Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why The West Doesn't Care About Gassed Children

Why the West Doesn’t Care About Gassed Islamic Children? This is only my sincere best guess of course, as it all seems a lot crazy. First off, I don’t see it that few in the west actually disbelieve that innocent children and babies were among those killed by sarin gas shells. However, one problem is being certain of who actually launched the limited and isolated gas attack.. and certain of which evil is more deserving of allied military punishment. Would western societies be anymore gung- ho about a military response were the true gassing culprits be absolutely proven? I doubt it. The real problem lies with the modern history and modern baggage Islamic nations bear themselves out to be every passing day. There is really nothing complicated about this Muslim can of worms. In the east, the birth and home of Islam, Muslims take pride in what their stringent manic culture is all about, including their hatred and desire if not haste to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The West never gave Islam a serious thought and never cared much to learn about them. Yes, Islamists had running battles with Israel and sent suicide bombers and rockets onto their soil, and yes the Western MSM was particularity fond of Palestine and no evil Islamists could perpetrate on their victims could sway the MSM’s sympathies towards them. But then 9-11 happened and though the MSM girded their loins and doubled down on their Islamic sympathies for fear of domestic ‘back lash’ more eyes were opened to the truth, than closed by political correctness and the political elite right up to Presidents and Prime Ministers. The same Presidents and Prime Ministers who jumped on the world wide modern Christian pile-on while embracing and eschewing the faus ‘religion’ of love and peace. Coptic Christians and Catholic priests and martyrs died only for their Savior as the world turned its back on them, like the Vatican turns its back on free world modern soldiers who ‘have’ to physically combat evil, laying down their lives for the love of another, and for God’s children. The Western unwashed were led to believe of only one aspect of Islam while all Eastern violent turmoil bashing Muslim against Muslim in old tribal war conquests and in the patriarchy of the Islamic culture where fathers and brothers employed honor killings and mutilations on females and children…. was suppressed by the MSM and politically correct masters. But, what would turn the West’s back on babies and children being gassed by their own people, simply to make an insane point to the equally violent or as Satanic inspired strategic ‘brilliant’ chess move to accomplish the end game. Of course, you can never rule out the majority, apathetic narcissist Godless preferred leaders and their millions of followers of the day.. (and think about the reasons Brittan never gave for their thumbs down) but what about those who you would think…would care? Well for myself, a firm pro-life Christian I can only offer this. This whole region is not only more evil than any free nation, well beyond the pale, but there is absolutely no light on the horizon for those living, not born and born innocent for the months they have. ‘Young’ boys no matter whose tribal sect they’re in are taught to be evil, to play with real guns… to hate and kill anyone they are trained to. We all know what happens to Islamic girls of the ‘home lands’, young women and wives. Yet, many of these same women will stand by their males until death which can come early and often in the Islamic world for females good for only one thing. It is really tragic when children are murdered, even when they have no future but what can anyone do when evil has such a strong grip and gains its strength only in new blood. But, to whip up any sympathies even from the normally caring enough to risk their lives or their son’s or daughter’s life, for evil régime change is becoming a harder and harder politically correct value to sell especially accentuated by Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s gratitude for overly discerning if not impossible rules of engagement.. to date The Islamic women must take the first step to save their babies, their children… themselves. There has to be someone who ‘desires’ to be liberated from evil.. not just to be aided and elevated to become the reigning evil regime. Someone who desires to embrace love and life and leave that truly Satanic culture behind not just weep and wale for revenge… like a Russian communist on a German Nazi, but for rescue and peace. How can you have clear rules of engagement when mission question marks are more common than roadside IEDs. What future Arab generation would even be alive to thank their mothers for the right choice? Without women and children being used simply for gratification and human shields or human bombs by ‘brilliant strategic cowards’ for when the time comes…… the free world would have zero compunction to bomb that cultural patriarchy to Hell with the whole free world’s blessings. As it is, the whole Islamic culture does nothing to endear itself to the West…. and they have predictably ‘used’ their last ace… their own children. God, protect the innocent from the evil… no one else will, and pretends to not know how. Paul Gordon

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