Monday, March 30, 2009

The Politician's Oath of Hyprocrisy

The Modern Politician’s Oath of Hypocrisy

And Promise To Hell

I promise to never let morality or the public good get in the way of any of my decisions in office.

In fact, between me and God, I promise to be more morally reprehensible and repugnant than over half the people in jail for all I’m gonna do or not bother doing as the case may be, that will
cause or continue to reap, misery, family break-up depression and uncontrolled public perversion (not to mention total government controlled, health, life and death, poverty, property ownership, and wealth limits).

I promise to say anything, but never ever publicly recognize babies in the womb as life when it
comes to death to any or all babies if need be, or... my political, perk loaded career.

I promise to make absolutely sure that teacher’s unions are never ever pissed off, or felt the pain of recession of common dupes.... that they are never felt competition, or that their Marxist
followings of society de facto perpetual rejuvenation including ‘State’ strengthened family/religion/ Christian nation and self... hate, are ever challenged in the open, or in the classroom.

My one promise to my spouse (see above) is that our kids will never ever be taught in a union
shop school headed by politically correct administrations and elected trustees ( fellow low flying

I promise to never censor ('judge') anything of common sense, that will blatantly pollute youth and destroy innocence above the age of three years of age, but to censor everything not politically correct or Christian based...even if other 'politically sensitive' religions espouse ‘some’ of the same tenents.

I promise to empower Human Rights activist- loaded for bear, make it up on the fly, tribunals to
accomplish the above goal (as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, and I’m seen to be Kaptain
Kommy of the Kangaroo Kourts of Kanada and Canada's only political prisoners of free speech will be left too penniless and/or incarcerated.

I promise (if somewhat shakily today) to keep propped- up status- quo of the citizen, Ministry
or Dept.(s) of Unionism...over any notion of worker aided ‘labour’.

In Canada, I promise to let our number one baby murderer's National Award of Honour stand for the sake of pure political expediency while so many other worthy recipients have returned their cold metal snowflakes in total disgust and new felt shame for the now, 'albatross' of Canada award.

I promise to one day have one government worker for....and to look over.... every private sector
citizen in the Country....Sig Heil.......( carried away there)

I promise to never make a promise today I can’t break tomorrow and look all the better for it.

I promise to always campaign on the strength that I’m no freakin worse than that last guy.

I promise to do absolutely nothing but talk when it is absolutely necessary, travel and be
entertained, after the first quarter of my term or terms. (a good thing in all but very few cases)

I promise to appoint impartial judges only on their political affiliation and history of activism.

I promise to slow down or speed up laws on industry and commerce based on what honorary
boards I can head just as soon as I’m outta here and can start making the big bucks.

I promise to dump my family and hide it as long as I can for the first screwball political groupee
that comes across my path. (hint: Any political groupee is a real and sad screwball)

I promise to bring in all kinds of control- freak laws I never even told my Party, fake family, or
best friend, (if I had one) about, never mind campaign on.

I promise to make a new (only self- effecting) control freak law punishable by tax revenue
generating fines for every Party donating lobbyist industry and... for every person who dies from their own stupidity or by one in a million accident and whose family and Oprah worshippers want to feel all the better for it. (the ‘I- care’ or feel- your- pain vote that actually makes money...two political mints in one)

I promise to campaign with so many cliches, and feel good/ mean- nothing that’s gonna happen,
speeches you will either fall down and praise me as the man-god, puke or laugh your guts out...or grid your loins, keep your family close and your head .low.

Paul Gordon

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