Monday, March 30, 2009

The Politician's Oath of Hyprocrisy

The Modern Politician’s Oath of Hypocrisy

And Promise To Hell

I promise to never let morality or the public good get in the way of any of my decisions in office.

In fact, between me and God, I promise to be more morally reprehensible and repugnant than over half the people in jail for all I’m gonna do or not bother doing as the case may be, that will
cause or continue to reap, misery, family break-up depression and uncontrolled public perversion (not to mention total government controlled, health, life and death, poverty, property ownership, and wealth limits).

I promise to say anything, but never ever publicly recognize babies in the womb as life when it
comes to death to any or all babies if need be, or... my political, perk loaded career.

I promise to make absolutely sure that teacher’s unions are never ever pissed off, or felt the pain of recession of common dupes.... that they are never felt competition, or that their Marxist
followings of society de facto perpetual rejuvenation including ‘State’ strengthened family/religion/ Christian nation and self... hate, are ever challenged in the open, or in the classroom.

My one promise to my spouse (see above) is that our kids will never ever be taught in a union
shop school headed by politically correct administrations and elected trustees ( fellow low flying

I promise to never censor ('judge') anything of common sense, that will blatantly pollute youth and destroy innocence above the age of three years of age, but to censor everything not politically correct or Christian based...even if other 'politically sensitive' religions espouse ‘some’ of the same tenents.

I promise to empower Human Rights activist- loaded for bear, make it up on the fly, tribunals to
accomplish the above goal (as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, and I’m seen to be Kaptain
Kommy of the Kangaroo Kourts of Kanada and Canada's only political prisoners of free speech will be left too penniless and/or incarcerated.

I promise (if somewhat shakily today) to keep propped- up status- quo of the citizen, Ministry
or Dept.(s) of Unionism...over any notion of worker aided ‘labour’.

In Canada, I promise to let our number one baby murderer's National Award of Honour stand for the sake of pure political expediency while so many other worthy recipients have returned their cold metal snowflakes in total disgust and new felt shame for the now, 'albatross' of Canada award.

I promise to one day have one government worker for....and to look over.... every private sector
citizen in the Country....Sig Heil.......( carried away there)

I promise to never make a promise today I can’t break tomorrow and look all the better for it.

I promise to always campaign on the strength that I’m no freakin worse than that last guy.

I promise to do absolutely nothing but talk when it is absolutely necessary, travel and be
entertained, after the first quarter of my term or terms. (a good thing in all but very few cases)

I promise to appoint impartial judges only on their political affiliation and history of activism.

I promise to slow down or speed up laws on industry and commerce based on what honorary
boards I can head just as soon as I’m outta here and can start making the big bucks.

I promise to dump my family and hide it as long as I can for the first screwball political groupee
that comes across my path. (hint: Any political groupee is a real and sad screwball)

I promise to bring in all kinds of control- freak laws I never even told my Party, fake family, or
best friend, (if I had one) about, never mind campaign on.

I promise to make a new (only self- effecting) control freak law punishable by tax revenue
generating fines for every Party donating lobbyist industry and... for every person who dies from their own stupidity or by one in a million accident and whose family and Oprah worshippers want to feel all the better for it. (the ‘I- care’ or feel- your- pain vote that actually makes money...two political mints in one)

I promise to campaign with so many cliches, and feel good/ mean- nothing that’s gonna happen,
speeches you will either fall down and praise me as the man-god, puke or laugh your guts out...or grid your loins, keep your family close and your head .low.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Presidents Gone Wild! .... ObumR

Presidents Gone Wild! ... ObumR

Someone needs to take the sugar out of Obama’s Kool-aid and ease him on back.

1) He said a child is something no young couple should be burdened with..huh?

2) He becomes President by denying his religion, his father, his communist mentor, his hate-
filled minister, his numerous step-people who insist he is a Muslim and born in Kenya, his
nation of birth ( as a Canadian.. can’t fault him there)

3) Bluffs his way (on an obscure blog) out of having to produce ohh say, a proper birth certificate as proof that he was born in any of the United States.

4) Lets terrorists out of jail free and later laments that some of those peace loving Muslims
picked up exactly where they left of.... You know ‘Muslims’ of terrorist won Arab nations whose only idea of peace would be to present your whole Country citizenry, front and centre for summarily blood lust, be-headings.

5) Obviously more interested in the persona and prestige of being President, than the actual job
of being President. Actually believes what Oprah and other idolisers, beyond religious fawning including the liberal media say about him.

6) Reverses all basic moral legislation previously passed including pro-life measures primarily
used in defence of aiding black families throughout the world and reverses moral conscience
legislation to ensure medical ranks tighten to the point of only having culture of death workers left.

7)Cuts off school voucher programs designed to advance underprivileged children in an end-
run around Marxist teacher unions meanwhile (as standard procedure for those who kiss up to the teacher unions) send his own kids to private school.

8) Makes a fool out of himself in public situations with or without his teleprompter indicating
his lack of experience in the public eye, period never mind as a politician or legislator.

9) Has the unqualified support, of morally bankrupt crowd pleasing experts like Jon Stewart,
Whoopie, Oprah, lock- up- your- teen- age- girls- Bill Cosby-is- coming- to- town, and
designated brainless drunk- driver, and buffoon, Charles Barkly.

10) Actually, panning out as anti Martin Luther Jr. King and holding blacks down.

11) Printing money by the trillions at the expense of future generations in an effort to prop up his popularity, not the American economy.

12) Makes more gaffs before breakfast than liberal and insane Hollywood whipping boy George
Bush did during his entire Presidency.

13) Attempts to eliminate free speech for any public person who disagrees or doesn't worship his Obaminis

The only Presidents Gone Wild were the modern Democrat ones

J F- Ked everyone, Kennedy, literally and figuratively with his dad’s mob connections, his own sex and booze party mob, connections (with the head mobster no-less). His double- cross that cost him his life. His disavowing of the Castro busting Special Ops he authorized.

The well grounded suspicion around the girl friend Marilyn Munroe, he, and little brother were
‘sharing’ and later found dead, with Bobby seen circling the area though never questioned about.

The whole Kennedy clan bad-seed thing.

LBJ, his successor, who by all manner of his private persona indicated he was doubtless the happiest man in the USA to see Kennedy get his brains blown out on everyone's tv screen (for years to come) for double-crossing the mob.

LBJ, who reportedly grabbed Jimmy Olson look-alike, Canadian liberal Prime Minister, ‘Lestor
(bow-tie)Pearson by the throat, and told the “Little faggot to back off on his comments about Vietnam or he’d wipe his Country off the map” at a friendly BBQ invite on his Texas porch.

Jimmy Commie Carter, who like all socialist activists, does pretty well by himself and, who is
best remembered for his beer dear brother and WKRP Mr. Carlson routine of, as God is my witness, I thought our stock helicopters could fly in sandstorms.

B... J.. Clinton who came with an attachment that turned out, not to be Hilary in any way.
And the same Clinton who co-incidentally, ended up with a crap-load of campaign yuann while
China ended up with a crap-load of military declassified secrets.

The same Clinton whose first choice, (Democrats always have bad first choices) of Surgeon
Generals who wanted Kindergarten teachers to teach five year-olds how to masturbate.. (get em right out of the gate eh, Willy)

The same Clinton who single-handedly kept the evil practice of partial- birth, skull crushing alive and cool in the United, in Activist Judges, States of America. A practice, akin to crushing the skulls of newborn chicks struggling right out of the shell simply because they're blind and don’t know what evil is actually behind their helpless demise. You're so brave and understanding, Willy...You must still be a hit with the!

Yes, boys, girls, and Hollywood whatever’s, when you think of Presidents Gone Wild, always
think fondly of toothyDemocrats, past and present, and don’t forget which ones to blame in the future.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Just Know Catholicism is in Trouble When

You Just Know Catholicism is in Trouble When

( as usual a few corrections made from original post...most serious one being Jean Vanier instead of Jean Vianney...What can I say... as a Socon I work for a living... have a real big family ...can't afford a proof reader.... and end up writing at odd hours)

Depresso, Lennard Cohen is leading the choir and Margaret Atwood is writing the Homilies.

When the world news media stops criticizing the Holy Father.

Your Priest keeps quoting from Chicken Soup for the Soul and you- go- girl, Nuns refer to the
gospel according to the Holy Oprah and disciple, St. Whoopie

Your neighbour is featured as Eucharistic Minister of the Month and your Bishops have okayed
mother-in-laws to hear confessions due to Holy Orders shortages.

Your Country’s ‘most conservative’ Bishop threatens to (only) close Catholic Schools if they
have Charity Casino nights. He also walks union picket lines in solidarity, and writes for a daily
‘sunshine girl’ tabloid loaded with perverse personal ads and Catholic hate columns. (True)

When half your nation’s Priest’s show up with Fidel Castro (who never gets out) for swinger, Prime One, Pierre Turdeau’s, funeral. Someone should tell the liberal worshipping faction of Eastern Canadian Priests that everyone levels out at six feet under. Apparently they never got that memo from their Bishops.

When the U. of Notre Dame says screw all of ya, we're giving ObumR an honorary degree for
disowning his father, his commie mentor, his Muslim step family, his minister, his people/children/babies of colour, his nation of birth, and the nation he duped, (can Michelle, kids and the dog be far behind).

Your Parish Council hires Leon Da Finger to paint beige- wash over the Altar wall icons.

Opie Taylor and Forrest Gump make a career of movies attacking Opus Dei because they are a supposed (worst kept) secret society that stands for absolutel nothing that Hollywood does like too cool man-boy homo- sex societies and cutting edge angry comedians.

Your federal revenue department tells your Bishops and Priests to shut the H. up....or else!

Your Deacon assures the pews, filled with no one under sixty years of age that ObumR really is the 'One' and a promise of hope to us all. He should always add, ( for the few years we all have left).

When your ‘conservative’ party leaders tell you to vote ‘wink wink’ for them and then on freakin election eve at a time when liberals are only warming up... proclaims he was never pro life, that was just how he was thought of by those silly media people.

Side bar ( you know I ran for FCP a couple of elections ago, and only in the last week of the campaign, the Provincial Conservative candidate, Laurie Scott, changed her platform and decided that she was against homosexual marriage.

To that point, I was the only candidate to come out against homo marriages and I was never a threat to her, but she wanted any edge she could get over the liberal candidate so she stole votes from me by changing a few days before when at that time the polls showed rural ontario was not kosher with the whole homo 9 yards activism thing. So, she won I didn't get as many votes as the polls indicated prior to her 'brave stand'.

Keep in mind, I was only there to have a place where Catholics could vote in good conscience, if they so desired. Anyway, I only bring this up because just a few weeks ago her Party leader had her resign so he could get elected in her riding in a forced by-election and as a considered 'safest' conservative riding. Meanwhile, her conservative party has been seen in a liberal light since John Tory took over.. actually since Erny Eves the double-crosser took over from Mike Harris the double-crosser to be more accurate. Their Coat of Arms must be two fingers crossed behind a kilt encircled by golf clubs with blond Bimbos on the side.

To make matters worse for Lauri, Tory, and their whole new funky pseudo-liberal bunch, Canada's ( slightly leftist) version of the Drudge Report, kept showing a picture of a 'giggling' John Tory with a trans. homo whatever, sickly made- up clown, with his long tongue buried halfway into his right ear canal, every time Tory's name came up in the news.

(Of course, that isn't too often because you never hear from oppostion leaders anywhere in Canada even if they would have lost with 49 percent of the vote... except a couple of months before election days. It cuts in on their down time... I don't know ask them..maybe they have a losers club they all hang out at together. Of course, they may as well because they stand for nothing and the wind is bound to change a few times over 3-4 years.)

So you guessed it, Tory had to resign as leader after being thoroughly trounced in the Riding. The same liberal, Scott defeated (who cares who he is?) is now the Ridings elected M.P. Gee I wonder where they all stand on homo marriages now?)....End of Sidebar

You Know Catholicism is in Trouble When,

Socialist communist ‘Development and Peace’ pro-abortion nuts sail their envelops thru
the pews claiming they have no ulterior agendas. And the Bishops proclaim.."And all this time
we had absolutely no idea" yeah right...

When the government says, “Back to you guys with that charity thing, eh”.

When a national survey of Catholic schools finds the environment is the number 'one' concern of
Catholics today. (True)
If you believe God created the world...your number 'one' concern is the evnvironment...anyone home?

When one of the two remaining ‘Catholic Hospitals’ in your Province run by the Nuns of St.
Joseph’s in London keeps inviting B.J. Clinton back for banquets, double entendre anecdotes, memory lanes...and big bucks.

Is the same hospital that gives abortion referrals (like every other hospital in the Province isn't enough?) and the other Catholic hospital, St. Michael's, of downtown Toronto Centre of the Marxist Perverse Centre of the free world Universe hangs the rainbow flag in it’s lobby to play kissy kissy with activists.

When abortion is not mentioned or prayed against, and soldiers not prayed for, during Mass and
Jean Vanier doesn’t hand in his ‘snow-flake’ after Canada’s #1 Abortionist gets his Order Du
Banalada. (C'mon, Jean, you're not senile! You're a great gentleman, scholar and champion for Catholicism and Special Needs people at all stages)

When teacher militant Marxist unions, secular acting administrations and p.c. trustees, in complete charge of educating Catholic youth say they are okay with the Church’s teachings on ohhh... abortion, sexuality, marriage, birth control, homosexuality, and celebrate Priests and stop teaching Catholic teenagers to hate and ignore Catholicism.. big honking NOT...(just ask their leaders!)

Am I the only one in Canada to cut thru a CN tower-high load of B.S. and not cow tow to anyone because of political or financial affiliations. Babies can sure use a little less bull from all corners that they currently get in Canada, some supposedly on their side.

Come back when I'm in a bad mood, and I'll really tell you what I know.

Paul Gordon

Friday, March 20, 2009

You Just Know Your Nation's In Trouble When

You Just Know Your Nation’s In Trouble When

China sells your exports in ‘Everything Under a Yuan’ stores.

You’re not dreaming.. that was your President on Deal or No Deal.

That little dictator-shit stillll has a smirk on his face, and Iran does have the last laugh. Who

You vet all your foreign and domestic policies thru celebrity think-tanks.

You vet your present and all future Presidents thru Oprah unemployed audiences.

You finally get to the front of the unemployment line only to discover Dr. Phil has a new gig.

All of your President’s nominees to head the revenue dept. are in trouble with the tax dept.

Your college kid insists Karl Marx was a moderate conservative.

Your neighbour pays lower rent than you do, in your ownership taxes.

Your government provided healthcare person’s title is M.S.Medical Secretary or EEYEW
Eager to Examine You, Employee in White.

Your Federal Constitution is up for White House staff, With- the- Program Compliance bi-
weekly review during the 15 minute stand-only briefings.

Your President’s own family swears he’s a Muslim born in a third world Country he now
disowns quicker than his father, his mentor or his minister, yet Judges refer their apathy to a Blog....See above.....

Bloggers confirm (from PBS footage) that half, plus one of your Supreme Court Judges were in
the bulrushes, peeping- Toms, or mud-slide, distance, runner-ups from Woodstock. The plus one judge was found out (the hard way) to be the father to 2000 half siblings in a too quiet burb of Chicago, as the result of an exhaustive fund- raising doner for mad- money, ole stand-by scheme, during his law school days.

Youth will only sing your National Anthem in rap and partially clad.

All levels of government have declared a surplus, but only after they downloaded all services in
descending order to your Neighbourhood Watch Org,. headed by Otto the high school English
teacher/scout leader/soccer coach, who for a high-school teacher spends a remarkable amount of time hangin at the elementary school.

The Holy Father has extended a Rite of Reconciliation embargo around your whole Nation
instead of just California.

Comics depress the cheery instead of cheer the depressed.

Two guys named Ivan and Orest with thick Russian accents leave a message that you are behind in your communications line of credit, “Is there anything they can help you with!”

When you ask for help from your Internet Provider you get a tech. person from your own

When your President answers a media question with gibberish, spiced with profanity... too late to discover his Teleprompter has a virus.

Your usually rosy quarterly pension report is headed under the title, Take it Or Leave it.

Finally, you just know your Nation is in trouble when if you couldn’t laugh, you could only cry.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Empowering the Boogey Men

Empowering the Boogey Men

As seemingly proven everyday in (some places, more than others) in the world, boogey men
really do exist. Protect yourself and most importantly protect your innocent children!

There are evil or mentally ill people who would like to do evil acts on adults or children all the
time, and there are too many who do act on these fantasies bar no legal repercussions.

There is no doubt of mental illness in the very nature of the act committed, as in the just closed
case of Vince Li, the paranoid schizophrenic, who immigrated from China on his own, to Canada
four years ago.

He carved up a fellow bus passenger, a boy really, and a complete and friendly stranger to him in horrifying fashion and dismay to other bus passengers, who fled far from the bus, as instantly as
the attack commenced.

It is presumed that Li ate some missing body parts, the eyes and heart, most notably as they were not among the body parts found tucked in Li’s various pockets. While trapped in the bus Li also took time to severe his victims head.

It turns out that police had stopped Li in the past and new he was a paranoid schizophrenic, but
could do nothing as Li was not considered a threat to himself or others at the time.

What could they have done? I’m glad you asked.

Back in the 80's, there was a liberal political movement that swept through Canada that
ultimately emptied institutions of mentally ill people and dumped them on the streets.

The problem is that it was a wholesale movement like an omnibus Bill that incorporated the bath tub, bath water and soap into one wholesale dumping.

It was liberating to let the majority of harmless and gentle mentally retarded adults into group
homes and many to act independently on their own. But as liberals often do, they carried away
with ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’, especially if it saves money for more sexy vote getting services.

The nature of schizophrenia is that most who suffer from the illness can live near normal lives as
long as their sanity saving medication is taken on a regular basis. In institutions they could be
forced to take medications on a regular basis.

On their own, schizophrenics can forget to take their medications and without family, friends or
mental illness professional aid can be lost and often end up on the streets. On the streets they are often categorised as the poor homeless and indeed often do end up harming at least themselves.

Liberal governments in their most boastful pomposity enacted laws that the medical field cannot force a mentally person in need of medication to take medication so naturally police cannot
detain any mentally ill person towards that end, either.

Compassion dictates that one wouldn’t withhold critical medication from a suffering animal, but
political expediency and liberal ‘expertise’ on all socially failed experiments trumps compassion
with often imagined feel- good ‘rights championing’.

As only a side bar, why is it that in the Western world, seemingly every legal defence for alleged
unmedicated schizophrenics who perpetrate hideous crimes, from throwing their children off
bridges to cutting up or strangling babies always has the obligatory line “God told me to do it”.

In Li’s case, “God told him to kill the person next to him in self-defence. or that person was
going to kill him”, as if there was some line of logic that a sane person might identify with, or
more to the point have sympathy for, the accused. Fair enough, but then how does the defence
explain the way-over board self-defence fantasy with repeated, mutilating and cannibalism?

Lawyers and mental illness ‘experts’ for the defence don’t live in a legal vacuum and they know
what has flown in the past and what doesn’t have wings. So it would be cool now, if they didn’t
always milk the ‘God made me do it’, tired line.

What happens in communist countries where God is farthest from most citizens minds and not
even having entered many state controlled people’s minds? Can’t the primarily state atheist
professionals for once say, Satan made me do it? or, Some evil force told me to do it, or Some
Martian made me do it. How about just plain old, Voices told me to do it?

In Li’s case the defence, the prosecution and the judge proclaimed, “Justice was done” as would
the entire free world legal system. ‘Justice’, in Li’s case means he will be confined to a mental
institution indefinitely if need be, but will be reviewed every year to see if he can re-enter society as a mentally fit person who will do no further harm.

There have been some notable cases in Canada wherein females who killed their husbands,
children or babies were given the same kind of sentence, and were subsequently ‘released’ after
only short periods of time, of being ‘treated’.

This brings forth an unfortunate shortfall of highly publicized cases of true psychotic paranoia
schizophrenia whereas mental illness was a true cause for a dastardly crime in that some
behaviours can be copied, (or at least defences may be copied).

Of course, in the true cases of mental illness, one measure of reality would be in the history of
the perpetrator as in the case of Li who had a history of mental illness. Motivations of hate,
anger, self pity, and of jealousy should not be causes to be free of legal repercussions.

Justice may have been served in the case of Vince Li, but what about the second obligation of the State, of the legal systems... the more important part? The mandate to serve and to Protect!

‘After- the- fact- Justice’ may help the legal professions sleep well at night, but it is often mere
revenge served cold to the harmed.

It is of partial comfort or solace to victims and victim’s families and to society at large to know a
criminal has come to Justice, when literally no substantive legal thought, or substantive political
will has been given to ‘protection’ of the innocent, or serious prevention of crime for decades,

Thanks to the modern liberal mind-set, judges and judges in waiting rule society on very much
all moral and even cultural aspects usurping legislators even when they do show their heads on a rare brave day.

Lawyers have brought the world of the judiciary unenlightened to the mercy of their world, and
made quite a good living on it to boot, society has come to serve the judiciary instead of the other way around.

Paedophiles who often condemn their victims to lifetimes of Hell, and invariably re-offend have
living quarters rights in everyone’s neighbourhood (some neighbourhoods more dense than
judges or lawyers) because why?

I can only surmise that in these hedonist modern days of misplaced empathy, liberals are more
obliged to put themselves in the minds of the poor perpetrator over the disposable victim and
under such an odious veil cannot see themselves being marginalised by the chattering class or
restricted of societal entitlements in any way.

Here’s what we really need and the liberal hero, icon and known political murderer, communist
Fidel Castro actually got this one partially right. Before there was a controllable cure for the STD
HIV Castro put all diagnosed HIV persons, primarily gay men on an island where they were
restricted to stay.

It was not a penal island, it was actually more of a resort, especially by Cuban standards.
The only complaint from inhabitants was that their freedom to travel was taken away.

What we need is more of these types of ‘therapeutic islands’ on the dump side of the Justice
system, for the good of the criminals, but more so for the protection of the rest of us and for our

Paedophiles need only one strike to be confined to such community places of at minimum travel
restraint. They would be in good company of wide representation of society in the form of some
judges, lawyers, teachers, sports coaches, scout leaders, priests, doctors, etc. etc.

Right now we have a defacto get out of jail free card in the form of a mental illness lust defence. Yes I sexually molested the kid but what could I do? I was under the control of an alien lust being. I was told by God that if I didn't molest the kid he would molest me. Oh okay that'll be a year and then back into the community you go, and we won't tell anyone you're there.

They would need not hold their heads lower than the person in the next hut (if need be). Their
freedoms would only be reasonably and judiciously restricted to staying put and keeping our
children safe. Anyone who (would) want to visit them, would be free to do so and as long as they
wanted to, at their own expense. What could be more compassionate and still be protective of our children than this?

Schizophrenic murderers who crossed the line and tasted blood as it were, as in the case of Li
would be confined to an island of their own too where they would be monitored forever yet still
live comfortably with unrestricted visitors and with someone else controlling their critically
needed medications.

And yes, it would be compassionate to restrain schizophrenic “street people” for the sole purpose of ensuring they get schizophrenic medications and in cases where they have no family or friends to sign-off as being responsible for them, then to assign parole type medical aid people to tract
them and make sure they are okay and don’t fall into the cracks or subway grates.

Of course, in insane immoral liberal worlds the first thing to go is common sense and the will of
the people. Anyone dare to take a vote on the above.

Paul Gordon