Thursday, December 19, 2013

Present GOP Fierce Infighting 'Necessitates' Splitsville

Present GOP Fierce Infighting ‘Perfect’ Time For Split It is inevitable that the GOP party and Tea movement split and strictly for the good of the Tea movement. Fact: The Tea Party could never have greater mass media campaign support than it has now with all the Reaganite talk show hosts. Fact: The Republican Elite will never let the Tea movement usurp their strangle hold on the party as some talk show hosts claim. They are too rich, and too liberal (politically correct). They also manipulate presidential nominee run-ups for populist candidates for power’s sake alone. This is made clear to all insiders and even nervous Reaganites fall in line to their RINO Republican candidate early in the primaries. Witness the falsification of Romney’s first win in the first primary actually won by Santorum. Fact: Tea movement candidates are all Socon Judeo-Christians can in good conscience vote for hence Democratic wins in absence of grass root Judeo-Christians President votes for GOP shallow liberals. Fact: Infighting is at such an all-time high and brought to the public forefront that elitists like Boehner could never save face and give in to Tea movement (and not.. that they ever would). Fact: Polarization (or the moral not caving in to the immoral) a good and righteous thing…… is only going to intensify in the long run up to the next election. The ‘Split’ is not only inevitable… it is already done. Fact: After all their attacks (stroke inducing screaming attacks in Mark Levin’s case) on the GOP leadership how could the Reaganites possibly support the GOP elite pick of a Romney or McCain in the next election? Fact: The earlier the new Tea official Party gets started the better. The GOP elite will have to join the Tea Party or the Democrat party wherever they think they have the best chance of being re-elected….. and that you can count on by their past records. Levin keeps talking about thinking ‘outside’ the box, yet how does that jive staying inside the thoroughly modern GOP party? Fact: The Democrat fears the Tea movement, not the GOP… and with good reason but not as long as they don’t form their own party which would be the only conservative party in the running even if the ensuing remnant GOP continued on its own sans conservatives. The original Tea Party didn’t gain instant fame by not taking bold leadership and trying to change the King of England from within.... Mark! You’re very knowledgeable on the Constitution and its context in American history and future, but its about time Reaganites took some real action on political strategy with real political results. You owe that much to your listeners, not just talk. Leave that for Humpty Dumpty, Michael Savage. Paul Gordon

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