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Empowering the Boogey Men

Empowering the Boogey Men

As seemingly proven everyday in (some places, more than others) in the world, boogey men
really do exist. Protect yourself and most importantly protect your innocent children!

There are evil or mentally ill people who would like to do evil acts on adults or children all the
time, and there are too many who do act on these fantasies bar no legal repercussions.

There is no doubt of mental illness in the very nature of the act committed, as in the just closed
case of Vince Li, the paranoid schizophrenic, who immigrated from China on his own, to Canada
four years ago.

He carved up a fellow bus passenger, a boy really, and a complete and friendly stranger to him in horrifying fashion and dismay to other bus passengers, who fled far from the bus, as instantly as
the attack commenced.

It is presumed that Li ate some missing body parts, the eyes and heart, most notably as they were not among the body parts found tucked in Li’s various pockets. While trapped in the bus Li also took time to severe his victims head.

It turns out that police had stopped Li in the past and new he was a paranoid schizophrenic, but
could do nothing as Li was not considered a threat to himself or others at the time.

What could they have done? I’m glad you asked.

Back in the 80's, there was a liberal political movement that swept through Canada that
ultimately emptied institutions of mentally ill people and dumped them on the streets.

The problem is that it was a wholesale movement like an omnibus Bill that incorporated the bath tub, bath water and soap into one wholesale dumping.

It was liberating to let the majority of harmless and gentle mentally retarded adults into group
homes and many to act independently on their own. But as liberals often do, they carried away
with ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’, especially if it saves money for more sexy vote getting services.

The nature of schizophrenia is that most who suffer from the illness can live near normal lives as
long as their sanity saving medication is taken on a regular basis. In institutions they could be
forced to take medications on a regular basis.

On their own, schizophrenics can forget to take their medications and without family, friends or
mental illness professional aid can be lost and often end up on the streets. On the streets they are often categorised as the poor homeless and indeed often do end up harming at least themselves.

Liberal governments in their most boastful pomposity enacted laws that the medical field cannot force a mentally person in need of medication to take medication so naturally police cannot
detain any mentally ill person towards that end, either.

Compassion dictates that one wouldn’t withhold critical medication from a suffering animal, but
political expediency and liberal ‘expertise’ on all socially failed experiments trumps compassion
with often imagined feel- good ‘rights championing’.

As only a side bar, why is it that in the Western world, seemingly every legal defence for alleged
unmedicated schizophrenics who perpetrate hideous crimes, from throwing their children off
bridges to cutting up or strangling babies always has the obligatory line “God told me to do it”.

In Li’s case, “God told him to kill the person next to him in self-defence. or that person was
going to kill him”, as if there was some line of logic that a sane person might identify with, or
more to the point have sympathy for, the accused. Fair enough, but then how does the defence
explain the way-over board self-defence fantasy with repeated, mutilating and cannibalism?

Lawyers and mental illness ‘experts’ for the defence don’t live in a legal vacuum and they know
what has flown in the past and what doesn’t have wings. So it would be cool now, if they didn’t
always milk the ‘God made me do it’, tired line.

What happens in communist countries where God is farthest from most citizens minds and not
even having entered many state controlled people’s minds? Can’t the primarily state atheist
professionals for once say, Satan made me do it? or, Some evil force told me to do it, or Some
Martian made me do it. How about just plain old, Voices told me to do it?

In Li’s case the defence, the prosecution and the judge proclaimed, “Justice was done” as would
the entire free world legal system. ‘Justice’, in Li’s case means he will be confined to a mental
institution indefinitely if need be, but will be reviewed every year to see if he can re-enter society as a mentally fit person who will do no further harm.

There have been some notable cases in Canada wherein females who killed their husbands,
children or babies were given the same kind of sentence, and were subsequently ‘released’ after
only short periods of time, of being ‘treated’.

This brings forth an unfortunate shortfall of highly publicized cases of true psychotic paranoia
schizophrenia whereas mental illness was a true cause for a dastardly crime in that some
behaviours can be copied, (or at least defences may be copied).

Of course, in the true cases of mental illness, one measure of reality would be in the history of
the perpetrator as in the case of Li who had a history of mental illness. Motivations of hate,
anger, self pity, and of jealousy should not be causes to be free of legal repercussions.

Justice may have been served in the case of Vince Li, but what about the second obligation of the State, of the legal systems... the more important part? The mandate to serve and to Protect!

‘After- the- fact- Justice’ may help the legal professions sleep well at night, but it is often mere
revenge served cold to the harmed.

It is of partial comfort or solace to victims and victim’s families and to society at large to know a
criminal has come to Justice, when literally no substantive legal thought, or substantive political
will has been given to ‘protection’ of the innocent, or serious prevention of crime for decades,

Thanks to the modern liberal mind-set, judges and judges in waiting rule society on very much
all moral and even cultural aspects usurping legislators even when they do show their heads on a rare brave day.

Lawyers have brought the world of the judiciary unenlightened to the mercy of their world, and
made quite a good living on it to boot, society has come to serve the judiciary instead of the other way around.

Paedophiles who often condemn their victims to lifetimes of Hell, and invariably re-offend have
living quarters rights in everyone’s neighbourhood (some neighbourhoods more dense than
judges or lawyers) because why?

I can only surmise that in these hedonist modern days of misplaced empathy, liberals are more
obliged to put themselves in the minds of the poor perpetrator over the disposable victim and
under such an odious veil cannot see themselves being marginalised by the chattering class or
restricted of societal entitlements in any way.

Here’s what we really need and the liberal hero, icon and known political murderer, communist
Fidel Castro actually got this one partially right. Before there was a controllable cure for the STD
HIV Castro put all diagnosed HIV persons, primarily gay men on an island where they were
restricted to stay.

It was not a penal island, it was actually more of a resort, especially by Cuban standards.
The only complaint from inhabitants was that their freedom to travel was taken away.

What we need is more of these types of ‘therapeutic islands’ on the dump side of the Justice
system, for the good of the criminals, but more so for the protection of the rest of us and for our

Paedophiles need only one strike to be confined to such community places of at minimum travel
restraint. They would be in good company of wide representation of society in the form of some
judges, lawyers, teachers, sports coaches, scout leaders, priests, doctors, etc. etc.

Right now we have a defacto get out of jail free card in the form of a mental illness lust defence. Yes I sexually molested the kid but what could I do? I was under the control of an alien lust being. I was told by God that if I didn't molest the kid he would molest me. Oh okay that'll be a year and then back into the community you go, and we won't tell anyone you're there.

They would need not hold their heads lower than the person in the next hut (if need be). Their
freedoms would only be reasonably and judiciously restricted to staying put and keeping our
children safe. Anyone who (would) want to visit them, would be free to do so and as long as they
wanted to, at their own expense. What could be more compassionate and still be protective of our children than this?

Schizophrenic murderers who crossed the line and tasted blood as it were, as in the case of Li
would be confined to an island of their own too where they would be monitored forever yet still
live comfortably with unrestricted visitors and with someone else controlling their critically
needed medications.

And yes, it would be compassionate to restrain schizophrenic “street people” for the sole purpose of ensuring they get schizophrenic medications and in cases where they have no family or friends to sign-off as being responsible for them, then to assign parole type medical aid people to tract
them and make sure they are okay and don’t fall into the cracks or subway grates.

Of course, in insane immoral liberal worlds the first thing to go is common sense and the will of
the people. Anyone dare to take a vote on the above.

Paul Gordon

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