Friday, March 20, 2009

You Just Know Your Nation's In Trouble When

You Just Know Your Nation’s In Trouble When

China sells your exports in ‘Everything Under a Yuan’ stores.

You’re not dreaming.. that was your President on Deal or No Deal.

That little dictator-shit stillll has a smirk on his face, and Iran does have the last laugh. Who

You vet all your foreign and domestic policies thru celebrity think-tanks.

You vet your present and all future Presidents thru Oprah unemployed audiences.

You finally get to the front of the unemployment line only to discover Dr. Phil has a new gig.

All of your President’s nominees to head the revenue dept. are in trouble with the tax dept.

Your college kid insists Karl Marx was a moderate conservative.

Your neighbour pays lower rent than you do, in your ownership taxes.

Your government provided healthcare person’s title is M.S.Medical Secretary or EEYEW
Eager to Examine You, Employee in White.

Your Federal Constitution is up for White House staff, With- the- Program Compliance bi-
weekly review during the 15 minute stand-only briefings.

Your President’s own family swears he’s a Muslim born in a third world Country he now
disowns quicker than his father, his mentor or his minister, yet Judges refer their apathy to a Blog....See above.....

Bloggers confirm (from PBS footage) that half, plus one of your Supreme Court Judges were in
the bulrushes, peeping- Toms, or mud-slide, distance, runner-ups from Woodstock. The plus one judge was found out (the hard way) to be the father to 2000 half siblings in a too quiet burb of Chicago, as the result of an exhaustive fund- raising doner for mad- money, ole stand-by scheme, during his law school days.

Youth will only sing your National Anthem in rap and partially clad.

All levels of government have declared a surplus, but only after they downloaded all services in
descending order to your Neighbourhood Watch Org,. headed by Otto the high school English
teacher/scout leader/soccer coach, who for a high-school teacher spends a remarkable amount of time hangin at the elementary school.

The Holy Father has extended a Rite of Reconciliation embargo around your whole Nation
instead of just California.

Comics depress the cheery instead of cheer the depressed.

Two guys named Ivan and Orest with thick Russian accents leave a message that you are behind in your communications line of credit, “Is there anything they can help you with!”

When you ask for help from your Internet Provider you get a tech. person from your own

When your President answers a media question with gibberish, spiced with profanity... too late to discover his Teleprompter has a virus.

Your usually rosy quarterly pension report is headed under the title, Take it Or Leave it.

Finally, you just know your Nation is in trouble when if you couldn’t laugh, you could only cry.

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