to be someone who ‘desires’ to be liberated from evil.. not just to be aided and elevated to become the reigning evil regime. Someone who desires to embrace love and life and leave that truly Satanic culture behind not just weep and wale for revenge… like a Russian communist on a German Nazi, but for rescue and peace. How can you have clear rules of engagement when mission question marks are more common than roadside IEDs. What future Arab generation would even be alive to thank their mothers for the right choice? Without women and children being used simply for gratification and human shields or human bombs by ‘brilliant strategic cowards’ for when the time comes…… the free world would have zero compunction to bomb that cultural patriarchy to Hell with the whole free world’s blessings. As it is, the whole Islamic culture does nothing to endear itself to the West…. and they have predictably ‘used’ their last ace… their own children. God, protect the innocent from the evil… no one else will, and pretends to not know how. Paul Gordon