Sunday, March 6, 2016

Limbaugh's Fly Undone

Limbaugh’s Intellectual Fly Undone

The biggest disappointment of a populist phoney of this election is not Donald Trump.

Hands down, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

Whereas, Mark Levine’s druthers clearly veer from Trump towards Ted Cruz. Limbaugh has been promoting Donald’s brand of populism like a giddy school girl while looking forward to literally playing to a bigger tent audience.

Whereas, Mark Levin reminds his audience of Reagan’s unwavering morality and conservative scruples, Rush is remarkably quiet of his conservative idols, Reagan and William F. Buckley eternal conservatism.

Rush first demonstrated his hypocrisy back in the mid-term elections of Bush the junior when the GOP got its butt kicked because pro-life conservatives (can there be any other kind), were disenchanted with the tardiness of the Bush administration on pro-life advancement so they stayed home.

On his radio show, Limbaugh’s cheery side to even dark clouds was notably absent when he sinisterly scolded pro-lifers for not voting and told them, ‘they are never going to advance anyway’.

After all the years of Limbaugh courting the pro-life conservatives and building his radio base all but exclusively on them he turned on them.

Looking back, Limbaugh has been true to himself, in  never backed solid pro-life candidates in the ‘running –up’ for very long and in a nefarious way back-stabbed Santorum by repeating every slime put out against Rick Santorum and his family.

 Like Trump associating Ben Carson Limbaugh and Drudge slimed Santorum by constantly reminding their audiences of such.

Limbaugh was always a little too quick to throw his full considerable weight behind big tent establishment GOP picks early in the fix(es).

So now that (Ann Coulter’s kind of one issue PMS Post Mexican Syndrome) populism has finally won the day, and Trump’s ego is not above riding that surf any day of the week, Limbaugh has chosen to jig with Trump over the conservatives who brung him.

Conservatism be damned, Limbaugh has become like a blustery politician so comfortably long in office his own ego and audience numbers are all that are left of interest to him if there ever was anything else.

Like nations, conservatism's greatest threats to advancement are found within.

And intellectualism has to be consistent with  morality first (see Mark Levine)

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