Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

There is common ground for Christian faiths to unite on, and the Vatican which purports (and as a follower, I can’t dispute) to be the true Church of Christ, must take the lead on.

In these spiritually perilous times for all souls, the Catholic Church can ill afford to let its ‘official’, by name and reasonable assumption, educational institutions, its anointed, and its appointed, in short, its official representatives, spread heresy more attuned to ill- conceived philosophical opinion and blatant populism all over the map especially in morality and in contrast to sound theology, logic and the Truth of Christ.

Of course, by the ‘Truth of Christ’, I mean exactly that, in purposeful indifference to modern academic and artistic philosophical freedoms seemingly more attuned to blissful asylum-endings of ‘fulfilment.’ Again, I call for proclamation of the year of Christ The Truth (like we actually believe it).

The Vatican needs to take a no nonsense stand on what it has stood for since Jesus Christ walked the earth while proclaiming and living the Truth, the Light and the Way.

In secular terms an irrevocable basic Christian ‘Constitution’ needs to be proclaimed, and boldly and decisively defended, especially against its own representatives and public figures who feel they have a right to be in total opposition to the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

This doctrinal crusade (for lack of a more precise word) needs the full participation of the Bishops Conferences of North America starting with the distancing or better, outings, of one or two renegade Bishops themselves.

Who are the Catholic faithful supposed to follow and emulate? The Vatican, again in secular terms- the non-complying national Bishops Conference, the non-complying local Bishop, the non- complying Catholic university, the non-complying Catholic grade or secondary school, the non-complying Catholic educator unions and non-complying politically correct trustees, how about the non- complying celebrities or politicians who even boast about their defiance to their own faith in scrounging for votes through populism.

In being ‘all over the map’, over a good deal of the earth what relevance has Christianity, period?
What connection is their to other Christians when everyone leaving Mass has a different idea, or even heretical notions of who Christ was, and was is acceptable moral behaviour and responsibility.

Such a plainly worded brief ‘Constitution’ or by any like tool, soundly based on actual scripture without modern politically motivated ‘revisions’ is what is needed.

One such ‘revision’ was read from the missal just this past Sunday. ‘Anyone who would ‘scandalize’ these little ones’ became, anyone who would become a ‘stumbling block’ between Me and these little ones, it would be better that they had a millstone....C’mon ‘a stumbling block?’ Do we need interpreters for interpreters for original straightforward Talk now?

A whole new catechism or encyclical is not needed for such a ‘Constitution’ something more akin to a ten commandments.

Certainly to be included in such a ‘Constitution’ would be the following as a few examples

Sin is always to be judged, quite correctly ‘private’ sinners are not

Evil exists and is always prevalent in aspects of society

Homosexuality goes against Christianity on a number of scriptural teachings

Taking an ‘innocent’ persons life is always wrong no matter the age of the person. In times of war the utmost precaution has be taken to avoid the taking of ‘innocent’ life.

Christ was neither a socialist or a capitalist and logically neither did advocate sloth.

Christ emphasized personal ‘sacrifice’ and giving, not demands for perqs or equalizations.

Christ emphasized that hoarding ‘riches’ was wrong and a block to entering heaven

For those who couldn’t see it earlier in Christ’s teachings, Christ made it plain through St. Paul, that slavery was wrong and all men are equal.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Note To March For Life Organizers

Recently,Washington experienced one of its largest protests ever.

It was against Obumr's five year socialist revolution plan over 365 days. (Tell me Barack,DaRat's, communist buddy, mentor, not to mention, anarchist murderer, had no effect on his pseudo-intellect and wayward path against logic and civilization).

Point to pro-life was a protest not held on a work day and it was not held in spring.

As a side note,Rush Limbaugh has recently stated, as I have before, if the press won't give you coverage, cover them, all over the place and peacefully disrupt their business day with 'information pickets', the same way unions are allowed to disrupt their employer's businesses,with their free speech rights.

The left pioneered its take-over of the establishment with small activist groups who were in the face of the media at every turn...okay... they also had Cronkite, socialist judges, academia, not to mention crazy Hollyweird's perverts in their pocket.

But,in addition to hitting the Ottawa news-outlets, what would be wrong with a peaceful protest around the streets to 24 Sussex on a Saturday, as well?

Harper needs to know that his personal wish and blackout order to the conservative troops of all things pro-life, doesn't make murdering babies go away, or right!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Context is Everything Especially in Revelation

Is not the 'miracle' of life; that I see, I experience ...I exist.. in an otherwise meaningless vacuum of an inanimate universe that is truly the miracle of all miracles.

And equally, that by Divinly created factual default, not by opinion or of human design, (indeed all men are created equal), a miracle that 'can' and for no other reason this side of love and beauty, 'should', be shared as a life of joy by Divine exquistly granted choice... by all?

Is it not this understanding of miracles that firstly separates man from beast?

And if such a miracle exists in this universe, indeed, why would this miracle of the birth of the yearning soul cease with this universe or earthly containment till physical death therein?

Faith need not be blind in logic love and Truth of Christ.

And revelation is best focused and most comforting in suffering and persecution where there is always Someone to welcome you.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evil Review

No this is not a newspaper, but going by much of the MSM....that could be titled such.

Right out of the gate, there is no arbiter or fine arbitration of evil needed.
Evil is blatantly obvious and is not neutral. It is of course, the opposite of good and is the lie against the logic and Truth of Christ.

People who are totally enamoured and succumb completely to evil are starkly obvious. The medium of evil lurks freely through 'feelings' which has many aspects. Feelings of pride, (the falling of the Dark Angel) feelings of power, feelings centred on self, or personal 'feelings' to the detriment of all others... Narcissism.

Of course, there is also 'feelings' of envy, jealousy in hand with self pity, illicit lust and so on, (less that there is a 'holy anger' allotted to evil itself, the only justification for war)

However, there is in addition,feelings of 'misplaced' sympathy or beyond the duty of mercy to the detriment of good, i.e. the caveat of truth from Christ "Go and sin,no more".

'Trekies' will remember that 'Spock' was often ridiculed for being too logical when in fact, true logic does incorporate mercy, is love' and still upholds the greater or ultimate, good. Whereas misplaced feelings of sympathy ultimately forgives the sin itself, through feelings for the sinner. Feelings,that may be initially compassionate or perversely romantic, but ultimately detrimental, harmful, even deadly to many many others.

There are key groups in society that are most susceptible to evil. Why wouldn't there be? Those that have and hold power and control over others and who can and do limit societies freedoms.

Christianity for instance is 'all' about free divine given choice up to and including to be 'in' or to be 'out' when governance is the opposite, and in fact is excused for the minimum amount of law and order obviously needed for societal well-being and for the common 'good'.."Give unto Caesar" precisely meaning what is least 'detrimental' to the most "Give unto God".

Unlike, the overly kind, overly generous, overly politically correct Canadian Catholic Bishops to the point of limpness and abandonment of direction and guidance.

My letter to Catholics would be to not vote for political parties that have embraced evil and who allow bureaucracies do likewise. And if evil is all that is around as in the case of all mainstream Canadian parties, don't vote at all, as all that is accomplished is that support is shown for evil, and evil is entrenched often over some hedonistic societal advancement, or individual minor often temporary (until debt is run up or very next election) temporal gain.

So what is evil and why is it so obvious?

Well, stating the obvious, evil has manifested itself in the obvious harm and or destruction it has inflicted on the Christian and Catholic faith. It has manifested itself in the willful harm it has done on children's (at large), 'innocence', emotional, and intellectual well being. It has robbed families of the delight of their own offspring and their own right to raise their children according to their morals.

Evil has unleashed open murder of babies anywhere in Canada, at any time in the pregnancy, and at no cost. Evil has entrenched that view and mindset not at the will of the people but at the,unchallenged, will of the 'activists'.

Evil has destroyed the family unit throughout North America and beyond, and placed millions dependant and at the mercy of the government, in deceit aka the village.

Evil is obsessions with the inanimate and the insignificant to the status of a secular definite religion to the detriment of worthy societal causes and to keep people occupied up to being consumed with the insignificant.

Evil is the attempt to control, through the total censor and suffocation of human thought and speech not allowing such to rightfully stand or to be rightly ridiculed on its own merit and manifestations.

Again, evil is not always measured successfully in it's analyse or by who on earth is doing the analyse. However, it is always unrefutable blatant in its end results if not its many failures along the way, i.e. socialism "By it's fruits you will know it"

Part 1

Sunday, September 13, 2009



Kennedy Family Feared Crazies ( They didn’t have to leave home) (Babies, tax payers and freedom lovers feared Ted who drove them crazy..Crazy is as Crazy Made)

Politician calls Politician ‘Liar’ ( yeah, and Politicians Named Patron Saints of Honesty)

Baltimore A.G. Mulling Charges Against Acorn Exposers (Gee, I wonder if they should first start with Baltimore City politicians and themselves on ill gotten Acorn gains, do ya think)

From Live Like A Celebrity (Give Like a Celebrity...not so much....glorious narcistic bastards)

From WND....... Obama’s Inner Team, Socialists with Former Communist Ties ( no poop!)

Human ‘Yikes’ Commission Sites Catholic School Bd. for not Hiring Non- Catholic Teach.
(How about Secular Ontario Governments Okay to Not Hire English- Only Speaking Taxpayers)

Tiller Killed (unborn greatly relieved, but news treated as ‘man bites dog’, that he was, story, up to Presidential statement)

Pro-lifer Killed (treated as dog bites man...with no hate crime, or story here, everyone go home and and go about your business. Don’t forget he’s the guy that doesn’t murder babies)

Obama to Work on More Terrorist Prisoner’s Rights ( That’s right friends, I said, Obama and that ends with ama and that rhymes with Osama and that stands for misunderstood freedom fighters and music men trumpeting from the wrong end...not of the instrument)

Blahhahgoovitch Affair Witness Found Dead..OD-ed On Aspirin
(wanted a long goodbye?.. Blahhhahgoovitch not considered ‘bold’ enough to have anything to do with it.

MSM Counts Thousands Who Attend Washington Tea Party Protest
(MSM Proof Counts and Backs All Obama's Health Care and Economic Figures)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When Did Christ Show 'Respect' For Evil!

There is something intrinsic about logic and the 'Truth of Christ' that people who try to come across as Holier than Christ, can't seem to wrap their heads around.

Love thy neighbour...Love thy enemy, do not equate to love or have 'respect' for.. evil.

They believe in 'strategic' respect. (There's that strategy of trying to out-think evil again,when Truth is the only route to go). It goes somewhat like this, if you show humble respect and private criticism for public figures whose narcissistic food and popularity depends on embracing evil you will accomplish the good fight, and not tarnish the `whole movement` in the process and it is totally wrong.

Respect for evil ingratiates evil! Respect for evil emboldens evil! Respect for evil prods opportunist narcissistic 'attention grabbers' who can't get attention other-wise to aspire to evil, particularly politicians and judges who ultimately are the gate keepers for societal evil and the media and Marxist academia are their cheer-leaders.

Respect for evil in brazen fact, fuels political correctness over Truth and Christianity.

Does evil not keep on top by disrespecting and marginalizing Christianity and morals in general?

Would Steyn and Levant have succeeded on the winning over a long run of a ridiculous string of 'free speech' crimes, (though like the Americans in WWII it would be nice if they came in a little earlier than when they became targets, themselves) by playing nice, and quiet and respectful of mad people.

Neville Chamberlain was 'respectful' of Hitler...thought everyone else should be, and was immediately run over by a Panzer tank.

The Catholic Church of Canada was extremely respectful of Turdeau and countless liberal Marxist politicians.. including self-called conservatives. So now as a world leader in political correctness,(no garbage please we're Canadian) we have failed socialist policies, no choice except on killing babies at any time-anywhere, pervert respect and parades to celebrate sex.. the more perverse the better, same sex marriages itching to stand at Catholic altars and assisted, wanted or not, suicide.

What a war tool respect and coyness,(read cowardice) make!

Of course, I am not talking about private people with their private sins and demons that they would prefer to keep private and non-public. They know what they have done is evil and in most cases, one would hope they have the sense to be sorry for what they have done and to repent...much sooner than later.

This is where Christ wanted us to have compassion and to aid these people as our-selves, our neighbours, our enemies.

Ted Kennedy rode evil to the hilt and he checked out with no reservations about the public evil he profited by on all fronts. He sent a 'letter' to the Pope asking him to pray for him, when he had months to publicly repent and disrespect the evil he perpetrated on the American people in so many ways.

Kennedy's larger than anyones's life, ego and embracing of evil completely devoured his soul and the Catholic Church had no business in participating in this 'public' funeral while the whole freakin world watched and the media took 'careful' notes.

The Boston Cardinal, Father Rosica and Lifesite for a few are all tragically and stratigicly baby-dead wrong about respect for evil.