Monday, May 26, 2014

C'mon Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

C’mon, Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

I really believe that most of the Catholic/Christian free and obscene world has been  so tainted by the immoral populism of the world that Christians not only purposely distort how they think in order to wave off the guilt having succumbed to political temptation but they certainly mindlessly ignore basic logic to the simplest of the Truth which actually stewards and owns the realm of logic, itself.

This is one of the reasons that the Vatican needs to have an official proclaimed ‘year of’ Christ the Truth to un-brainwash all Catholic intellectuals, Marxist philosophers, and lay Christ cherry picker Catholics.

Why would Christ call Himself the ‘Truth’ if He was not.... and where was He ever wrong?

Given all of what Christ was eternally about, what He did and say, logically would Christ have said  today,

“Yes…. go out and vote for the lessor of three or more evil political parties that all have ‘official’ baby murdering policies on the books as long as there may be something else in their promises for you that you might perceive as being good or at least that they may be much better than the incumbent.”

… Yes, even though their populist bible of morals and economics, right or left, ends up so convoluted, so purposely manipulated and by most, so intentionally deceiving, that they never fully intended to deliver or believe that they could deliver what they promised to assure your vote in the first place. 

They only promise what they believe you want to hear and censor what they believe you want censored.

Promoting, educating, and propagandizing the murder of babies of formally blessed appreciated and natural life events is not a light election issue, like tax breaks thrown in the mix of populist election issues.

It was never up for an election based, nuanced societal faux- pas under-stated, on-the-side, issue... to be kicked to the political curb,,, thus cheapening life ultimately and officially by the society of the chattering class, rose-brushed Marxists. 

It was never, and never will be in the realm of Caesar. It is God’s domain alone.        

As is, and has been, the status quo for a number of election years within North American and European liberal establishments, a vote for an abortion political party is taken as solid support and a solid mandate to act on what and who they are… not even what they promised.

If they allowed easily tempted and thwarted pro-life party candidates... all the more testament to their open liberal.. even Christian tents with no sorting of shepherds and wolf earned evil collage of team back benched support. 

These parties are not sacrosanct and not even government until elected, but rather a loose collection of liberal establishment power hungry, controllers who only advance forward with evil and more and more evil never looking or morphing back to ‘party glory days or ideals’ of less evil populist times.

The only back-bone that heals their message and holds their limp principles together are forged by the populist mainstream media of the same ilk, morals and establishment. 

It is not a populist party’s ‘birthright’ that ‘only’ they and one or two other parties ‘have’ the constitutional and legal right to be voted for (at least until Human Rights tells us otherwise, apparently).

Voting is free choice where discernment is not even required
So what person, Christian or otherwise would use their personal mark to help elect any pro-abortion party and what pro-abortion party would do one thing different as long as they were taking in all the chips?

And a gamble on souls may be ultimately what this is all about where a winning hand can be self-assured or folded into obscurity.  

Never again do I want to hear any man of Christ tell anyone that it is okay to vote, in fact… your Christian ‘duty’ to vote for the lessor evil given nothing else, plain or ‘strategic’ on a horrible looking baby holocaust ballot… especially, without any explanation of how they believe Christ do or would order such.

What years of theology, discerning, meditating and good works could bring anyone to such an illogical thought and action… unless the Churches have given up the Holy Ghost to world populism and deceit.

How can the most common of sinners appreciate self-evident Truths that Christian and Catholic leaders either cannot, or just refuse to acknowledge through pompous pride and/or world instituted universal cowardice.

If we think we need Christ more than ever in these absolutely evil times we could start with the most basic of faith and trust.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Justin Trudeau Can't Even Get It Right For His Soul Expensed Side

Thank you.. thank you, Justin Trudeau for your (typical) off the cuff policy making idiot remark on the only abortion views you will tolerate as a (no doubt)  sooner than later Prime Minister to be with a long such career.

You are a complete idiot and so who else better to appeal to proven complete idiot Canadian voters. Oh yeah! Done deal! Son of Turdeau!

Turn out the lights and light up a joint Canada but please for medicinal purposes only else that wouldn't be liberal owned political correctness.

After years and years of social conservatives telling the Catholic Church that they had an essential Truth of an obligation and duty to tell their parishioners of (at minimum) who Not to vote for.... it only took Justin one or two lines to piss all the Bishops off enough to instruct secretly or otherwise to tell their parishioners from many, if not all pulpits to never vote again for any level of liberals including Provincial liberal parties.

In fact, to vote for the lessor of all three abortion parties as long as it isn't the liberal party.

Of course, it still doesn't make sense. Like Christ would say, you have a duty to vote and you must vote for one of these three parties that promote and otherwise do nothing of the baby killing industry, (approved by the cross party liberal activist judges they hand picked),  so see who looks good besides that little lack in character.

C'mon, Cardinal Tom Collins. Like this is the 'final straw' where you still only half-assed protested all Canadian abortion parties.... Oh Justin, Please don't let your party members be forced to go against your abortion policy and practices of the last 30 or so freaking years, including when Chretien last purged the party of selective pro-life members years ago.

Before Turdeau made the obvious official... like there was ever a chance in the eternity of liberal policy that they would be over come with liberal pro-life candidates and make the prodigal son look like Satan.

There were so-called pro-life liberal and conservative candidates who sure new how to profit while helping the abortion parties cast a broad net and slum in the pews for votes that only mandated and entrenched abortion parties to keep on keeping right on the party line.  Has any party leader ever had an acceptance speech that went, I would like to thank all those pro-life votes as I'm here to represent all Canadian idiots who voted for me?

Idiot Canadians including Canadian liberal Catholics deserve everything they get as they know now what they do.

But maybe the Devil lost a few souls where it took Justin to say, Hey I don't want this party to ever be mistaken to be associated with anything morally good. Whatever your Church leaders were telling you...don't listen to them listen to me. And this was the idiot but honest idiot to force the Church's hand and (kind of) stand for something (even as uncomfortable as they look in doing that).

As for Son of Turdeau  (who Maggie "felt rise within her on the third day" break of his lawn limbo, how bad can you be to piss off Satan and still not be good. It's like purgatory... Ours

Remember daddy's  funeral that saw son making a "friends Romans countryman" speech for CBC audiences and just about every priest, and Bishop in Quebec and Ottawa and every  Cardinal in Canada along with every prominent Communist in the world attend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How One Canuck Views those 'Bastard' Americans

How One Canuck Views 2014 Americans

In modern (what the Hell ?) America, there is greed, total disregard for the law and game pieced military, along with total deception, rampant misappropriation of government tax paid funds, illegal immigration, race baiting, no respect for authority, grandiose sense of entitlement, extreme puke- level idol worship, lifestyles being led well beyond personal means.. shallow logically unattainable fantastic promises, intellectual logical and academic drain acceleration, and poorest of the poor role models and unpatriotic leaders.

But so much for the Presidency

There is total mistrust, prejudice, racism, bigotry, opinionating on fact-less and down right fraudulent sensationalism, condescension only from the stupidest rudest minority on up.
There is, disgusting favoritism, closed gate dogmatic ideology with no room or tolerance of logical insight and constant attacks and Marxist overnight revolutionizing of traditional hundreds of years old institutions.
 There is class, gender, sexuality and religious, divide and conquering on the greatest of scale of mass deceptions possible.
There is a general perverse societal narcissism that can’t think past the moment never mind extrapolate into next week.

But so much for news reports and bulletins.

There is an overblown sense of self-worth of unearned greatness, foul perverse language and imagery, free speech one-sided media accommodated red carpet and soap box, of the non-credentialed bar hopping addict born and bred rich and brainless, no unearthed perversity preference left-behind or not-celebrated by government recommended through special days weeks and month long celebrations instituted by the minority with the greatest cultural gated and controlling by self-righteous Judeo-Christianphobe  hating, and self loathing of minorities
But so much for comedians, entertainers and culture populist iconic felon sport and political ex-convict, role model celebrities.
Lastly, there is grossly overpaid for return, sickening goose step union goon, populist, celebrity awe struck idol worshipping, adolescent retarded intellectual, increasingly predator acting, close minded, hateful exclusionary, also upwards intellectual condescending SOBs you’d ever want to meet.
But so much for market cornered non-inclusive imparted knowledge, fact and especially hateful to patriot and faith based (real) religion.. public funded education.  

Yet. America is far above my native protested weak and not so free politically and judicially homily land  and proud member of only three death culture obsessed world nations with no abortion law and stands alone as the big one, whose media most famous person is an abortionist.

America is the only nation to still hold a candle burning under its the bushel with the only chance of turning the upside down free world upright. So Canadian, American hating leftist firmly Herpes - blemish  growing establishment can K M A.     

Paul Gordon



Monday, May 5, 2014

American Military Personnel Needs to Display Their Outrage!

The American Military Needs To Display Its Outrage

Not hold it in, and hold it in, and hold it in and commit suicide for all their wasted time, injuries and lives as it so happened that Forrest Gump could tell you.

Aside from the fact that the strongest message/accomplishment  American leaders have to offer over the Arab Wars that changed absolutely nothing, is that Islam is a ‘legitimate religion’, not the barbaric Christian murdering  culture it is, that ‘moderate Muslims’ control all Islamic nations of which they control none.

And that, all Muslims who fled their home countries for North America, left their faux religious, culture (again, not that there was anything wrong with that in the first place) to embrace North American culture, and leave at minimum, their family female abusing ways behind them of which they certainly did not.

Nor do or did they side with America on any terrorist activity their ‘culture’ home landers carry out on America.

What in the living Hell is up with that?

Benghazi  was the ultimate ‘We absolutely don’t give a Damn' about our ex-Seals who voluntarily took up certain death in the defense of foreign appointed Americans on American soil any more than we do American civilians not called upon for ‘bravery’ is the exact attitude of the Muslim born President, the devious bitch Clinton, and all their underlings and most important the game changing the MSM who would have, and did force (an impeachment on any conservative President for far less discretion)   who follow Obama like the SS on do nothing wrong Hitler.    

Benghazi was grossly under defended because of Obama’s Johnson like calling shots from his White House play room, where he used Benghazi for his (apparent) worst kept secret of running guns to the murderous Muslim revolutionaries du jour at least of Obama’s du jour.  

When all Hell broke loose Obama and his groupies panicked and ultimately decided that the only way too look good was to change the story and cover-up from that exact moment on.
They had to make a decision and this was it.
Now we have his adviser come on and do a flippant liberal  ‘Michael’ from a bad Bob Newhart show.  “Dude that was two years ago”.

The Seals who walked, talked and gave their lives like Seals were now mostly media unnamed security guards. Why not Wal-Mart  greeters?  That would equal their narcissism power hungry, power holding purpose and lack of respect!

Just who the Hell are these politicians and their one state- media in charge, and where in the history of America have they been equaled?

What happened to (story of the month) millionaire basketball players for the ‘Clippers’ was obviously nothing compared to how the military black and white young brave men have been treated and used… from liberal social experiments to absolutely waste of lives for this administration and past administrations for self-entitled personal gain.

At the very least, either from the top on down but much more likely from the bottom on up, with Obama having tossed out leaders with distinguished records of service, and replaced them with ass kissing liberal pansy generals the military should vent some of their frustration by wearing arm bands or some manner of remembrance  for these two brave Seals and for the treatment these men and sons have had to endure without one word of appreciation or encouragement from the liberal MSM!!

Disobey any order to the contrary en Masse and what is the President going to do fire you and replace you with an all-  politically correct army, of women, wheelchairs and people of all sexual preferences except heterosexuals and third, genders?

More likely you will kick start the liberal media into having to face the real deal Muslim President and get some satisfaction and validation for your service.

Soldiers are American citizens too. 

Paul Gordon


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Laying Out Importance of Modern Elections As Bare as Anyone Can

Let Me Put Modern Elections In Free Nations As Starkly Relevant As Anyone Could

It doesn’t matter what election it is in North America or Europe for that matter, (though this post is inspired by the Ontario Canada provincial election) the conscience rules apply.

And it is exactly the fact that  personal conscience rules have not been called upon, that communities and nations have been cursed with intellectual dementia on a massive majority scaled collectives, ( the worldly opium of Marxist dictatorships)

To upward directed weary eyes searching… begging for the simplest of world riches,  a satiated soul on this Hell/Heaven driven earth there is alarming dismay of the balance of power where only one side controls freedom itself, the inalienable rights of man, and only one side that grotesquely distorts Truth itself, validated by the True Lamb Bloodied on a cross.

Tragically, today there is only one ‘side’ no matter where and which way to look.   

To those consumed and caring of only themselves of even the most pious this is not as bad as it may be even self-elevating in self-satisfaction, but to those who actually care about the whole balance of the equally created and beloved of souls of the same Father this is truly an immense tragedy and waste laid barren that cannot be contemplated for any lengths of times…without doing something about it.   

None of us are ignorant on matters of conscience, the unassuming healer, exquisite artist, and examiner of faith, the Holy Ghost, that is Divinely conjoined Steward of that Truth that grants all men equality in soul the only equality that counts as understood so well by gospel inspired prisoners in the world.

But, within Truth and the ultimate value of choice the truly ultimate game changer of life and either eternal death or eternal afterlife we are all equally susceptible to the persuasiveness of a most somber, most very real, evil… whose army of embracing Faustian self and Satan worshippers that overpower the Judeo-Christian logical less tortured souls….. that apparently even the present Pope is not immune to, having been elevated from a continent of clash and Marist crass where evil learns to play Christianity as fine as any Stradivarius.  There have been bad Popes in the past. Certainly, we are not immune to not being delivered at least, an unenlightened one.

The majority of Modern Bishops and Cardinals who made their political way quickly up the ranks on the job performance ratings of local national nuncios  without the invocation of the Holy Ghost could hardly be expected to be served well by the Holy Ghost at Papal elections.   Jesuits the one time past greats of spreaders of the Good News are now sermons off the altar socialists of “inequality is the root of all evil”. 

Inequality being the root of all evil is not a sentiment to carry to the polls unless you want the fanatical socialists as your masters. It dregs up images beyond the poorest of the poor or as St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta characterized and compared  them spiritually to a North American Senate and Congress the richest of the rich

\Of course, Christ, and his anointed Chair of St. Peter the original Pope, both had it that evil was the root of all evil and the sacrifice of giving, up and to,  including one’s life when called upon much over pillaging legally or illegally  and taking for temporal modern conveniences and comfort.

And I’m equally sure Christ would have more concern for Communist and Muslim nation Christians who suffer torture and murder just for not  denying their faith as Peter did, himself (without our historical insight of course) over cost of living bargaining in the free world. Or leftist hijacked justice and peace, pro-abortion Marxists.
 All of this has contributed to the critical importance that elections have become that they should never have been elevated to in Christian nations… to the point of political and spiritual unassisted suicide as it presently became. Satan chose this venue to completely conquer the modern world and we are all complicit in being apathetic to our own virtuous inspired consciences and our hand is forced to take the fight right back by the same venue of political process and exercise. 

There is no self-respecting political apathy that Judeo-Christians can be conscientiously comfortable with, other than if there is no stand-up political ‘Party’  (forget individual candidates who believe honestly or by profit that they can fight evil by joining his politically correct status-quo Party.

The Devil is too smart for that and only uses these same good intentioned or otherwise,  individuals to his advantage as seen in liberal and progressive conservative parties, but he can’t hold a flame to Truth as inherently provided in all us all through the Holy Ghost and only constrained and championed by worldly desire. 

The Stark Political Test.

Imagine that you are the only person in charge of a nursery of newborns or a daycare, or a security guard in a maternity doctor’s waiting office…all the same thing, in moral and physical relation !
 A lathered Satanist backward possessed  terrorist of which there are now seemingly millions crawling out of the desert sands like scorpions  enters your area and says either your life is to be taken ‘or’ that of the babies.
Who of us, if for no other reason than not being able to live with ourselves would not immediately respond with our own short lived breath from eternity to demanding to be taken in such an exchange.
So where in the darkest bowels of all Hell is it logical to vote for any pro-abortion party even if that is all that is available on any given election day on any level of government?
You would give your life up confronted in the moment to save babies but you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass in giving a pro-abortion main stream favored party your tacit approval along with perceived broader  mandate validating support, with an un-exerted wave of your own mark for the only official positions,  that include  exclusionary ‘party elected leader’ and his/its personally selected all mighty  immoral law making, and law breaking activist judiciary foisted on the common people for years long past party and leader, sitting terms .
 Or electing those who  ultimate power  to literally  promote and make legal baby killing, as they have done in modern times.
All, for what 30 fleeting pieces of silver in hand, all governments are going to take back anyway,  or bringing in another, essentially, no different evil like aiding one evil  Muslim leader and faction just to throw the first evil bum out?
A few other moral issues only recently gone political are of course, assisted suicide which is just as ridiculous as it sounds,  whose liberal main goal is for the government and others including families and in Terry Schiavo’s case, strange estranged husbands kill those who can’t speak for themselves, but for their own ‘good’.

Early youth destroyed innocence at the altar of (only one kind of one take on)  censorship  that ironically, and tragically is  hypocritical via other varied ‘acceptable’ socialist thought and speech censorship including the exact Trojan Horse reason of freedom of expression only all censorship with far less endangerment and tragic results on youth and family.

The never ending homosexual agenda and all it entails, including youth destroyed innocence, and societal family denigration, intended humiliation, bent towards destruction.

It’s all a matter of an evil illogical brainwashed ju-jitsu intellect triumphing over a weak spirit and conscience, of the intentionally kept ignorant, the desirous and the easily tempted, and the literally transfixed worldly living idol mentality of those with no exploration of conscience values of their own, just the accepted written, spoken, or sung word of their idols. 

And if you believe that modern politics hasn’t forced its way into the eternal universal realm of God’s  domain and in Truth the only One (as demonstrated  by modern man’s blatant fallibilities) to be trusted with it for the salvation of all…. That politics is a game of swinging pendulums with no lasting socialist inspired cultural politically correctness lasting damage think again and gird for the long haul not the temporary patch  that changes nothing.

Vote, or likely more accordingly, not vote depending on who, and what they represent  on the ballot. Ever logical, ever vigilant Truth has it, you’re only fooling  yourself while prolonging the accelerating evil, no longer content with the status quo! You can’t claim you know not what you do

Goodness will prevail as promised but who will be on its side if it takes the destruction of a world where no good men can be found to complete that triumph for good. And if no ‘good men are to be found’ increasingly approaching attrition, from only two modern battling ‘majorities’ essentially of the same root with no moral measurable distinction, logically, how certain world destruction must be  in coming of its own accord.

The Creator including (logically) the creator of real freedom of real choice uncontrolled by any man, does no harm…….  People do… influenced and succumbed by evil temptations and make or break their own destinies.

Paul Gordon