Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Scum Bucket Challenge

The Scum Bucket Challenge

I hate to toss cold water on the cold water toss but if so, facts so.

Anyone 'knowingly' raising or giving money to lady Macbeth research scientists who use aborted baby parts and stem cells directly legitimizing abortion is an immoral scum bucket.

And mostly, for diseases God has allowed no cure for, for greater than my sixty years of life. Despite secular man\s selective choices, God still decides when most people live and when they die, if not when most babies die, and it is his domain not pantheist Caesars'.

For all the spectacular greatness of the world... life is still very short and not cherished anymore.

Paul Gordon

Monday, September 1, 2014

Open Suggestion for HSLD Home School Legal Defense

I have a great and sure fire prosperous suggestion for Home School Legal Defense HSLD

Legal insurance for mid-managers! Or Real Employment Insurance

- (set along the lines of home school premiums including, or exclusive to Judeo-Christians if you so choose )

In Ontario at least, there is effectively no labor protection for non-unionized mid-managers against unscrupulous corporations

Faced with being bullied into unfair work practices or being bullied right out of a position and the work force... calls to the Ministry of Labour or Employee Standards all have the same response. “ Your union will have to handle it for you” and “If you have no union, you will have to get a lawyer and proceed civilly”.

The recent Ontario Ministry of Labour law that requires all mid to large work places to have a anti-bullying policy in place actually has no teeth except for employers to have the written policy in place, not to be practiced. Gee thanks Ministry of Unions and socialist butt kissers.

The eyes of the blind justice fair lady, are squinted at the Ministry of Labor Unions that throws mid- managers to the curb every time and these same mid-managers are persons non grata at surprise union complaint workplace inspections, which is also indicative of the MOLs narrow politically aligned bias.

As many mid-managers are forced to be on H&S committees they also tend to notice that the hardest group to get to show up for meetings and participate are the very unions that constantly complain as a collective (Happy Labor Goon Day) about health and safety issues and there is nothing to force union participation while sad-sack mid-managers are voulun-told.

Of course, all big corporation HR departments are quite savvy to this lacking and one sided selective Ministry of Labor official policy.

Directors and Mid-Manager supervisors know that there is much they can 'get away with' up to and including sacrificing mid-managers to union unofficial 'settlements'.

Typically, mid-managers are paid annual salaries often averaging in the low to mid 50k range based on a laughable 37.5 hour week... but are expected to eagerly work many more hours per week on a regular basis.

The days when mid managers were at least guarantied the same benefits and perks as the unions they supervised are long gone and for at least as long as have private sector unions ushered in the new age of part-time job pimp poverty class.

Often, union members still working less hours than their mid managers actually work actually earn more with their contract over-time clauses.

Mid-managers typically expect this treatment as the nature of the position and suck it up or they wouldn't apply, in the first place... and too, many especially Christians still prefer this to working for politically Marxist unions in all cases.

What is harder to swallow however is the often abusive treatment that upper management would never foist on 'grievance protected' workers and the kind of behavior mid managers would be punished for, for applying the same tactics on their unionized subordinates.

Between the union rock and higher management hard ass, seat worn selective bullies, mid managers often have a high rate of turnover by choice, forced choice or no choice at all.

All though they are typically compensated with a much less than average manager salary mid-managers don't typically fall within the qualifying Legal Aid bracket, yet when they are suddenly out of work their living week to week paycheck is done, but Legal aid considers only what you were making.. not your current pay or debt situation.

Upper management has come to count on this fact that mid managers have no protection and most can not afford 'labour lawyers'.

A quick look through the Ontario labour lawyer advertisements indicate that none will work pro bono, especially one can deduct, for anyone who hasn't had a long long term relationship with their employer.. as there is not enough money in it for themselves.. not unlike personal injury lawyers.

Human Rights Commissions seemingly only apply to very select groups of one select religious group, highly select ethnic origin, one gender, and oddly enough invisible select sexual lifestyles.. Don't care about their time but don't waste your own with this condescending political make- work project for liberal arts grads.

No good Judeo-Christian mid- manager in the health care field dare question their corporation's policies or unofficial practices unless they want an immediate death wish. For instance, Premier Wynn's recent nefariously passed Long Term Care law that gives corporation employed doctors veto say over any POA or family member desire to prolong a loved one's life if said doctor deems the patient's present or new lifestyle unsuitable in his\her opinion (or a cynical person might add if the government has to pay extra for).

HSLD, I can almost assure you of at least one hundred mid-manager customers just that I have worked with personally in my narrow banded corporate career.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Show the Truth,

Show The Truth is a peaceful predominately Catholic group that travels throughout Ontario and select areas of Canada silently displaying graphic posters of actual aborted babies from various women at various stages of pregnancy.

Jesus Christ, of course, was the most famous victim whose nature was of the same, in fact, His 'owned'... Truth.  There is only one Truth morally, and only one truth, historically that often never sees the light of day.. only various interpretations sometimes out of context and only a snapshot. And too there is no eternal rest of history as modern leftist agendas are motive enough for revisionism.

Many people especially the majority of modern Catholics, not disturbed by images of bloodied dismembered babies ('not' disturbed, else why do they only attack the messengers and keep electing populist death culture politicians and their party incestuous owing justices, ensuring the uninterrupted carnage) would claim to be disturbed by the Crucifixion of Christ.

Yet, would Jesus Christ the ultimate all loving servant of man and God even put himself above the modern the 'wastes' of loose and common politically inspired practice of baby slaughtering?
Certainly not by any measure of logic owned Truth.

Now this may all be (obviously is) beyond the scope of your average Canadian licensed automobile driver but I don't know of their truth birthed of a social illness that inspires mostly young teenage and young adult women and men to hang out their car windows and doors, shouting obscenities, throwing various articles at the messengers, and cheering on the invariable long liberal liberated sociopath from attacking young girls and white haired seniors along the silent peaceful line.

But, here's one thing all Canadians should be concerned with. These messengers of fact and moral Truth get little support except the odd upward turned thumb from the top of a quick passing steering wheel.
Pro lifers in general have talked many abortion seeking women from entering abortion clinics through love and reasoning especially Canada's only ever 'political' populist prisoner, frail senior, Lynda Gibbons.

They get abused by many including their own, like populist coward Canadian Bishops and Cardinal Collins of Toronto.

This is the almighty part and parcel of the whole establishment of present and future leaders of Canada.
The Catholic Justin Trudeau model of the future.

The real Truth is that the vast majority of drivers are visibly disturbed by the Truth and scurry by, while a big percentage of those aggressively lash out at the messengers.

Funny, I didn't know the Truth required 'strategy' where propaganda tells your mind that all your senses are lying to you. Just for one, the most hated politicians are those that employ 'strategies' at the expense of the one moral Truth of the most famous Victim.

Strategies just keep you up at nights scheming and restless during the day worrying when the jig will be up.

You can always ride Truth to Heaven where sides are a given... Winning or losing strategies I'm not so sure.
Paul Gordon

Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada Still Nothing To Be Proud Of

 It’s not just that Canada’s political establishment shares no Christian values whatsoever. Maybe one or two elected on a fluke from Quebec or Manitoba.

It’s not even that the whole political landscape as part of the establishment part and parcel have no Judeo-Christian ‘values’ meaning a basic adherence to morality.

 It’s that the whole screwed up nation votes these dirty bastards in every time In the nation and within the Provinces.

 And the apparently valueless voters mostly vote them in on Faustian what’s in it for me right here and right now trades. Is the white and red flag so distant to the point of fantasy of the entrenched Canadian leftist establishment (left of even Obama’s administration and the other American leftist societal pillars of society) that the geopolitical reality slop of the land can never stick to it.

 I get it that sometimes (and only sometimes) Canadian’s parents and grandparents could smile patriotic. . but this isn’t their Canada anymore. It’s the one they left unguarded and it’s certainly the one they left behind with what for them to take to the same grave that awaits us all.

They left us our unchecked Marxist masters in government, government unions of monstrous proportion, sole sourced/paid  public educators, idiots of the media news and entertainment, and even managed to liberalize the Catholic, Christian and no doubt Jewish faith formerly their only enemies that weren't afraid to stand up to them.    

Generations of natural families used to add to the nation with every passing year not strip it bare or sacrifice it to world cultures.

Standing on guard for thee?...who and since when.

These days our soldiers are sent to no win political correct wars caused by the most disingenuous religion/culture known in the history of man  that changes absolutely nothing for their ultimate sacrifices. And that has to be the biggest hypocrisy and insult to the flag (if could have any independent merit in reality) to drape a coffin for an absolute meaningless end game from plan to humbled departure

Paul Gordon.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Importance of Recognizing Evil for The Church

The importance of recognizing evil is as critical as ever.  Even more so  if that’s possible given the modern global world at its historical point year…. 2014.

There are varying degrees of evil. For one example there are ‘venial’ like evils and there are ‘mortal’ like evils for lack of a better word for the concept.
Catholic terms are purposely used here in that one needs a true and tested barometer to identify and measure evil. The historical Catholic Church for any short-comings is arguably the best instrument to measure evil..  and is an expansion on the Ten Commandments extrapolated and validated no less than by the Son of the Author.

What the Catholic Church  has done very well in the past is to not stray from the teachings of Christ or ‘make it up’ depending on the times not unlike North American nations do to the meaning and intent of ‘constitutions’.

It is this exact de facto frailty of nations that does not allow for largely  community  ‘populist laws’ to be any logical measure of evil, in fact an ally  of evil in some instances.  

If there is no consensus of what constitutes evil, fairness, or common good by largely politically populist ‘Supreme’ or ultimate judges of authority then how could they ‘rule’ or even have a desire to rule on what is manifestly evil.   

Logic is not the modern pillar balancing the scales of justice.. else judges would have a much easier job of it. Judges are politically appointed equally to not be logical and to be populist, when they are tied to the political democracies that appoint them… more to the power of anointment.   

Logic is a co-partner within the realm of Truth, that is actually ‘owned’ by a God that was not born but always ‘was’.. and not preceded by logic.

The theologian can find his way to God through Truth while the academic can end up in the same place in a large part through logic.

There is no other religion more logical than Christianity which actually bares Islam to be evil… whereas politicians and ‘political theologians’ will not imprisoned by their own cultured political correctness.

So what did the Catholic Church consider evil, when evil was evil?

Logic is more akin to a mathematical science than any other concept void of sentiment and impervious to opinion. If two plus two equals four then one plus three must also equal four.. and eternally it will be the same answer.

Christ held a special anger for those who would harm children and those who would desecrate Holy places of God (I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t include desecrating the Sacraments, which of course came after.)

He turned evil men into swine that jumped off a cliff to their death.  Sins that are retained on earth are considered as much for heaven and therefore excluded.
Clearly then, there are some evils that cannot and won’t be forgiven. All sins are not equal. 

The logic here is of course that were there no punishments, no purgatories, no Hell,  and on the other end no rewards for defending Christ and one’s belief and faith in Christ, for example, then there is no right or wrong only a billion or so opinions and of absolutely no consequence regardless.

I forgot to mention that without logic there is only chaos and no meaning  or value to life as one consequence…. (actually the way things are accelerating to at this point in time, 2014)

Of course, if you can’t get passed that there is a creator for all the magnificence of matter, space, time fauna flora and life then you’ ll never understand the simple concept of logic either… or appreciate God and the Holy Trinity.

There are Divine mysteries but discerning evil certainly is not one of them.

If Christ said repeatedly that not all men can be forgiven or enter to heaven, that should be fairly straight forward.  Too, the Church cannot hold that all men can be forgiven when Christ clearly states that those who embrace and won’t relinquish evil cannot.  Beyond even that evil and ‘evil’ men simply will not be forgiven.

An abortionist…. a pedophile… both harm children irreparably and as it is the soul that is the ‘only eternal beating heart’ that counts in vacation of the here and time of now the created soul of a baby is as  valued as the soul of a child….

Both are meant to be protected In a shield of innocence (a beauty unmatched in itself) until such time as they fully develop their own conscience and track.
Could a Hitler be forgiven? Logically how could he? 

The prodigal son was no Hitler.  An evil that actually sets out intentionally to destroy so many ‘innocent’ persons of all ages, (if not a single soul), still changes the destiny and altars the timing at least of God’s plan of many through his ‘own’ free will but with only the aid of a multitude of evil supports culminating together to give Hitler the support he required… (for a time).

Would Christ have sent a Hitler of which there are now thousands in their own small and various ways deciding life and death of others as a swine… over the cliff or would He have said just ask for my forgiveness  and you are good to go… with no consequence.

I might stand down on this forgiveness concept,  obviously, who am I to question God except for the very fact that Christ made obvious and repeated distinctions between evil and just being bad.

Evil is the only logical enemy in reality that a Christian could give the greatest love of all…’ in laying down one’s life for another’.  

There is absolutely no logic that evil acts can be forgiven only chaos. Sins yes… but not evil.  Sometimes I wonder if the modern church can tell the difference and grasp the logic added to the Truth as told by Christ.

If it can’t, it will surely be the downfall of the last institution and remaining  bastion of Christ.   

We really need a Holy Year proclaimed in honor of ‘Christ the Truth’.
Imagine the concept and revisit to the supposed core belief to ‘Catholic’ academia alone.

Who really…(and is the only one)…who really loves you? Make your list as big and as ‘inclusive’ as you want from idols to heroes, and of course your dearest. 

Then count them down to who will still be with you when you and they are no more and there Is no life to will to celebrate, whether they are preceded by you or proceeded  after…. logically it is the same time of the two experiences that unite and equalize  all, and on the first, it is begun at conception.    

Of the soulless man who celebrates himself without God… What of him but pity?

Finally what are all life's loves... cast and kept, but to know what love is to begin to appreciate God's love in His own loves image.   

Paul Gordon   

Thursday, June 5, 2014

United States Armed Forces Chance to Ghandi-ize Obama

Rommel Gave His Life… U.S. Armed Forces Could Wear Arm Bands
Measured strictly against the relationship of a soldier with his nation.. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel could have been the patron small s saint for military men.

It’s impossible to get around the fact that Rommel must have initially felt that Germany had a birthright righteous path to take over other nations simply because Germany  rose to be powerful enough that they could.

However,  there is no dispute that his loyalties quickly fell with the Fatherland over any love  (if he ever had any) with his supreme commander.
He was a brilliant purist military man and an honorable one by the book who honored  articles of war,  and respected his enemy… definitely, more so than blood and guts General George Patton, himself. 

No slight on Patton intended.  Victory was everything for Patton and  that’s exactly what the free world needed at the place and time and an answer to many prayers as brutally realistic as he saw it.

But Rommel did risk his life (and lost) in his participation and or knowledge of the Hitler assignation attempt. There is some mystery about his exact participation but there is no mystery about his feelings that Hitler  was and/or became an increasingly madman who was seemingly going to have Germany go down in flames with lots of lives, economy, culture everything and anything dear held close to a  national patriot.

Rommel gave his life for at least for his family, if not his nation, no one knows but one can surmise based on many accounts of his life and death.
Martyred Saints often gave their lives for doing more than Peter albeit only pre-Resurrection. 

Today Priests, Bishops, Cardinals fall deaf, motionless, speechless at the mere prospect of standing up to illogical political correct enforcement let alone put their lives at risk for Truth.

These kind of Martyred Saints are still amongst us and still offer their lives at the stake of faith and love but without a bat of an eye of protection  or acknowledgement from their own fellow Catholics. They may or not be poor.

They are often of color and all they share is complete abandonment by the same House of God from the world media, and from nations and leaders who clearly don’t give a damn about anything for anybody but themselves and their political disgusting parties.   

There was certainly no mystery about how Hitler and the SS saw his role in the attempt,  and that Rommel may as well have organized the whole attempted greatest assignation  in history single-handedly for their intent and purpose  in appeasing Hitler’s anger.

An evil person holding the position of an honorable office is no reflection of the office but a challenge to the honor and worth of that position of office.

An individual Pope could be the Antichrist put into the Chair of St. Peter by the power and influence of the world… over any meditation and serious prayer invoking the Holy Ghost. There have been a few terrible Popes and there have been some real Saints.   The position itself is not an automatic Saint machine. .. especially when most modern Cardinal elevations are politically motivated.

Too many, the Kennedy’s were Saints who performed miracles. Too many others the Kennedy’s were the worst examples of power seekers who did very little of immediate real significance, and nothing of lasting legacy other than that they were witty and that they employed top political speech writers.

Make no mistake here that I am not advocating that anyone ‘take out’ or harm a President ‘physically’,   but I do hold a proven truth that evil just doesn’t come in World War packages, and actually does its most destruction and damage at home during Wars and more so, in ‘peace time’.

(And how could all the evil be exposed if his willing or unknowing agent is not around to be scrutinized in any medium of courts. Rather another martyr for evil is created and this is a long list of them starting with national heroes in Canada considered martyrs for women’s choice (in reality evil with a political twist) just for murdering …not being murdered.)

This historical fact presented itself with the advancement and ultimate takeover by Marxism ‘at home’ most apparent in academia, labor, entertainment and journalism,  or the general ‘establishment’ while evil was fought abroad.
Evil doesn't need a nation for its front and does its best work domestically from within.

In logic proofed in historical fact, evil works it’s best in the home fires and evil of nations, while the men are called to leave and fight the blatant distractions.
Obama, knowledgeable.. willing,  or not is nonetheless a direct and proud product of these exact kind of evils that lurk behind the backs of good men, fathers and mothers, tirelessly breaking down nations embracing cultures of death and soul destroying perversions.

The military alone has been used, abused, and respected as much as a child throws down his G I Joes before going to lunch/ forgetting what he what was doing or caring about five minutes ago.

If there is no political or judicial will to remove the obviously incompetent, and all the less caring for it, Obama, from office perhaps only a vast united band of brothers can get together on  what they all know in their hearts to truly be the right thing, to act together for the greater good of the nation attacked by internal anarchists with the biggest one in the seat of the greatest free nation of the world and in awe of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost its historical partner as the modern chosen nation.

This is the greatest battle of our times that the U.S. military could involve itself in and all they have to do is wear an arm band until such time as their commander in chief is removed from destroying their homeland and the last free Judeo-Christian homeland in an increasing world won over by evil under thousands of banners, slogans, and talking points.

Like a slave, what freedom could Obama or his military implants really take from you with God on your side now too abandoned by your nation?

The body and world legacy have no capital in heaven only the soul has value and right now the soul is the least protected and least cherished of the three. 
With the soul so goes the love of life. and the heart of any civilization… the family the rejuvenation of nations and mankind.

God Bless and Re-Store an America now on the precipice of its very survival.

Paul Gordon


Monday, May 26, 2014

C'mon Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

C’mon, Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

I really believe that most of the Catholic/Christian free and obscene world has been  so tainted by the immoral populism of the world that Christians not only purposely distort how they think in order to wave off the guilt having succumbed to political temptation but they certainly mindlessly ignore basic logic to the simplest of the Truth which actually stewards and owns the realm of logic, itself.

This is one of the reasons that the Vatican needs to have an official proclaimed ‘year of’ Christ the Truth to un-brainwash all Catholic intellectuals, Marxist philosophers, and lay Christ cherry picker Catholics.

Why would Christ call Himself the ‘Truth’ if He was not.... and where was He ever wrong?

Given all of what Christ was eternally about, what He did and say, logically would Christ have said  today,

“Yes…. go out and vote for the lessor of three or more evil political parties that all have ‘official’ baby murdering policies on the books as long as there may be something else in their promises for you that you might perceive as being good or at least that they may be much better than the incumbent.”

… Yes, even though their populist bible of morals and economics, right or left, ends up so convoluted, so purposely manipulated and by most, so intentionally deceiving, that they never fully intended to deliver or believe that they could deliver what they promised to assure your vote in the first place. 

They only promise what they believe you want to hear and censor what they believe you want censored.

Promoting, educating, and propagandizing the murder of babies of formally blessed appreciated and natural life events is not a light election issue, like tax breaks thrown in the mix of populist election issues.

It was never up for an election based, nuanced societal faux- pas under-stated, on-the-side, issue... to be kicked to the political curb,,, thus cheapening life ultimately and officially by the society of the chattering class, rose-brushed Marxists. 

It was never, and never will be in the realm of Caesar. It is God’s domain alone.        

As is, and has been, the status quo for a number of election years within North American and European liberal establishments, a vote for an abortion political party is taken as solid support and a solid mandate to act on what and who they are… not even what they promised.

If they allowed easily tempted and thwarted pro-life party candidates... all the more testament to their open liberal.. even Christian tents with no sorting of shepherds and wolf earned evil collage of team back benched support. 

These parties are not sacrosanct and not even government until elected, but rather a loose collection of liberal establishment power hungry, controllers who only advance forward with evil and more and more evil never looking or morphing back to ‘party glory days or ideals’ of less evil populist times.

The only back-bone that heals their message and holds their limp principles together are forged by the populist mainstream media of the same ilk, morals and establishment. 

It is not a populist party’s ‘birthright’ that ‘only’ they and one or two other parties ‘have’ the constitutional and legal right to be voted for (at least until Human Rights tells us otherwise, apparently).

Voting is free choice where discernment is not even required
So what person, Christian or otherwise would use their personal mark to help elect any pro-abortion party and what pro-abortion party would do one thing different as long as they were taking in all the chips?

And a gamble on souls may be ultimately what this is all about where a winning hand can be self-assured or folded into obscurity.  

Never again do I want to hear any man of Christ tell anyone that it is okay to vote, in fact… your Christian ‘duty’ to vote for the lessor evil given nothing else, plain or ‘strategic’ on a horrible looking baby holocaust ballot… especially, without any explanation of how they believe Christ do or would order such.

What years of theology, discerning, meditating and good works could bring anyone to such an illogical thought and action… unless the Churches have given up the Holy Ghost to world populism and deceit.

How can the most common of sinners appreciate self-evident Truths that Christian and Catholic leaders either cannot, or just refuse to acknowledge through pompous pride and/or world instituted universal cowardice.

If we think we need Christ more than ever in these absolutely evil times we could start with the most basic of faith and trust.

Paul Gordon