Sunday, September 23, 2007

Education Issue Ontario

Education Issue In Ontario Election

Ehhh! All ‘big’ social liberal parties get the education issue all wrong! And not because they don’t know it, or because they want what’s best for your kids, but because they think it’s what you want to hear, (politically correct) hence the best chance of winning votes.

When was the last time a lawyer politician put his kids through the sacred cow ‘Marxist’ public system that he maintains everyone else’s kids should go through??

The one, where the only teacher who gets fired, is the one who is found guilty in a ‘criminal court’ of murder or molesting children.

Here’s the straight skinny on the education issue. As also seen in the U.S.A. (with the same results) the current worst, and least flexible system, is the public system and speaking first hand, the Catholic education system is also the ‘public system’. ..Okay, if you want to split hairs, then the ‘Catholic’ public system would even come out beneath the secular public system in Ontario where in fact, I, a traditional Catholic, sent a few of my own kids for (required university courses) the secular public system.

I actually found the secular system, to be more caring, polite and friendly than the Catholic system, having attended a mechanical course there myself.

At least, the secular public system makes no false pretenses on what it is about, or what to expect little Johnny to be believing in, when he graduates highschool. Neither, secular Johnny or Catholic School Johnny is going to be going right to church, from Catholic Public Schools or Secular Public Schools.

You can ask the Toronto Diocese, yourself, but they have a thing about questions and more of a thing about answers.... and responsibility.

When you join public education, you join big law education, big political education, and big union education!

Big law education means big expense education. Nothing spells risk management like lawyers and militant unions... run amuck.

You’re into $150,000 dollar principals who never look up from their monitor, (except to make sure everyone is doing something politically correct) early attained and early retired $65,000 plus teachers, and having small 7 class room schools ‘cleaned’ for over $150,000 labour (with benefits) alone. In fact, I know I was one! So, Momma tell your children, not to...(never mind)

Is there anyone reading this who could think of someone who could adequately clean if not do a better job than 2 union janitors on an ‘eight’ classroom school for $150,000 a year with combined ten weeks vacation off plus stats. and all the free materials and machines you needed??

Keep in mind, that because of ‘risk management’ janitors are not to even dream of a minor maintenance repair, like changing a vacuum cleaner plug end or raise any status- quo bars.

Of course, Ontario, everyday voters don’t know any better. They never lived anything different!

If you’re raised and taught like a monkey, you think monkeys are the most secure thing there is, if not the best.

Unionized socially liberal monkeys originating from Marxist pseudo intellectuals teach you that monkey unions and monkey liberals are the safest and best bet around and that’s why it was so long convincing people that there is no such thing as free health care, or free education.

Not to mention, that abortion is killing of babies and that sexual deviancy is sexual deviancy with consequences.

How about, "The most important thing is to vote". No, sometimes the most important thing is not to vote. If your choices are Devil One, Devil Two, or Devil Three, and you can’t wrap your conscience around any of them. Do you hold out and make known what you want and wait for them to come looking for you or do you keep the devil and status quo going in perpetuality?

Especially, if babies are being killed willy nilly and children’s innocence is destroyed earlier every election.

When you see some big traditional cards fall around you like giant dominos, like ohh, actual education taught, like universal programs, like the family unit, like responsible adults, like organized religion, like law and order, like children’s safety and innocence, do you think you might question everything else.......duh!

No, lets vote for the same old, same old, same old .... and worse. Are we all ‘growed- up’ adults here, or big self- centred kid sheeple, just the way lawyer politicians like us.

Jewish brothers..... believe me..... you do not want public funded education. Ask any priest or bishop in private, as to what they think of public funding and the Catholic School System!

We need vouchers with a capital V for freedom of students and parents to attend any kind of private and competitive school they desire, or to be home-schooled and to attain academic excellence in their own way on their own time with their money in their own pockets....not, government, administrators, consultants, principals or unions ( the education industry).

V for victory and common sense in academia. V for vibrant and very inexpensive public funded education. Simple is inexpensive. B.S. on top of ‘Consultive’ B.S. is very expensive.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.