Sunday, December 29, 2013

Does Your Wife Know You Don't Share Phil's View of Preference?

How absurd can political correctness be when a man who says he prefers woman to male anus's is made fun of and punished?? Duck's sponsors, A&E and legions of liberals don't share this 'view' of Phil Robinson's of not equating a woman with a same sex practice and therefore,with little wiggle room on 'it was what it was'...(Phil only stating his personal preference} must prefer male anus's tipped and dipped,in feces themselves. Yeah! That's the enlightened way!. No mental illness there. I must be odd because I don't prefer anyone's anus for anything thank you very much! Proud Natural Normal and Definitely Not Politically Correct Paul Gordon. P.S. With wife George Smitherman's (Diaper Man's) 'husband's complete mental breakdown that the Toronto Star didn't want to hear any part of... will Children's Services be offering any 'help' with the children they granted the 'couple' to adopt .. After all George did say his husband was going to require a lot of rehabilitation in the hospital.

Friday, December 20, 2013

My F.O.& D. List for 2014

My F.O.&D F.O. 2014 Short List Being pro-life I’ve revised my F.O.&D list to just my F.O. list for 20014 though I am ecstatic to see Canada’s Order of Canada abortionist go the extra mile for me this year. Happy returns I’m sure. In the spirit of kid’s first, Miley Cyrus tops my 2014 list for letting her Disney sized pea brain be manipulated by her trainers no doubt male money makers. Just ‘leave the kids alone’ on your new ventures into the porn industry, a trip not lost on the public school boards chained to the Ontario Government and its pedophile arrested sex education number one advisor. I doubt the unions would even take all the credit for the elected liberals on this stinker. Next is GLADD the misnomered organization in history second to Planned Parenthood. Why is GLADD the only one allowed an exclusive finger on the censorship button of modern broadly perverted nations?? Corporate businesses and A&E. Just like the times when GPS’s sometimes lead mindless followers off harbor docks or in the path of speeding trains… as A&E just found out, so where GLADD can lead them. Boy did GLADD pick the wrong time and place to flex their muscle this time! Robbie Ford.. for being such a good conservative practical politician, and non homo capitulator, yet such a F up of a publicity craving individual who doesn’t no the meaning of quit that is…. On his personhood. He needs to take in some Duck Dynasty on his downer time over crack. Huffington Post, for its obvious fictional accounts attributed to real ‘hurting’ homosexuals… chicken shit..anonymously sent, yet for such celebrated causes, du jour? Hard copy Marxist journalism for captive readers is becoming a tougher sell every passing day… eh Huff&Puff. Toronto Star… New York Times and a host of others…..dittos Prime Minister Harper… whose poker face has cracked and shelf life expired… Who else can be against sex selective abortions but for tax funded abortions on demand? Unelected hanger on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and her lesbian and pervert education advisor extended family. Is there no provincial impeachment laws when the judicial rolls over and farts. Speaking of farts and those richer thn the Queen’s…… Pierce Morgan, who was dropped kicked from England to the U.S. tabloid air waves. Every freaking Muslim nation leadership and their terrorists in waiting! Next in line B.M. fellow ‘liberal minded’ P.M. Turdeau who actually makes Harper look like Saint Stephen. Obama What’s to say that people didn’t already find out the hard way! Paul Gordon

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It's the American Way!

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It’s The American Way So the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty stated his honest opinion and one shared by millions who don’t even have time for A&E programing or any TV like the homo activists do. Boo freaking hoo! TV needs Duck Dynasty more then the other way around I’m sure. Liberals like to dress up the disgusting unhealthy practice of male buggery with the lipstick of male on male ‘love’. Except, that the male homosexual ‘lifestyle’ has little to do with love outside of mental illness. The history and present of homosexual lifestyle of buggery is such that it is mostly anonymous, and devoid of emotion or attachment, not to mention too commonly brutal as in boy rape. ‘As in’, pedophilia as in by and large owned by homosexuality in percentages compared to normal individuals (not different) individuals. Everything else is populist and celebrity liberal fantasy. If Duck Dynasty is to be punished for the Truth, however they want to phrase it, so need millions of us. Paul Gordon

Present GOP Fierce Infighting 'Necessitates' Splitsville

Present GOP Fierce Infighting ‘Perfect’ Time For Split It is inevitable that the GOP party and Tea movement split and strictly for the good of the Tea movement. Fact: The Tea Party could never have greater mass media campaign support than it has now with all the Reaganite talk show hosts. Fact: The Republican Elite will never let the Tea movement usurp their strangle hold on the party as some talk show hosts claim. They are too rich, and too liberal (politically correct). They also manipulate presidential nominee run-ups for populist candidates for power’s sake alone. This is made clear to all insiders and even nervous Reaganites fall in line to their RINO Republican candidate early in the primaries. Witness the falsification of Romney’s first win in the first primary actually won by Santorum. Fact: Tea movement candidates are all Socon Judeo-Christians can in good conscience vote for hence Democratic wins in absence of grass root Judeo-Christians President votes for GOP shallow liberals. Fact: Infighting is at such an all-time high and brought to the public forefront that elitists like Boehner could never save face and give in to Tea movement (and not.. that they ever would). Fact: Polarization (or the moral not caving in to the immoral) a good and righteous thing…… is only going to intensify in the long run up to the next election. The ‘Split’ is not only inevitable… it is already done. Fact: After all their attacks (stroke inducing screaming attacks in Mark Levin’s case) on the GOP leadership how could the Reaganites possibly support the GOP elite pick of a Romney or McCain in the next election? Fact: The earlier the new Tea official Party gets started the better. The GOP elite will have to join the Tea Party or the Democrat party wherever they think they have the best chance of being re-elected….. and that you can count on by their past records. Levin keeps talking about thinking ‘outside’ the box, yet how does that jive staying inside the thoroughly modern GOP party? Fact: The Democrat fears the Tea movement, not the GOP… and with good reason but not as long as they don’t form their own party which would be the only conservative party in the running even if the ensuing remnant GOP continued on its own sans conservatives. The original Tea Party didn’t gain instant fame by not taking bold leadership and trying to change the King of England from within.... Mark! You’re very knowledgeable on the Constitution and its context in American history and future, but its about time Reaganites took some real action on political strategy with real political results. You owe that much to your listeners, not just talk. Leave that for Humpty Dumpty, Michael Savage. Paul Gordon

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lib. Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped by Reality

Lib Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped By Reality The other day, radio show talking head, Bill Carroll was filling the airwaves castigating any, and all who would dare to speak publicly or privately believe that unnecessary vaccinations are not good for the community kids at large. He went on obnoxiously (the only way libs can) lecturing his audience on how scientific community (drug companies for extreme profit) can be trusted with your children’s health. Except, that no less than a day later the same vaunted medical/scientific community goes public that they’re suddenly not sure whether vitamins can help you at all or even whether they contribute to an early death! I wonder how Bill ‘feels’ about the consensus of the world scientific liberal branch of community in how they ‘feel’ about global warming (invented by award winning Al Gore). Carroll, without the use and benefit of a liberal safety net of (liberal) ‘studies show’… walks his own plank as self-righteous village crier and protector claiming that the sudden mass influx of autistic children just coincidently raises its head at the same time inoculations are administered by order of the state! Well Bill, by our own anecdotal experience is such that we had two autistic children one who also had grand mal siezures right after her shot, and a third, whose own immune system attacked her own blood platelets after her immune system went berserk from her inoculation for relative rare diseases. And it was the Drs. at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children that suggested that her inoculation was the very culprit that caused it and that came very very, close to claiming her life! It takes village idiots to destroy children and babies. Paul Gordon

Monday, December 9, 2013

One Line Says It All ABout Obama

Says it All Obama knows ‘selective’ socialist healthcare like the Bohemian Corporal knew selective military strategy! ( The Bohemian Corporal was the term Germany's top generals referred to Hitler as whenever he stepped in, overruled them and took over the particular battle plan of the day... only to lose quite badly.) Paul Gordon

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Want Christian Votes? Here’s the Logical Christian Recipe Listen up, GOP U.S. and the Progressive Conservatives of Canada and Ontario. In a liberal dominate established continent where every aspect of law, order, education, entertainment and politics is so totally screwed up, that end of the world predictions seem more and more ‘logically’ forthcoming as in ‘is there any possible place morally worse that we could seek out?’, is it any wonder that official conservative parties are what they are, liberal shadows of populist climbers? Generations have been dumbed down and zombizied ever-so progressively, by self-destructing Marxism. Each generation is taught to celebrate their independence of family values and wisdom, in that their parents don’t know or appreciate victimization, the high priority of changing what can’t be changed, or their university ‘earned’ renewing class privilege over stymied class ignorance or in the know university trained/ over university taught, proletariat superior wide ranging sensitivities down to the urgent micro management of behavior, and thought towards community do-good unification. Yet, what can you base community worth on, if its modern liberal decided premise is that immoral individuality is a ‘public’ expressional right, earned through community sympathy, or community self-guilt for ‘appropriately’ not acting on one’s own narcissistic immoral thoughts. Of course, logically, there is one scary alternative to the unintended society-destructing of this explanation. That being, that society is now officially okay with evil and there is no bar where morality ends and immorality begins. And even more scary.. that on the surface at least, this does seem to be intentionally the case… Which, for only one aspect, (probably the least disconcerting, as far as humanity is concerned) does rather destroy the credibility of all current elected politicians in their sincerest of speeches to work for their communities and constituents. Current politicians and parties didn’t get where they are by not tapping into the political life sustaining blood of populism.. a ‘blood’ currently evolved through, by, and for liberalism.. again over generations by all the societal pillars of establishments. Currently, there is only one viable political party that has a glimmer of hope in all of North America not only for socons and Christians, but solidly for the good of all citizenry, and they are not even an independent party from the liberal governing wing of the GOP. That would be the group currently vaguely entertained by the GOP…. (like Canadian political parties vaguely entertain pro-life elements within themselves) and that is the Tea movement which needs to become an official party in its own right. What elective alternative could even matter to a Christian seemingly with national, if not the societal nigh is at hand regardless. It is of no matter to Christians if the communists, the Nazis, the fascists, the imperialists, the dictator or even the capitalists win over the nations… if there is no distinguishable morality concern between them all and they care not a wit about the innocence of children and their souls, or the very lives of the most vulnerable! This is fundamentally what was/is important to Christ! Not how many denari is in everyone's robe... with no apologies to the Jesuits or the Vatican! And to the modern political parties of the liberal establishment… indeed what have you won…except the sickest immoral societies your ilk has created unmatched in history. You surf your success under the fictional name of freedom on the worst of what man wishes on himself that destroys every man around him. No Christian should put his mark of acceptance or mandate claim proclamation on a political party that has already welcomed the Mark of the Beast! Real political leadership is faint hope you can aspire to this Christmas Paul Gordon

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Governments

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Government Far abroad, and in the neighborhood the vast majority of people which would also be the vast majority of (at least} eligible voters look to governments for the most critical of life (and death) aspects of society. People look to government for legality.. which apparently most perilously (for all concerned), equate with universal morality. And also apparently, to Cardinals and Popes alike, that’s a big Dangerfield OK, as far as the modern Catholic Church abdicates.. that, as long it passes the ‘personal’ conscience stink test… How sweet and socially non-abrasive pabulum. Yes! that’s what I remember most about the Gospels, do it if it feels right and better, to someone else…. if it’s also ‘good’ for you. Sadly, the ‘one’ anecdote en mass to government and Marxist control because it was not born of the world, the Catholic Church, has itself only modernly evolved into the stilled tail clenched in the jaws of the chasing dog, evil populist world. The people also look to governments for national and ‘future’ bankrupting economic ‘universal’ safety nets far above the ground …. not far from the tight rope… that cannot possibly go the socialist distance or breadth of the continents, let alone the world. When government gives to the poor it takes it back from the poor through enticement of easy money in numerous lottery numbers scam games and sport and casino betting and through heavy taxation in the billions, on products typically more abused by the poor such as drinking, smoking, so called medicinal pot use…etc. But governments most damage to society could arguably be in the morality or rather immorality it legalizes, it indoctrinates youth with and now ‘enforced’ through reasonably unconstitutional quasi- judicial boards if and when, the official judicial branch rarely disappoints them. Governments, directed by politicians, especially like Obama, promote and encourage abortion and advises that, “No young couple should be punished (socially or financially) with a pregnancy”. Canada’s Stephen Harper and his equally politically correct party is of the mind that sex selection abortion is abhorrent but not enough to go against the modern status quo of tax payer funded abortion on demand anywhere in Canada. British rulers are worse. Germany’s leader refuses to strike a Nazi initiated law that youth must be taught by State or heavy state control and homeschooled detractors are to have their families torn apart and parents imprisoned. Divorces are legally expedited quicker than a honeymoon and homosexuals are allowed marriages and adoption rights. Everyone has a government unmistakable immoral law that has worked for, or against, them up to and including murder by state order, and it is because of the populism required by immoral political leaders to win and because of (now) generations of taught and instilled narcissism, celebrity worship, and immorality, by Marxists that agents like Obama have the ‘fors’ they need to win elections. Between populism, and celebrity worship it is adults who will vote Obama’s and Obama like governments no matter what their instincts or intelligence tell them and no matter what government immorality is established or further extrapolated towards enshrinement. Paul Gordon