Sunday, March 13, 2016

Euthanasia: The Non Precautionary Principle

Euthanasia: The Non Precautionary Principle Pile-On

Hollywood inspired liberalism has always been big on the precautionary principle… slightest shred of doubt as in Twelve Angry Men…and accused criminals must go free, that one albeit highly unlikely innocent man not be convicted i.e. Hollywood men who murder their wives and girlfriends.

Economies of the middle class be damned that a caribou can’t take a short cut across a pipe line… or that fantasy wistful alternative energy sources can’t come close to meeting expectant normal energy demands.

Yet, when it comes to murdering the most vulnerable at their most vulnerable points in life with a broad injection, ‘just do it’ is the populist ‘Crucify Him’ of the day. Make abortion as available as drugstore and profitable clinic mandatory flu shots, oh the humanity that one raped woman might become pregnant and ‘might’ not be emotionally mature enough to raise and appreciate a love of an innocent and precious life. One exception negates all law.

Where’s the precautionary principle there?

That those human beings incapable of preferred enlightened liberalism, like wonderful Down’s Syndrome pre-born and aging (for just one group) should be put to death without input, never mind consent, to not guilt the ‘sensibilities’ of someone else’s notion of what’s best for them.

Where’s the precautionary principle there?

Where is the precautionary principle, that such nuclear bond of moral and ethical intrinsic rights in universal humanity can be cast to the populist winds of Canadian elected populist political parties one- upping all nations of the death culture world by proposing that any doctor refusing a euthanasia or assisted suicide must offer the contact information of doctor who will.

This is clearly another full- sails- to- the- wind launch with a no- return passage, beset upon Canadians by the temporary empowered and disingenuous music men who must invent the last moral and ethical ‘crisis’… having run out of environmental sappy addictions and government approved, and un-astounding-idly, highly enriching revenue market-cornered  ‘sins of opportunity’.  A government looking out for no-one except its own political longevity, only ever moved to action to the tune of media embarrassment.  

Unfortunately, the media like Hollywood and Marxist jugend academia is slave and master to tabloid ‘electrifying’  transient times of emotion to emote tears and fears to be rebounded as hatred and anger for the masses for being misled and/or unnoticed for so long by the very establishment, now re-birthed to understand ‘their pain’.

Of course, brow beating can go both ways and the Trump pony show is the present payback if not anecdote to years of establishment liberalism. The pendulum of shallow populism swings both ways.

The art of applying one person’s albeit impeccably unchallengeable (by taste if not nature) anecdotal moment of despair, guilt, hurt feelings, sympathy etc. in order to open Pandora’s here unto at best, legal hesitancies already fraught with balks, to the full wrath at the behest of the innocent, whether in the murky susceptible and questionable populist societal inventions of gay adoption and abortion convenience , or to accelerate the generational passage of wealth to impatient offspring, is the media paradigm of the day, yet  ‘even one instance’ should be invocation enough for the precautionary principle castle claimed by liberals?

If one person is so-called ‘damaged’ at the liberal altar, that a morally conservative (as in safe) law is flipped with back-slaps all around, that millions can damn well suffer … terminally so…  in many cases... then so be it.

Nowhere, did our own eyes and ears apparently deceive us more than in the Terry Schiavo case, wherein we could see recent images of a brain damaged yet other-wise healthy and ‘happy’ young woman in life, yet were told that her ex-husband now living with another women could (and did) effect her judicially and politically approved ( see Jeb Bush), slow and painful execution topped with the meaningless liberal talking point of ‘death with dignity’ b.s. against Terry’s own family’s wishes, and sensibilities, that he may be free to marry the woman he was living with, in any case.. as though marriage is an institution liberals have respect for, in any case.

Is this to be a common mass blinding misstep favorable to the media (apparently) and a bridge too far, for the precautionary principle? Can today’s brand of media be entrusted to sincerely and intelligently comment on morality, period?

I had a fantasy of my own, that the Canadian Catholic Church would do more than altar speeches and typed form letters to the choir asking them to do something as individuals, but given their proven record, especially the flagship Toronto Archdiocese of total abdication of Catholic education, Catholic medical, and long term care facilities just for starters.

My fantasy gave way to major historical societal upheaval in considerably less than one lifetime.

But, considering a Church that couldn’t even discern Truth ( handed down to it on a golden platter) how could one expect them to be remotely courageous enough to publicly defend it, in any meaningful way?

Paul  Gordon



Sunday, March 6, 2016

Limbaugh's Fly Undone

Limbaugh’s Intellectual Fly Undone

The biggest disappointment of a populist phoney of this election is not Donald Trump.

Hands down, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

Whereas, Mark Levine’s druthers clearly veer from Trump towards Ted Cruz. Limbaugh has been promoting Donald’s brand of populism like a giddy school girl while looking forward to literally playing to a bigger tent audience.

Whereas, Mark Levin reminds his audience of Reagan’s unwavering morality and conservative scruples, Rush is remarkably quiet of his conservative idols, Reagan and William F. Buckley eternal conservatism.

Rush first demonstrated his hypocrisy back in the mid-term elections of Bush the junior when the GOP got its butt kicked because pro-life conservatives (can there be any other kind), were disenchanted with the tardiness of the Bush administration on pro-life advancement so they stayed home.

On his radio show, Limbaugh’s cheery side to even dark clouds was notably absent when he sinisterly scolded pro-lifers for not voting and told them, ‘they are never going to advance anyway’.

After all the years of Limbaugh courting the pro-life conservatives and building his radio base all but exclusively on them he turned on them.

Looking back, Limbaugh has been true to himself, in  never backed solid pro-life candidates in the ‘running –up’ for very long and in a nefarious way back-stabbed Santorum by repeating every slime put out against Rick Santorum and his family.

 Like Trump associating Ben Carson Limbaugh and Drudge slimed Santorum by constantly reminding their audiences of such.

Limbaugh was always a little too quick to throw his full considerable weight behind big tent establishment GOP picks early in the fix(es).

So now that (Ann Coulter’s kind of one issue PMS Post Mexican Syndrome) populism has finally won the day, and Trump’s ego is not above riding that surf any day of the week, Limbaugh has chosen to jig with Trump over the conservatives who brung him.

Conservatism be damned, Limbaugh has become like a blustery politician so comfortably long in office his own ego and audience numbers are all that are left of interest to him if there ever was anything else.

Like nations, conservatism's greatest threats to advancement are found within.

And intellectualism has to be consistent with  morality first (see Mark Levine)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz in With Carson

Cruzin with Carson

Ted Cruz took Iowa, which is great news, but Iowa is hardly an oft repeated template Tuesday and done deal for any Presidential candidate.

Ted will have to work on his ‘momentum’ or else it will be short lived momentum.                                          
Dr. Ben Carson can help him in this regard at least as much, as Glenn Beck has.

 To cut to the chase Cruz needs to offer Dr. Carson the Vice Presidency ( a natural choice, anyway that would please Ted Cruz’s base) in exchange for Carson to suspend his campaign and throw his support behind Cruz.

-Despite the fact, that Carson is actually accusing Cruz telling voters of as much prematurely d doesn’t relinquish Carson of ‘the right thing to do’ at this point.
Both candidates are a last hope for a Christian principled, Christian led government in a last hope nation to turn around the world wide modern attack on Christianity (though oddly enough the old Europe nations of Italy and France or at least their citizens lead the revolt against gay marriage and gay adoption).

Such a Christian Cruz/Carson Dream Team would have a significant Evangelical movement that would drawing on Rubio’s base as well and would not be lost on a  conservative and traditional Catholic base  left adrift by the Catholic North American hierarchy.f
If Carson seeks any political future he will have to do the Christian thing and be humble for now.

If thde principled morals that Cruz and Carson espouse are of only the Seventh Day Adventist variety  than so too are they the principled morals of the Truth of Christ.

The forth coming attacks on the duo would be of the ‘ Theocracy’  end of the hedonistic world type but could anything be any better were that even possible to come true?

No, what the world needs now is a trip back to a little un-politically correct Christian based civil sanity  and even Reagan would be agreeable to that!

Paul Gordon


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best Refugee Vetting Could Go

Best, Refugee Vetting Could Hope To Go

Government Official At Table
G.O. :  Next!
Refugee sits across from Government Official
G.O.:  Last name!
Ref:    Muhammad.
G.O.:  First name!
Ref :  Muhammad.
G.O.: Middle initial?
Ref:   M.
G.O:  Any identification?
Ref:  I have tattoo of twin crescent moons..
G.O.: No, I mean official papers.
Ref: Papers? Paper not allowed in Islam. Girls can learn.. Men can be identified.
G.O.: I See.. So you are Muslim.
Ref: No No!  I am Chreestian I swear on stack of Korans.
G.O: But the Koran is….
Ref: LIAR! Liar!
G.O.: Okay just calm down. Can anyone else here vouch for this man’s identity
Distant Voice: Oh yes, he is upstanding wanderer, He has passed my tent a few             
G.O.: I see… well do you have any skills to bring to our country?
Ref. Of course, I am best camel taxi in all middle east, but I can drive pick-up too.
G.O.: Anything else?
Ref:  Of course, I can sell gas, cigarettes, lottery tickets and milk.
G.O.: That’s it?
Ref: I am also trained government consultant for vulnerable and security sectors.
G.O.: Then you should have no problem obtaining employment. Tell me something, why are you travelling alone? Do you not have family?
Ref: I plan on sending for wives and sons in a couple of weeks when I become citizen…What’s your country again?
G.O.: No daughters..?
Ref: They can stay behind. They are training for Arab Games in the blindfolded shot-put catch. They can’t be trusted not to like boys and men.
At sudden noise of wind slamming door shut, the refugee jumps up and shouts Allahuh Akbar! while frantically looking around.
G.O.:  It was just the door relax. You know you won’t be allowed to bring that sword.
Ref: It’s only for ceremony use. We have many public ceremonies, some without swords but all have same kind of public message and ending,
G.O.  You're good to go then…..  Next!
Copyright  waived. P.G.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sophistication: When The Obvious is Never Observed

The Obvious Is Never Observed Anymore

Listening to the Roy Green radio talk show on the way to Mass on Saturday evening day the after the Paris terrorist attacks I was not surprised to hear his Muslim guest apologist come on.

We were reminded by the Hamilton resident celebrity Muslim that no one suffers more from Muslim terrorists than Muslims themselves and that Muslims are the real victims here.

Well… there is a very good reason for that and it’s not the West’s problem, although the murdering of Christians is a problem the West takes no interest in.
Furthermore, there is an easy remedy every Muslim has at their disposal if they are being killed by the very religion born out of the plainly violent texts that they embrace. 

Islam is and was meant to be the religion of choice for bullies and for men to have women as their personal playthings an

Mohamed, the very initiator prophet of Islam, itself was certainly no Christ the Saviour (that the majority of the rest of the planet embraces). Christ the most and longest scrutinized religious figure has never been found to be illogical, having an ulterior motive, or proven to be without perfection of love and mercy for just two facts.

In fact, there Is nothings redeeming about true and historical Islam at all.
Islam ‘cultural’ barbaric rites to the day of female mutilation and the promotion of Sharia law, two facets the ‘peaceful’ Muslims who fled to the free West wish to promote and immerse themselves in.

I put it to Western Muslims, Is it ‘okay’ to stand for what Nazis stood for, only not their tactics? Is it ‘okay’ to be comfortable with abortions but it would be personally abhorrent to have one yourself?

However, the real tragedy in all of this is that Islamic terrorists are the real bona fide true adherents to the so-called religion not the new and improved Western nomads who resettled from the homelands.

Trite, but no less true, Western ‘social Muslims’ enable by smearing the gaudy lipstick on the historical pig of Islam when in fact, no religion can shake such an evil ever present spine from its body without destroying itself totally. 

There will always be Islamic terrorists as long as there is a base ‘religion’ calling for it.. and as long as  brutal bullies can use it and their social apologists to be girded in it.

It is ‘critical’ that ‘peaceful’ Muslims of the West disavow Islam not just the terrorists that go hand in hand. Retain their cultural social clubs, by all means and their adapted rules, form a new religion, but lose the non-religion that has never done anything for anyone except the strongest and the meanest of the males. 

The evil of the West is that the parasite of political correctness will abandon a cause it latches on to that doesn’t abandon itself.

No hope, is the sad Truth of political correctness.. that is always a bridge too far!  

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Where's the Outrage from Levin and Limbaugh?

M.I.A  Outrage from Levin and Limbaugh on Trump

So Levin and Limbaugh have high standards of conservatism adopted from their leader, Ronald Regan if not William Buckley, yet they see nothing wrong with Trumps antics of personal at attacks on other conservatives, in particular, Trump’s word association pedophile hash tag laid on Carson.?

And social conservatives thought the GOP and the celeb Reaganites were tough on Santorum, just before they jumped on chauffer Coulter’s Romney bandwagon.  A sentiment they all disavow now.

Santorum and the beating his family took has nothing on what they’re doing to Carson the Christian.
If they stand behind Trump now they have equated and sublet their bowed heads, beloved Reaganism  to nothing more than an Apprentice reality show and now pay homage to an aspiring ego larger than even Obama could display without blushing and blustering.

‘All’ the Ronnie Reagan Radio Talking Hosts are losing any credible sincerity they have left

Seriously, the guy who believes Planned Parent has redeeming qualities, Donald Trump, as President of the most powerful nation on earth?

This is the best conservatives can do in response to two terms of Obama?

The only reason not one of  these talk show hosts will commit to a conservative candidate is that they don't want to be associated with a big jerk or a big loser until they rabsolutely have to. Sincerity loses to personal brand and ratings.... the talk 'artist sellouts' sell-outs of American Conservatism. 

Don't stand in front of the populist tank, guys it might cost you something remarkably less than your life and from now on just STFU,

Paul Gordon

Friday, October 16, 2015

'Pro-Life' Conservatives Voting For Abortion, Analogy

For all the so-called conservative Catholics, even those active in pro-life work (apparently), let me offer up an analogy you might be able to relate to because it too involves money in or out of your pocket.

One thing we should be able to agree on is that there is no more important issue than abortion.

Despite what populism screams, all my senses tell me we are talking of the killing of babies, or that which assures me of nothing less then the affirmation that evil exists unchallenged in contrast to unrelenting bombardment on goodness... challenged even in lone Crucifixion, responsible for nothing evil, claimed in nefarious affiliation or membership...  and throughout history, present and future.

What evil can be foisted on a lamb, (or newborn) let alone adopted, one second or one million years later at peace in blissful haven incapable of  communication with evil? Yet, Christianity should suffer assault not only for what it is, but for what it never was but projected  so by evil itself.

If we can understand this, how can we fathom any 'lessor' of devils to gift our mark... our support, that evil will abdicate its strength gained and locked in seemingly endless safe blindness to the world? North America's greatest mistake was leaving true humble Christianity behind not being guided by it.

We should also be in agreement that the democratic electoral process sistered with and by (politically appointed) judicial humanist fiat, is a major avenue to which any hope of ever being able to make a change in direction, in these morally grotesque and highly indefensible acts of taking the lives of the most vulnerable in our own corner of the world.

A sovereign 'made in Canada', national self- damning and wilful act, not only celebrated in and of 'heroes' at one,with death and bloodied hands, and shone as a never imagined Canadian 'value' that would make villainous, those of sane logic where plain reason is as glorious as it could ever be ingratiated for once, and maybe only once, at the bequest of innocence, the beauty of an illusive real love, irreprochable of attack or trick on the intellect, guarded and treasured in and by...the spirit.  

For this is an opportunity like no other for one to sincerely do the 'right thing' and genuinely feel good. The one time democracy can lift itself up, from its ugly descent into a politically devoured game of  social societal fodder as valueless gold for the cynics ... just another temptation of narcissism to be gotten while it can, if but to spite oneself. With no God there is only today.

Many who would frequent a neighborhood gas station and may only be casually loyal, might go to a competitor down the road if they would offer a penny less per unit.  It might make the difference for them in 'principle', if not in pocket to patronize the cheaper station.

If a large number of customers  did the same thing (and it was up to the retailer himself, as maybe it once was) he would be forced to match his competitor(s) price to have a chance to maintain his profit level or take a temporary loss, or eventually over a sustained loss may have to shut down but for the sake of a penny.  In all likelihood he will simply lower his price a penny too.

But, if these customers were more akin to giving the neighborhood station the business for the sake of a penny because the owner was affable maybe shared their culture, some of their beliefs, and opinions..whatever, the station owner would not be likely to lower his price to match his competitor(s).  Then the difference becomes two cents a unit and than five cents a unit.

There is nothing that will make the neighborhood station owner lower his price if the same loyal customers keep patronizing his station and he keeps making as much or even more than before.
Not even his employees sympathetic to the now over charged customers are going to change his mind.

So the Prime Minister's office, (or the Premier's office, in the case of the Provinces) is the 'boss' in the political sense. They don't have to strictly adhere to 'party' conventional wisdom or policy or stay with the platform once elected as they continually demonstrate, so they don't have to, and won't listen to their 'employees' in the party who are the pro-life backbenchers sympathetic to the pro-life customers (voters) they attract to the station, if they don't believe it to be in their 'personal' interest as steady as is the case.

The surest way to keep the status quo, all pro-abortion parties all pro-abortion (as like the last thirty years and more) is to keep giving them your business... the business that only benefits them and increasingly thanklessly and arrogantly so. There is no difference whatsoever in expected, and proven results. Voters are the only variable in the equation capable of changing the status quo..and the beauty of democracy sometimes is in withholding one's vote to effect change if there are no pro-life 'parties' running in one's riding.

Paul Gordon