Monday, May 26, 2014

C'mon Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

C’mon, Is This Voting Principle Not A Self-Evident Truth!

I really believe that most of the Catholic/Christian free and obscene world has been  so tainted by the immoral populism of the world that Christians not only purposely distort how they think in order to wave off the guilt having succumbed to political temptation but they certainly mindlessly ignore basic logic to the simplest of the Truth which actually stewards and owns the realm of logic, itself.

This is one of the reasons that the Vatican needs to have an official proclaimed ‘year of’ Christ the Truth to un-brainwash all Catholic intellectuals, Marxist philosophers, and lay Christ cherry picker Catholics.

Why would Christ call Himself the ‘Truth’ if He was not.... and where was He ever wrong?

Given all of what Christ was eternally about, what He did and say, logically would Christ have said  today,

“Yes…. go out and vote for the lessor of three or more evil political parties that all have ‘official’ baby murdering policies on the books as long as there may be something else in their promises for you that you might perceive as being good or at least that they may be much better than the incumbent.”

… Yes, even though their populist bible of morals and economics, right or left, ends up so convoluted, so purposely manipulated and by most, so intentionally deceiving, that they never fully intended to deliver or believe that they could deliver what they promised to assure your vote in the first place. 

They only promise what they believe you want to hear and censor what they believe you want censored.

Promoting, educating, and propagandizing the murder of babies of formally blessed appreciated and natural life events is not a light election issue, like tax breaks thrown in the mix of populist election issues.

It was never up for an election based, nuanced societal faux- pas under-stated, on-the-side, issue... to be kicked to the political curb,,, thus cheapening life ultimately and officially by the society of the chattering class, rose-brushed Marxists. 

It was never, and never will be in the realm of Caesar. It is God’s domain alone.        

As is, and has been, the status quo for a number of election years within North American and European liberal establishments, a vote for an abortion political party is taken as solid support and a solid mandate to act on what and who they are… not even what they promised.

If they allowed easily tempted and thwarted pro-life party candidates... all the more testament to their open liberal.. even Christian tents with no sorting of shepherds and wolf earned evil collage of team back benched support. 

These parties are not sacrosanct and not even government until elected, but rather a loose collection of liberal establishment power hungry, controllers who only advance forward with evil and more and more evil never looking or morphing back to ‘party glory days or ideals’ of less evil populist times.

The only back-bone that heals their message and holds their limp principles together are forged by the populist mainstream media of the same ilk, morals and establishment. 

It is not a populist party’s ‘birthright’ that ‘only’ they and one or two other parties ‘have’ the constitutional and legal right to be voted for (at least until Human Rights tells us otherwise, apparently).

Voting is free choice where discernment is not even required
So what person, Christian or otherwise would use their personal mark to help elect any pro-abortion party and what pro-abortion party would do one thing different as long as they were taking in all the chips?

And a gamble on souls may be ultimately what this is all about where a winning hand can be self-assured or folded into obscurity.  

Never again do I want to hear any man of Christ tell anyone that it is okay to vote, in fact… your Christian ‘duty’ to vote for the lessor evil given nothing else, plain or ‘strategic’ on a horrible looking baby holocaust ballot… especially, without any explanation of how they believe Christ do or would order such.

What years of theology, discerning, meditating and good works could bring anyone to such an illogical thought and action… unless the Churches have given up the Holy Ghost to world populism and deceit.

How can the most common of sinners appreciate self-evident Truths that Christian and Catholic leaders either cannot, or just refuse to acknowledge through pompous pride and/or world instituted universal cowardice.

If we think we need Christ more than ever in these absolutely evil times we could start with the most basic of faith and trust.

Paul Gordon

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