Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catholic Church Spit on By Toronto Catholic School Board

How can the Toronto Catholic School Board approve a policy whereas they will no longer stop (union) homosexual teachers, married or single from being hired and teaching ‘Catholic’ school children ?

And what would you expect from front-line militant- union-goons, and countless $100 k- plus, liberal pontificators, very very few of both, whom actually attend Sunday Mass..... less still of those, who agree with the very basics of Catholic doctrine.

Where is the Toronto Archdiocese?

Where was the Toronto Archdiocese during the legal heresy of the Mark Hall affair which involved a ‘forced’ prom that had to welcome and entertain an ‘adult’ homosexual man-friend of a teen-age boy?

If the Diocese wants no say in the education of ‘Catholic’ children anymore it is (imperative) that the Church demand the word ‘Catholic’ be stricken from Ontario School Boards!.

In addition the Province Quebec has no ordered all children, in public schools, private or Catholic schools, and home-schooled children be taught homosexual activist championed propaganda, and the ideology of Darwinism.

Where is the protest and ‘Country’- wide support on the part of the Canadian Bishops to challenge this lunacy, constitutionally? When did free speech exclude forced ideologies imposed by the state no less? Forced ideologies are not free speech, nor do they equate with free citizens!!

I would further suggest that some direct intervention, by the Vatican including up to Bishop removal be strongly considered on this long-held Achilles Heel to the Universal Church.

Believe me, this is as nicely as I can put this intolerable situation and total, nation-blatant cowardice, on the part of the flat-lined, liberal-politicalized Canadian Catholic Church!!

If you don’t have the youth first and foremost, you have nothing, but the dead burying the dead!

And to those who are given more, more will be expected.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.