Saturday, August 1, 2015

Most Important 'Study' For Children's Sake

All Important ‘Study’ Liberals Live B

It’s been a number of years now since homosexuals have been allowed to adopt. It’s time for the DUH! study of all time.

It needs to be carried out by an independent group that does not have a vested interest such as government or Children’s Services the government’s authority granted jurisdiction.

This study needs to conclude that children assigned to homosexual ‘parents’ do not have an incidence of homosexual mental illness any greater than the general population of 2%.

Otherwise, by any definition of sexual abuse… it took place in this terribly conceived populist social experiment on a broad scale.

As a result, Children’s Services and Government should be rightfully sued by individual children who were not only robbed of innocence but of their very sexuality!

This is a very Big Deal!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teachers! We Dunt Need No Stinkin Teachers

Homeschooling Time Has Arrived 

  • Every aspect of every subject is already, or can be taught on youtube with or without help of ‘professional’ teachers and approached from different teaching aspects of choice.
  •  Subjects are learned in the cfort and security of the home.  
  •  Lessons can be replayed, stopped, slowed down or sped up with pupil’s pace and level 
  • Pupils are neither slowed down to accommodate those with learning disabilities nor left to feel less than adequate to those with exceptional learning abilities.
  • Academic learning can be restricted to academic learning without infiltration of special interests agendas, without political party forced influence, or teacher union vested interest so prevalent today.
  • Learning time is not wasted leaving more time for chosen social settings with chosen age appropriate peer groups and sport participation including individual sport development.
  • Where other points of view are left out or given short shrift in public academic classrooms or forums giving great credence to official line proofed in the social sciences and humanities steeped in political correctness that defy consciences at the very least the views, beliefs and values of the family over the populist indebted national values are respectfully explored.
  • Instead of relying on political party infested inept bureaucracies or rogue bureaucracies to decide limited or conversely, over exposed cultural and social experimentation as a means to a political convenient end, such situations are left to be monitored by the family.
  • The years of innocence are set and decided by the family not the un-invested state.
  • In the ‘enlightened’ age of un-supervised recess and previously avoided ‘back alley’ social interaction, with no promise or guarantee of even ‘age expected’ innocence, in fact, class room adult subject nudged interactions there is no better alternative than homeschooling attainable even with both parents in the workplace.
  • Age and social appropriate ‘entertainment’ is not left entirely to the often disturbing discretion of the financial centred incessantly envelope pushing music and entertainment media.. nor, is celebrity wisdom groupie attribution granted with an adult in the room.
  • With less monopoly union, bricks, glass, technology and security state education obviously less taxes imposition on families but that governments wouldn’t find somewhere else to spend such a windfall. Governments would secretly welcome a hundred percent move to homeschooling for the money savings alone were they not vote indebted to unions with family paid taxes.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ontario's Greece: Teacher's and Public Unions

Ontario’s Greece: Teacher’s and Public Unions.

When Greece recently changed governments, their public unions did a ‘Kathleen Wynne’ and whipped up enough votes to elect a silly group who promised them they would overrule international European creditors led by Germany and keep the good rolling.

Greece would not bow to their creditor fairy Godmother’s reasonable  (under the circumstances) austerity measures and yet expected Europe to keep making their national payroll for them.

Under the European Union they were all their brother’s soft touch, were they not?

Under the real properties of money which neither, unionists or their crazy uncle Karl learned in their very own schools is that money seeks its own level with as much indifference to those around it as a sewer flooded basement. Too bad…so sad!

Bleeding hearts bleed as far and as long as other pockets can be pinched by political hook or judicial crook.

The first Pilgrims and first real social experiment, this on the e on the aesthetic volunteer principle of St. Paul’s Christian brand of socialism, soon learned that neighbours could get out of putting out for the community good and still collect on the backs of others became a no brainer for the sloths if an opportunity for bad acting.

…And at a time and place, no less, when survival itself was at stake not just a new boat or cottage.

Hot on Greece’s trail Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario liberals have already played out the hand of borrowing as much as they could without burdening future electorates to the ‘ridiculous’ just to keep giving public unions unrealistic salaries wherein just cost of living allowances make private salary increases pale in the principle salary base.

Dalton McGuinty actually played out that hand just before he bailed and forgot the ‘all spent’ memo to his underling Wynne.

So now Greece is just beginning to experience hospital financial shortages that are impacting patients worse than OHIP ever came close to, yet.

So teacher’s and public unions, is this where you want this financial downgraded Province to end up?

That ought to make you very popular outside of your own social circles.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

I wrote the following comment into a Joseph Farrah column on pulling kids out of school.

How True Joseph right now in Ontario Canada  married lesbian Premiere Kathleen Wynne is enforcing an un-mandated extreme sex ed curriculum authored by a now imprisoned pedophile.... to begin in September. Truth is stranger than fiction

There is a huge public outcry but like any liberal she is giving affected children and parents the finger.

Yet on liberal talk shows (there are no other kinds in Canada)parents are phoning in saying what's the problem pull your kids just out of those classes. Well gee I wonder what these classmates will be obsessing with with in recess socialization after having their innocence raped by the State in class!   

With media, and teen entertainment these days school socialization can't help but hurt your kids. Peer pressure is more affected by perversion than it ever was in the 'learning it on the street' days. 

The government liberal establishment cornered the market on smokes booze gambling pot and prostitution but they're going to have your child's best interest at heart with no choice education?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Happens When The Anti Establishment Becomes One

Crap Happens When The ‘Anti’ Establishment Becomes One

Liberals and their various media minions will only refer to pro-life individuals and organizations as anti-abortion.

 Of course we are, but towards a positive direction, not unlike being anti-any kind of sinister evil… anti- terrorist, anti-Nazi etc.

What kind of positive spin can a pro-abortion person pin to anyone’s abortion certainly not the child being brutally murdered?

However, the real and proud purveyors of anarchy are of course the definitive misnomer of true meaning, liberalism.

Let me offer just some of their old socialist standards they embrace and employ through populism to win their objectives.

They are of course anti-life in regards to the young, the old and the infirmed.

They are definitively anti- choice when it comes to education, certainly no more exemplified than in the current Wynne government in Ontario.

They are anti-family (on so many fronts) of any traditional (there are no other kinds historically) sense.  They are anti-free enterprise, anti-law rule and order. 

They would not have gun ownership, but won’t stand for gun crime serious penalties.

Look at just retired, Toronto police chief, Bill Blair. One day into his retirement  he is on TV with Justin Trudeau with glowing reviews of legalizing pot if they are elected. So is he against pot legalization now and lying or was he for pot and deceiving a city and the Police Chief’s Association while he was police chief.

In any case, only a liberal authority gets away with arresting and detaining citizens without legal cause the police Chief Association while police chief.

They are anti-fiscal responsible and live only to rule for the day. Greek liberals simply refuse to accept anything less than civic labor unions status quo raises and how far from their closing cold reality is Ontario as it is continually economically downgraded.

They are anti-free speech if it is any word, idea, thought or action they simply  (and often hysterically) disagree with employing puritanical daily evolving political correctness.. to fit their image they are determined to keep useful.

They are anti- innocence and use children’s ‘own safety’ as their Trojan horse to scandalize children at younger and younger ages through one education of no choice, with as much democracy employed as a drunken Human Right’s unelected tribunal.

Their world view is skewed such that they see oppression in those who oppress
and would have no part of rescuing the afflicted, and abused, especially if they are Christian, their perpetual worst possible enemy, abroad and at home.  

They totally inflate the inane and ignore real rights and real disasters. 

They are in fact anti-world.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

GOP Potential First Ladies Historically More Honest Indicators Over Presidental Candidates

The modern GOP has traditionally favored compromised presidential candidates over candidates of principles much to the dismay, more importantly at the ‘expense’ of Christian socons.

George Bush the younger did come closest to being the greatest hope for pro-lifers, but he certainly had his disconcerting moments in his second term.

On one occasion, he deferred to a ‘telephone’ support call when the Capital was surrounded by at least a 100,000 pro-life witnesses over stepping outside the front door and addressing them in person.

Then there was his Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination which confirmed Bush didn’t care anymore about Presidential vocation.  

His tax payer billion(s) dollar AIDS donation only proved he wanted to be remembered as a politically correct nice guy.

However, on the pro-life front George W. was a saint compared to Reagan in ‘actual pro-life contribution’ (read more important to lives of babies than adult activists).

Reagan had one Supreme Court Justice nomination and he squandered on one who was more liberal than remotely conservative. Betrayed Evangelicals threatened to pull the plug on the Gipper on more than one occasion.

There was one thing all these ‘Christian conservative Presidents did share however, and possibly a good explanation why they tried to do very little on the baby-killing industry. 

They were all married to strongly opinionated pro-abortion women of the sisterhood. From Nancy to Laura, how could their true beliefs not affect their husband’s actions and lack thereof?

Now if there is an extra Wonder of the World that is hard to fathom, it is how a pro-life man could be married to a strong pro-abortion woman?

That in itself lays bare the sincerity of ambitious politicians and their wives.  It would seem that their wives find it much harder to lie as easily and so they don’t comment on moral issues at all until hubby’s term is over.        

Starting with this run-up to the 2016 Presidential election socons need to be more inquiring of ‘potential’ First Ladies to get a more honest and accurate picture of how the next  Presidency will carry out its course.

If there is one thing a socon dislikes more than the enemy it is ’friendly enemies’ pretending, or claiming to be on side.
When you are the leading nation in the free world a lot of lives depend on your wisdom and serious consideration not your status, ambition and social life.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ont, Premiere Wynne's Teaspoon of Sugar

Wynne’s Liberal’s Teaspoon of Sugar

Is Obama doing anything after getting his sorry butt removed from office? I'm sure on-fire Ontario idiot voters could go for an improvement, as slight as it would be?

The latest socialist political trend for those with no eyes to see or ears to listen is to bring in positive net revenue gains while appealing to the Robbing Hood nature of re-distribution of ‘wealth’.

A political teaspoon of sugar to help the medicine go down or to bring on diabetes inflicted blindness with numbness around the pocket area.

Always on closer scrutiny, there are much fewer benefactors on the ledger than there are hard working victims, but once introduced, the scam is a new permanent revenue generator to be tweaked when necessary.

Aka, a new tax for the government that never raised taxes, only redistributed the wealth horded by those with family incomes of fifty k or more or on the concrete beside the frames of government ‘safety nets’.

Unrelated, this week Wynne supporters blast protesters of pervert pedophile inspired anal sex curriculum for kids R Ours, as rube homophobes.

I’m actually ok with it as long as it is also taught that lesbian  grade schoolers might someday grow up to be liberal Premiers as an undesirable side effect.

Lastly, this week a serious (like there are non -serious) sex offender who kidnapped a sleeping five year-old girl and sexually assaulted her in her neighbor’s back yard is sentenced to only seven years for the crime committed In 2011, by a female judge.

Meaning hardly any ‘time’ at all from the sentencing date and as justice system law and practice he will be able to live in communities even boarding in family homes, without landlords or neighbors being alerted to his recent criminal past!

If there ever was a boogeyman why in Hell is this animal not a marked a dangerous offender and good roommate for Paul Bernardo?

With all the government goofy self- evident studies so university kids can indulge in all the vice sins as  academic socially enriching experiences, maybe they sneak a legitimate comparison study of the sentencing habits of liberal appointed female judges and (the old day) conservative appointed male judges to see if political manipulated justice systems are indeed blind (an American concept I realize).

Paul Gordon

Cynical with F---ing Cause