Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Justin Trudeau Can't Even Get It Right For His Soul Expensed Side

Thank you.. thank you, Justin Trudeau for your (typical) off the cuff policy making idiot remark on the only abortion views you will tolerate as a (no doubt)  sooner than later Prime Minister to be with a long such career.

You are a complete idiot and so who else better to appeal to proven complete idiot Canadian voters. Oh yeah! Done deal! Son of Turdeau!

Turn out the lights and light up a joint Canada but please for medicinal purposes only else that wouldn't be liberal owned political correctness.

After years and years of social conservatives telling the Catholic Church that they had an essential Truth of an obligation and duty to tell their parishioners of (at minimum) who Not to vote for.... it only took Justin one or two lines to piss all the Bishops off enough to instruct secretly or otherwise to tell their parishioners from many, if not all pulpits to never vote again for any level of liberals including Provincial liberal parties.

In fact, to vote for the lessor of all three abortion parties as long as it isn't the liberal party.

Of course, it still doesn't make sense. Like Christ would say, you have a duty to vote and you must vote for one of these three parties that promote and otherwise do nothing of the baby killing industry, (approved by the cross party liberal activist judges they hand picked),  so see who looks good besides that little lack in character.

C'mon, Cardinal Tom Collins. Like this is the 'final straw' where you still only half-assed protested all Canadian abortion parties.... Oh Justin, Please don't let your party members be forced to go against your abortion policy and practices of the last 30 or so freaking years, including when Chretien last purged the party of selective pro-life members years ago.

Before Turdeau made the obvious official... like there was ever a chance in the eternity of liberal policy that they would be over come with liberal pro-life candidates and make the prodigal son look like Satan.

There were so-called pro-life liberal and conservative candidates who sure new how to profit while helping the abortion parties cast a broad net and slum in the pews for votes that only mandated and entrenched abortion parties to keep on keeping right on the party line.  Has any party leader ever had an acceptance speech that went, I would like to thank all those pro-life votes as I'm here to represent all Canadian idiots who voted for me?

Idiot Canadians including Canadian liberal Catholics deserve everything they get as they know now what they do.

But maybe the Devil lost a few souls where it took Justin to say, Hey I don't want this party to ever be mistaken to be associated with anything morally good. Whatever your Church leaders were telling you...don't listen to them listen to me. And this was the idiot but honest idiot to force the Church's hand and (kind of) stand for something (even as uncomfortable as they look in doing that).

As for Son of Turdeau  (who Maggie "felt rise within her on the third day" break of his lawn limbo, how bad can you be to piss off Satan and still not be good. It's like purgatory... Ours

Remember daddy's  funeral that saw son making a "friends Romans countryman" speech for CBC audiences and just about every priest, and Bishop in Quebec and Ottawa and every  Cardinal in Canada along with every prominent Communist in the world attend.

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