Sunday, September 13, 2009



Kennedy Family Feared Crazies ( They didn’t have to leave home) (Babies, tax payers and freedom lovers feared Ted who drove them crazy..Crazy is as Crazy Made)

Politician calls Politician ‘Liar’ ( yeah, and Politicians Named Patron Saints of Honesty)

Baltimore A.G. Mulling Charges Against Acorn Exposers (Gee, I wonder if they should first start with Baltimore City politicians and themselves on ill gotten Acorn gains, do ya think)

From Live Like A Celebrity (Give Like a Celebrity...not so much....glorious narcistic bastards)

From WND....... Obama’s Inner Team, Socialists with Former Communist Ties ( no poop!)

Human ‘Yikes’ Commission Sites Catholic School Bd. for not Hiring Non- Catholic Teach.
(How about Secular Ontario Governments Okay to Not Hire English- Only Speaking Taxpayers)

Tiller Killed (unborn greatly relieved, but news treated as ‘man bites dog’, that he was, story, up to Presidential statement)

Pro-lifer Killed (treated as dog bites man...with no hate crime, or story here, everyone go home and and go about your business. Don’t forget he’s the guy that doesn’t murder babies)

Obama to Work on More Terrorist Prisoner’s Rights ( That’s right friends, I said, Obama and that ends with ama and that rhymes with Osama and that stands for misunderstood freedom fighters and music men trumpeting from the wrong end...not of the instrument)

Blahhahgoovitch Affair Witness Found Dead..OD-ed On Aspirin
(wanted a long goodbye?.. Blahhhahgoovitch not considered ‘bold’ enough to have anything to do with it.

MSM Counts Thousands Who Attend Washington Tea Party Protest
(MSM Proof Counts and Backs All Obama's Health Care and Economic Figures)

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