Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama, Only Politician Who Actually Believes Marxist Poison

There have been, and are, many Marxist politicians in North American. The good news was always that they were never serious choir singers when it came time for the solo.

Marxists are basically opportunists seeking fortune and fame who cash in on the common person's human illogical human condition... Be spiteful and hateful of those who have more and believe you deserve more than you are ever prepared to earn.

'Free' health care, 'free' pensions, 'free' medicine, 'free' education, freedom from morals including taking other lives through 'revoluton' or abortion.

It sounded so great in post Great War America, but we all now know the rest of the story  when all good ponzi schemes must come to an end and bills are way past due.

We can see North America's future not in Arab Islamist dictatorship change but in Greece's useless union riots. Wages above reality can no longer be borrowed on the future, or passed onto consumers and taxpayers.

Socialist intervention that kept interest rates artificially low for so long had the opposite effect, allowing the real estate market to soar to extreme prices that ordinary families looking for a roof over their heads over investment, simply can not afford.

Couple this with the liberal intervention in the U.S. that forced lending institutions to grant mortgages to those who were ill prepared financially, and unsuitable for risks of high loans and you have the kick start of the current depression in the U.S.

Liberal politicians by any name, including modern day conservative on all levels in U.S. and Canada simply were unelectable unless they could promise more 'free stuff' and find a disingenuous way of delivering it through cuts and service charges on everything from soup to nuts and still pile up the debt on the never, never plan.

Dalton McGuinty, could be the poster boy for this kind of political behavior as the provincial leader of Ontario. He, as with all liberal politicians may be Marxists, but they're not stupid Marxists. Personal ambition was enough incentive to add to the already downhill economy and moral decline of a province in full knowledge of such.

However, such Marxists (totally out of touch with the people they purport to love and represent) don't usually believe their own propaganda enough to launch an all out war against prosperity and basic freedoms of the electorate.

McGuinty's biggest hits were on health care which saw the greatest decline of family doctors willing to take on patients in the history of the province, education costs (where he had his dearest support from teacher's unions in return for favours granted) and in electricity costs where he sold out the bleak future (as it is) on a sole sourced contract with Samsung of Korea for windmills of the future, in hopes of capitalizing on a gamble that the political value of the ill-logical environmentalism movement is about to really take off as cost ineffective as it is.

This is your typical liberal Marxist politician of the day. Knowing, but just not really being concerned one day past retirement and the twilight of personal ambition, personal afterglow.

Bill Clinton was the master of this in the United States, who is still looked on fondly (for all the harm he did do) in that he didn't push the envelope too far on medicare, same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the military, the sole vetoing of anti- partial birth abortion of all party legislation, private sector intervention etc.

Obama, raised on Marxist ideology never seemed to mature to the stage of  an adult who realizes that Marxist ideology is the greatest destroyer of  nations, civilization, and most certainly, economies.

Nothing is for free and someone has to work for your prosperity,

Obama is about to find out that someone has to work for him to enjoy his personally ambitious goals of political prosperity.

Paul Gordon