Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trudeau Get Out of Trump's Way

Trudeau, Don’t Do Us Anymore Favours
Here’s the thing. Even if Prime Minister could outmanoeuvre Trump on NAFTA I’m betting many Canadians would agree with me, in telling him thanks but not thanks.
Of course, keeping business as usual would still benefit many special interest groups and not just from his added twisted social activist perspective. But, of benefit to many actual socialist proletariat type establishment special interest groups and all party (not just liberal) friends.
Unions come to mind first even though this time he inadvertently threw auto workers under the bus with the Pacific deal for a) not consulting them because he firmly believes he knows what is good for all his friends, and b) not actually knowing anything about such matters and see a)
The heavy handed socialist Dairy Board of Ontario is also at the forefront comprised totally  of guess who… dairy farmers with the full weight of Province backed prosecution and law making powers within their exclusive group.
 Dairy farmers who were given a free hand to set the prices and more importantly, the rules for any collusion dairy in the whole industry on when and how they could squeeze a  cow’s teat. 
If the gas industry had too much reserve gas spilling out of their reservoirs would they collude and simply dump their excess in quotas in the ground to make sure they are all in line with their guaranteed consistent windfall profits for all?
Have dairy farmers ever been the starving farmers closing up farms… ever?  Though I’m sure they have the farmers feed cities bumper stickers on their fleets of vehicles and equipment.
Granted they haven’t raised their lock-set prices in years but only because they have been way too high for those same number years, certainly by any comparison of locked out markets south of the border.. even with so called free trade already in place.   It’s only original shame going back those many years. that keeps them from going up again…. or much more likely the tipping point of drinking and eating dairy substitutes.  
Gas companies don’t even collude (as much as they do) as the locked in dairy industry
Then of course, there is  corporate welfare for Bombardier et al and world prices being charged to Canadians in the lumber and gas industry. If you can’t screw family who can you screw?
Lumber is higher priced to ‘Canadians’ whether it’s been sold in the States and when it is not…. and with the free resources granted them by Canadian government and paybacks from lobbyists.
Let’s not neglect self-imposed regulations on industry, manufacturing and resources with governments always managing to run and collect under those chestnut trees  …. Enabled by leftist ideologies transformed into science fiction… yet another especial interest group.
So how about the Canadian tax paying citizen and consumer get a break for once! 
So what some corporations, industries and unions get spanked along the way, the shameless ones who curry and bribe their way with law making political parties with promises, hard cash and votes. We should care as much as unions, corporations, governments and social special interest groups care about us.. nada. If it ‘benefits’ a whole nation… (rare)… fine, but they never come close.
If Joe citizen saves money (on mostly) staples and necessities and has extra money in his pocket to spend on, and with, the largest  societal contributor and job provider….. small businesses, including small retailers and large retailers for that matter.      

This would certainly be a  better shot at  a self perpetuating economy than all government workers as liberals would have it … and for many reasons …. mostly intentionally nefarious.

Is there no one left in Canada who doesn’t let the likes of Trudeau and any political party and media outlet do our thinking for us and ram what’s best for us and best for small but powerful populist special interest groups?  
Prime Minister Pussy just wants to  turn Canada into Scarborough Fair 



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump shaking the social media tree

                                      Trump Shakes Everything Out

The underlying problem, as sincerely as I believe it, and as honest as I can articulate it.

Of the two grossly offending groups in the ‘riot’ where the young woman was killed, I seriously wander which group, by obvious and sensed, numerical representation if nothing else, within western society is by far the extremist group most primed and incited to be detrimental and a handicap to the advancement of western civilization civil peace.   

In Canada, Trudeau, was absolutely right.  We have violent hatred in Canada and not nearly as much as racial, as politically and ideologically driven as I believe the case in the U.S. 

We have the same hatred from elitist, Trudeau’s ilk, nourished, promoted and publicly foisted onto conservatives that the liberal establishment in the States has on their conservatives.

For the most part, cops are told by municipal politicians and/or police chiefs and supervisors to stand down and stay out of site when a pro-life witness shows up … whereas in any given town or city, it’s all but a forgone conclusion that leftist violent liberals often feminist university students, are going to show up harass and physically assault pro-life witness members…

And not because it is an ‘emotional’ issue for them to see the truth of what an abortion is, in a reality check, as one of their talking points in their excuses for a feigned offence ‘free pass’ to quickly morph into a violent rage.

Rather, it’s all for the same reasons the common leftist Supremacist establishment attacks and bullies Trump and more importantly his conservative voters.

At the university in PEI I was charged from the back and knocked violently to the concrete sidewalk sustaining a knee injury that became infected and took a long time and professional care to recuperate from. 

At the time, the University police (though unlawfully, apparently) came on to the busy public street and detained the young male aggressor, until the city police arrived taking their time and only to tell me they would not press charges or hold the offender, unless I was willing to come back to PEI when the trial would come up and testify.

Also, ‘apparently’, university police eye witnesses don’t count and knock downs are free over any semblance of Constitutional Free Speech seriousness or protection.

Liberal ‘Supremacists’ is the ‘is what it is’, appropriate  word, as which group of conservatives or liberals exemplifies the ignoring of Constitutional rights, limits free speech, punishes relentlessly differing opinions?

 Which establishment group ordered police to stand down where two violent extremists groups were sure to clash?

Which group has and continues to inflict socialist driven heavy energy costs on struggling economies and families  not based on any real economic factors but on elitist establishment, as of yet, unproven environmental  ideology warped into ‘science establishment consensus’?

Certainly, during Kathleen Wynne’s heavy handed social autocratic rule not offered in any election platform it became rule that no child (including religious schools and homeschooler)  be allowed to be exempt from special and personal interest gay group foisted pure ideological driven  mandatory  ‘education’. 

Which group sold the critical crown corporation solely responsible  for the Province’s Electricity needs and still had to borrow billions in future debt, to hopefully keep the liberal establishment in political power through bribery of special interest labour groups resulting in the obvious bastardizing the electoral democratic process?

Which group tries to placate the masses with after conclusion ‘public consultation’ with hand-picked and hand-denied speakers?

Which group benefits from the socialist play-book practice of division, envy and deliberately applied economic flawed wealth redistribution?  

Which group has a blind eye to all the obvious doctrinal, warts and basic evil historically birthed and historically bred truth of a religion (not just Satanism) while it vaunts, and lauds, and awards preferential treatment and status upon, including public school established  non-secular group rules and privileges. 

And lastly there is the biggest un-politically correct liberal supremacist  elephant in the room.  That being, giving one ‘religion’ great benefits and more importantly, media generated and demanded attention over all others especially Judeo-Christian religion run down and subverted by the liberal establishment especially in schools.

Logically, the liberal establishment’s dissatisfaction with many aspects of Islam should be apparent and discussed in the forefront, maybe occasionally, maybe once…. as opposed to never at all.

But after all which group is more logical and sensible?

The truth is liberal first and foremost disdain as with (their birth parent and greatest historical opportunist to the detriment of all), Karl Marx, is for Judeo-Christian religion  (spit-liddle).

 And their ‘hate’ is so deeply ensconced , and passed on and accelerated  since early last century, especially with the self-loathing elites is such, that they are blinded to all else, but that which they see (and rage in) a more immediate sanguine light.

The world is changing, society is tired of it and increasingly wising up.  Trump is testament to that, along with all the tainted polls that belie and prop up liberal populism anymore.    

Paul Gordon     

Saturday, October 22, 2016

U.S. Election Much Bigger Than It's Players

Without risk of sounding too snobbish I believe I can safely say no one has to be told how Donald J. Trump is no political prize for the masses, or a person of class even shielded dignity, thought of as either honest or trustworthy.

Certainly, I could never be as boorish as Cardinal Dolan and any of his underlings who applauded and laughed with the devil's handmaiden to abortion putting themselves above the political pettiness of the mere battle of the silent scream that deafened the hearts and souls of free first world civilized humanity. But as long as the cause was good and a good laugh was had by all... the church comfortably lags inevitably close behind.

Like all celebrities, falsely knighted with attributes from wisdom to virtue from the low-barred pitiful life-meaning seekers settling for populist notoriety of the day to be the pinnacle highlights of eternal humanity, aka liberal progressives, the idols of ego ingratiate themselves well beyond their true market value of cross talents.

For whatever reason, seemingly all non typically politically strategic, Trump couldn't have played himself more open a book for anyone's asking... a public place, few wise men dare to traverse.

Yet, another perk of celebrity... the right to be immoral, crooked, dishonest, perverse and even a little crazy and unpredictable in no need of anyone's advise.

In days of progressive nihilistic immoral anarchy, narcissist induced family destruction, and impending societal upheaval there is no guaranteed script for tomorrow any celebrity can dream of or wish for.

It would seem possible that with enough money, one can insulate oneself from public disdain and self-earned ridicule from all areas of the political spectrum and can rent if not buy enough sincerity for suitable causes normally not pondered by the rich, bored but power challenged.

It is against this electoral backdrop that the time for the electorate to finally get to use the hapless candidate instead of the other way around has arrived.

A dote of a proxy is a proxy none-the-less for the non politically correct, long due, to thrash the politically correct by any synonym, political, moral, or spiritual as a rose is a rose and evil is as evil uses.

The characters of this election that rose to the top by scurrying from the bottom are merely actors in the intensifying battle of good and evil not for the temporal comfort of the citizenry but for their individual souls in the last bastion of free world Christianity.

St. Michael the Archangel defend them in battle and protect them from the snares of the devil... at the polls.

Friday, September 16, 2016


I'm driving the long commute home through Toronto followed by fields of country miles listening to a tranquil Sinatra blues  ballad at one point.
Not at work, not at home it's personal defragging time to follow the thoughts where they may take me.

In my early sixties now, it's not the first occasion to reflect, if not on the essence of life, then on my personal contribution with little to measure.

In my earlier days like many another foolish youth I suspect, I had a strong premonition like belief that i was put especially on this earth to make some great contribution, but that it had to be later in life at a time when time passed much quicker because right now there was too much going on even for the days and summers that went on forever.

The sixties and seventies seemed to be a time not just for actual teenage youth to rebel but for youthful society itself to rebel and it came across clumsily, disingenuously and seedy. Youth were being used and youth were not going along without something in it for them.

Myself, I never read the Toronto Star or watched the CBC so I guess I was ignorant of all the causes, outrages, and injustices of the day that have never paused for a deep breath to this day.

Education is worse off than it ever was, free healthcare is no more, pensions are woefully inadequate, and unions only still thrive and blackmail in government venues.  The current establishment refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing or that there is the slightest problem that even the establishment must now get just how wrong they were.

The first half of my life was an uneasy time with intermittent times of suffering and tragedy accentuated with anxiety and depression even a decades extended time of ridicule and being  bullied far beyond the minimum standard of today.

 If there were no God planted beauty to stumble across in life's myriad of paths  or if society was obsessed with death as it is now...I don't know...

But now, and looking back instead of anger quite the opposite holds true that although, yes  I would have changed some specific occurrences I would not have changed the general experience and feelings of suffering.  I believe this to be the reality of how poor families also had their happiest times in the roughest of seas.

The heart needs love the soul also needs enrichment.

Speaking of the soul, it took a long time to truly warm up to the Catholic Church though I wouldn't say it was time wasted.

For instance, for the longest time I could not understand why the multitude of priests I've heard over the years never took to criticizing {much} the political landscape, current affairs, the awful state of government controlled Catholic education from the altar.

To me the piece to that puzzle was actually found in their very vulnerability.
Of the many I came to know personally including a few I worked for there were a few priests who could be considered miserable, or screwed up socially... to say the least

Yet, the ones who seemed the worst to know personally.could actually give the most insightful passionate Truth striking homilies I've ever heard... and naturally and comfortably delivered,,,, so obviously Christ inspired.

On just such occasions when one is presented with such flawless Truth through God's consecrated messenger one can only presume the word and life of Christ to have all come from the Truth and if Christ saw through to saving souls personally and one at a time rather than lead the societal brutal and physical revolution that was expected of Him then what else can we expect of good priests today, except to stay on message.

For myself at times I find it disconcerting that society has deteriorated so much that the 'wrong' opinions are readily accepted as hate speech and that logic and extrapolation count for nothing in a narcissistic world of angry anarchy.

I am glad that in all my personal concerns and family dutes I still manage to not have had time to read how the news, entertainment, and sports media view their reports if not the facts.

I finally make it home actually a little sick and battered from a workplace accident and put back with some kind of burning throat infection and  I make my way to flop out on the couch.
Political family incorrect, but the kids and my wife haven't seen me for a week and rush to hug, kiss me and run for small errands ensuring my comfort.

It is only now and for the first time that I can find estatic closure to my belief that I was put on this earth for a special purpose.
In fact, it was never so at all. It was something much more conducive to happiness.

It is my loving wife, my daughters and my sons who were especially put on this earth for me, certainly not that I deserved them, but that Christ's love is still free.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Euthanasia: The Non Precautionary Principle

Euthanasia: The Non Precautionary Principle Pile-On

Hollywood inspired liberalism has always been big on the precautionary principle… slightest shred of doubt as in Twelve Angry Men…and accused criminals must go free, that one albeit highly unlikely innocent man not be convicted i.e. Hollywood men who murder their wives and girlfriends.

Economies of the middle class be damned that a caribou can’t take a short cut across a pipe line… or that fantasy wistful alternative energy sources can’t come close to meeting expectant normal energy demands.

Yet, when it comes to murdering the most vulnerable at their most vulnerable points in life with a broad injection, ‘just do it’ is the populist ‘Crucify Him’ of the day. Make abortion as available as drugstore and profitable clinic mandatory flu shots, oh the humanity that one raped woman might become pregnant and ‘might’ not be emotionally mature enough to raise and appreciate a love of an innocent and precious life. One exception negates all law.

Where’s the precautionary principle there?

That those human beings incapable of preferred enlightened liberalism, like wonderful Down’s Syndrome pre-born and aging (for just one group) should be put to death without input, never mind consent, to not guilt the ‘sensibilities’ of someone else’s notion of what’s best for them.

Where’s the precautionary principle there?

Where is the precautionary principle, that such nuclear bond of moral and ethical intrinsic rights in universal humanity can be cast to the populist winds of Canadian elected populist political parties one- upping all nations of the death culture world by proposing that any doctor refusing a euthanasia or assisted suicide must offer the contact information of doctor who will.

This is clearly another full- sails- to- the- wind launch with a no- return passage, beset upon Canadians by the temporary empowered and disingenuous music men who must invent the last moral and ethical ‘crisis’… having run out of environmental sappy addictions and government approved, and un-astounding-idly, highly enriching revenue market-cornered  ‘sins of opportunity’.  A government looking out for no-one except its own political longevity, only ever moved to action to the tune of media embarrassment.  

Unfortunately, the media like Hollywood and Marxist jugend academia is slave and master to tabloid ‘electrifying’  transient times of emotion to emote tears and fears to be rebounded as hatred and anger for the masses for being misled and/or unnoticed for so long by the very establishment, now re-birthed to understand ‘their pain’.

Of course, brow beating can go both ways and the Trump pony show is the present payback if not anecdote to years of establishment liberalism. The pendulum of shallow populism swings both ways.

The art of applying one person’s albeit impeccably unchallengeable (by taste if not nature) anecdotal moment of despair, guilt, hurt feelings, sympathy etc. in order to open Pandora’s here unto at best, legal hesitancies already fraught with balks, to the full wrath at the behest of the innocent, whether in the murky susceptible and questionable populist societal inventions of gay adoption and abortion convenience , or to accelerate the generational passage of wealth to impatient offspring, is the media paradigm of the day, yet  ‘even one instance’ should be invocation enough for the precautionary principle castle claimed by liberals?

If one person is so-called ‘damaged’ at the liberal altar, that a morally conservative (as in safe) law is flipped with back-slaps all around, that millions can damn well suffer … terminally so…  in many cases... then so be it.

Nowhere, did our own eyes and ears apparently deceive us more than in the Terry Schiavo case, wherein we could see recent images of a brain damaged yet other-wise healthy and ‘happy’ young woman in life, yet were told that her ex-husband now living with another women could (and did) effect her judicially and politically approved ( see Jeb Bush), slow and painful execution topped with the meaningless liberal talking point of ‘death with dignity’ b.s. against Terry’s own family’s wishes, and sensibilities, that he may be free to marry the woman he was living with, in any case.. as though marriage is an institution liberals have respect for, in any case.

Is this to be a common mass blinding misstep favorable to the media (apparently) and a bridge too far, for the precautionary principle? Can today’s brand of media be entrusted to sincerely and intelligently comment on morality, period?

I had a fantasy of my own, that the Canadian Catholic Church would do more than altar speeches and typed form letters to the choir asking them to do something as individuals, but given their proven record, especially the flagship Toronto Archdiocese of total abdication of Catholic education, Catholic medical, and long term care facilities just for starters.

My fantasy gave way to major historical societal upheaval in considerably less than one lifetime.

But, considering a Church that couldn’t even discern Truth ( handed down to it on a golden platter) how could one expect them to be remotely courageous enough to publicly defend it, in any meaningful way?

Paul  Gordon



Sunday, March 6, 2016

Limbaugh's Fly Undone

Limbaugh’s Intellectual Fly Undone

The biggest disappointment of a populist phoney of this election is not Donald Trump.

Hands down, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

Whereas, Mark Levine’s druthers clearly veer from Trump towards Ted Cruz. Limbaugh has been promoting Donald’s brand of populism like a giddy school girl while looking forward to literally playing to a bigger tent audience.

Whereas, Mark Levin reminds his audience of Reagan’s unwavering morality and conservative scruples, Rush is remarkably quiet of his conservative idols, Reagan and William F. Buckley eternal conservatism.

Rush first demonstrated his hypocrisy back in the mid-term elections of Bush the junior when the GOP got its butt kicked because pro-life conservatives (can there be any other kind), were disenchanted with the tardiness of the Bush administration on pro-life advancement so they stayed home.

On his radio show, Limbaugh’s cheery side to even dark clouds was notably absent when he sinisterly scolded pro-lifers for not voting and told them, ‘they are never going to advance anyway’.

After all the years of Limbaugh courting the pro-life conservatives and building his radio base all but exclusively on them he turned on them.

Looking back, Limbaugh has been true to himself, in  never backed solid pro-life candidates in the ‘running –up’ for very long and in a nefarious way back-stabbed Santorum by repeating every slime put out against Rick Santorum and his family.

 Like Trump associating Ben Carson Limbaugh and Drudge slimed Santorum by constantly reminding their audiences of such.

Limbaugh was always a little too quick to throw his full considerable weight behind big tent establishment GOP picks early in the fix(es).

So now that (Ann Coulter’s kind of one issue PMS Post Mexican Syndrome) populism has finally won the day, and Trump’s ego is not above riding that surf any day of the week, Limbaugh has chosen to jig with Trump over the conservatives who brung him.

Conservatism be damned, Limbaugh has become like a blustery politician so comfortably long in office his own ego and audience numbers are all that are left of interest to him if there ever was anything else.

Like nations, conservatism's greatest threats to advancement are found within.

And intellectualism has to be consistent with  morality first (see Mark Levine)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz in With Carson

Cruzin with Carson

Ted Cruz took Iowa, which is great news, but Iowa is hardly an oft repeated template Tuesday and done deal for any Presidential candidate.

Ted will have to work on his ‘momentum’ or else it will be short lived momentum.                                          
Dr. Ben Carson can help him in this regard at least as much, as Glenn Beck has.

 To cut to the chase Cruz needs to offer Dr. Carson the Vice Presidency ( a natural choice, anyway that would please Ted Cruz’s base) in exchange for Carson to suspend his campaign and throw his support behind Cruz.

-Despite the fact, that Carson is actually accusing Cruz telling voters of as much prematurely d doesn’t relinquish Carson of ‘the right thing to do’ at this point.
Both candidates are a last hope for a Christian principled, Christian led government in a last hope nation to turn around the world wide modern attack on Christianity (though oddly enough the old Europe nations of Italy and France or at least their citizens lead the revolt against gay marriage and gay adoption).

Such a Christian Cruz/Carson Dream Team would have a significant Evangelical movement that would drawing on Rubio’s base as well and would not be lost on a  conservative and traditional Catholic base  left adrift by the Catholic North American hierarchy.f
If Carson seeks any political future he will have to do the Christian thing and be humble for now.

If thde principled morals that Cruz and Carson espouse are of only the Seventh Day Adventist variety  than so too are they the principled morals of the Truth of Christ.

The forth coming attacks on the duo would be of the ‘ Theocracy’  end of the hedonistic world type but could anything be any better were that even possible to come true?

No, what the world needs now is a trip back to a little un-politically correct Christian based civil sanity  and even Reagan would be agreeable to that!

Paul Gordon